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  1. Prinz is listed as USA in your chart
  2. firemedic1428

    Great job with the Ovechkin "randomness" WG

    I've heard bad things about the newest Gibsons. I play a lot of Oasis, so I was thinking of trying to find that Union Jack painted Epiphone Sheraton that Noel used on the Maine Road tour.
  3. Bought 3 of the $5 containers, which I usually buy the $100 packages of these collections, but my wallet is slowly closing, but I digress. 3 containers, all 3 have the same collection item, aka 1 item and 2 duplicates of it. Bravo. Now I see why CCs like Notser are against this stuff. I'm not even trying for the super rewards but for Pete's sake 3 of the same item. FFS. Time to start dumping my discretionary income into guitars again. I could have a new Gibson Les Paul for the money I've dropped over the years. But that's on me.
  4. firemedic1428

    Sometimes it’s Good to Take a Break

    It's also Flamu's primary means of an income. Not as easy to take a month off work without pay, so to speak.
  5. firemedic1428

    where is it,WG?

    They will release it after the CV rework. That way its gimmick of a good AA Battleship will be less useful.
  6. One of the few hockey jerseys I have left from high school, a sharks away jersey I got in 92 right after they joined the NHL. Even has the 75th NHL anniversary patch on it.
  7. firemedic1428

    The Great 8 is coming to World Of Warships

    Ugh Crosby in that list. Replace that with Brian Leech.
  8. firemedic1428

    Alternate camouflages for Boise & Pensacola?

    I dig the Boise one. Im about to grind out of the P-cola, so meh.
  9. firemedic1428

    Graf spee, worth it?

    Eh, 6 guns with a slow reload. I never play mine anymore.
  10. firemedic1428

    Cossack, completely useslesd

    Dude you have 2 games in it with 0%WR and 5800 damage. You need to not play overly aggressive and get deleted in the first 2 minutes is my guess.
  11. firemedic1428

    When will WG start Selling Halloween Containers?

    Halloween stuff is being tested in the PTS, so I would say when the patch drops next week.
  12. firemedic1428

    Cossack, completely useslesd

    Funny I like it and it does fine. Then again I'm running IFHE and don't Yolo into caps like an idiot.
  13. I'm also curious if they are doing this with WOT as chat there is significantly worse than here. That's coming from 5 years of playing it before I deleted it forever this January.
  14. I actually worked this theory once. I played a bunch of low tier games where I wrecked a ton of people, like multiple high damage games. I never once used Chat other than the auto response keys and after 4 hours of playing I got an auto chat ban "banned by complaints". I lol'ed so hard my wife had to come see what was going on.