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  1. AH okay, I was reading the OP not Gneisenau013's follow up explanation. I think this is the part that makes me think otherwise from the OP (in bold): "All captains currently in the Acasta, Icarus, Jervis and Lightning will begin retraining for these ships, as they will be tech-tree ships thereafter." So that leads me to believe that your captain will start retraining as if you had selected the free retraining option when moving a captain into a new ship.
  2. I think maybe there's a misunderstanding here. That PSA essentially said, if you have a captain assigned to a RN DD that came from another ship, you should move them back before this morning so you don't have to retrain them on the ship they originally came from. If you left a captain in a RN DD, they were always going to be reset.
  3. Jiggiwatt

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Okay, but how often are you going to land an entire broadside on a charging DD? Even if you hit with half, that DD is still going to close the distance and put almost every single torpedo in their launchers into you. I drive mostly German DD's and even I think this is a bit too much of a handicap for BB drivers. I'm also not a fan of a lucky Montana eating 80% of my ship from 16km away while I'm aggressively knife fighting another DD. There has to be a better solution that doesn't hurt a BB's ability to protect itself, particularly at lower tiers where BB speeds are too slow to keep away from a yolo DD.
  4. Jiggiwatt

    Zao troubles

    The ZAO isn't terribly influential at the beginning of a match I find. It's an excellent firestarter and while this lets you farm credits and XP on BBs, it can be healed back and isn't what I call 'decisive damage'. Later on in the game where you can tackle other ships 1:1, her armor scheme (when angled) and torpedoes are immensely useful. The trick is staying alive until later on in the match...
  5. Thanks folks, I had no idea. I stopped playing a couple of patches ago out of frustration. I'm about to do the same thing again, but at least I'll play my last few games with 10km torpedoes!
  6. Zao has 8km torpedoes, which is rather unfortunate since you have to show your broadside to use them effectively. Since your concealment is around 10km, this really limits you to using torpedoes defensively. I almost want to go back to the Ibuki so I can use the longer range torpedoes...
  7. If you're looking for a good all-around balanced ship, I understand the Hindenburg is good at most jobs. The Des Moines is another good candidate, albeit without torpedoes.
  8. Jiggiwatt

    1 tier 8 (me) an the rest tier 9 and 10?

    Stop bickering or I swear to god I will turn this thread around and we won't go to Disneyland. Attack the argument, not the person. That way you might actually influence someone instead of getting them to dig their heels in and go down with their opinion-ship. To the topic at hand, tier 8 has become a very unhappy place to live. Most of my ships used to hover around tier 8, now I'm down to just my Bismarck which rarely gets played and the Z-23 which I'm desperately trying to move past. It's extremely aggravating to be bottom tier 80% of the time and it's taking a lot of fun out of playing what are normally some very enjoyable ships. WG can pull the "Our stats show different" garbage all the want, the fact of the matter is that the frequency of 'bottom-tiering' going on at tier 8 is making your player base miserable. Address it, please.
  9. Not just your fighter, throw torpedoes, shells, turn on radar, hydro...everything! Seriously, you never know what good it might do. Earlier this week I had my fighter spot 2 hidden DD's that were doing a lot of damage to my team after I had already died. Might be the difference between a win and loss, you never know.
  10. I apologize that I don't have a replay, I understand that's an important part of these sorts of things. Yesterday I was playing a Co-op battle in my Ranger and noticed that the red bot CV hadn't thrown his fighters at me yet. Towards the end of the battle I send my DB's towards the red CV and found his fighter squadron slowly patrolling in a circle just off the starboard quarter of his ship. Those fighters eventually engaged my planes when they got within 1-2km, which is expected behavior for fighters that are simply patrolling without orders, however they stopped and return to patrolling after my planes moved out of range. I had a very similar occurrence several days earlier after the most recent patch dropped where I never encountered the enemy CV's fighters at all.
  11. Jiggiwatt

    375k free xp ship ideas.

    I wouldn't mind one of the odd-duck DD's, something that wouldn't fit in a regular tech tree. Admiral Scheer in her final configuration with heavy AA suite would be enjoyable, though she would need some tweaking so she fit into tier 7 better than a Graf Spee clone would.
  12. Jiggiwatt

    Does Potential Damage Count In Score?

    I'm more arguing for an increase in the amount of credits or XP for potential damage, although now that you mention it perhaps it makes more sense to include an award with flags. Something along the lines of Dreadnought, but based on potential damage not actual damage. I don't get to play much these days and when I do, it's mostly lower tier. So maybe the camping meta at high tiers isn't as big of an issue anymore, or this idea is just flat out terrible and won't have any kind of impact.
  13. Jiggiwatt

    Does Potential Damage Count In Score?

    My angle here isn't that I'm trying to reward BB players for just happening to do their job, but instead offer incentives for them to do their job in the first place. Very similar, but there's an important difference. Sure, it's equally useful for a cruiser or DD to receive a lot of attention and dodge incoming fire, but they're not the ones hanging back in relative safety while their team gets obliterated by an enemy team that actually positioned themselves properly.
  14. Jiggiwatt

    Does Potential Damage Count In Score?

    No, but the idea here is to encourage BB's to draw fire away from squishier DD's and CL/CA's. Try to break up the camping meta at higher tiers.
  15. Jiggiwatt

    Does Potential Damage Count In Score?

    What is the community opinion on rewarding BB's more heavily for potential damage? Would it encourage them to get more involved and tank more damage? I've had games where I took fire from 5-6 ships for several minutes which resulting in my sinking, but enabled the rest of my team to cap and sweep the red team. It would be nice to be rewarded for that kind of thing.