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  1. Tedster_

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Even when "scaled back," combat buffs for this are a terrible thing and will lead to greater imbalance. Any combat buff, no matter how small, will be mandatory in any competitive mode that allows them to function. I ground to Yamato's LM within 2 days of release because they dropped it with the Clan Battle season, and that is minor compared to these buffs. The Legendary modules also have tradeoffs (my yamato doesn't reload as fast as a MBM3 yamato, for example). I'm all for something like this for cosmetics, like a unique camo, emblem, flags, etc, or economic bonuses, like allowing you to use mid tier tech tree ships as captain trainers if you regrind that line, etc. The main outcry is the existence of the combat buffs, which WG seems to be set on keeping in some form.
  2. Tedster_

    PSA: New Orleans in the shop for sale!

    While you can convert free xp to get a ship, that requires playing the game to earn the XP to convert. Putting that ship into the premium shop doesn't require playing the game to obtain said ship.
  3. Tedster_

    PSA: New Orleans in the shop for sale!

    This is the real pandora's box while everybody is panicking over the NTC stuff. A researchable tech tree ship should never be directly in the shop.
  4. Tedster_

    love the rogue wave game mode.

    Carnal is definitely the worst of the level 1 ships, but Lancet is starting to click for me. You need to get in a lot closer than some of the others, and aggressively chase consumable spawns for TRBs and speed boosts as well as heals.
  5. Tedster_


    This one, because it features me, @Tedster_ @Lord_Zath 97 hits
  6. Tedster_

    Rentals aren't all that bad.

    How did you calculate the % difference for the WR column?
  7. Midway has a uniform 89mm deck thickness, while Hakuryu has a uniform 95mm deck thickness. Audacious has an armored section of the deck, but it is surrounded by a large 21mm section which can be penned by HE and overmatched by BBAP. Due to the way autobounce works, Midway and Hakuryu decks are immune to all BB AP up to about 25km or so depending on the BB shooting at it, at which BB shells finally start falling at more than 30 degrees and have a chance to not autobounce, not to mention shattering just about all HE that isn't a BB with 1/4 pen.
  8. T10 CV decks (other than Audacious) are the real stalinium in this game.
  9. Tedster_

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    WoWS is actually a relatively tame community. There are some aspects that are toxic, like many communities (and as somebody who also is a semi-well-known figure in the KC community that can get toxic at times too), I've seen far worse than the WoWS community. One only has to look at WoT to see that, and I'm sure other even larger games are even more toxic from the stories I've heard.
  10. Having actually played WoWS with this type of spotting system (allied spotting only showed on minimap), it was actually enjoyable, with one caveat: back then we had controllable scout planes for every ship with a catapult. You set way points for it on the minimap like with old CV squads, it was fragile, and you had a limited number of planes, but the long uptime + extremely short cooldown (like 15 sec after your plane was shot down) meant the main issue was being overzealous with your planes and losing then all, leaving you blind. Even IJN DD AA could take them down, so you had to be careful. A separate issue with the game back then was the historical gun ranges (have fun with a Yamato shooting 43km and reloading in 20 sec) as well as a "top down" WoT Arty style view that made shooting at range easier.
  11. Tedster_

    How to Defeat the new RU BBs

  12. Tedster_

    How to Defeat the new RU BBs

    Almost every BB can at close range. Most tier 10 BB's can pen 500mm of flat armor at around 15-20km. Smaller guns need to get closer. To make the point, here's Guilio Cesare's pen chart: EDIT: Also for reference, Izumo after her recent buff has the second highest raw pen in the game at close range, within 10mm of Republique for almost her entire chart.
  13. Tedster_

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    Where's the Corgi option?
  14. Tedster_

    High Tenure Players.

    Hi EDIT: For extra fun, have the creation date of the NA server