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  1. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    So here's the first game I played in the Tier 8 Cleveland the day of the line split. Tears of the Cruisers (or Desert, something like that) with Tier X MM, although it was mostly 8s and 9s. 1. This was a fully pimped out Cleveland, all modules and upgrades 2. I paid to completely retrain a 15 point Captain with CE and IFHE. This set a new personal best in damage for me (yes, I realize that 160k damage is ho-hum for a lot of you but it's impressive for me). I was fighting open water the majority of the time and didn't really start using island cover much until near the end when myself and a Chung Mu were trying to come back against a Tirpitz, Bismarck, and Baltimore (I got the Baltimore). They won on points. I'm not saying that the Cleveland is a great ship at Tier 8, but even a fairly mediocre player can do well in her. As previous posters have mentioned, it's pretty much imperative to have CE and IFHE. I think she's pretty dang good in the hands of a skilled player, the ROF is no joke.
  2. Pensacola good at T6?

    Couldn't have said it better, although I would add she's an Omaha with extremely slow turret traverse as well. She's difficult to play, you have to exercise a lot of patience early-mid game, mind your positioning, and be ready to cut loose on any cruisers that give you broadside. I think she needs a bit of a buff, I can live with the low ROF but they do need to buff the turret traverse to make her more playable. I tend to have really good games in her and really bad games in her. I'm not that great of a player, a very skilled player can do well with her as is.
  3. The more I play her the more I like New Orleans at Tier 7. She's just a good ship at that tier and she can punish any other cruiser at that tier or lower with her AP. The only cruiser at that tier that you might could say is better is Myoko because she's faster and has the good 10km torps, but New Orleans has better concealment and I think she maneuvers a bit better.
  4. Not a big fan. I really liked the Baltimore at Tier 9. I'm not saying the Buffalo is a bad ship, but it definitely is quit a bit different from the Baltimore. The only ship that I really like now after the split is New Orleans at Tier 7. Baltimore is ok at Tier 8 but I liked her previously at 9. Cleveland is actually pretty decent at Tier 8, as long as you handle her right.
  5. USN Split, Part 2

    Maybe I'm missing something but after the split I wound up with a new ship and about 20 million or so credits. I don't know about you but I feel like I made out pretty well.
  6. Steamrolled them so bad I didn't get a chance to do much:
  7. An embarrassing defeat on Tears of the Cruisers:
  8. Radar spam is getting ridiculous

    Speaking as someone that almost exclusively plays cruisers, the counter to radar is having your teammates support you. If I'm supporting one of my DDs pushing into a cap and the red team starts capping, then if I get close enough to radar the cap then I'm going to get detected. If the red DD is being supported, especially by a BB then I'm going to take some heavy damage or get sunk. This is where teamwork comes in, which you can't expect much of in randoms. However, I've had DD/BB divisions do this exact thing and I've paid the price because the DD is getting supported.
  9. I'm running IFHE and CE, the CE was very handy for disengaging when you don't have any island cover. Concealment without any camo is down to 9.4km.
  10. My first game in the new Cleveland.........and I set a new personal best in damage, 160k and a Witherer. Unfortunately we lost, I'm just not a good enough player to carry, I went down next to last. I'm thinking that this is going to be an OP ship when run by very good/great players if I can do this on my first run and I'm an average player on a good day. The buffed firing rate/turret traverse along with very good concealment makes this a DPM monster. I played as a kiting ship, anybody good at the island hugging style is going to murder people with it. EDIT: I'm running IFHE and I had no problem starting fires so I'd recommend using it.
  11. I've run New Orleans and Pensacola with the captains they came with. I'm a decent/average player and it's been a citadel fest so far. Pensacola seems to fit very well at Tier 6, I played one game in her and used nothing but AP, got several broadsides on battleships (Kongo, QE, Fuso) where I got 4-5k damage. I've had a hard time racking up massive damage totals (averaged about 80k a game with 2 games for each ship) but I've played on some pretty good teams. I think that good/very good cruiser players will do VERY well in these ships. Now I'm off to play Balmer, Cleveland, and Buffalo.
  12. Tier VIII Cleveland

    Yep, I missed this yesterday. This is a bit disappointing since I've gotten the entire USN cruiser line from Omaha on up and had all the modules for each ship. Didn't want to have to use Free Xp or grind Xp for new modules. Oh well, you can't have everything I guess. Thanks for the answer.
  13. Tier VIII Cleveland

    My apologies if this has already been covered, but my new Tier VIII Cleveland only has the stock modules, I thought we were going to get her fully upgraded? I really have to burn XP and credits for the B Hull and upgraded GFCS?
  14. Which cruiser?

    Picked up the Roon, got her upgrades but just the gun module, don't have the upgraded hull or GFCS yet. Run her in 4 Randoms, not really sure that I like her yet but I don't dislike her. I really need that GFCS upgrade, the stock 16.2k range isn't to my liking all that much lol. I have a feeling I will like her a lot more once I get the other modules.
  15. Which cruiser?

    So I've been grinding various cruisers lines and I've now researched Donskoi, Roon, Ibuki, and Henri IV. I've amassed enough silver to buy any two of the Tier 9s or Henri IV. I'm leaning towards getting the Donskoi and Roon, Ibuki appears to be nothing more than a slightly upgraded Mogami. I'm thinking I'm going to wait on Henri as I'm still trying to improve my game and I don't do very well with the two Tier 10 cruisers I have now, Des Moines and Minotaur. Opinions?