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  1. Depends on how many fires you've set. A BB with 2-3 fires is usually going to pop the repair party. Also, how often do you run into a good BB player? 30% of the time?
  2. What others said, you basically need to get a BB to use their repair party first and then hit them with torpedoes. If you're doing it in a CV, use DB's first to set a fire and then hit with torpedoes once they put it out. If you're doing it in a DD, set them on fire with guns first and then put a torpedo or two into them. Same thing goes for cruisers, though you'll have to get a bit closer than might be comfortable. Alternatively, cooperate with your team mates and look for ships that have been set on fire. If they put the fire out (as opposed to have it go out on it's own), make them your next target.
  3. Ugh, I'm hating the New Orleans so far. I even liked the Pensacola, but radar equipped ships attract a lot of attention and I need to get close to make use of said radar. Too close, especially at tier X games that I'm routinely getting. My average damage in the thing is probably about 20k before I'm blown out of the water. Time to stop playing this as a front line cruiser and time to start being much more frugal with the use of my radar.
  4. I lol'd.
  5. I had someone chirping on me for having a naked Bismarck the other day, wondering why I would handicap the team by not having the marginal improvement in concealment when there were so many free Bismarck camos that have been given away. Apparently I'm the only one that never got one, I guess. It's also the first time I've had someone call me a liability for how I had my ship fitted out.
  6. That happened to me last night. Was using an island to get close to a Colorado in my Graf Spee and just as I launched torpedoes, a Maass came around my side and cut in front of me to make his own torpedo run. I called out TORPS OUT, followed by a number of expletives. 4/5 torpedoes hit him and he just made a joke about it even though it was entirely my fault. Wish I had his name, nice to keep things classy like that.
  7. I get that for DD's with poor AA, but DFAA isn't going to help those boats out that much anyways. Granted I've only played the KM line up to the Maass and the USN line up to the Fletcher, but a CV that wants to park his fighters near me is going to start losing them even without popping DFAA. As for DB's, I only get hit about 50% of the time and then it's usually for about 15-25% damage. Considering how hard it is to hit me with torpedoes, I don't find this unfair since a CV has to be able to do counter me some how.
  8. I never really found CV's were that effective at killing DD's to begin with, so this change to DFAA on DD's doesn't make much sense to me.
  9. Use of HE is situational and depends on your target, what ship you are driving, range and angle of your target. Here are a few general rules: - If you can't penetrate the target with AP, use HE. Examples include shooting at BB's who are pointed at you or when you are firing smaller guns at a heavily armed target. - If you have a very high chance of fire with your guns. An example is British BB's who have great HE, but their AP has a short fuse and therefore is usually best for hitting broadside cruisers only. - If your AP is poor/mediocre and your HE is very good. Examples are the Yorck and Zao, although when you're at close range with another cruiser, your AP will start doing more damage than your HE. - Against DD's, although when you're in a BB you usually want to keep AP loaded. Only switch to HE if you know for sure you're going to be engaging a DD once your guns reload, otherwise you could find yourself with HE loaded against a juicy target that AP could have simply erased. Exceptions to every rule, but at the end of the day HE is every bit as useful as AP.
  10. She has considerably better accuracy than the Scharnhorst with the same guns, in fact she has better accuracy than all BB's even with the 11" guns. Granted, they're not as accurate as 8" CA guns... Better concealment, better handling, smaller profile, one tier lower. It's not really meant to play like a Scharnhorst. I played some more last night and the only real trouble I ran into was gunboat DD's. I came across a Nicholas at half health at a time when I still had about 20k left. He took me down with guns alone before I could sink him which is more than a little frustrating.
  11. When she's up against a battleship, she's a cruiser. When she's up against a cruiser, she's a battleship. When she's up against a DD, she's a Scharnhorst and Hipper's love child. I hadn't played it for a long time and inspired by a recent Graf Spee thread, I decided to bring her out of mothballs for this battle... Whatever he/she is, it's a fun boat <3
  12. Very rough weekend. Played about 30 battles with a 30% winrate. Did very well with my Bismarck and Bogue (new CV driver), but everything else was terrible. My Zao averaged over 100k damage per game but has a 0% WR, My Maass would go into a cap at the behest of my team and after killing the red DD I often found myself completely alone and unsupported. I had a few games where I caught some torpedo soup 5 minutes in before ever getting a shot off too. Combination of very poor teams and a few minor mistakes on my part with catastrophic consequences. Definitely taking a break for a few weeks after this weekend.
  13. I don't think I'll be saying anything here that hasn't already been said, but I would like to add my voice in the interest of WG increasing the prioritization of the CV rework. I have only just started learning how to play CV's, with 25 battles and sitting with the Bogue in port. These are my observations from someone trying to learn: The UI is not intuitive enough: I still am not sure how to group my planes together so I am controlling each squadron individually still. Until recently, when someone on the forum told me, I had no idea how to view my ship so I could drive it similar to the other classes (Z key). It takes too long to scroll around. I would like to be able to click on the mini-map and go right to that area. The skill gap and learning curve is considerable. While I know some best practices from reading on the forums and from my game play experience in other ships, the average CV player can completely nullify my contributions to the game. In other classes, even when playing poorly I can do some damage and make a contribution to the team. Not so with carriers. The abuse I receive from my own team when I don't play well is extreme. There is a LOT of pressure to play well which discourages me from wanting to play my carriers often enough to improve. I typically only play when I'm already on a bad losing streak and my morale is already at rock bottom, so I don't care what my team thinks. The balance between US and IJN CV's is very pronounced. With the Bogue I have the choice between doing almost no damage and being able to protect my team, or not being able to protect my team or myself for the potential of causing some damage. I could pick the 1-1-0 load out but I've found that's a poor compromise. I'm a stubborn MF and insist on being competent at everything I try, so I'll keep working on this...but most people aren't as masochistic as I am and that's hurting the game.
  14. 1/1/0 is stock, then you can choose from 2/0/1 or 0/1/2.
  15. Wow, who pissed in your cheerios? We're having a friendly discussion, sharing opinions about the impact of the new smoke mechanics on the British CL's and you decided to come in and start hurling insults around? You're not the President of a large, English speaking country in the western hemisphere are you? I'll be checking the new mechanics out tonight (and lobotomizing all my captains), but I'm wary of the impact of the smoke changes to my Edinburgh. I usually keep other ships at around the 10km range when I'm in smoke, but it's definitely going to make an already challenging ship even more complex to play.