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  1. Jiggiwatt

    Why all the scary news stories over this Russian frigate?

    Okay...can you provide links to said articles?
  2. Jiggiwatt

    Why all the scary news stories over this Russian frigate?

    What scary news stories? I see a few minor media outlets mentioning a Russian frigate, but the only credible source is the USNI. Everything else from CNN to the BBC and back aren't talking about it at all.
  3. Jiggiwatt

    In a rut "Nothing but Co-Op's".

    I don't know if I understand your post correctly. You know you can select the battle type, right? You don't get dropped into Co-op unless you choose to be, or you're being punished for being pink too much. I haven't been playing much lately, but the days that I do play I try to get my +50% on all the ships I'm currently grinding (3-5 at any given time).
  4. Jiggiwatt

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    I've been around since beta and still don't have a 19-point captain. I believe I have 2 x 18-pointers, one in my Zao and one in my Warspite...but that's it. I'm not sure if it's because I play such a wide range of ships, don't play much tier 10, don't make better use of flags/camo, or because I've never bought premium time.
  5. Jiggiwatt

    A Name is a Place: which ones have you been to?

    You're absolutely right about Kearsarge. I'm going to be lazy and instead of posting a link to primary sources, just link to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_ship_naming_conventions
  6. Jiggiwatt

    A Name is a Place: which ones have you been to?

    Well yes, I just said "quite as much as the USN" not that other navies didn't do it at all. Maybe I'm over generalizing, but the USN names all battleships for states and all heavy and light cruisers for cities. In fact, I think the battleship naming convention was/is an actual law.
  7. Jiggiwatt

    A Name is a Place: which ones have you been to?

    The American ones are easy, most other countries don't seem to name their ships after places quite as much as the USN. Through work I've been to a dozen of the various cities and states which are the namesake for the USN ships, however for other countries I have been to: Normandy (Normandie) and Nuremburg (Nürnburg). I've visited the Midway, but haven't been on any of the other museum ships that are in WOWS yet.
  8. I can blind fire into smoke easily, although granted it did take me a little bit to learn how to do that properly. Torp spam has never bothered me, there are a LOT of anti-DD tactics that mitigate the risk of eating a wall of torpedoes. All of this is besides the point. PvP games have frustration built into them by design, someone always has to lose. My point is that I can live with all the frustrations, but 2 x CVs per match goes well beyond frustration to the point where I am rapidly losing the desire to play the game. I know that I am not alone.
  9. There are a variety of problems with CVs and AAA in their current state, all of which are difficult to solve since modifying any one mechanic has a cascading impact on other mechanics. I think the easiest thing to do right now as a short term bandaid is simply set the CV limit at 1 per team. Having an Enterprise make 3 passes on my Algerie without losing a plane while staying in my AA bubble while I have DFAA running is frustrating. Having to waste a DD smoke because a CV has it out for me is frustrating. Losing 3/4 my HP in a DD while my smoke is on cooldown is frustrating. Being unable to contest caps without being perma-spotted is frustrating. Being forced to neglect all of my class based duties to avoid 2 CV's for an entire match? Completely, unreservedly infuriating.
  10. Jiggiwatt

    The Best Supercontainer

    In the first month of Supercontainers I picked up an Arizona and Graf Spee. I've not received anything particularly useful since then, with the exception of 1250 doubloons about a year ago.
  11. Jiggiwatt

    Don't torp behide your teammate!!!

    I ate three torps from a 'friendly' DD yesterday who was about 1km behind me. I said, "ugh idiot" in chat which convinced him to drive up beside me and unload a couple volleys into me. I became...upset. What's the rules on pink players, can you shoot them? What really killed me was everyone in that match was supporting the guy who torped me, saying I was an idiot for running into them. Kids these days...
  12. Jiggiwatt

    Kami is Ninja

    Great boat, one of my favourites to play...especially after I've lost 5-6 in a row and really need a win. The only real weakness is that its AA suite is just a sake soaked seaman with a flare gun.
  13. There are various tips/tricks for fighting in a storm that are class (DD/BB/CA/CL) dependent, however there are a few general things to keep in mind: In DD's, this means that if you run into a radar cruiser you may spot them first but if they pop radar...you're inside 8km and getting away alive isn't going to be easy. Pay attention to your "last known position" markers on the minimap. In BB's, you're more likely to eat torpedoes if the ship you run into has them. In CA/CLs, you're actually not in a bad spot since even the most stealthy DD's only have a 2.4km gap where they can stay hidden and keep you spotted. If you run into a BB you can make use of your torps as long as you have enough health and armor to eat 1-2 salvos at close range. I often find in this scenario that we both end up dead. Remember that you tend to be much more isolated with an 8km view distance. This means your team can't easily help you if you run into trouble, so getting cuddly with friendly ships is good.
  14. Jiggiwatt

    Gods help me, I'm starting the USN BB grind.

    I found they were manageable until the Colorado, when it's glacial speed becomes a serious problem when uptiered. It takes you 10 minutes to get into the fight, if you find yourself out of position you're not getting away in one piece, and your bow is easily over matched by almost every BB you come across.
  15. Jiggiwatt

    Propaganda at its best

    First off, if you're going go off the rails with a rant like that you're going to need to learn some simple formatting practices. For someone who's going mental over what they call 'propaganda', you seem to have fallen for plenty of it yourself. I strongly encourage you to read some history that wasn't written in the 50's or 60's by an American author or really ANYTHING that comes out of a public school system. The Soviet Union was never going to lose the Second World War, even if Lend Lease hadn't provided the Soviets with all the material assistance they had. The only difference that made is that the war ended a little earlier than it would have otherwise. The Soviet Union is the REASON the Allies won the war. As for this whole 'betrayed us in Berlin' garbage, you do know that Churchill had plans to immediately go to war with the Soviet Union after the Germans were defeated, right? Even had plans to rearm the Wehrmacht? If I recall correctly, Patton wanted to start throwing atomic bombs around Europe too. The Cold War was largely provoked by the United States and the Allies, Truman in particular is largely responsible. I'm no fan of the Soviet Union or Communism for that matter, but damn...read a book.