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  1. As others have said Fiji is amazing. In fact. You can make an arguement that it is blatantly overpowered. It has great smoke, a heal, hydro to abuse sitting in smoke/hunt DDs, it has a large volley with a good rate of fire. It can struggle vs bow on bbs but just hit the super structure or use your torpedoes if they get close. Gun characteristics are solid and the shells are big enough to pen bow on DDs if you know how to shoot right and it will wipe them out quickly. VS tier 5-7 it is so over powered. Vs tier 8 it is still great, and vs 9 it is still good but just has to be played far less aggressive. Not a lot of ships can you feel confident in regardless of what the match maker throws at you regardless of if you are in a div or not.
  2. It is a good thing he is just the leader and I am the recruiter (we had a meeting? Damn holidays keeping me busy) :-P oh and hi Crucis :-) As far as the topic goes. I agree with the op. I think that the ships flamu and others recommend are good and while it may be the best for their play style, it doesn't mean every one should be using them. Even as far as unicums are concerned it varies. I personally think the akizuki is the best while I know people who say the kidd is the best and really who knows. Certain ships are flat out not good for ranked, but other than that it is more important that you know what role needs to be filled to win the battles and being able to take a ship that can fill that roll.
  3. It is hard to use the statistics this close to the launch of the line to suggest anything seeing as there is a small pool of battles that are largely saturated by unicum players that have already unlocked all other lines.
  4. How do I join sour? Is it worth taking manual aa on the Neptune? How come I can't drop torpedoes on ships like dive bombers?
  5. Was browsing random news sites and came across this. Thought I would share. Also sorry if this has already been posted. I tried to search for it in the forums but couldn't find any thing. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/entertainment_life/article_6ce91c2e-bb5b-11e7-b6b7-17c159f033a7.html USS KIDD around 40$ on this Friday :-)
  6. Snapped my 134 try my luck streak without a super container. Thanks dude.
  7. I actually got a job due to my experiences from gaming. I even used them as a reference :-P
  8. Im just messing. You are the only one in salty that could make the sour team :-)
  9. Enjoy it while it last, we are coming for you... ;-) Congrats guys! Except Kevik. Screw Kevik.
  10. Just face it, you will never be a contributing member in Salty. You always have a home in Sour though :-)
  11. That is because SOUR is awesome :-P
  12. Of course you can also troll CVs with it too. With a full spec as build it can shred planes seeing as it's 4x2 100 mm guns are DP, have long as range, and benefit from manual aa. Not saying you should always run that build, but it is fun when you take it out in a div with a CV.