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  1. Richelieu Easter Egg

    Between the Sandwich on the Richelieu and the Caesar Salad that is behind one of the turrets on the GC you almost have a complete meal.
  2. Smallest Team Ever!

    A year and a half or so back I had a late night game with some friends where our three ship Tirpitz division ended up in a game where the entire enemy team was just a single Yamato. The map we got was Twin Brothers, and for once YOLOing up the center was a valid strategy.
  3. How many tier 10s are in your port?

    7. DM, GK, Yammy, Monty, Hindy, Khab, Zao. Gearing will be #8 when I finish out the Fletcher --> Gearing grind.
  4. Today we will remind them

    Not really. If WG did this then it would almost certainly end up with the worst detection range of any DD. Probably something like 10km - 12km for a base detection value.
  5. The fix for Indianapolis

  6. Yamato owners I was wondering what the aircraft

    It has enough planes that you will never run out in a 20 min battle
  7. The ROF buff was great for the DM. Now with the rest captain and ship equipment set up you can get the reload down to 4.4 seconds.
  8. Yammie vs Missouri

    ^That. Oh, and also the firing sound effect. Honestly the Izumo is the only bad part about that line. The rest is pure gold.
  9. Wow...Krasny..

    Comrade Stalin will have no mercy for that Kirov captain. Straight to the gulag for that guy, and his family, and his neighbors, and his friends, and so on.
  10. Bro, you seem mad. Would you like to talk about it?
  11. Username Origins?

    My name comes from the translated Russian WoT Q&A's that SilentStalker would put on his FTR blog. SerB would often insult the Russian players for asking dumb questions or asking the same thing repeatedly. SS would usually just translate this as the phrase "how terrible".