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  1. Tedster_

    What are DD AP shells actually good for?

    The big thing to understand about DD AP is that anything can autobounce those rounds, including other DDs. The OP probably had the fFetcher bowtanking his AP shells so they were ricocheting, or was just sharply angled since no DD has improved ricochet angles. Most DDs can citadel a few cruisers in the right place at the right time, the Russian and French gunboats are best at it as they have the highest pen AP, but a lot of DD AP can do decently against long range broadside ships if you hit the thinner upper plating or superstructure.
  2. Tedster_

    I like Pi

    CVs exist so Kurfurst just dies for trying to do anything.
  3. To my knowledge, there is no rounding after IFHE, the only rounding would be done by the game client for the display in port. For this example, there is no rounding afterwards. There is a > check, which means something with 44mm penetration will not pen 44mm armor, but in this case, 44.2mm is greater than 44 so it will pen 44.
  4. Tedster_

    Molotov HE citadal on Pyotr Velikiy

    This one is also easy to explain. Izmail has exposed citadel deck around its casemate guns. That's due to issues in the armor models, not this. Due to technical limitations, citadel zones are modeled as sets of rectangular boxas, despite ships being curved. This means that 'citadel' zones extend into areas that shouldn't count as citadels. WG has checks in place to deal with this regarding penetrating plates flagged as 'citadel', but sometimes there are edge cases where pixel-sized spots in torpedo bulges, etc are counted as citadel when hit from a certain angle. This resulted in "unexplainable" citadels such as that old clip of a Mino citadelling a montana at 15km, or the "random" cits that North Carolina used to take while properly angled.
  5. Tedster_

    Molotov HE citadal on Pyotr Velikiy

    Pyotr Velikiy has an exposed citadel deck under the rearmost turret.
  6. Tedster_

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    It's been a fun 5 years with you on this team. I'm sad to see you go and wish you luck in your future endeavors.
  7. I loaded into this game once, other than the CVs (which thankfully ignored me) it was
  8. Welcome! Unfortunately I just missed meeting you but I'm sure I'll be talking with you in the future.
  9. Tedster_

    What is an "AlfaTester"?

    It's a relic of the BW->Alpha access.
  10. It happens, we've all made our share of boneheaded plays.
  11. Tedster_

    Carriers being discriminated in the King of the sea event

    I'd change this to read "five (5) years" but that's none of my business.
  12. a lot of the mid tier BB's have random plating that can shatter 32mm pen HE. You need to aim more carefully to deal damage with 152's. Fuso and Izmail are extremely resilient to 152mm HE, both with or without IFHE, for example.
  13. Tedster_

    Lost Ship Port Slots in a RB Line Reset

    I heard something somewhere about there being a visual bug related to this.