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  1. Jiggiwatt

    Your very first Premium was?

    HMS Warspite because GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.
  2. This would make HE even more RNG dependent than it already is, which would be very frustrating for ships designed to use it as their primary ammunition source. How frustrating would it be to land 300 HE hits from a CL, set 10 fires and do almost no fire damage? Yes you might end up causing 100k damage instead but that leaves game play even more up to chance than it already is. You might be able to get away with increasing HE penetration across the board to compensate by allowing more direct damage, but then why not just switch to AP then?
  3. Jiggiwatt

    are DDs OP?

    As has already been stated, DDs are heavily influential but they're not OP. A DD on its own is going to sink just about as quickly as anything else. This isn't always the case as your role depends on which specific ship you're driving and what the current tactical situation is, but generally speaking: A DD needs to spot, contest caps and perform area control. A CA/CL needs to support their friendly DDs by targetting enemy DDs and ships that are a threat to friendly DDs. A BB needs to support CA/CL's so that they don't get deleted while doing their jobs. A CV needs to support whoever is contributing the most. That last line is liable to be a controversial opinion. If the DDs aren't doing their jobs, you're much more likely to lose than win. If the cruisers aren't supporting your DDs, they can't do their jobs and you're more likely to lose than win. If the BB's aren't doing their jobs...etc. It's a chain and any weak link can cause the collapse of your team. DDs are just the tip of the spear, the end of that chain.
  4. Jiggiwatt

    Downvote farming - controversial post inside!

    Good idea. We'll have one with a frozen turret but a 0.3s rudder shift and another with an engine that doesn't work from sitting in port for a decade but a 35km range on the guns!
  5. Jiggiwatt

    Sorry for being trash

    Thank you! Finally, a trash-bote captain finally takes ownership for their egregious lack of skill and apologizes publicly. I expect to see a marked improvement in your carry capabilities the next time I see you in a match, lest you feel the wrath of us pub-scrubs again.
  6. First of all, white collar crimes pay out way more than working a corner or making an "aggravated bank withdrawal". It's mostly been covered here, but basically: Book a day off work Get yourself 24 hours of premium time Put all the credit flags and camo you have on a boat that you can do consistent high damage with (or cap) I don't play a lot of higher tier games, although I consistently work on at getting one tier 9 boat finished so I can grab the 10. I mostly stick to tiers 5-8 and grind 4-6 boats at one time along with 1-2 premiums. I don't pay for premium time, flags or camo and keep a small stash of doubloons for removing equipment. I'm sitting on about 150 million credits right now and it just keeps going up. I'm not sure what other people are doing differently that keeps them so bloody poor all the time.
  7. Jiggiwatt

    Free XP Problem

    I'd be a fan of allowing the exchange of Free XP for Coal. At least open up the doors to a few more ships, I've been saving my Free XP in the hopes that they'll release a new tier 7 boat and I'm almost in tier 9 territory now...
  8. Jiggiwatt

    Priority Target

    Happens to me in randoms and it usually results in me getting blapped hard. I've chalked it up to unicums who are firing at me without a lock on.
  9. Jiggiwatt

    Torpedo Beats Tuesday - Battleships

    In terms of ability to dodge torps, Warspite hands down. I think the Gulio Caesar is good at it to, but I'm not sure as I've never driven it.
  10. Jiggiwatt

    Time to buff Atago B!

    Okay, but your ROF is going down to 0.5 RPM because your sailors can't figure out where the gun breech is.
  11. Jiggiwatt

    No CV sniping...

    The issue of collusion and rule breaking aside, CV sniping never made much sense to me. I don't really care if there's an agreement in place or not because it's like agreeing not to use AP on angled BB's. It's an idiotic tactic. Even more so once RP went up to 30 seconds for CVs. I'm only up to tier 7 (and don't plan to progress further until after the rework), but every attempt by a red CV to snipe me has failed. You just can't do enough damage to me unless you catch me sitting entirely still. If I don't see any red planes in the first 90-120 seconds of the match, I assume I'm being sniped and pull back a fighter squad. If that fighter squad doesn't make it back in time, I've dodged enough torpedoes and DBs that I'm still at 25% or so HP and he's wasted time and planes for virtually no gain. If he holds back a squad to get me to use my RP and then tries to set me on fire or flood me, my fighter squad is already back by then to cover me. Let's play this out even further. I send my planes forward and don't find any red planes, so I assume I'm being sniped. I try to send my fighters back towards home to protect me, but his fighters show up and pin me in place long enough for him to make two strikes on me 30 seconds apart that sticks either flooding or fires on me which I can't stop. While he's been paying all that attention to me I've successfully spotted the red DD's helping us out cap the other team and made at least one uncontested strike on one or more of their ships which gives us a large early advantage. By the time his planes get back home and reload (or get shot down flying over my team and reload), the chances are my contributions to team play early on in the match have sealed the victory for us anyways.
  12. Jiggiwatt

    Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    I really, really want to like this ship. In my first 12 games, I won the twelfth. Maybe my problem is that I'm used to playing super-dreadnoughts, particularly in the form of the Warspite of QE. Even when angled, I'm getting penned regularly and I've never really needed Expert Loader before so waiting 25-ish seconds to load AP for a broadside cruiser is just too long. The KGV just doesn't seem capable of carrying a match, so if my team is even half-potato I'm almost guaranteed a loss because I can't exert much influence myself. Yes, the fire chance is nice. Though that damage isn't very sticky, it can be healed back by the BB's you're usually targeting with HE. Too bad I'm hearing the Monarch isn't much better because I have enough ships that have been a brutal tier 7-8 grind to add another disappointing game play experience into the mix.
  13. Jiggiwatt

    Best looking ship in the game?

    I'm going to have to give a +1 for Shiny Horse and her sister, Gneisenau. Also like the Zao and my Fat Bottomed Girl, Warspite.
  14. Jiggiwatt

    Why why why why BB players

    I have a very complex set of rules around who I prioritize firing at, but generally speaking it is: 1) A low HP ship that I'm fairly confident isn't going to be sunk by my team 2) A broadside high value cruiser that I'm certain I can hit hard, such as a Minotaur that's sitting still or a radar cruiser hiding behind an island that I can shoot over 3) Any DD inside of 12km 4) Everyone else Scenarios 1 and 2 aren't anywhere near as common as scenario 3. Killing enemy DD's is an extremely important task for several reasons: 1) They can do enormous amounts of damage while remaining un-spotted 2) They can spot for their team. Keeping the other team spotted is one of the most important and undervalued aspects of DD play. Everyone wants to be selfish and do damage, but staying alive and ensuring your team can maintain a high DPS value is the best possible way to ensure a win. 3) They can more easily cap and help their team win on points Take notice of the ships that are still alive at the end of every match. You'll find that it is extremely rare for the team without DD's left to be the winning team. Finally, I have a fetish for numbered lists. Don't tell anyone.
  15. Jiggiwatt

    Turkey Rewards got 2 where my other one

    Unfortunately I've played too many games since these matches occurred :( It looks like I'm a statistical anomaly anyways, based on the anecdotal evidence from other players.