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  1. dashtardly

    Best Free XP Ships

    I too was saving up for Friesland (being of Dutch ancestry) and am 4K fxp away. However, now I'm wondering I should hoard it and use it to get the next new FXP ship (I'm not sure that Smaland is worth the price, and I already have Georgia/JB/Alaska). I have no idea what's in the pipeline (and if its going to be worth the wait). I've been meaning to get the Nelson so one thought would be to pull the trigger on that and the rebuild the FXP and then either use it to get the Friesland or whatever new FXP ship has been added.
  2. dashtardly

    EU Destroyers Event

    My luck has only been marginally better. I have the T5 and T6 with a surplus of 150 tokens. With one more directive I won't get the T7 (unless I get significantly luckier). This by the way is in keeping with my experience in EVERY new line introduction (regardless of the pre-release mechanism used by WG) - have only ever managed to get the T5 and T6 ships. So, it's nice to see someone with the higher tier ships, but that is similar to the lottery winners (yes, they got a bunch of money but that is so far outside of the norm that everyone else experienced). So seeing someone that "won" the RNG rolls makes you think its unfair but WG doesn't want to have lots of winners. Just because you COULD win doesn't mean you WILL win.
  3. dashtardly

    EU DD Event Part 3 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Mostly I get 10, 30, 40. Had 2x 140. Opposite ends of RNG for me (as always). Enjoy your ships.
  4. dashtardly

    EU DD Event Part 3 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I have no idea how you got so many tokens. I've finished the first 2 directives and the daily collections (for logging in) and have gotten a total of 530 tokens. Sitting at 330 after getting the Visby (I would have liked to skip buying it but looks like you have to acquire them sequentially). As in all of these new ship introductions I have NEVER gotten a tier 7 or higher ship and have had to research from Tier 6 (and hence have not made a lot of progress - simply because I'm not enamored with the quirks of their play). However, I understand the high tier ones are that carrot on the grind of the stick. Too bad I don't want that carrot so bad.
  5. dashtardly

    No instructions for using radio location

    Well, I'm more of a cruiser player (DD's are my lowest played class - never played a CV and never will) and not in your class of play judging from the color of your stats in your signature. However, watching both Notser and Kuro has helped me improve my DD play. Hence why I would recommend them, particularly to someone who is struggling with how to play DDs. I have also read the REDDIT posts on Russian DDs ( https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/ct8uoz/the_uniscum_russian_destroyer_guide/ and https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/ctnni6/russian_destroyer_guide_details_and_faq/ and https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9fbxrl/grozovoi_guide_harugumo_for_unicums/ ) by @DolphinPrincess. I have not seen (nor looked for) any videos on DD play - I just happened to come across them on other general searches.
  6. dashtardly

    No instructions for using radio location

    Right - I haven't seen any videos that specifically are about how to use Radio Location, but there are those that talk about how to play a particular DD (or DD strategy) that use that skill and explain how that additional information helps determine what they do. To me, that's useful to understand.
  7. dashtardly

    No instructions for using radio location

    Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D_sEIY0jIE - titled "Competitive DD Lessons Early Game Situational Awareness and Pushing Your Positional Advantage" by @Destroyer_KuroshioKai . It includes discussion about integrating RPF into your play decisions.
  8. dashtardly

    No instructions for using radio location

    Watch some of the high tier play DD youtube videos (Destroyer Kuro.... I can't remember his full name, but I think he points out how he uses it).
  9. dashtardly

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Oh, I'll keep playing just not paying actual $$$.
  10. Only if you value those other benefits (and would purchase them out right). I have had terrible luck in the past with getting ships from containers, so I would not discount that dollar value by some container cost. Getting 2K steel might be worthwhile if it was enough to allow purchasing a ship (as it is, I have enough steel for some ships, but not enough to be close to the more expensive ones). I'm floating in flags and camouflages (which I never buy) and earn coal fast enough that I wouldn't ever buy it outright. So, no $84 is still not reasonable (to me).
  11. I don't consider $84 for a ship reasonable. Completely agree that they were not clear up front what the costs could be (and thanks to all those who worked out the various cost options).
  12. Well, one wonders what your definition of casual player is and how many hours a day you play that you don't consider your effort as "grinding" that got you to the point of being ABLE to drop a large amount of money for a single ship. Also, I suspect a "casual" player is NOT someone who would even consider dropping that amount of money for a single ship. I'm a casual player, and I typically play several games a day (but not every day) and generally enough to get my 3rd daily XP crate and even managed to do the hard daily missions for December (and got the 3rd free port slot). As a result I was able to complete directive 1 and get enough ship building tokens to unlock the second booster. I'm currently on phase 12 and see no possible way to advance as far as you did. I would consider it a grind to play significantly more than I have (and even then I doubt I would have made significant progress towards completing directive 3). I also have a largish number of premium ships I've bought over the years (some from the store, some from containers). Even if I did unlock the option to pay $99.99 I wouldn't - there are other ships I would purchase from the store. Plus, buying Gorzia (and getting dubloons back once you've earned her through directive completion) isn't enticing (Zara is bad enough that I wouldn't want a clone with the torps removed). The little "prizes" for completing various building stages has been nice but it is all a horrible tease (and one I did not fall for).
  13. dashtardly

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    None and have opened at least 10. The best that I have received are 3x10K FXP
  14. Well I agree except about uninstalling. I simply refuse to buy what they dangled in front of me. If more people did that, then they will change (after all, they want income and when something doesn't work they will change).
  15. dashtardly

    PSA - Directive 3 No ranked play

    I did the grind for DoY, and PEF. Not doing the PR grind nor the Gorzia. I have played some of the Italian CAs on the PTS and Zara started to feel ok but really without the torps (and yes, not a primary armament but I've found they have utility), so I don't want the Gorzia (I have the tier 5 event Genova CA), nor do I see/understand the desire for it .