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  1. Was browsing random news sites and came across this. Thought I would share. Also sorry if this has already been posted. I tried to search for it in the forums but couldn't find any thing. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/entertainment_life/article_6ce91c2e-bb5b-11e7-b6b7-17c159f033a7.html USS KIDD around 40$ on this Friday :-)
  2. Snapped my 134 try my luck streak without a super container. Thanks dude.
  3. I actually got a job due to my experiences from gaming. I even used them as a reference :-P
  4. Im just messing. You are the only one in salty that could make the sour team :-)
  5. Enjoy it while it last, we are coming for you... ;-) Congrats guys! Except Kevik. Screw Kevik.
  6. Just face it, you will never be a contributing member in Salty. You always have a home in Sour though :-)
  7. That is because SOUR is awesome :-P
  8. Duplicate
  9. Error
  10. Of course you can also troll CVs with it too. With a full spec as build it can shred planes seeing as it's 4x2 100 mm guns are DP, have long as range, and benefit from manual aa. Not saying you should always run that build, but it is fun when you take it out in a div with a CV.
  11. He is asking about a clan that boost it's stats by getting players to make new accounts and getting absurdly high win rates because they don't have all the games where they we're learning how to play. They wouldnt have their original account in the clan just the re rolls so it makes it seem statistically like they are really good.
  12. I can't remember the last time I detonated. Maybe that is because on my soft ships that are prone to detonations I run the anti detenation module.
  13. Your stats say you never mantained a 60% win rate ever, a 55% would be pushing it for you. Also, if you use the search function you will also see people providing arguments supporting radar as well. All I see is someone complaining because they don't understand game mechanics and how to counter them. I can tell you made up your mind a long time ago and it is sad that you will never improve because you blame a game mechanic for your mediocrity. I an not saying I am the best or even great, but I strive to improve and due to that I have learned how to deal with radar to the point it doesnt even bother me. I like radar, even as a person who uses DDs frequently. It prevents people from hiding all game and most ships that have it can be killed early.
  14. It is not paying to win at all, paying vs non paying has zero effect on how your ship preforms on battle. You can make t10 profitable by saving gold from ranked, forum events, missions, whatever, to get the premium camo and then you will be fine. The reason T10 has high costs is to encourage players to play at lower tiers where the bulk of the community has ships so they can get more consistent games. Go play a t5 to pay for the t10 game if you lose credits.