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  1. Tedster_

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    wew, 50 sub camos from Zath!
  2. Yamato and Musashi are about the only thing GZ can't citadel. Found the source as well https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/7hizcy/a_proper_look_at_ap_bombs_from_tvii_to_tx/
  3. Yamato/Musashi's citadel protection is a 200mm deck + 57mm weather deck. GZ is close, but still can't cit, but the fuse threshold is like 35mm or so, compared to 70mm or so on the USN AP bombs, meaning Yamato class weather deck arms the bombs for pen damage, but will not cit it.
  4. I want to say something in the 180-190mm range? IIRC GZ's bombers can pen 235-240mm of horizontal protection.
  5. Once upon a time Mogami was the tier 7 in the line and Myoko was the tier 8
  6. I'd recommend attempting to use a program such as teamspeak or discord instead of the in-game voice chat also.
  7. Tedster_

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    Remember the T29's ears?
  8. Tedster_

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    If it's anything like the D-Day ohio event, you'll get a pre-printed custom nametag with your name and IGN on it.
  9. Tedster_

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Until you get your nametag
  10. Tedster_

    Do the 150's have 1/4 pen?

    the German DD line does not benefit from 1/4 pen last I checked.
  11. Tedster_

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Grabbed my normal ticket, unfortunately can't take enough time off at my new job to make the Iowa tour, but I'm excited to see everybody there
  12. I definitely would enjoy seeing some of the NC design studies in game.
  13. Don't forget to halve those HE values once damage saturation kicks in.