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  1. Depends on how close the ship needs to be in order to affect the smoke. If a BB can be 300m away and fire it's guns safely, it still means that I can smoke up friendly ships, I just need to be really careful to make sure that I get the angles right so they're blocked properly. I'm not sure how I feel about this as a DD driver though. In my Fletcher, it's NBD since my torpedoes have good range and I can fire my guns at max range and still dodge incoming fire. In my Gaede though? I have poor concealment, I can't hit anything past 10km, I have a very small stealth torpedo launch range and my smoke duration is short.
  2. It's aggravating that when I tried to Google a particular Finnish woman fighter pilot who's name I could not recall, the first three results was: Fighter Pilot (wikipedia) Best looking military in the world! Finnish Military Chicks Gallery My impression is that Scandinavian countries are a few decades ahead when it comes to employing women in the military. I've had buddies use the argument about women not being as strong, capable, etc as men. So I showed them the physical requirements to join Norway's all female Hunter Troop and asked if their fat arses could do the same: 15km (9 miles) speed march in full gear (22kg backpack, weapon, boots) through forests within two hours and 15 minutes Six pull-ups 50 sit-ups in two minutes 40 push-ups 3km run - maximum time 13 minutes 400m swim, first 25m underwater - maximum time 11 minutes
  3. I used to have that issue. Check your ego and have some open, judgement free communication with the other captain and you'll get there!
  4. Whichever player avoids hurling around racist and/or homophobic epithets when they sink. ...So neither.
  5. German BB secondary range buff...I..can't...the...what? I'm going to feel dirtier driving my KM BB's than I already do.
  6. "This item is not available in your country"
  7. Can we just...not reply to these kinds of threads? Pour encourager les autres?
  8. I'm going to have to work towards the Khab myself to see if it's as OP to play as it feels to play against. I hate coming up against one in my Fletcher. Even in my Zao, all it has to do is lay smoke and hide for 30 seconds until I've engaged someone else and then it's back to hunting my friendly DD's with relative impunity.
  9. ^ What he said. You need to be careful unmasking those rear turrets, take your time to do it. The secondaries on the Warspite are very nice if you have the right captain skills, don't forget about them! They can reach out past 7km, set fires and keep DD's at arms length.
  10. I see your point, but I really don't think that is the issue. I don't think losing points factors into the decision making process of someone deciding to camp or push, I think the reasons are far more selfish than that.
  11. HE will hurt a DD more than AP. AP will typically over penetrate unless you manage to get a shell through the length of their boat. HE is also more likely to damage modules like engines, torpedo launches, guns, etc. The problem is that if you decide to switch to a CA or a BB you're much more likely to want AP. If you have HE loaded, you could easily miss an opportunity to delete someone. As a general rule, I think sticking with AP as a BB except for very specific situations is ideal.
  12. Few people know how to drive the Pepsi. She's a skinny ship with a good rudder and excellent guns, just don't ever show your broadside to anyone that has half a chance of hitting you. It's that last part that most folks can't seem to figure out.
  13. I'm at 35 battles, 60%WR and about 44k average damage. I did not like the Yorck for the first dozen or so games, especially since her play style is different from those ship preceding her. I found that supporting BB's and firing HE from nearly max range has been the best strategy for me personally. This means that I'm usually targeting BB's instead of knocking CA/CL's or DD's around.
  14. I've started playing DD's a lot more recently, up to the Gaede and the Fletcher. I really don't like radar cruisers, but I don't think they're OP. At the beginning of every match, I simply make a mental note of which cruisers on the red team have radar and keep my eyes out for them. What I don't like, is how radar forces me to switch to a more conservative and passive play style as a KM/USN DD driver. This means I'm (typically) going to do a lot less damage throughout the match. Until I'm better rewarded for spotting and concealing teammates, there's little enjoyment in that kind of game play.