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  1. I have to say my fondest memory of wows was that first game in the kamikaze r after receiving it from that hellacious grind to earn it. I kept thinking I hope this was worth it and I’m gonna be upset if it wasn’t . To this day it is my most played ship and it has given me some of my best games in it. my birthday wish would be for the kaga . It’s the only premium cv I haven’t played and it seems interesting .
  2. Braak

    Visit to Battleship Cove

    My father @VonMelon , my brother @deadmeat231 , my son and I were just there a few weeks ago. It is a fun amazing sight to stand on that deck and see the glory that is the Massachusetts . Highly recommend anyone who goes grabs lunch at the burger bar around the corner , burgers were amazing capper to the trip .
  3. From seeing Graf Zeppelins out and about after the rework I have yet to see a Zep dev strike anything. I know its incredibly hard to dev strike even a dd with aircraft if they are moving so I cant imagine the 3 plane strike of Zep bombers will dev strike a cruiser or a BB.
  4. Braak

    Debatable CV Captain Skills

    Cant agree more with CE on cvs. Addison_Wang has the same build idea from watching gaishu I use. Very speed focused to get in and out of aa quickly and efficiently .
  5. I'm also failing to see the proof it was because of cross server matchmaking. The entire system and idea of Cross Server matchmaking is great as it expands the competition and skill base in the entire CB meta. You get to see different teams you normally don't see in the mode , as well as there team comps and strategies. There are always bugs to sort out for any new feature but this system will definitely be a boon as it catches on more.
  6. Somehow the fiancée managed to snag some Saturday passes without me noticing. Hopefully see some of you there.
  7. Braak

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    So looking at your points I can’t find a way to agree with you. 1. Midway statistically sits squarely in the middle of average damage at tier 10. The top 3 are Bourgogne , Stalingrad and conqueror . It’s not even in the top 10 of average damage. 2. There is no risk to the hull if you keep your hull away but with the way the random battles are starting to shape up on average you are losing a lot of planes and it is much easier to be deplaned then when the rework first launched. Yes your hull is alive but your squadrons are significantly weaker minimizing your impact on the battle with weaker damage output. 3. Scouting: you can buzz around the battlefield yes but you can only be in one place at a time . If your just scouting your not doing damage . Yes good team play I have to agree but it’s not making the ship overpowered. An effective dd has an easier time spotting and dealing damage with torpedoes while they spot. 4. Yes you can evade the battle and yes you choose when where and how you attack but it all comes down to what you are willing to risk. Some attacks you will come away doing damage and unscathed , some attacks you do little to no damage and lose the whole squadron. Stop viewing the hull as the ultimate set piece of the carrier as it’s planes are it’s defining trait. You start racking up plane losses and start attacking with squadrons of only 2-3 planes you are not going to impact the battle as much as you would with a full 12 plane squadron . I am in no way an expert at on all things aircraft carrier but over many games these are the things I see . Now your own stats on the midway are an example of a Unicom player . You have fantastic stats over all categories that matter in the midway. Ships cannot be balanced by just the top 5% of players for an individual ship. If you nerf a ship based on what 5% of players can do what incentive does the rest of the population have to learn to play that ship. Why does 5% of the population dictate the overall power of a ship just because they have the skill to far exceed the average player?
  8. Braak

    Super testing

    The application process gets posted on the forum when the open up slots in the program. Just keep an eye out on the forum for the announcement.
  9. Braak

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    What’s the difference from playing against a Unicom in any other class? A Unicom dd is going to be spot on with his torpedoes and going to wreck you. A Unicom bb is going to leverage his armor and large caliber guns to decimate you. Same with a cruiser. Cv gameplay does not come without risk. It’s easy to get deplaned if you aren’t paying attention. Any group of two or more ships come with risk when you move to strike it. Positioning your ship too far from battle lessens the impact you have as flight times get longer . The closer you get the more risk of you getting spotted and destroyed. As @NoZoupForYou says quite often “the sky is not falling” cv players need to learn to adapt to the aa and surface ships need to adapt to cvs new impact on the game. Again “the sky is not falling” . Learn to overcome your ship class weakness and you will realize everything in the game has a counter and a way to mitigate every other class. Stop saying it’s overpowered just because you had one bad game or can’t find a way to counter something. Look on the forums, watch gameplay and learn new tactics and techniques. Trust me you will feel much better after you do.
  10. Braak

    Upcoming Military Movies

    Those are all good movies in there own way. I feel the same way about hunt for the Bismarck and tora tora tora. When I suggest them to people I get strange looks.
  11. Braak

    0.8.2 permacamo sneak peek

    It’s nice to see variety in the permacamos. Yea there are purists who don’t want to see these but that’s what the option to turn them off is for. Nice job wg in giving the ones who like this kind of camo some more options for our ship to sport.
  12. Tier 6 seems to be the “money” tier for this mission. I had issues trying to do the same step but I switched to Dallas and I saw tons of British cvs from people getting them recently to make this step easy to do in a few games. Try the lower tiers and good luck on the plane hunt.
  13. Braak

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    That kind of damage takes a solid effort and large amount of skill to get a hit like that against a moving destroyer. Yea it can be frustrating but those hits are equivalent to getting dev struck by a battleship. The stars aligned and he caught you. I don’t believe nerfing yet another thing on cvs will be constructive. I understood the rocket nerf but it’s much harder to pull a hit like that with dbs and a further nerf will make the cv class about as useless as can be.
  14. Braak

    Upcoming Military Movies

    Everything I’ve read about the upcoming movie midway it’s going to be a solid movie can’t wait.
  15. Same I clicked participate and nothing has shown up