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  1. Yep, come on in guys, we're about 30 people nowadays, means there's always some dudes to div up with on normal play hours !!!
  2. And is this how you looked while you tried to unbeach yourself ?
  3. Kinda looks like how you drove your moskva last night 😋
  4. Hey guys ! If you're looking for good guys having fun together, come check us out on our discord server !
  5. Lol, what am I even looking at ??? Also, we managed a 2-1 record in an impromptu cw session later night, and that was with me calling. With a good caller, it could have been 4 and minus 1 lol Anyways, come hang out on our discord server !
  6. Clam wars are coming ! We could use a few more abled bodied seamen. Come hang out with us on our discord server !
  7. Beware though, if you happen to div with hanz, the is a strong change he will "secure" kills you're about to make
  8. Hey guys ! Me and a couple of long time friends were looking for a clan and nothing really suited us, so we simply decided to form our own. Really, we're just a bunch of nice, albeit salty at times, guys looking for good times We now want to grow this clan by adding more players who would be a great fit. Really, this is the number one requirement, to have a good personnality. We have a really good vibe of laid back guys having fun together, and this is what I want to keep more than anything else. We're now getting sufficient numbers so that we can run CW at least once a week now. We aim to bring more skilled players as to help us progress through the ladder. But, we are not a clan solely dedicated to clan wars, and there are certainly no mandatory attendance. This is a game, not a job... Speaking of requirements, like I've said before, being a decent guy is paramount. After that, we want people that have a good understanding of the game, and play to win (cuz who likes losing right ?). In terms of stats, I would say that a 50% WR and 1000 WTR are minimums, but exceptions can be made if recents exceed these criterias. Also, we currently have a fairly active group of players, and would like to keep that going. So there aren't fixed attendance requirements, but playing at least once or twice a week could be considered as a guideline. Come talk to us on our Discord server ! https://discord.gg/8nwxwb7