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  1. Don't forget to halve those HE values once damage saturation kicks in.
  2. Meanwhile, the equivalent of this exists here when you penetrate gun turrets for no HP damage:
  3. Khab...

    Yep. It's just interesting historical knowledge at this point.
  4. Khab...

    My guess would be from this drawing featured on the russian wiki page for it: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Лидеры_эскадренных_миноносцев_проекта_47#/media/File:Бронированный_лидер_проекта_47_(1940).JPG
  5. Khab...

    Hmm. I've always heard the project tied to project 47 (with a fair amount of info on this wiki page: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Лидеры_эскадренных_миноносцев_проекта_47 ). I'll need to look into this.
  6. I've been running the Yamato mod since about day 2 or so, it makes a noticeable difference, especially in clan battles.
  7. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    I've been waiting for the same thing, though sadly it probably will never happen.
  8. Dispersion is based on the characteristics of the guns. Accuracy is based on the characteristics of the FCS, and since the player is the FCS in game, you can't do too much about that.
  9. It's most relevant at brawling ranges, especially since your camera will center over one group of turrets, thus the other ones will aim at an angle to hit the target point. crappy paint diagram as follows:
  10. I enjoyed it pre-buff back in the day when you had to face invincible Iowa's (anybody else remember that?), and with the buffs now, I'm actually considering buying her back as a keeper tier 9 BB.
  11. This. and you definitely want to put the B hull on your North Carolina too.
  12. WG has tried many band aid fixes in the past four years to balance carriers, as well as global changes to nerf the skill caps on every class (AP nerf and HE megabuff, global acceleration/maneuverability nerf, torpedo nerfs, radar, citadel overpen bugfix (buff to lightly armored cruisers), AA buffs, smoke firing nerf, stealth fire changes, etc). They've tried to tone back carriers multiple times over the course of alpha, beta, and release, and have failed, thus forcing the CV rework that in a way is WG's admission that CV's in their current state do not fit into their vision of the game. /smallrant
  13. Because it's not a challenge, it's a balance abomination that WG hasn't been able to fix for the 4 years I've been playing the game. As for your example, you conveniently leave out the fact that _Hood_ has a Defensive Fire.
  14. I find clicking the "leave queue" button if there are more than zero CV's in queue helps