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  1. 3.96km hydro range
  2. Pft didn't get all 12? Weak...
  3. I started out with the gaede and loved it but it was hard to carry the teams early on it. Maybe in the 5-2 bracket I'll have more success. After using the leander I have had an 80% win rate on the last 15 games or so and only lost 1 star in one of the loses. It's flexibility is very nice and the smoke+heal is great, plus the 8.8km concealment. Plus enough people are using Arizona's/newmex/warspite and those all have nice large super structures to farm.
  4. We need some pepper in here. It is way too Salty in here. Congrats chosen!
  5. Aakula also forgot to mention that you should be drinking rum too.
  6. Butt kisser. Anyways, kiwi is awesome. We all have those days. I have been in salty (err was in, I'm on a temporary non game playing phase due to life), since before it was a clan and they are cool guys. They can give people a hard time but they give each other a hard time with no exceptions.
  7. 48 in the atlanta, 55 in DM, 55 in the neptune and 86 in the balti, 63 in the Iowa. It goes on. Doesn't really matter any more since they changed the cvs. The 86 plane kills with the balti was vs 2 essex, but you can't even do that any more. I wish I could have seen my DM, Neptune, or Monty vs 2 CVs.
  8. Horrible OP, you didn't go far enough with this. We need to triple those numbers! Yes, 150℅ Det chance on hit! Just messing, Merry Christmas everyone :-)
  9. Yeah I bought 5 5$ boxes 3 sets of 35 camos, and a gremy and nikolai. Guess rng made up for that 150+ try your luck super containers I got very unlucky with. Also, what are the chances that Santa gives gifts based on how good or bad you have been this year? (Karma?)
  10. How in the world did you ONLY get 4 kills in the perth? That ship is so OP and you barely broke 100k. They should nerf that ship. JK, nice job though on that match though.
  11. Don't blame the public school system, most kids don't care or pay attention to what is being taught. Sure there are some [edited]teachers out there but there are a lot of good ones too that keep the standard high. I would be more concerned with the generation s lack of care to learn about history. I went to public school recently and did learn the reasons and motives of both sides. We learned as much of the ugly details we could in the given time that we could regardless of how it painted any side. If you don't know the good and bad, and truth of history how can you really learn from it.
  12. That is because they did. The devil is called Disney.
  13. We lost a number of Fletcher's in ww2 due to air craft. Mainly dive bombers and later kamikaze pilots, but aircraft were supposed to spot and find them and take them out.
  14. That sucks! I hope you feel better and get better soon. Someone better bring you some turkey!
  15. I do this from time to time if I have a surplus of gold from the packs or ranked or something. Usually I think it is cheaper to flat out buy premium time, but depending on the rate you paid for the gold or if you got it in game for free then it might be the cheaper option.