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  1. Are you hitting the 1 key to toggle back to guns? If so, hit 2 instead to select AP still.
  2. Tedster_

    Jean Barts and Kearsarge in Ranked

    I think the wiki sidebar uses stock modules by default, so engine upgrades the tech tree USN BBs get aren't counted.
  3. No poll with a bacon option, please fix.
  4. rams at low angles of incidence get real weird, especially when ram flags get involved. I don't know if the bots get flags, but in some scenarios you can do 3x your HP in damage. Once upon a time there was a Benson that ram killed a 50 HP GK and somehow survived, leading to the Wiki crew doing some testing.
  5. New Mexico B hull has 40% TDS, California has 35%. Armor layouts are almost the same. 26mm plating, 343mm maximum belt thickness, and 16mm superstructure.
  6. Tedster_

    Where are you supposed to aim on cruisers?

    A better rule is for heavy cruisers you can aim under the turrets or stacks, but for light cruisers aim under the stacks only. Take a look at some of the armor models in game to understand where the citadel is. Compare Cleveland and Baltimore, for example.
  7. Tedster_

    Permission to Go Ashore

    Don't worry, you can't escape me there
  8. Tedster_

    Marco Polo does NOT get Smoke

    I've never left.
  9. Tedster_

    Marco Polo does NOT get Smoke

    I'm not sure if this is calling Soyuz's gunnery good, or calling Marco's gunnery bad...
  10. the BB SAP is also capped at 10% damage to DDs now. Colombo just has 16 guns to blap you with.
  11. Tedster_

    Pop the champers, she's back!

    Champagne is very much in the "sniper BB" archtype of Slava. The guns actually have almost identical characteristics to Slava's, with only slightly less pen and damage, but the same unforgiving accuracy. If your aim isn't perfect, you will miss, you aren't going to get the lucky cits less accurate BBs with shotgun spreads will provide. She also has the reduced thickness 25mm bow/stern plating of Slava, and maneuvers more like a big cruiser than a BB. She also suffers from "got whacked hard with the nerfbat during testing" so people started complaining about her being overnerfed. On a similar note, she's decent if you want to try out that playstyle as ~$50 USD is worth less than 63k RB points depending on how you value your time or FXP.
  12. Welp. I guess that's one way to solve the issue of WG adding Naval Legends audio files there
  13. Tedster_

    KotS XI NA - most played/banned ships

    IIRC the rule is 1 full patch cycle for standard resource ships, and 6 months for RB ships.
  14. I've got a few tracks I've had on loop lately.