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  1. Kaffee_Kup

    some chick plays hips

  2. Kaffee_Kup

    NA players not located in NA

    From Europe, my BF at the time of the game in beta was a yank and so naturally I joined on the NA server.
  3. Kaffee_Kup

    My birthday had ships involved

    So I went to see the USS Wisconsin a year ago and I gave my grandmother a post card from the gift shop so she got me this huge birthday card of the Sharnhorst (I think) Also included, a book on battleships. I turned 24today, so now I feel old ;_;
  4. Kaffee_Kup

    Petro buff?

    Honestly id happily trade the improved pen angles for usable HE
  5. Kaffee_Kup

    Is WG planning on nerfing the Petropavlovsk?

    Honestly a few issues with the Petro would be solved if the freeboard was raised, look at it compared to a super cruiser . Its practically DD levels. Also if you want laughs, watch two Petros try to bow tank and fight each other, the gun arcs are so low with the anemic HE that it'll take forever for anything to happen.
  6. Kaffee_Kup

    Will it be 1.0.0 or

    I cant wait for
  7. Kaffee_Kup

    What do your stats say about you?

    Some idiot that can somehow pull her weight (usually)
  8. Kaffee_Kup

    Any stats on player age range?

    Armored Warfares age range typically follows the same age as Wargaming products, so id say 35-60, people typically born during the late boomer era of when military history became popularized and watnot.
  9. Kaffee_Kup

    What should be the next premium ship

    HMS Repulse maybe? Tier6 premium with 6x381mm and 30kts with the ships 1941 AA
  10. Kaffee_Kup

    The Petro is hilarious

    random citting bbs from random angles? check complete lack of HE? check gets full penetrated instead of being citadled or overpenned? check somehow not capsizing? check relies on broadsides to do damage? check this ship is a complete meme and i love it, but id rather have the Henri IV guns
  11. Kaffee_Kup

    wows IJN Tone

    I think the initial alpha strike would be pretty amusing but is it really worth a premium that much? Id go for sharp forward angles too for both sets of torps for a agressive play with no rear defense
  12. Kaffee_Kup

    Aegis ship intensifies

    honestly after being molested by carriers non stop, it felt kind of good to completely take one out of the game :D
  13. Kaffee_Kup

    Aegis ship intensifies

  14. Kaffee_Kup

    Aegis ship intensifies

    Didnt deplane him but in 9mins I held his attention long enough and got close enough that my DFAA+Catapult kept killing his planes. I didnt get to do much I got second on the team persumably for annoying the [edited] out of the CV :D