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  1. Tedster_

    Permission to Go Ashore

    Don't worry, you can't escape me there
  2. Tedster_

    Marco Polo does NOT get Smoke

    I've never left.
  3. Tedster_

    Marco Polo does NOT get Smoke

    I'm not sure if this is calling Soyuz's gunnery good, or calling Marco's gunnery bad...
  4. the BB SAP is also capped at 10% damage to DDs now. Colombo just has 16 guns to blap you with.
  5. Tedster_

    Pop the champers, she's back!

    Champagne is very much in the "sniper BB" archtype of Slava. The guns actually have almost identical characteristics to Slava's, with only slightly less pen and damage, but the same unforgiving accuracy. If your aim isn't perfect, you will miss, you aren't going to get the lucky cits less accurate BBs with shotgun spreads will provide. She also has the reduced thickness 25mm bow/stern plating of Slava, and maneuvers more like a big cruiser than a BB. She also suffers from "got whacked hard with the nerfbat during testing" so people started complaining about her being overnerfed. On a similar note, she's decent if you want to try out that playstyle as ~$50 USD is worth less than 63k RB points depending on how you value your time or FXP.
  6. Welp. I guess that's one way to solve the issue of WG adding Naval Legends audio files there
  7. Tedster_

    KotS XI NA - most played/banned ships

    IIRC the rule is 1 full patch cycle for standard resource ships, and 6 months for RB ships.
  8. I've got a few tracks I've had on loop lately.
  9. Mine were in English, maybe it has to do with the language setting of your client?
  10. Yep, can confirm, this overrode the eurobeat mixes I had put in there, so just a quick shift click -> shift delete and everything is back to normal
  11. Secondary spec baltimore. Needs BFT, AFT, manual secondaries, and secondary mod + flag.
  12. Tedster_

    How do you hit a turning ship ?

    "Aim less, predict more." Bar the blahz-ism, hitting a maneuvering ship at range comes down to understanding both what the player will do and what the ship they're sailing will do. Some ships dodge in certain ways, and players will also get in the habit of dodging in certain ways, not to mention how each ship handles individually. Trying to figure that out is what enemies will do is important, as well as understanding things like how much your target will drift when it turns. A good example is Smolensks, when they get spotted while moving often they will slam on the brakes and hit the smoke, so you can predict that and aim for your shells to hit him right as it stops in the smoke. The running lights and navigator mods (in aslain's and WG's modstation) also help as you can see minute changes before they become obvious.
  13. CVs are much worse for the game than arty is in tanks. Arty only has damage over time and indirect fire capabilities. CVs add vision, mobility, and tankiness/AA to the equation as well. When I tell my tanks clanmates about CVs, I tell them to take arty, but give it the spotting ability of an EBR, the mobility of a 907, and the tankiness of a Maus. Artillery sucks in pubs but is actually balanced in competitive since bringing one means you're out significant HP and DPM for the brawl that happens. Meanwhile CVs are the opposite, where their characteristics scale much harder than randoms, especially in reduced team size formats where reduced AA ships mean CVs have outsize influence and stifle almost any sort of flanking/mobile play.
  14. Tedster_

    Bad Idea WG

    Yes. This is the feedback that has been posted on and off since 0.8.0 released, by multiple players from multiple top communities. Here is another great thread posted almost one year ago to the day discussing the same things that Pizza mentions in his post and continue to be an issue one year later. You see the nonconstructive reactions because of the frustration from the constructive posts such as the one I linked being ignored by Wargaming, and instead of seeing action to solve these issues we see additional CVs released.