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  1. Graf Spee main gun range

    Odd, I've never considered the gun range on the Graf Spee to be an issue. The only issues I've ever had are speed and the number of gun barrels. I think she's a nicely balanced ship overall.
  2. The animation is great, awesome work by the team who created it. Now please remove it, it's an unnecessary and irritating delay when you're opening several containers that you've collected.
  3. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm sitting on about 50 million credits right now and I've never purchased premium time. The reasons for that are: - I only use premium consumables, flags and camo that I've picked up in crates. I don't pay for them. - I primarily play tiers 6-8 where I can earn cash to fund my tier 9-10 game play. For every tier 10 game I play, I play 3 in lower tiers. - I have several tier 2-6 premiums that I've won or earned through events. I like to use them heavily as captain trainers, however they're also good credit earners and a lot of fun to play. You really don't need to spend money on this game in order to play the higher tiers, but you will need to play lower tiers more often so you can fund the games where you lose credits on lackluster performance. You get the added benefit of getting a lot of game play variety that is not only enjoyable but gives you a lot of skills and perspective on other ships/classes that you wouldn't have had just grinding 1-2 lines all the way to completion.
  4. Flambass State of the Game Vid

    Everyone has an opinion about what's hurting the game right now, and for every opinion there's going to be someone who disagrees with it. Part of it is resistance to change, part of it is genuinely poor design decisions by WG. It's radar, match making, class balance, game play meta, the TK system and more. None of that really matters though. What matters, is... I don't enjoy playing World of Warships anymore. I started writing down my game play experiences recently to see if I was just letting the occasional frustrating game overshadow what is generally a positive experience and I found that for every match I enjoyed playing, there are 5 where I am frustrated and angry at the end of the match. For every match where both teams agreed it was a good game, there are 20 where half the players hated the experience. It's like gambling. You get so addicted to the one big payout that you forget the 10 times before where you lost everything. It's damned unhealthy.
  5. I'm pretty psyched about the Zao changes. It was nice being able to stealth torp with the Ibuki. Considering the bad angles on Zao's launchers it will be nice to launch torpedoes while staying hidden instead of exposing my broadside to a battleship at 8km.
  6. Where have all the DDs gone???

    Just gonna put this here...
  7. The catapult fighter is useful for helping me spot DD's, torps and ships on the other side of islands. It's occasionally useful against enemy strike aircraft, however the problem is that it doesn't move to defend me unless it's very close to said aircraft. I've had CV's cross drop me without my catapult fighter seeming to care at all because it was on the wrong side at the time.
  8. I believe the guns get a range and ROF buff, but the shells are the same. I'm perfectly fine with that since it increases DPM and lets her keep up with typical engagement distances at tier 8. If they did nothing to impact DPM, then that would be a problem.
  9. PINK, Who Cares Anymore ??

    Yesterday I was doing a hard carry (2300xp vs 1000 for the next top player) and a friendly BB came around an island into my torps at max range, catching one. The hit took him out and caused me to explode as well. I'm not sure if that's a new mechanic or not, I rarely cause team damage. Either way, I'm not a fan. You can reflect all the damage you want back on me when I'm pink, but not during the action that makes me turn pink. Even if it is my fault, we almost lost that game because I was the last DD alive. Don't punish my team if you don't have to.
  10. There's nothing that gets my heart rate up like pulling alongside a red BB, secondaries hammering away, trying to bring my guns to bear on his broadside before he does the same to me.
  11. Asashio DWT Go a Long Way

    Trying to figure that one out too...2 floods means that he never bothered to hit his repair, so AFK? The alternative is that he had already used his repair which means he WAS spotted and hit by someone else.
  12. Kamikazes

    No. The only way you should be able to cause damage or influence the game is by completing an action. Getting damage after being sunk because you already launched torpedoes, fired a volley from your main battery or issued orders to a squadron is fine. That is an active action that you took with the intention of causing damage before you died. Causing damage after being sunk without completing an active action except getting sunk makes no sense and would infuriate the player base.
  13. Like almost everyone else here, I'm going to vote for taking a brief break. Maybe just a few days, bleeding into a week or two if you're seriously disillusioned. The problem with any multiplayer game is that...there are other players. Your success relies primarily on your team's ability to coordinate efforts and the other team's inability to do the same. "Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you". That said, there are a few issues with the game that have been around since CBT and WG hasn't fixed. The challenge is that some of the issues are intrinsic to core game play and can't be easily addressed without rebuilding major game mechanics. My biggest gripe is passive game play. If we're going to get butchered, at the very least it should be fun. Routinely finding myself in a cap circle with 2 red DD's and a CL, abandoned by a team who had a 2:1 advantage is exceedingly frustrating. The problem is that engagement distances are enormous and crossing that distance takes a very long time, so even if your team realizes they had just given up an advantage, they can't quickly re-capitalize on it. In WoT, I can cover the distance my cannon can shoot in 60-90 seconds. In WoWs, it takes me 5 minutes to cross the distance my main battery can reach. It's so much easier to find yourself in trouble and unable to extract yourself in this game than others, so it encourages that passive game play style that everyone learns in higher tiers after being punished for it in lower tiers.
  14. So how bad were real American warships?

    The American ships in-game, with a few exceptions, play just fine. IRL there were some classes of ships that were lame ducks and some that were excellent. Many of the ships that the USN started the war with were built during the 20's and 30's and were compromised by trying to keep to the terms of the London Naval Treaty. 'Treaty cruisers' are a good example where armor was sacrificed to keep tonnage down and in some cases they paid dearly for it. Doctrine though was the real handicap in that in 1941 the IJN had a much better idea of how to fight surface actions (see First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal). Later in the war, American ships tended to have better fire control (radar) and more comfortable crew quarters than their peers in other navies. Exceptions again existed in ships like the 4 stacker DD's built 20 years before the war that were brutal on their crews.
  15. CE or AFT first for US Cruisers?

    Any particular reason? Are you keeping the older ships?