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  1. Same I clicked participate and nothing has shown up
  2. Anyone else having issues with the premium shop not giving them the stuff they bought? I purchase a few items over and hour ago and items not in port . Money has been removed from gift card. Purchased a gift for someone using same gift card they recieved there items immediately. Money is off gift cards for all items purchased. Cant submit a ticket because it says failed to load tickets in the support tab. Update: still have not recieved the items I paid for. Going on 9 hours. Sent a support ticket and no answer on that.
  3. Braak

    couple of questions about RN BB

    1) Tier 7 KGV is a the start of the end game 'representation' of the line. Good He and Good solid hitting AP. It has a solid concealment when built for stealth and can stealth up to many battleships if built this way. 2) Good trainers: Duke of York. DOY is an almost identical twin to the KGV . Same Gun layout and armor and again can be built for stealth quite effectively. Nelson is also good although I am not a fan of the all front mounted turrets it does have that hallmark insane ship reprinting heal and solid he performance.
  4. Braak

    Worcester in new ranked season?

    I think it’s low detection, consumable suite and shell arcs will make it a useful ship in ranked. It has a good ability to dissuade ships from pushing caps and if it kites away from a B.B. it can put a withering hail of he into a bow on chasing B.B. or cruiser.
  5. Braak

    OP Ships

    Every ship has a weakness. I would suggest reading the wiki page for the ships as the wiki staff have done thorough write ups to show strengths and weaknesses as well as watch cc videos on the ships as almost all of them highlight strengths and weaknesses you can use to your advantage against those ships you feel are op.
  6. Hydro special mod on z46 and z52. It makes those two dds a perfect cap contester and screening ship. The over 2 minute hydro is incredibly useful.
  7. Braak

    Chaff? No. Please... No. (discussion)

    I did adapt to all those things. No double standard. Just like as a dd player I have adapted to the changing amount of radar. It’s easier for the people to complain about something and call it op rather than just adjust and tried to find what you can do to counter it. Honestly the easiest way to defeat most “op” things in this game are communication and teamwork. Try working with your team and coordinating which 90% of the playerbase would gladly do with you . .
  8. Braak

    Chaff? No. Please... No. (discussion)

    It’s not ignorance it’s adjusting with the game as it grows. Every time something comes out people whine and cry and say it’s op rather than look at maybe you just need to adjust to how you play. Yes radar is a lot more prevalent with the new American cruiser line split. Is it op no. It doesn’t last for very long. It’s rather short ranged. The ships that carry it are rather fragile. Tips to help the dd players :Stay outside of 9.9km of American cruisers , stay outside of 11.7km if tier 8 Russian cruisers. Torp from outside the radar range and predict where they are going to be so you don’t get spotted. Bait radar out so they burn it early while you speed boost away . Communicate with your team and ask for help drawing out the radar ships and eliminating them. These are all ways to adapt to the heavy radar meta . Every good dd player I have talked to or played against has said these same points to me when I asked how they adapted to the adundance of radar. They didn’t quit playing dds they just changed how they play. They are still doing good in dds.
  9. Braak

    Chaff? No. Please... No. (discussion)

    I agree with @NoZoupForYou. Radar can be annoying but chaff is not the answer. Dd players need to adjust there play style on radar heavy games and actually pay attention to enemy ship comp and position. Play smart and don’t rush caps.
  10. Braak

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Make the time till a team wins from aslains modpack a standard game feature. This mod is especially useful in showing if you neee to be super aggressive or you can go passive and win. Knowing how much it predicted time till the enemy team is going to win definitely gives you a metric to see the cost versus reward of a last minute push into the enemy can be.
  11. Braak

    Is Stealth a Double-Edged Sword?

    I agree with several others who have stated Concealment is the most important value to any ship. Being able to drop detection and back off and heal or just to stop getting shot at is a vital part to being able to stay alive long enough for your contribution to the team to win to matter. On the prevelance of radar in the game yes there are a lot of ships with radar But it isn’t the end all trump to dds. Knowing each ships radar range and whether they can have it or not is vital information you should know especially if you are playing a dd or light cruiser. Perusing the wiki if you are not familiar with a certain ship will give you all the needed information to know what ships have it and what don’t if you don’t already have an idea.
  12. If the discussion is between just Doy and Hood I would push you toward the hood. It’s pretty close to its tier equivalent KGV so the play style and captain skills don’t really change . The upside of DOY you have hydro. Hood s a fun ship but she does not play like the rest of the British battleship line.
  13. I don’t think it’s goinf to affect anyone’s captains builds. Running the same skills as before your ship just becomes a much better damage dealer being able to pen more armor . Taking ifhe on most guns under 152mm is a pretty solid investment of 4 points if you are slinging a lot of he.