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  1. CVs are the reason I never play my Ark B. I use my Mass/Georgia captain for secondary luls but sky cancer means it hasn't left port in months.
  2. Sometimes I feel bad I have all these premiums that people are waiting to buy or can't buy and I never play them. I wish you could give a prem ship you own to someone.
  3. firemedic1428

    Whale Call! 300 Ships!

    Does your port lag like crazy? And you are Def missing out on the Arkansas Beta with a 19 point captain. Unless there's a CV......
  4. firemedic1428

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Yes, can confirm a lot of BBs. I might be using my Asashio for the rest of the night.
  5. firemedic1428

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Bought it, love Mass, and I love this. If you have a dedicated Mass commander as I do with a full secondary build, then it works perfectly in this.
  6. firemedic1428

    The iChase Case (con't)

    Is it not a valid argument?
  7. A second flag and an alternate Russian BB camo.
  8. Just played for the first time in about 6 months. High tier is nothing but radar after radar. Contest a cap, radared. Shift flanks to come up behind, radar. It all came back to me why I left.
  9. Prinz is listed as USA in your chart
  10. firemedic1428

    Great job with the Ovechkin "randomness" WG

    I've heard bad things about the newest Gibsons. I play a lot of Oasis, so I was thinking of trying to find that Union Jack painted Epiphone Sheraton that Noel used on the Maine Road tour.
  11. Bought 3 of the $5 containers, which I usually buy the $100 packages of these collections, but my wallet is slowly closing, but I digress. 3 containers, all 3 have the same collection item, aka 1 item and 2 duplicates of it. Bravo. Now I see why CCs like Notser are against this stuff. I'm not even trying for the super rewards but for Pete's sake 3 of the same item. FFS. Time to start dumping my discretionary income into guitars again. I could have a new Gibson Les Paul for the money I've dropped over the years. But that's on me.
  12. firemedic1428

    Sometimes it’s Good to Take a Break

    It's also Flamu's primary means of an income. Not as easy to take a month off work without pay, so to speak.
  13. Thank god, about time. Broken mechanic when one ship can have vision on almost the entire map all by itself.
  14. firemedic1428

    where is it,WG?

    They will release it after the CV rework. That way its gimmick of a good AA Battleship will be less useful.