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  1. Welcome! Unfortunately I just missed meeting you but I'm sure I'll be talking with you in the future.
  2. Tedster_

    What is an "AlfaTester"?

    It's a relic of the BW->Alpha access.
  3. It happens, we've all made our share of boneheaded plays.
  4. Tedster_

    Carriers being discriminated in the King of the sea event

    I'd change this to read "five (5) years" but that's none of my business.
  5. a lot of the mid tier BB's have random plating that can shatter 32mm pen HE. You need to aim more carefully to deal damage with 152's. Fuso and Izmail are extremely resilient to 152mm HE, both with or without IFHE, for example.
  6. Tedster_

    Lost Ship Port Slots in a RB Line Reset

    I heard something somewhere about there being a visual bug related to this.
  7. Tedster_

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Even when "scaled back," combat buffs for this are a terrible thing and will lead to greater imbalance. Any combat buff, no matter how small, will be mandatory in any competitive mode that allows them to function. I ground to Yamato's LM within 2 days of release because they dropped it with the Clan Battle season, and that is minor compared to these buffs. The Legendary modules also have tradeoffs (my yamato doesn't reload as fast as a MBM3 yamato, for example). I'm all for something like this for cosmetics, like a unique camo, emblem, flags, etc, or economic bonuses, like allowing you to use mid tier tech tree ships as captain trainers if you regrind that line, etc. The main outcry is the existence of the combat buffs, which WG seems to be set on keeping in some form.
  8. Tedster_

    PSA: New Orleans in the shop for sale!

    While you can convert free xp to get a ship, that requires playing the game to earn the XP to convert. Putting that ship into the premium shop doesn't require playing the game to obtain said ship.
  9. Tedster_

    PSA: New Orleans in the shop for sale!

    This is the real pandora's box while everybody is panicking over the NTC stuff. A researchable tech tree ship should never be directly in the shop.
  10. Tedster_

    love the rogue wave game mode.

    Carnal is definitely the worst of the level 1 ships, but Lancet is starting to click for me. You need to get in a lot closer than some of the others, and aggressively chase consumable spawns for TRBs and speed boosts as well as heals.
  11. Tedster_


    This one, because it features me, @Tedster_ @Lord_Zath 97 hits
  12. Tedster_

    Rentals aren't all that bad.

    How did you calculate the % difference for the WR column?