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  1. TheLucinator

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    I almost never feel this but I feel like mouse was off the mark this time. I do a lot better in this ship than the nick. She feels very comfortable, I think the gun arks feel better or its the damage im not sure but I really do well in this ship.
  2. TheLucinator

    CV Re-Work Poll

    i fully agree.
  3. TheLucinator

    CV Re-Work Poll

    I have payed it, and no it is not something you want to play through, the gap between good and bad players is even worse than it is now, all carriers feel the same, and AA is now junk cause of only one squad flying at any given time.
  4. TheLucinator

    CV Re-Work Poll

    actually you came on here with the trollish language, stop also the port is already out and has significant changes to gameplay in general, it is essentially a new game cause of the consuls operating system, lastly have you even played the carrier beta?
  5. TheLucinator

    CV Re-Work Poll

    I really wish I could limit the poll to those that have participated in the Carrier beta cause most of the people who support it in the comments seem to not have played it, so really should not count.
  6. TheLucinator

    CV Re-Work Poll

    First off a reminder to all that if you haven't played the new carriers please hold off on making a decision. In regards to the RTS style, it was fine it was the poor balance and rigidity that made it a pain, also no fighters....they do realize that fighters made up a good third of the airwing. What they needed to do was balance AA to better scale with tiers, give improved customization on loadouts (ie pick # of reserve planes of each type, along with having more customization with what type of plane each squad was). That would have fixed it. Right now flying one squad up at a time means that essentially AA will be less useful than it is now since at one given time there will be only one plane squad in the air.
  7. TheLucinator

    CV Re-Work Poll

    soon sadly and hopefully if enough people complain WG will back off the fix, its worked in the past (graff zep)
  8. TheLucinator

    CV Re-Work Poll

    You can probably guess my opinion but I fell like this needs to be put out there, I'm hoping that if a lot of players show their opinions maybe the Dev's will know what we want in regards to carriers. Please tell your friends about this so we can get as large a sample of opinions as possible. Please only comment if you have played the test or have read the dev blog on the changes.
  9. TheLucinator

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    yes...yes I do
  10. TheLucinator

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    My clan worked really hard to do this to0. We showed up over three times to do this only for it to get cancelled every time. You know how hard it is to get that many people together at god awful times. We got our 5 battles on the NA server first day it was up. Given we showed up for so many nights we should all get the rewards if we played 5 battles in ANY server.
  11. wish the devs would listen to the NA players

  12. want to play the alpha