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  1. crazycarey

    Help for Destroyers (they need a buff)

    The main issue is the whole spotting mechanic. A ship that is shooting at some thing that another is spotting for him should have a greatly reduced accuracy. Ships that sit in smoke or behind islands that have no direct line of sight, should have their accuracy decreased. If you can't see it, why should your accuracy be the same as if you do. This would fix both the aircraft spotting issue and radar spotting. Would help all low HP ships last longer. To what extent the accuracy be reduced, that's for hot debate and testing to find.
  2. crazycarey

    German DD HE penetration buff!

    The Z-23 in its Halloween camo, the original sub hunter form the first time subs appeared in the game.
  3. crazycarey

    Great Idea WG

    1 of the big problems with the UU in the RB is the need to have completed 5 lines 1st. By the time you have finished the 5th T10, you have either have a set play style for the 1st 4 T10s or have moth balled the 1s you don't like. Which really makes getting the UUs seem unnecessary, unless you are hoping the proposed other play style will fit your game better. I for 1 can't be bothered to do the RB, still have way to many ship lines to still try or grind to care to reset any of them. I just enjoying trying out the ships and keeping the ones I enjoy and then moving on the next one. With the rate Wargaming is dropping in new lines, I will not run out of new and different ships to try to want to do any line over again.
  4. My issue with cruiser and ASW is Wargaming doesn't balance cruisers between teams now as is. Will be bad to see team 1 with 3 ASW cruiser while Team 2 has heavy and super cruisers. 1 team will be at a disadvantage depending on the number of or lack of subs in the match. I would like to see MM make teams, then do a second run to even out the cruisers; but I expect this to never occur. They don't even want to do it for the radar ships which has been asked for back in closed beta.
  5. crazycarey

    I Sank a Sub!

    Well, my luck with attacking subs, made a run on 1 with Aigle and get collision kill, so didn't get any DC damage. Question, at what depth is a sub shallow enough to lead to a collision? He was at about 5m depth. As for BBs verses Subs, I tried many time to cause damage with HE and had no luck. Never saw an enemy Sub on surface to shot at, but tried to hit the ones at 6m or less.
  6. crazycarey

    hunt for bizmark

    Its the anniversary of the sinking of the Bismark, Hood and all, so they re-released the Bismark mission.
  7. crazycarey

    Georgia or Wait?

    If you can wait until the end of June, the coupon for coal ships renews and that will save you 25% if you haven't used the current one yet.
  8. crazycarey

    Less than 24hrs to submarine yum-yums?

    I hope the developers throw out lots of incentives for playing the surface ships when it does drop, or it will just be more subs versus bots like the test server. I for one don't care if the arrive or not so have no interest in playing in the sub test battle, unless I can greatly increase my XP production on ships I'm grinding while doing so. Best of luck to the developers on being able to balance subs with the other classes, hope you take your time doing so. Please don't turn this into another mission grind as if they were being dropped for real into the game.
  9. crazycarey

    Ruining the cap

    No, if one ship is taking all the hits, it does not affect the other ships capping ability. In fact, its better if 1 ship takes all the incoming fire so the other ships don't get their counters reset. So if you are defending against multiply ships capping, switch between ships to continuously rest them all. The 2nd ship in cap will still cap just as fast as if you were not in cap.
  10. Now when the new Sub battle mode drops on the live server and only the sub fans play, Wargaming will drop them in randoms like they did CVs. So I hope Wargaming makes worth while for player to play a few games daily in it as something other than a sub or dd. I will probably do a few games a day once it drops in random ship classes and tiers. I will hope most do so they can get a full spreadsheet of data.
  11. crazycarey


    what it shows is that no one want to play BB against those remote controlled torps.
  12. crazycarey

    Subs are popular this morning.

    Its easy to say subs are popular on the sub test server, because all the we want subs players are there while the rest ignore it. Just like the CV rework test server showed. Which is why Wargaming is trying the alternate game mode next than the force fit with endless patches that was the CV re introduction was. I sure hope the initial introduction is better than the CV rework was. May all the sub players have fun and play the role of sub target as well so the final work gets done well.
  13. crazycarey

    Unique Upgrades

    They did say that they were creating new UU for all the newly released T10 ships, since they don't have any yet; also that they wanted to rework a few of the older ones that are either to weak or strong. So it all depends on what level of urgency that the developers have placed on them. I expect they will release something late in the year with all the information on them. With the end of the year being the time frame to finish what you already have, I suspect that nothing will happen until the new year so not to have 2 methods running at the same time to get them. I due hope Wargaming does give an update sometime before July on what they are doing, even if its just a loose time line.
  14. crazycarey

    European Containers Giving 10 tokens

    They want you to buy the premium bundle or the bundle that's in the premium shop for cash. Got to boost them profits.
  15. crazycarey

    Do they ever get fun?

    For the Italians, the big difference is the shell velocity increases once you get to Tier 7, which greatly improves your ability to hit what you are shooting at. The velocity increases again at Tier 8 which helps with SAP and AP penetration values. The mid tier guns are very high arcing and with the slow reload is very painful. SAP is really good against DDs and CLs, AP is good for all cruisers but BBs, aim for the super structure and SAP works best for that. Best of luck in the grind.