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  1. AdmiralShenanigans

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    I've been in the game since closed Beta. So your assumption is incorrect.
  2. AdmiralShenanigans

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    Historically, how many "Free" Event Tier 5s have been? Id say zero, maybe one.
  3. AdmiralShenanigans

    Premium Shop: Halloween

    Another phoned in event by WeeGee. My favorite holiday has turned into a complete joke in WoWs.
  4. Yeah, so it can get crapon like the Karma system. Outplay someone, negative vote. Not cap immediately because of a radar cruiser nearby, negative vote.
  5. The reasons Notser gave in his video and the CV rework/Smolensk debacle is the reason I'm just riding out my Prem time. It's one thing when WG is making the game less fun, but now teammates who don't seem to care about trying to even win, or cap, or shoot low health ships, etc is the final bit for me. Yes, I try to win every match, yes I try to improve my WR, thats my reason for playing, to improve. If that makes me part of the problem, I'll leave with my money, no biggie, just like I did after 6 years of WOT.
  6. AdmiralShenanigans

    @Wargamming Proof No one wants to play your game with CV's

    Regrinding lines at low tiers for the Research Bureau and you have seal clubbers with almost 1.5k games in the Hosho. Not broken at all.
  7. AdmiralShenanigans

    Hayate? Anyone?

    That announced officially somewhere? I've got 50k research points and I'm not cruiser or BB main.
  8. AdmiralShenanigans

    Hayate? Anyone?

    This ship was first tested back in June, now most of the ships given to CCs have been released. Friesland, colbert and Ohio were all in the same round of testing and I haven't heard a peep. Then again we got the Yudachi that every CC tells people to stay far away from.
  9. Same build I ended up using (your last one). While RPF is good at DD hunting your huge detection range will negate any surprises.
  10. You just described the typical WOWS match
  11. AdmiralShenanigans

    Tier IX and X and almost VIII losing their "Fun Factor."

    I dont like it because most potatoes have no concept of the cap turning colors. Then they proceed to sail to borders as the middle two caps are in enemy control
  12. AdmiralShenanigans

    Tier IX and X and almost VIII losing their "Fun Factor."

    WG didn't give a crapfor DD mains when they rolled out the Wooster and a proliferation of radar ships and reworked CV. Its simple marketing, make a class super powerful, everyone rushes to it buying premium versions of it or converting FXP, then it gets a defacto nerf when the next class gets the overpower treatment. And the cylce continues. There is a reason I have 2k games since Alpha, WG [edited] this game up so often I have to take long breaks.
  13. AdmiralShenanigans

    Tier IX and X and almost VIII losing their "Fun Factor."

    Daka Daka is a fast firing gun, hence the sound. You mean durka durka, get your info correct, I'm embarrassed for you
  14. AdmiralShenanigans

    Tier IX and X and almost VIII losing their "Fun Factor."

    Waaaaaaah, BBs want to be able to just sit bow in an kill everything, god forbid a little DD melts them because they can't just sit in the open and have to use their brains. We need more Haragumo and Asashio type ships
  15. All my daily reports go to CVs, Its the weekend, so I'm out of them fast. During the week I'll go 10+ games in a row without seeing one.