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  1. CA/CL's tend to be the kind of ship where they can perform certain tasks, such as the late game carry, better than other ships...but they require a lot more skill to pull it off. Cruisers are punished a lot more for simple mistakes than a BB usually is.
  2. +1 to reputation +5 to street cred
  3. What's pretty amusing is that at the time, many of Shakespeare's plays were considered low brow trash. Now they're masterpieces of writing.
  4. I ran into Notser last night in his Yamato. He was surprisingly sneaky with it and was responsible for most of the damage my Zao took. It was a very close battle and I had to spend most of it dancing around Notser's 18" shells while trying to burn him down. Really wish the Zao torpedoes had the range of the Ibuki's...
  5. Fire spamming cruisers are ruining the game. Wall of skill spamming invisible DD's are ruining the game. Radar is ruining the game. Invisible firing from smoke is ruining the game. Bow tanking is ruining the game. Passive gameplay meta is ruining the game. Awful MM is ruining the game. Ship X is ruining the game. CV's are ruining the game. Too powerful AA is ruining the game. Listen, I get it. Every single time I play this game I end up getting butchered by one game play element or another and throw my keyboard across the room. The next day I wake up, buy a new keyboard and try to adapt to whatever killed me last time. Being frustrated at losing is a normal reaction. Choosing how to handle the situation is up to you. You can adapt and change your in game behavior or come to the forum and demand the game change to suit you. Only one of those choices is likely to yield results.
  6. I would imagine that in order to spot torpedoes from the air, the planes would need to be within the detection range of said torpedoes (eg. 1.5km). Would like to see someone confirm, though.
  7. I managed a Clear Skies in my Cleveland with only 38 kills, but as has already been pointed out this is much easier to do at earlier tiers. You have carriers with smaller reserves and fewer boats with float planes or catapult fighters. The requirements are a bit extreme, but I think just removing the float/catapult planes from the equation would be a sufficient fix.
  8. I have a mostly torpedo spec Fletcher, but I'm also running BFT with the DFAA consumable. I haven't pulled more than maybe 15 planes down yet, so kudos to you on that game. It is absolutely lovely to be sitting in smoke laughing while a CV driver can't figure out why his planes are disappearing.
  9. It's always wonderful to catch BB's stopped at close range. I had a match last night in my Fletcher where their red DD smoked across a fairly narrow opening on Okinawa. I fired all torpedoes on a narrow spread into the smoke and caught a Nagato, North Carolina and Belfast sitting still in the smoke. 5 into the Nagato, 2 into the NC, 1 into the Belfast.
  10. Thanks, I was not aware of this! I just had two copies of the files and was swapping them out as needed, but this is a far more elegant solution. +1 for you.
  11. Given the title, I was hoping the post itself would be in all caps. I am thoroughly disappointed.
  12. I assume these instructions are still valid, though I haven't done it in some time: Just make sure that you check the option for 'active' and I think there's another one for 'armed' or something along those lines. Otherwise the AI ships simply sit still and do nothing.
  13. All I wanted was an IFHE German DD with the 6" guns
  14. I believe the new smoke changes apply to firing within smoke, not simply sitting within smoke. That's my interpretation based on how the changes were described, they don't explicitly say it though.
  15. Smoke Changes - This only appears to apply to firing from smoke, not sitting in smoke. So if I'm in my NO, I can still sit in smoke and pop radar for my team but I can't shoot back without exposing myself. Slightly annoyed about the impact to my RN CL's, but it's not the end of the world. IFHE Changes - Good for DD's, terrible for cruisers. Cruisers really didn't need any kind of nerf, thanks.