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  1. Fix the balance between USN and IJN CVs and make the CV interface intuitive and easy to use. More CV players means you remove the situation where current CV players are either masochists that played long enough to get really good, or people new to the class and lacking in experience. More CVs in matches means people will start running AA builds again, reducing the impact CVs have on matches. Collect data for 6 months then re-assess to see if more changes are needed.
  2. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    Right, although it's most common to take full pen damage when a shell is passing bow to stern (or stern to bow). With the German DD's you have a higher risk of taking a full pen hit broadside than most other DD's.
  3. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    The Z-52 trades having the worst smoke in game, second worst detection among DD's at tier and can take full pen damage from AP. For context, that's 3500 damage per hit from a USN BB.
  4. What's the Weirdest Ship.....?

    No 19pt captains yet, closest I have is a 17 in my Zao. I do have a 16pt captain in my Warspite and a 14pt one in my Kamikaze.
  5. Best Ships of All Tiers

    I think the best I've done is this one here, but I was definitely seal clubbing:
  6. Best Ships of All Tiers

    Ah, I missed that in your list. Kamikaze is ridiculous anywhere in it's MM spread. At top tier, I already know the game is a win. At bottom tier, I still have 7km torps with a 5.4km concealment that reload every 36 seconds.
  7. Damn, eat a snickers.
  8. Best Ships of All Tiers

    No one is talking about the Kamikaze sisters at tier 5? Or is this only ships you can still buy...?
  9. I believe you need to be having a discussion with your bank about flagging these transactions. The responsibility is not with WG or PayPal. My GF's credit card gets flagged if she goes to the US (from Canada) yet for some reason I can use an ATM in a back alley shop in Cairo and my bank is like, "whatever looks legit".
  10. I believe he's referring to the New Orleans.
  11. Detonation Change in 7.2

    My favourite detonation was being surprised by a Mahan coming around an island 4km away in my Kamikaze at the very start of a match. I sighed at my inevitable fate, fired a single HE round and he detonated. Never had a problem with detonations. As annoying as they are when they happen to you, I cause them about as often as they happen to me.
  12. Happy Birthday LWM! Thank you for all the hard work that you do for the community here. Without your dedication and countless hours of play testing, writing and *shudder* math, playing World of Warships would be a diminished experience.
  13. Hit ratio

    That depends on the ship you're playing. BB's tend to have a lower hit ratio than cruisers or DD's who's guns have better dispersion. You can use a website like this to find out what the averages are for a particular boat: https://na.warships.today/
  14. Skiping Ibuki yes or no?

    The Ibuki has longer ranged torpedoes than the Zao, meaning with a full concealment build you have something like 1.4km to stealth fire them. I think I had concealment down to 9.1km? With the long range on the guns and typical IJN HE, she makes a great fire starter that can easily go dark and run away when in trouble. But yeah, watch that citadel. It's blood enormous.
  15. Bismarck seems extremly mediorce...

    I've found the Bismarck to be challenging to get a great game with. She's an excellent close support ship when you have a team that wants to contest a cap properly since her secondaries can eat DD's at a range where torpedoes take a long time getting to you. Having hydro and a friendly DD screen helps with that. When you hydro goes and your team leaves you though bow-in or not you're going to get focused and burnt to the waterline if you don't have a plan to get away.