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  1. Same reason the Type 5 heavy is easy mode in WoT.
  2. I still play mine and am getting it ready for ranked with things like RPF. Great anti-DD to counter Loyangs and such, and I have full BFT/AFT so CVs don't concern me.
  3. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    I've lost countless games as the top of the leaderboard only to have 11 other ships all below 46%. Just happened again today. Unless something drastic happens I'm just letting my prem time run out and calling it a day. Already left WOT after 6 years for the same reason.
  4. Top WOWS youtubers?

    I’m not a CV players but I enjoy Farrazelleth, more just to see how CVs play the game and their strategies.
  5. PSA Salem

    All these choices over consumable slots makes me love the Worcester that much more.
  6. Most unicums recommend SI over DE and taking AFT. That’s what’s in my Worcester.
  7. Finished my first Campaign

    True, maybe it was the Cleve. Was one of the US CLs.
  8. Finished my first Campaign

    Did it in my Atlanta. 200 hits, doesn't matter if most were shatters
  9. Super Containers

    I just got a SC this morning when going for the "More Resources" crate. Got 7 days prem time. Except I already had 401 days of it. Huge fail. I don't bother with the TYL anymore either, the whole system is crap.
  10. Don't mind my cynicism, I was on WoWS hiatus when they were selling the Payfast so I missed out. Same with the Missouri.
  11. Show that skill in killing a balanced Tier 6 with a admittedly OP tier 7.
  12. Premium review Abruzzi

    I think a majority of my problem is that I just got a 10 point captain to get CE. So now I need another 4 points to spec IFHE then I can get consistent damage.
  13. I just completely Free XPed past the Seattle to the Worcester, no thank you on those gun arcs.
  14. Premium review Abruzzi

    Bought it a month ago, have yet to play it. 33% WR in Duca is making me want to avoid both Italian cruisers.
  15. Gaming Router

    This is why I ran Cat6 to each room of my house and have an ethernet switch in each room to get data to the TVs, Blu-rays etc.