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  1. I do quite well in my Marblehead with a 10-pt captain. Maybe the actual drivers of Marblehead's are more experienced players and can take advantage of the ship's capabilities. I know I also am doing better after they buffed it's range to be near or at Omaha's.
  2. Nice - I never bought a Warspite (or a Hood) so I don't have a BB trained captain to move over.
  3. So normally as I progress up the tech tree line I move the captain up from one tier to the next. If I really enjoy the ship I keep it (most are kept) and I back fill with a new captain. Now, with the mission for RN BBs with the blueprints it looks like we could end up with the Tier III, IV, and V in our port but with no captains trained. I have one "unassigned" RN captain (Jack Dunkirk) currently on my Belfast that I could put on the Iron Duke, but I was thinking of keeping him on the cruiser line. What are people doing in preparation?
  4. OK, on to week 1 mission V. The web site says "Destroy two enemy ships and deal 100,00 damage to enemy ships over any number of battles", however, the in-game mission reads as follows:
  5. OK, on to week 1 mission V. The web site says "Destroy two enemy ships and deal 100,00 damage to enemy ships over any number of battles", however, the in-game mission reads as follows: I'm on this mission, and since I just did a game in my Leader and destroyed 2 ships (but only 42K damage) and the mission shows as no progress it looks like the web site description does not match what was coded (since mission III you could do the damage and torp hits over a number of games and it would show progress).
  6. Yes, it was very confusing hence my question since they could have put a NOTE on the web site explaining what they did. My suspicions is that it is actually "hidden" and their server code "knows" you have earned it even if the client can't show it. Someone suggested "The flags are the blueprints" but that's an assumption since there's nothing that tells you that. They could have put a note in the flag description that "the other side of the flag is a blueprint for Tier III HMS Bellerophon".
  7. So the posted mission description says that the week 1 reward is "Blueprint 1" which will turn into a port slot and a ship when released (if you get all three blueprints). However, I just completed UK Battle Mission III, and my reward was a flag "Front View" - commemorative flag for participation in the HMS Battleships event. How do I know that I have received "Blueprint 1" or is this a bug or an inaccuracy in the mission description?
  8. So... I understand at the end of the event that both the ship and the captain are removed. I wouldn't have thought you could reassign them, but verified that you can reassign them and if you wanted to you could retrain them. However, I suspect that your Friant captain will still be gone after the event ends, so kind of pointless to use that captain - you're better off just developing a captain.
  9. I've gotten to the Roon and love her. I would vote to keep
  10. Yes. Sorry though I have no information or insight to provide to the rest of your questions however I am curious about the answers as well.
  11. Reiterate what Killjoy said. I almost always have this in a Cruiser. Imagine sailing into a gap and you are detected and suddenly you know how many are targeting you (and you can anticipate the volume of fire headed your way). Evasive maneuvers!!!
  12. There is no XVM equivalent add-on for WOT in WoWS. There are sites that provide performance information that you can guage your performance against the aggregate population. My suggestion is https://na.warships.today/help which has a link on it that explains the WTR rating (similar to the Win8, but is heavily weighted on win rate). I recall seeing a youtube by a community contributor that was critical of the calculation algorithm (because it could be gamed and wasn't all that helpful in terms of determining how to improve your game play). If just starting out in WoWS, there are some great tutorials around - see https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming (and reviews and how to play specific ships). As a WOT player you're already familiar with The Mighty Jingles (who also has a lot of WoWS video reviews and comments on how to play). EDIT: There are two external programs that can provide some information about the performance of the ships at the start of a match. See https://github.com/wows-stats/wows-stats#api and https://github.com/jammin411/MatchmakingMonitor (forum topic @ http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/122059-wowreplays-matchmaking-monitor-open-source/page__p__2949943#entry2949943 ). The later is from http://wowreplays.com/ and that site has a compiled EXE you can download and run (my preference would be to get the source from GitHub and build it).
  13. Well that's a good idea and the Modules screen has plenty of open space between the modules (left side) and the captain/stats (right side). However, I propose that it be implemented in two stages - 1) Immediately, add link to the WoWS Wiki page for the ship being viewed. Now, some Wiki pages are more complete that others. An example of a complete (has player information/recommendation plus pros/cons) see http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Omaha . Some pages are not as complete - see http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Chapayev. This is an available resource so the only thing WG would need to do is add the button link/description to launch a web browsers to site. 2) Linking of videos (prepared by community contributors etc.) directly in game is probably something that you won't see (since then their content becomes part of the game intellectual property). Probably a better idea/suggestion would be to have the WoWS Wiki page have another content section for YouTube reviews, and some ships have multiple reviewers with differing thoughts/experiences. That way WG only has to add a second button (when that content exists in the Wiki site) that one or more video reviews are available and doesn't have to select which one to put on the game page (or to curate that content). I bet this is something an add-on could do. However, most new players aren't likely to go researching for that kind of thing anyway, so I think it would be best if WG incorporate the idea into the game client directly.
  14. I played the new PVE mission on the PTS for Technical Test period. That game mode will not help someone learn the game and mechanics of various ship play - you really need to know that going into it. Also, the AI driven ships are going to be doing things that real human players tend not to (so it's not even good training in that regard). I played WoT, and that game did come out with a training mission which covered various aspects of the game mechanics. Something similar for WoWS would be VERY helpful for new players. The current "Basic Training" that you can access from the main game menu is just a index of videos to watch. While they are very informative, there's nothing better than trying things out for real (in a simulator). Sadly for now, you have to hone your skills up in Co-Op battle if the Random battles are too brutal. Be nice just to be able to have a "practice dummy" that you can try to get a handle on leading the target and shell dispersion (and to try out AP vs HE at different ranges) without having to worry about return fire etc. I have seen that there is a mechanism to do this but it requires extra steps and software install - it should be built into the game UI.
  15. Was in a game where a Hood got the Clear Skies achievement (normally you see CVs getting that - or at least I do). Sorry, didn't think to take and post a screen shot.