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  1. Hay Lert, I have turned pink in the past for doing less than 15 hp damage when I and another DD collide in smoke and that minor damage was the last of his hp and sank. But then that was a couple of years ago. Its going to be issues like that the developers need to get right the first time with this new system.
  2. crazycarey


    I think the problem with the game play tonight is not the removal of Deadeye, but the short time frame of these missions which is making players be over aggressive. As for deadeye, I only ran it on my RN BBs so Monarch and Conqueror are the only BBs that I play at max range that used it.
  3. crazycarey

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    The big problem with the monster skins / camos, it that this is the first time WoWs has posted a picture of skin as seen only in port. Even in this up date news release, they are showing new skins / camos in port that are the same as in battle. That is the problem, so far it is the only time they have done this, so they should have shown both versions and not just the 1 that will get the most sales.
  4. For the DD that is targeted, if it is not maneuvering before the rockets are fired, that 1 or 2 second delay will be meaningless, but if it is already dodging, it will mean that 1 to 3 rockets will miss that would have hit before. For any of classes of ships, this will be meaningless. As for the machine gun damage, I took from the video that its coming, they just have to calculate how much yet. As some have said, for the weaker CV players, such as myself, it will help develop better rocket aiming in the long run.
  5. crazycarey

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Subs are in ranked, like they said, because they could not get players to be test targets on either PTS or the special mode. So lets just put them in ranked where players have only the choose to play ranked with subs or not play ranked. Well, I'm out this time, guess we will see how much the numbers drop off this time around.
  6. crazycarey

    Warship Size Comparison: Battleships

    Would be interesting for Wargaming to show the destroyers and cruisers real sizes compared to battleships and how over large they really are in this game.
  7. This bomber gimmick sounds like what the developers were creating for the none depth charge caring ships for ant-sub defence. So is it Wargaming trying out the system before subs arrive or is it what is currently useable from the whole sub development program.
  8. That was the old system before the rework when they put in the sectoring system
  9. crazycarey

    Collection items dry spell?

    I have a few that are just sitting there unfinished as well, I believe they had a time limit on when 1 had to finish them by. 2 that I have left are the King of the Sea, related to that tournament and 1 that came with the Puerta Rico ship building event. The ship building 1, I had hoped some would drop during this latest event, Hizen, but no such luck. As for the King of the Sea 1, who knows if Wargaming will activate it again on the next King of the Sea event. Your evil laugh is about right for anything that is free now.
  10. crazycarey

    Collection items dry spell?

    Under you profile section ( the the right of Tech trees) there is a tab on the left that is labelled "Collections" A lot of the collections have to be enables, "collecting" verses "not collecting". There used to be a limit on the number of collections you could have active at 1 time, no idea if that has changed. Also, going a few days without getting anything for a collection is not unusual for this game.
  11. crazycarey

    IJN Cruisers: Do They Need Some Attention?

    For me, the IJN need an increase in turret rotation speed and an increase in firing range.
  12. crazycarey

    Subs when Wargaming o.O

    Well wargaming did say KM DD split was next after the Italian BBs come out. So it wont like be until the 2nd half of 2021 at the earliest. I like many want to see another test at T8 and T10 like they did at T6 on the live server as an optional battle mode.
  13. So what you are saying, if you don't have a premium for each class available for each nation; you cannot manage all the captain skill. Were you guys expecting players to go crazy buying ships or was this a very bad over sight.
  14. crazycarey

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    Thankyou to all that have corrected my understanding of what the wording of Standard detectability means in the Deadeye skill
  15. crazycarey

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    Deadeye actually states "standard detectability radius", therefore stealth builds have no effect on it. If your starting detection radius is 18km, that's what it is for Deadeye. Sorry, my misunderstanding of WoWs wording, I was describing Base detectability, please see others correct comments below.