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  1. Alright, call me whatever names you want because that is all people do when someone has a different opinion than them. That being said, I feel like a lot of people are upset at the purchase they made because they were not fully aware of what they were buying. It is clear in a game that is going to be continually updated that there will always be balancing, and honestly premiums get hit the least when it comes to nerfs. I have always been well aware that if I make a purchase for a ship that it can be altered if it is to weak or to strong and harms the game. If you made a purchase not understanding this for any digital product in a continually updated game then you are not being a responsible buyer. Not to mention these are hardly bait and switch as they clearly had no intention of making these changes upon release. The last time they had a major issue was the GZ and they pulled it from the store within 24/hrs. Another thing that kinda irks me a bit is how people are so okay with buffs to premiums, or even nerfs to non premiums. Time is money. It takes time to get exp and earn ships. Anytime a line or high lvl ship that took a long time to earn is changed, should they reimburse you with money for the time you lost because the digital good you invested time to get is no longer what you wanted? Food for thought.
  2. Helipro

    Are the GMS out of their MINDS....

    I play dds, I use this new love from CVS to my advantage. If a CV is going to waste their entire time in the game trying to kill me then I will make sure to waste as much time as possible. That means they are not hitting the rest of the team and I at least have the ability to dodge/hide better and have a quick dcp. The strategy changed, but that just means we need to find a new way to make it work to our advantage.
  3. God I missed you. Xoxo. I wish more people stopped shooting at bow on bbs to shoot at the DD that was spotted to try and get that extra xp.