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  1. Shame on this french event

    Yes, DoY event SUCKED big time (even though I managed to grind through and get it). I believe the earlier reference to how the British BBs were done was that in the patch before the release of the BB LINE, you could do some quests which the rewards were flags that got you the lower tier BBs (3-5). That gave you a head start on it and what I would have rather seen.
  2. Loved them all and did quite well with them (have kept them all) - and I'm at the Hindenburg. Roon is fabulous and one of my favorite ships.

    I liked the QE but the KGV is MUCH better and enjoyable. QE a bit slow.
  4. Still on the final mission for Stage IV, but have all day/evening to play. This bugged mission was, unfortunately, one I had planned to do today (esp. since I've NEVER in all 4K+ games played done 90K of torpedo damage - and yes, my top tier DD is only 7 - just not a DD player). I managed to get the Graf Spee last year and several of the free tier VI ships. This year, I just can't see myself working that HARD to get what sounds like is a mediocre ship. If I get a British BB premium, it'll be because I bought the Warspite OR racked up enough free XP to get the Nelson.
  5. Marblehead?

    Needed to retrain a captain so put him in my Marblehead and went a trolling. Surprise - tier 7 battle. In the end - a win, #3 on XP and a new damage high of 122K
  6. Training Room options?

    In the game settings, under controls is a new checkbox option - "All scenarios of the Training Room", however, trying it out checked and unchecked I couldn't really see a difference.
  7. Public Test 0.7.0 Critical Error

    I had a similar issue/problem (reported on forum, but was on first battle after doing the introductory mission several times) - it was an access violation on a WRITE (yours in a READ operation) to memory address 0. I restarted game and have not encountered the problem since.
  8. PTS 0.7.0 Game Crash

    Selected battle mode CO-OP. Saw some hint texts. Clicked on the start button around 5-6 seconds left and got a "Critical Error Occurred" message. "The BigWorld client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: 0xC0000005 @ 0x01964A73) (Write @ 0x00000000 )." I did not include the dump of the thread IDs.
  9. There are HINTS being displayed in the CO-OP waiting screen that could also be displayed similarly in the introductory mission.
  10. So I played it again a couple more times. One time on the Hashidate, at the very start of the scenario the RED fleet was rendered (I think they are "inside" the island). Two of the battles I had to kill two destroyers and a cruiser before capturing zone A; two of the battles I only had to kill the two destroyers. Should be consistent. I typically throttle up to full but this time I pressed W once (since the instructions were to "W to start moving". I kept getting the nags (I never went to full throttle until I was engaged by the two destroyers and about that time the RMB hint showed up). So, maybe subsequent instructions should be "W again to get to full throttle" or the first should read "W to start moving, press repeatedly until at full throttle". A missed hint opportunity - when the two retreating cruisers are encountered, their first salvos set you on fire (and damage a module). There should be a hint to press "R" to put out the fire and repair the damaged module. I also believe that the fire and module damage happened one time before the shells landed (graphics rendering delay?). On battle, thinking like a new player I captured zone A by being inside it, I was told to kill ships in zone B and I entered zone B and killed the two ships but there was quite a delay until the next objective (sink the battleship) was displayed. I think this is triggered by spotting the battleship. Now zone B is pretty darn big, and if I am driving around the outer rim of the zone I could get frustrated. I think the zone could be smaller and the objective displayed right after the two cruisers are killed. That way they KNOW that there is another ship there. Alternatively you could show the hint about the zone capture is being contested (another ship is still in the zone - explore around to spot it). The hint text in the Battle Type selection says you can select introductory mission up until you have 10 battles selected. Why limit it? While I doubt I would do it more than 10 times, it is pretty good training for how to target against a moving ship. I had also thought that each time I tried it I would get a different variant (i.e., on 2nd run through I would have different objectives or a different set of hints), but did it 3 more times (twice with Erie and twice with Hashidate) and it was the same each play through. Lastly, after doing the introductory mission I'm thinking "I'm INVULNERABLE - they can't hurt me". Would be a good to hint at the very start "CAUTION - Enemy ship shell damage is reduced for training purposes and does not reflect actual battle results".
  11. Training Room options?

