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  1. crazycarey

    Submarines are Coming

    Testing shall be as bad as the CV testing. Only the players wanting to play subs will be in queue, the rest wont bother. So WG will blame the player base again. When it hits the main server as its own battle mode, again who will want to play as a target. No one will want to play a BB, CV or CA in that. A few DD captains will try a few games to see how the automated ASW works. So either WG is going to have to give bonuses to get players to play surface ships or just turn subs into PvE game mode.
  2. @Femennenly, your math is off by a factor of 2. Each team was 7 player so total number of matches took 14 players. Therefore ~26378 CV matches / ~122998 total matches = ~21.4% Hide contents Since each battle could only have 1 CV per round and there were no rental CVs: Midway: ~27724 Haku: ~24316 Auda: ~7164 ~53,756 total CV games, divide by 2 to find out how many matches with CVs = ~26,378 Take the number from the previous answer of total ships played, divide by 7 to get the number of games: ~245,996 26,378/245,995 = ~10.7% of games had CVs in them.
  3. The problem is that it they are the simplest mission criteria for WoWs to use. It is the data that they track to calculate ones XP and credit earnings in each match. To use anything else would force them to code for it and track it, or they don't want us to know all that they are data logging.
  4. Question comes down to early or late game use. Smoke up early and be out of smoke in the late game when its the difference between surviving with less 20% HP or being dead. No if you are a bottom tier DD vs top tier CV, doesn't really matter.
  5. Asked for since closed beta, and ignored. Would be nice to have a basic order for the 1st 3, then rest based on ship class. Or at least allow one to change the order. Just borrow the basic code from WoT.
  6. crazycarey

    Now that the NTC problem has been solved....

    The real reason NTC was created away to get the player base to empty their credit and Free XP banks, so we would have to purchase premium account time to afford the continuous regrinding of old lines. The idea of using combat boosters was to make it effectively a requirement to continue to play. If it was just cosmetic stuff, who would do it, so new T10 ships is Wargaming's hope.
  7. Its all about prompting the premium crate sales
  8. The problem with cruisers is that there are 3 sub-classes; battle, heavy and light. The player base has been asking for matchmaker to take this into account way back to the start of the game. There's nothing like having the all CL on one team vs CA/BC on the other.
  9. I have been in a few matches lately where there were no CVs or DDs; just BB and CA/CLs. It was real funny to watch all the player spamming the I need intelligence data key the whole match. They tend to turn into a big campfest. Usually takes a group of BBs to push and get into 2ndary range to control those games. I think the true number is what is the correct ratios of CV and DD together in a match. Maybe 4 in total of them both.
  10. crazycarey

    Soviet BB mission receipt probability

    well I got only the T5 BB from 50 standard crates I have opened so far. Therefore I don't expect to get the T7 or 8 ships. It took until the final 3 days of the UK DD campaign before I got the T5 and T6 RN DDs.
  11. crazycarey

    CVs have ruined this game for me

    Except you almost never saw one in battle. You could go a week and only have 1 battle with a CV. Now it is 2 out of every 3 matches. What will prove the CV rework is good or bad is how effects their sales of premium ships and premium time. There are a lot more premium DDs than premium CV, and right now, who is bying the DDs. The player base spending will prove the CV rework.
  12. crazycarey

    Getting absolutely fed up with WG's lack of information

    I thought this is what the Game Center was created for. To post important information that players need to know before they log into the game. What it really is just a junk store for what ever sale wargaming is pushing. Would like to see the Game Center be an information hub 1st then store front 2nd. Real annoying to have to go search for information before you play or just not care like Wargaming does with the Game Center.
  13. The problem is that any reward they offer is competing against the live server missions and the containers. Right now, if you work the mission well you can get a premium T8 cruiser for just playing. We have had the RN CV grind with all the missions and collection. There was the RN DDs before that. Then there was the 2 missions for free T6 ships. It is really hard to get people to give up on grinding for free premium ships, time and camo to just go play on the PTS. They may need to link the PTS to the main game like Operations, Rank etc are and make it work towards all these continuous cycling missions.
  14. One of the big problems with balancing the CV and AA, is how variable the AA is from one nation to another. You have the great AA ships of the US and RN; then the poor AA in the RU and IJN ships. So WG has to try to make across the board changes that don't make the good AA nation and ship OP to get weak ones better; or ruin the weak ships to bring the OP AA ships under-control. The only real option would be to rework each nations and their ship type AA to get the average AA to where WG would want it. But I think this player community would lose its mind over having their favorite ships / nation getting an AA nerf, while another nation ships get an AA buff. As for if the CV rework if good or bad will come down to how it affects sales of both premium time and ships. Right now I think the sales maybe down, since I have seen so few of the new Russian ships that went on sale with this new patch (Lenin and Lazo). Guess we will see how the Roma sales go now too. Have fun in battle all.
  15. crazycarey

    Get rid of the terrible wargaming launcher!!!

    If you watch the progress bar, it will tell you what it is doing. Wargaming has it programmed to download a portion then install it then download more then install those files and repeats as needed. What you are seeing is the final install where the game is also being configured and that last 1 Md downloads that the very end at around 95% complete. So the percent tracker is tracking both the download and install progress.