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  1. dashtardly

    research bureau

    And after selling your ships in that line AND resetting the XP earned in that line, how exactly do you expect to play one battle in a ship in that line at each tier (without re-researching and re-buying those ships)?
  2. dashtardly

    research bureau

    It's in the "Details" - see snippet below. The only way to win a battle on a ship for a line that was reset would be to re-research it again (i.e., do the grind all over again or use Free XP). If you didn't see it there, when you click on the Reset button, you get a confirmation screen that spells it out (see the highlighted orange text) in the snippet below). I think this is VERY clearly spelled out.
  3. Linked my account to twitch 10 months ago and I don't see the mission, so this must only be for new linkages.
  4. dashtardly

    Update 0.8.7 Feedback

    Removed the Norton exception (allowing access), cleared the cache, relaunched the game and opened the armory and got the same error dialogue.
  5. dashtardly

    Question regarding resetting ship lines

    yw. I guess WG wants to keep it around so you can spend $$$ to covert into Free XP
  6. dashtardly

    Question regarding resetting ship lines

    It gets moved to the Tier I ship
  7. dashtardly

    Question regarding resetting ship lines

    on PTS, you could do either CO-OP or random. I'm assuming the same now (but not resetting, so can't give you actual experience).
  8. dashtardly

    Thoughts on Somers after half a dozen games

    Gratz on getting that one done (I'm still working on the 2000+ XP and running out of time).
  9. dashtardly

    Sort of Confused about the New AA

    I liked the old UX - it was quick and you could also pre-set the sector priority and maneuver accordingly. I provided that feedback from PTS but just one voice (and it's a "taste great, less filling" kind of argument for the devs).
  10. dashtardly

    Sort of Confused about the New AA

    At the beginning of a battle, point guns to one side. Free look to the other side and press ~ key. You will see the sector reinforcement on the side you free-looked. It's possible you hadn't move the camera angle sufficiently past the bow/center-line (so it took it as the gun side)?
  11. Well I think we have to recognize that there are two out-spoken camps - those who want subs in WoWS and those who don't. Those who don't are going to be very critical and negative about whatever information is shared. The game play (from the sub's perspective) may have been good (seemed similar to the subs in the operation - which I didn't enjoy). Watching the DD game play this looked rather horrible - go chase a circle on the water. OK, this is a mechanic. Now think about that mechanic while playing with multiple ship types and working a gun/torp battle. I don't like the workload, just like I don't like the AA workload (and having to pay more attention to planes that I should).
  12. dashtardly

    Sort of Confused about the New AA

    You have to Free-Look AND press the activate key.
  13. dashtardly

    Update 0.8.7 Feedback

    Interesting - I have a different screen shot that shows everything. Perhaps, it's a screen resolution problem? I have my game in Windowed mode and maximized (resolution is being reported as 1902 x 983)
  14. dashtardly

    Update 0.8.7 Feedback

    Got this alert about an invalid digital signature when starting the game for the first time (Norton complained about the exe file) and then again when I clicked on the Armory tab.