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  1. joebob73

    Rocket Planes out of control

    They're expecting the entire team to blob up into one square to maybe stop a CV from striking. Never mind that if you do that you give up all map control, as well as being a great target for torpedoes. It even would keep you from properly maneuvering to dodge incoming shells. And then you lose, because the enemy team has all the caps, and a good position to shoot you. But hey, you stuck it to the CV, right?
  2. One thing that is annoying about being uptiered into a T8 game in T6 CLs is that your HE cannot pen BB plating, even if you take IFHE. I have no issues with +/- 2 MM, but the changes to IFHE seem to have had a very negative effect on this matchup. Most of these ships no longer have a effective way to fight T8 BBs, when they did before.
  3. joebob73

    Help prove navigation mod is not a cheat

    Now you're just making things up. All I said is that WG is implying the mod is not cheating, by including it in their modpack. I feel there's going to be no point in continuing this argument, as you clearly had a purpose in mind when you created this thread.
  4. joebob73

    Help prove navigation mod is not a cheat

    You can't. But WG has said the mod is legal by including it in their official modpack, so the question is irrelevant.
  5. joebob73

    IFHE All Night Long

    As mentioned in the OP, 152mm-armed T6 cruisers should take IFHE. Perth is a T6 cruiser, armed with 152mm guns. You tell me.
  6. joebob73

    2019 Secret Santa !

    @ExploratorOne Let me know what you get. Merry Christmas
  7. joebob73

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Didn't have much time to play tonight, so I decided to go with a co-op game to get it done. Hope you enjoy your new job.
  8. joebob73

    California HYPE

    The way you wrote that makes me think that you have already made a list of such things. Was it at least interesting?
  9. That mod assumes your ship is a single perfectly straight line, and doesn't take into account the angle of the outer plating. It also doesn't take into account overmatch. So your ship's bow plating isn't actually at 60 degrees, even though the centerline of the ship is.
  10. They sent pilots to fight for North Korea, and shipped them significant quantities of guns, tanks, and aircraft. And again in Vietnam, they sent the North Vietnamese weapons, supplies, and more specialists to man anti-aircraft missile batteries. These are not the actions of an "ally".
  11. Wouldn't exactly call them "allies" during Korea or Vietnam.
  12. joebob73

    Vanguard Buffs as per Dev Blog

    Not true. Are you familiar with the concept of an "immune zone"? Most, if not all, battleships had a smaller window of range where penetration of their main armor was unlikely with the 16" than the 14". In particular, the American 16" gun was optimized for getting deck penetrations at longer ranges, rather than belt penetrations at shorter ranges. The 16" gun also had significantly better penetration at any range compared to said 14"/50.