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  1. Bravo_Zulu_000

    Free Exp to Steel conversion

    Well I did put $100+. I know it will be above $100 for sure. :)
  2. Bravo_Zulu_000

    Free Exp to Steel conversion

    Frankly I'll never get steel if it has to be through clan wars as I played competitively in WoT for a while and I've realized the time it took wasn't worth the returns ans I still think it is the case in WoWS. If players want to spend their time in ranked and clan battles and enjoy it, then I'm fine with them being able to get rewards for doing so just as I got rewards for being an Alpha, Closed Beta and at one point a supertester. For those who think they should be entitled to get it another way, you need to realize that you can't get everything. I also think at some point WG will monetize steel as we're already seeing them introduce T9 premiums for sale, ranked ships for steel and other things occurring they said would never happen. For WG, it's all about the money and those who played hard in clan battles may have to adjust to that as well in the future as soon as WG sees they can charge $100+ USD for a tier 10 premium and people will pay it. After all, I wonder how many people shelled out big money for the Jean Bart?
  3. I put in a ticket regarding the coupon and this is the reply I got: Hello, Bravo_Zulu_000,Thank you for contacting the support team.The specified feature is available to a limited number of players at different times.Unfortunately, we at support have no control over who receives these offers thus we cannot manually enable this feature for your account.Please accept our sincerest apologies for the disappointment. However, we highly encourage you to keep playing the game as this opportunity may be presented to you again in the future.Despite any inconvenience, this may cause you, we hope that you continue to enjoy playing the game for all of its positive aspects.Should you have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact us.Good luck on the battlefield.Best regards, Given the amount of coupons provided and the fact there was no information on this let alone the RNG factor in getting one, to be disappointed is an understatement. Suffice to say, I have replied stating that this was a communication failure on their part, that a coupon creates an incentive to spend money and every player should get one, and that the issue is not resolved for me until every player gets a coupon. Otherwise, my wallet is now shut to WG, with my time and money now going to other games.
  4. Well it might have something to do with the fact that I have a family and a career, and playing WoWS isn't my life aspiration? Anyways, most of my premiums were through Santa crates, earned on missions and a few were gifted to me. Some I bought at discounts as well, but given my desire to spend time with my family and my career, I have more responsibility and money than time to play. Some people are the other way around. Having said that, I'm also frugal and do my best to never pay full price for anything hence I'd use the coupon to get the Jean Bart and add it to my collection.
  5. Supposedly if you have been playing for 3 years, there are a bunch of camos and a 30% off coupon. Sadly, not everyone who has played 3 years is getting the coupon. I've been with the game since alpha and while I got the camos, I have yet to receive the coupon. I have a ticket into WG regarding it, but at this point I'm inclined to close my wallet to WG and start paying into other games as clearly they can't even make their offers work properly for everyone.
  6. Bravo_Zulu_000

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    I've played about 20 or so and still no flags. :(
  7. Bravo_Zulu_000

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    If only I had the coupon to find out for myself. Although, I suspect that price is USD, not CAD.
  8. Bravo_Zulu_000

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    If I got it I'd likely buy the Jean Bart for $69 CAD, but at this rate I'm not even getting the coupon so my wallet is shut and I'm done with this crap. Time to invest in another game.
  9. Bravo_Zulu_000

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    Thanks for the thought. I'd consider actually buying the Jean Bart if I actually got one, but it appears I'm not so lucky to get one. I think it's made me realize I'm done opening my wallet to WG.
  10. Bravo_Zulu_000

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    I keep hearing about everyone getting this 30% off coupon and yet I've been with the game since alpha, played 6 matches so far tonight and got all the camos, but no coupon. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any helpful info.
  11. Bravo_Zulu_000

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Played several matches and got all the camos offered for each year and I've been in this game since alpha, and still no coupon even after logging in and checking my account. What the hell WG?
  12. Bravo_Zulu_000

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    0... big goose egg... nada... ziltch. Got all the free crates so far and no missions. I heard it took Notser 230 premium crates just to get one mission so definitely not worth buying unless you need the sovereigns.
  13. Bravo_Zulu_000

    HMS Nelson Removal?

    I doubt we will see the removal of the Nelson anytime soon. Right now it's the only tier 7 and at 375K FXP, it's a good alternative for players who want something quicker than waiting to build up 750K. Since it is a good but balanced ship, i doubt we will see it removed anytime soon.
  14. Is Armored Warfare still running? I was an alpha / beta tester for it and shortly after the game got going, the community got treated like crap and I left. I know the NA server dropped in player base quite a bit too in that you couldn't even get a match in PvP some days.
  15. Bravo_Zulu_000

    Speculation of the price for the 2 free ships

    I think given the significant amount of players looking forward to Alaska and saving FXP for it that if WG doesn't release it for FXP, there is going to be a major disturbance in the force, as if a multitude of WoWS players screamed out and raged all at the same time. :) Have a great day all!