    Perhaps it helps to understand what are ones objectives in going into a training room vs selecting Co-Op battles. I'd like to practice my aiming on a (newly acquired) ship at different ranges and speeds to understand the gun dispersion. For that I'd like a static (non-moving) target. After I get that, I'd like to practice my aiming on a target that's moving at various speeds and then one that is maneuvering (so I'm not always seeing a ship's broadside and I can see the impact of angling and my shot selection). If I just want static target practice, then this implementation works, but there should be some way to specify enemy ship behavior either as a whole (e.g., "all stationary") or individually (e.g., stationary, constant speed, variable speed, random maneuvering, emulate player (beginner), emulate player (average), emulate player (skilled) - where emulate player is essentially a BOT that will fire back at you, so you can practice angling to protect against return firing). Other observations in TRS (I did mine as a single player against BOT ships and did not try player vs. player): 1) I can add a target ship of ONLY Mogami (to either team Alpha or Bravo). I have not added any restrictions, so I would have expected to see any of the ships at my tier (I had Tier 8 Monarch). 2) If I want to add a variety of targets to practice against, it would be nice to have an auto-populate option for the Bravo team's ships (subject to the restrictions I chose). EDIT: There is a drop-down arrow by the ship count of each team that when clicked shows a "FILL" with targets dialog. Didn't notice that the first time through (don't know if it showed up after I checked the settings for "All scenarios of the training room" or not). That's easy to miss and unless there's going to be more options on the dialog I'd suggest changing the down arrow into text button "FILL". 3) If I JUST want target practice, then running around the OCEAN map to find the target is kind of annoying (particularly with default 10 min timer). One option that occurs to me (since you can invite players), would be training exercises for clans to work on strategies and battle against live targets and being able to communicate. This was done frequently in WoT clans, so may be missing out on this in PTS unless there's a large group that is willing to try this out.
  12. I Primarily loaded PTS 0.7.0 to try out the training room. The first thing I noticed under game modes was a second new mode "Introductory Mission" (which I didn't recall seeing in the patch notes) and decided to give that a try since I think some "live" training (as opposed to watching videos) is needed for the new players. Here's my comments. In WoT there is a pretty good introductory mission that walks someone driving a tank through the controls and how to move/aim/shoot. I would recommend that the WoWS developers load WoT and go through that mission to get an idea of what a really good introductory mission is (and what they're goal should be in the WoWS introductory mission). This mode is severely lacking in information that helps explain how to maneuver and attack - there were only two instructions that were displayed: 1) Press W to move forward. 2) Use RMB to look around. After capturing Zone A, a third instruction was displayed about "leading" the target. But that wasn't very helpful as there was no help in how to determine this and nothing about zooming in/out. For example, shell timer and the reticule could be explained AND also how the target's speed can be estimated (by looking at it's smoke trail). To help perhaps a combination of an observer mode (game AI zooms in, aims and shoots with text explaining too much, too little, and just right amount of leading - and some guidance on where to HIT a ship). Since the game has torpedoes, it would also be good to have either a multi-stage mission where after completing basics of shell firing that there was another to practice torpedo attacks. The tutorial right now either is very incomplete or if complete then it assumes a fair amount of information and knowledge already about how to play (and then you wouldn't need the introductory mission other than the show the mechanics of "scenario" battles). Also the ships I was escorting kept firing at the rocks on the islands but there were no shore batteries that I could see. There were also return fire shells arcing overhead from somewhere.
  13. Marblehead?

    I have had both for a very long time (got my Marblehead from the contest) but neither get played much these days. Both have excellent mobility and when Marblehead first came out I think she was gimped with a 12.7K gun range (and now its the same as Omaha which made a huge difference). My Murmansk is at 58% WR for 204 games averaging over 39K damage done. My Marblehead is at 76% WR for 42 games averaging over 42K damage done (my Omaha has 49% WR for 150 games averaging over 40K damage done for comparison). Both need to move constantly, but having to make a choice I'd say the Murmansk over the Marblehead.
  14. Santa Crate question

    I bought some last year (all 3 sizes) probably spent $25-30 dollars. I would guess that I got that amount in camo/flags/dubloons. Sadly, not one ship. If you watch youtube videos of (then) community contributors it sure seemed like the odds of getting a ship were high enough that you'd think you'd get one. Do NOT fall for that trap. Buy the premium camos, flags, and the ships that are available - guaranteed return on your money. Otherwise, you're gambling, and you know what they say "the odds favor the house". I don't imagine WG would cut it's revenue on direct ship sales by putting a high probability of getting said ship(s) via crates. If they were totally open about your chances and told you a 5/3/2% chance to get a premium ship (DISCLAIMER - MADE UP % for talking purposes) based on LG/MDM/SM crate you'd probably either decide not to buy or you'd say buy 20 large crates figuring that you'd be guaranteed a ship (e.g., thinking 20 x 5% = 100% chance) but that's not how to calculate probabilities.
  15. If something is ALWAYS available, then I might not buy it NOW. If I don't buy it NOW, I might not EVER buy it (as I PROCRASTINATE). If it's available only in limited opportunities, I'm more LIKELY to buy it NOW so that I don't LOSE the opportunity to buy it in the future. Not to mention, there's the "envy" factor - I have something that others don't. It is a marketing strategy that must work (and I would expect that they have modeled sales projections of "ALWAYS" available vs. "SOMETIMES" available) otherwise they would have changed it be what you want.