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  1. This sure sounds like they are trying to discourage blind smoke firing or even firing at where you think a ship might be based on your last sighting and your guess at their rate of movement. Losing that doesn't sound like a good thing to me. Also, I wonder how that changes the skill where you get a count on the number of ships that have you targeted? What about launching torpedoes (e.g., area of denial or suspected ship course)? Seems like that would be a real impact. Overall this doesn't sound like a very well thought out idea (and it would be nice to know what WG believe they are really trying to accomplish with this change).
  2. dashtardly

    Submarine Day 2021

    I am you polar opposite and am willing to wait FOREVER for submarines to come into random/ranked/clan/co-op battles. I'm fine if they are restricted to their own battle mode. I want NO part of them
  3. dashtardly

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    Read further - at the END.
  4. dashtardly

    If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!

    What I was wondering as well. I'm pleased to see the line (being 1/2 Dutch) and look forward to playing and owning those ships. Maybe they will be like some other nation's ships and the only thing going for them is their "nationality" (may be easier than trying to invent new gimmicks)?
  5. dashtardly

    Armada: Marco Polo

    I counted Marco Polo being used six times. In the video it mentioned enhanced credit earnings potential. Anyone who has it can verify this?
  6. Max wait is stated as 30 seconds and at 30 I saw this (and there were maybe 20 or so ships listed as in queue).
  7. dashtardly

    French BB..... MEH.... only Lyon worth to keep

    I pretty much only div once a week with a long time friend (who I recruited into the clan) and play clan battles (and ops) sometimes (I'm not a real fan of those modes). So, I have WAY more games solo than anything else. If you haven't looked at my profile (to see the wealth of information available) then look up yourself (the first time you'll have to upload your log/data file from your system) and have fun exploring/comparing. Having played German BBs I am well aware of long range shell dispersion. I guess I haven't played the Alsace enough to say that shell dispersion is disappointing or not. I don't approach each ship the same (you have to adapt to each ship's strengths and weaknesses). I have bought premiums and have been disappointed with some of them (I can't necessarily make them work and feel no great desire to play them enough to make them work). Those ships just become port queens and are useful during the snowflake events. I have over 180 ships so there's plenty of variety to play with. The only thing I'd say is before shelling out real dollars in this game (or any for that matter), research ahead of time so that there's no buyer's remorse.
  8. dashtardly

    French BB..... MEH.... only Lyon worth to keep

    I debated about responding in this thread simply because whatever I say, I'm not sure that you're going to read and consider (instead of reject, which appears to be what you've done to others who have made suggestions). When learning this game (and ships), there are some ships that I have played well (and perform better than other people claim the ship can do) and played poorly (when other people claim the ship is OP). Over the years I have watched various CC videos about ships, stayed in game and watched other people play their ship (so that I could watch and learn or think about how I would have played it differently) and read forum posts to learn how to play the game and specific ships better. One resource that I have found useful are the ship statistics sites. For example: My profile (not bragging - just showing it so you can see what information is available if you weren't aware of this kind of site). It's good to see which ships you are doing well in and those that you aren't doing so well in. This leads me to ask - what should I be doing differently in those ships? Performance on Lyon Performance on Richelieu Performance on Alsace Performance on Republique If you look at the above ship performance links, you'll see Lyon does very well at her tier (I've kept her and she's one of the French BBs I really like). But as you've found that at the higher tiers the French BB performance drops (compared to their peers). However, they are far from the bottom. Now the question is - how does your performance in those ships compare (I don't need or want to know)? Once you know that you can hopefully start an introspection process or do research on how other people play those ships (to see if that's the kind of play style that you would enjoy). These kind of sites don't really show you trends or allow filtering to see recent performance (to account for impact of software changes over time etc.). I am in a clan where we have several very experienced players who have the Republique and they play her well in clan battles (and we are NOT a top tier clan by a long shot). I have progressed up the French line to the Alsace and have 3 of the premium French BBs. I am presently restricting the Alsace to CO-OP battles until I have learned her handling and capabilities. However, I will say so far I very much like her and she can really brawl well. I'm actually not sure if I'll actually buy the Republique as I'm not a fan of two turret ships (esp. one forward and one rear facing). I don't earn enough steel to get the Bourgonge (which people say is really strong), however, it may be strong but I think the ability of the players who own that ship contributes a lot to the performance stats.
  9. dashtardly

    Last day for free skill reset?

    ^THIS. Today, the tooltip only says: I'd plan on doing whatever manual resets you need to do the day before (otherwise you might find out that your opportunity expired at a very inconvenient time in the wee hours of the morning of that last day).
  10. dashtardly

    reset capt skills on all ships at once?

    I did the reset - seemed to reset all my captains regardless of which tech tree ship they were trained on or currently assigned to
  11. dashtardly

    reset capt skills on all ships at once?

    Yes, that scenario makes a lot of sense and is what WG should have anticipated and implemented. I'm experimenting as well and will have to manually reset each ship as a result. Not terribly convenient, but then maybe WG wanted that (to force dubloon purchases so that people can then setup the optimum skills distribution).
  12. dashtardly

    reset capt skills on all ships at once?

    Yes, but you can still mess around and individually reset captain skills for free (until the next patch reinstates the cost).
  13. dashtardly

    Wait cruisers do get something!

    I tried it and was punished severely. Back in port that skill was removed. I don't see it as something I'll ever take.
  14. Secondaries used to add more damage than they currently do (which really helps if you're going to close in and brawl). This change is a negative for me and seems like a less effective play style (which would reduce the variability of captain builds would it not?).
  15. Well, for one you have submarines. To be introduced AFTER everyone has redone their captain skills for surface ships. I HATE the idea of adding submarines (unless it's in its own game mode and those who want to play them/with them are free to choose it - I won't).