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  1. This. CV's need to be exempted from the 5 min rule because of the mirroring requirements.
  2. My first rank out, with a total of 143 battles starting around rank 16 or so. I enjoy tier 10 far more than the other tiers.
  3. Launch - Entry Point Not Found

    Just checked, it is.
  4. Launch - Entry Point Not Found

    I thought this too. I've replaced my install with a known good install from my laptop (and fresh downloads), as well as done a full windows reinstallation (and a new SSD as I found some issues with my current one in the troubleshooting process), and the error presists.
  5. Launch - Entry Point Not Found

    @SM3_Trammel Did you by any chance happen to hard kill the WG Game center during an update? I'm trying to track this down on a test client as well.
  6. Another important thing to note for your single game sample size is Musashi's 57mm deck for much of the area.
  7. Questions about Citadels

    Probably because of the nature of the DM's auto-loading system resulted in it taking up more space. That's because that's how the USN designed their cruiser magazines in an attempt to protect them. I just checked all the tier 8 cruisers for a reference, and they all have magazines as part of their citadel zones in the in-game armor viewer.
  8. Questions about Citadels

    The color is purely for armor thickness. Also, ships can have overlapping hitboxes. If you look at GM3D, you can see many larger ships feature areas that count both as citadel and as magazine hitboxes
  9. Best horn is removed from the game
  10. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    I think that's the idea
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    There is still a lack of Torpillows in the premium shop.
  12. Clicked wrong button and out 500 doubloons

    You can file a support ticket, but I'm not sure whether they will reverse it.
  13. BB hard counter requested

    so you are saying that these numbers in the conqueror balance post are made up?
  14. BB hard counter requested

    I don't think anybody can get the kind of proof you want without violating an employee NDA, so I doubt you will ever see it.