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  1. dashtardly

    Missouri's Earning Data 10.6 vs 10.7

    Completely agree. So, the question is more of how much analysis did they do to show that their revision(s) came close to the original earnings? How much variance are they willing to accept? Only WG knows that and they don't appear to be willing to share that data. Well that statement is a terribly bad assumption. How much do you assume someone plays the Missouri? I have over 200 days of premium left (and unlikely to renew or spend any more for it) and an original MO. I currently have under $3M credits and have several new (high tier) ships which I can't properly equip all of the available modules due to a lack of credits. When doing credit missions in the past I have typically played my MO and even equipped a few (credit bonus) flags. But I wouldn't play MO exclusively just to raise credits - I'd rather play a mix of ships.
  2. dashtardly

    SWEET RNG-ESUS!!!!!!

    Very nice. I have the Musashi and Missouri from FXP. Was planning on buying the Kutuzov but misunderstood the date/time she was to be available for and left it one day too long.
  3. dashtardly

    SWEET RNG-ESUS!!!!!!

    Congratulations. I'm green with envy but am still not willing to part with dollars for crates on the off-chance that I get the Benham. Way too many other ships that I have no interest in that are possible drops (and shudder - I might even get a damn CV).
  4. In those immortal words "choose wisely". Hey, there are SOME organizations that claim to be charities but their "overhead" is so high that you might think they were in the business of fleecing well meaning individuals. Just because SOME organizations pay their CEOs a large salary doesn't mean ALL do. Similarly some charities do a horrible job at getting money to the needy but that's not a majority and not a reason to give to a charity. Perhaps a more positive would be to use a site like https://www.charitynavigator.org/ to determine what is the most effective donation to make.
  5. Sure, and while I did get a ship this year I also posted my last 3 years of crate openings without any ships. It is totally unrealistic to expect a ship to drop unless you are buying a very large number of crates. If you have that much money for a hobby, I sure hope you reconsider and donate that money to a charitable organization
  6. The odds are known. WG counts on people like you to open their wallet and hope to get a ship against the odds. Sure... it can happen but it is unlikely UNLESS you drop a lot of dollars. The advice others have given is to NOT buy the crates unless you are willing to buy the signals and camouflages (which is all you can really expect). Better to just go out and buy a premium ship as your holiday present.
  7. The odds of getting a ship are visible this year (which is a big improvement). What hasn't changed is people's expectation that they are immune to a small chance to get a ship and will get or are hoping to get a ship against the odds. WG counts on people like you to open the wallet.
  8. I have 219 ships (63 of which are premiums/specials I've obtained over the years - some bought directly, some from containers, some as rewards). I have 18 Tier X ships and had read that the mega containers are the best choice, so with my 18 certificates I got 3 mega containers and one big gift container. Pleasantly surprised and not expected. The past 3 years I have opened 33 supercontainers and 61 gift containers obtained and did not get a single ship from them.
  9. Well, I wonder if your experience is typical or not. All I can say is that I did not have anything like your experience - I did not find the Caracciolo an enjoyable experience and felt tortured with the very poor dispersion. I ended up using FXP to get the Veneto and OMG I hate that ship too. Not sure if it's worth it to FXP to the tier 9 which I think is better (at least from a standpoint of playing against them).
  10. dashtardly

    Dutch Cruisers are fun!!

    See https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/246784-dutch-cruiser-asw
  11. dashtardly

    Dutch Cruiser - ASW?

    Remember we're supposed to be talking about the WHY Dutch CAs don't get any ASW. The OP stated that the official WG reason was due to technical limitations. I offered up that this was a lie (and wrong) since the Dutch premium De 7 Provinces had both ASW and Airstrike, so that there was obviously no technical limitation that would prevent/interfere with having both airstrike and ASW. Yes, airstrikes are being bound by default to the 4 key (although that's just a default), but it can be a different key too. See settings to change - I put mine to the 9 key for a game. Worked fine (but I think I'll put it back to 4). I'm not sure what point of mine you are trying to disagree with/correct/counter.
  12. This is a good strategy, but it does rely on FXP to be able to do the RB bonus stacking. Plus, eventually you'll have to buy the T8-T10 to get those juicy RB points. In keeping with your general don't sell ships rule, my last reset was for lines I had not completed (so not selling any higher tier ships for 50% of their purchase). It was someone else's idea - FXP to complete the line, and reset it and then just grind it normally. No real extra costs involved (outside of FXP outlay) assuming you hadn't gotten too far up the line in the first place (and end up having to rebuy those previously bought ships).
  13. If you have no burning desire for the RB ships, why not do the RB resets per quarter so that you maximize getting the 2x bonus?
  14. dashtardly

    Which Line To Do Next?

    Generally, I agree with this sentiment. However, I'd say skip the IT BB line.