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  1. I must have the worst luck ever. I've opened a total of 20 containers between the ones I've bought, earned doing missions, and used sovereigns to buy in the arsenal. I haven't gotten a single mission to unlock one of the DDs. Bummer!
  2. After watching Flamu open 15 crates and get all 4 of the DD missions, I bought 10 crates thinking I'd get at least 2 of the missions. Nope, nada. 10 crates, not a single one of the missions. The flags and camo are nice but I really thought that I should get at least 1 of the missions out of 10 crates. Oh well.
  3. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    Without knowing how you're playing it, it's tough to say. I do know it's tempting to show a lot of broadside to bring all 15 guns to bear so that's something you definitely need to make sure you don't do often. I've got a 53% win rate and average 60k+ damage in her and I'm not anywhere near being a unicum type player. I could probably get that win rate up but I tend to play her a bit too aggressively. I love the Helena, she's probably my favorite ship. I see her primary role as being a DD hunter, having 15 guns with a high ROF and Hydro enables you to quickly delete DDs while being able to avoid their torps. She's also an excellent kiter, and it's pretty easy to burn down any same tier or lower tier BBs, given the fact that most of them are much slower than you and you can dictate the range and fairly easily disengage if you need to.
  4. Fairly close game early, we were actually leading by a hair........then they completely steamrolled us. Can't believe I had almost double the XP of the second best score on my team.
  5. Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I don't island hump much with her and I do pretty well. She should be used as a DD hunter, 15 gun broadsides wreck DDs very quickly. I love her, she's one of my favorite ships.
  6. Do you have a source for this? I have no idea how old you are but I would find it difficult to believe that you were serving in the USN in the mid to late 40s.
  7. Mid-Tier Mondays - The Cruisers

    I prefer Budyonny at Tier VI and definitely the Helena at Tier VII. I think Helena may be the best tech-tree cruiser at Tier VII.
  8. why do US cruisers underperform

    I don't really have a problem with them inside of 10km, and the detection range of my Cleveland is 9.1km. I'm not saying it's easy but it's not that hard either, at least in my experience.
  9. why do US cruisers underperform

    My Helena, Cleveland, Wooster, and Des Moines have no problems dealing with Russian DDs of equivalent or lower tier respectively.
  10. Well, it would be helpful if you explained your play style, otherwise we have no idea what you're talking about. You say you want to get flags in some manner other than the multitude of ways you can currently get them, but you don't offer a proposal as to how to get them. If you didn't want to explain yourself, didn't want to offer a solution, and didn't want any responses, then why post in the first place??
  11. I have that same tendency myself. This is funny given the numerous posts lately complaining about matchmaking and Tier 8 far too often getting Tier 10 matches. I actually do better in my Tier 8 ships in Tier 10 matches than I do in my Tier 9 ships. Go figure.
  12. That didn't take long.......
  13. Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    I think this is one of the most reasonable and workable solutions suggested. I do sweat a little in my Cleveland when there's 8 Tier X ships on EACH team. That's a little ridiculous. But 2-4 Tier X on each team maximum would help mitigate the challenge a bit.
  14. Did you even bother completely reading the original post? He was talking about his young son being exposed to the crap in chat.