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  1. send in a ticket to player support, (customer service) and see what your options are. Likely can get them to role back your account to time the premium days were added
  2. crazycarey

    After the change... of what use will camos be ?

    So Ahskance, we are just going back to the days of premium flag from the early days of the game.
  3. crazycarey

    After the change... of what use will camos be ?

    You are correct, it was this was new information that came out about the decoupling, and the 1st I heard of the new micro transaction and pricing. It also seemed to only give doubloons as the only purchase method, which is not for camos. But I am willing to wait for the official info to drop.
  4. crazycarey

    Mentally Insane Cap in Azure Lane event.

    Now that you have one, you can turn off the Azure Lane content by using the graphics option in port, it will set everything to the nations standard you have set. It the small gear in port on the bottom right above the ships, just search through until you locate the Azure Lane and check the box to turn it off.
  5. crazycarey

    After the change... of what use will camos be ?

    In 1 of the Wargaming videos that came out recently, Boggzy was doing his Haida camos in it. It was mentioned that WG is adding new micro-transactions for doubloons for the economic boosters that were on the old camos. Believe it was said to run 10 to 15 doubloons per battle for the base boosters. So yay, they are turning upping the cash grab with this change.
  6. The 2 km assured detection is in the game for all other ships except for subs. Only the ships with hydro gets to detect subs at depth and that only at 2 km or less for a limited time. When my hydro spots ships at 5 km but not subs until 2 km, something is badly broken. This is WG breaking basic game rules to force subs into the game. Another good 1, is some CA/CLs have hydro and plane drop depth charges with no over lap do to the 2 km hydro spotting and the min distance of plane ASW. Talk about gimmicking the system for subs. Love how hydro can see through islands but not through water beyond 2kms. Wargaming logic
  7. The big thing I am waiting to see, is the unintended consequences. BBs are likely going to see more fires per match as the high volume HE spamming DDs and CLs will be getting that many more hits. That number of increase in fires will be interesting to see. As well the increase in citadels and penetrations that CA/CLs will likely get and how that is reflected in their survivability stats as well. With better accuracy comes more hits, which will lead to more BB fires and the BB mains already hate the high rate of HE spam already. The 1st few months after this goes live shall be interesting in the least.
  8. from the developers blog "Post-battle service cost reduction bonus is replaced with credits bonus: for each 2% of the service cost reduction you get +1% credits instead." therefore the 50% service reduction of T10 perm camos with become 25% credit bonus; so good luck making up that lose of 90,000 credits. This is the whole reason for this change, to drive up the cost of playing T9s and T10s ships to get the free plays to start buying premium time. Then income bonuses stay, so T10s perm camos get 45% in total.
  9. crazycarey

    HMS London

    The big difference is that the London gets a Smoke Screen consumable, which the tech tree RN heavy cruisers don't get. Which enables it to be a HE spammer from smoke.
  10. crazycarey

    how to get a sub, I am lost

    They are currently testing them on the main server; and are part of personal mission that you have to grind out XP to get them. Check under the mission tab under the armoury tab on the right. Believe they are in the common section in the mission tab.
  11. crazycarey

    What does 6,000 community tokens get you?

    I have the Normandie cruise ship camo on, and it really does attract those U-boat torpedoes. Those German sub commanders do like a good cruise ship to sink.
  12. crazycarey

    PSA: Moskva Camo Compensation Has Begun To Arrive

    The Yamato's Y117 camo was part of the last High School fleet missions. Don't remember how, but might have been the final prize.
  13. crazycarey


    Already to few maps, don't need to be killing off battle types. Seem like most like it, but at least it a change once in a while.
  14. If all these CV mains remember what was in the developer's blog about the rocket change would have noticed that they did say that they would turn on machine gun damage if needed. I would expect some changes are coming with the next patch, either a shorter lag time to firing off rockets and / or machine guns doing damage. This is just more live server testing that us players that really don't care to take part in. Have fun playing all
  15. Hay Lert, I have turned pink in the past for doing less than 15 hp damage when I and another DD collide in smoke and that minor damage was the last of his hp and sank. But then that was a couple of years ago. Its going to be issues like that the developers need to get right the first time with this new system.