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  1. I for one dont care, I have plenty of discretionary income, and this is a hobby. I spent into the Thousands probably on World of Tanks since 2011. If no one spent money WG would implode. They must not teach capitalism in school anymore, need more time to discuss safe places and hurt feelings instead of a free market economy. If you don't want to spend money, don't.
  2. I was a swabbie, so I’m still tying to learn the difference between the two.
  3. I think time of day has a lot to do with it. Just like random weekday vs Randoms on a holiday weekend
  4. Three words. Irrevocable Rank 10
  5. Gonna have to put money aside for the Christmas event this year (Im sure they will do it again just like WOT). Last year I bought 4 or 5 of the top packs, I still have 465 days of prem, 98000 gold and a Type 59. Hopefully, I get some of these ships as I was on a WOWS Hiatus after the Alpha and Beta testing.
  6. Im a better than average player (1800 ish WN8) in WOT and I came here to leave that tryhard atmosphere of clan wars and the Tier 10 all gold crap show. I played WoWS as a Beta tester and haven't played in many years (besides maybe 20 battles a year or so ago). I'm enjoying it, alot less toxicity in chat, although maybe that's because Im at tier 3-5. Irony of it all is I was in the Navy, yet seemed to like WOT more previously. Needless to say, the Warships I came back to is VASTLY different than the Beta and Gold days. All in all, I like WoWS as a casual game (that I've already dropped over $100 in this past week), and I dig the player base just as much. Now instead of watching hours of Orzanel and SirFoch to improve my gameplay, I'm watching Flamu, so I'm not a total potato in the open ocean.
  7. What gives with teams this week?

    I just happened to come back this week. Haven't played but a few games since Closed Beta. Still other than a few mental durps I feel I've been doing slightly better than the other average low tier pubby.
  8. Thanks for all the info! Think I might try the KM CA line as those weren't even in the game last I played.
  9. Took a long time off WOWS since the beta, reinstalled WOWP (just wow is all I have to say) so I reinstalled WOWS hoping it had fared better over the year or so. Anything noteworthy or lines good for someone to get back into the swing of things? Thanks
  10. Ship damage from ramming

    So yesterday I had full health on my Kongo and collided with a Fuso with maybe 1000hp left. Both of us sank. Seems a little excessive to me 1000hp vs 54000hp.
  11. I'd be interested. Former US Navy Electronic Warfare here.
  12. Sailor Slang

    We used to use concentrated bug juice to clean rust off the Super RBOC launchers on our Cruiser.