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  1. RenamedUser_1001278837

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    Please give me a list of those "over capable ships" so I can acquire them. I guess my win rate will skyrocket after I play them because if they're that great for no skill players then I should do pretty well in them since I'm somewhat skilled.
  2. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Match Maker Is Broken

    Then why bother posting at all? Just trolling? To use your attitude, in my opinion you should worry less about MM and more about becoming a better player. Posts like yours are hilarious.......
  3. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    I could only handle watching the first four minutes of the video. A LOT of the shots he took in the first four minutes......you don't need a spotter plane for! Quite a few of the shots he took were within the STOCK range of the Des Moines and the majority of them were within range if you simply used the range module. Not impressed at all.
  4. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Thanks Santa!

    So today was a good day for me. I bought 5 Mega and 5 Big gift crates. I got 3 ships! Sims, Gallant, and Nueve de Julio. The last set of 10 (5 each) I bought I got Krasny Krym and Prinz Eugen. I also got the T-61 out of one of the two free crates we received. 6 ships in 22 crates, I hope everybody else has similar luck.
  5. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    The highlighted statement indicates to me that you really haven't played a lot of games using radar. Please don't equate radar with simply using it to spot destroyers. Don't think that an absence of destroyers makes radar useless. Don't be one of those players that thinks that radar is only useful if you rush up to a cap and use your radar to spot destroyers. Radar is useful in any number of situations. The fact of the matter is radar is far more useful than you seem to realize and there's just no disputing that it's more useful than a spotter plane. If you like using the spotter plane, then do so. But I honestly think you're deliberately nerfing your ship by doing so.
  6. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Free XP Economics

    Actually I only use my coal to buy signals, particularly Sierra Mike since it's hard to get and it's incredibly useful.
  7. Here's a trick I tried with the Pensacola that I get very good results with: use AP exclusively. Battleships, cruisers, destroyers, angled, not angled.......sling AP at them. If they're well angled just aim for the deck, otherwise nail their broadsides. You'll even do decent damage against destroyers and you don't have to worry about switching ammo, particularly since you have such long reloads. The reason I tried this is because I was missing to many opportunities to take advantage of broadside ships because I had HE loaded and even with Expert Loader it takes too long to switch ammo. Give it a try, I think you'll like the results.
  8. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Prinz Eurgen ?

    Exactly. I've had no problem getting citadels on Hindenburgs out to 14km or so with my Des Moines. The German heavies are most effective at middle to short range, so don't ask me why I still want to play mine at long range lol.
  9. RenamedUser_1001278837

    PSA on positioning

    I agree in principle with pretty much everything you're written here except for the sentence I've highlighted. That is far too general of a statement, as cruisers should be pushing up to caps to help destroyers that are capping, particularly if you're a radar cruiser. It also depends on whether or not there is nearby cover for your ship. There's just too many variables to take into account to make this statement accurate.
  10. Pensacola is a difficult ship to play. She's not well armored and very vulnerable as a result. It really takes a highly skilled player to get the most out of her, as her low ROF combined with atrocious turret rotation makes it difficult to do damage with her. Plus it's not that often you'll be able to bring all ten guns to bear on target as you do not want to expose her broadside because she's a citadel waiting to happen. Positioning and situational awareness are absolute keys to using her. To be perfectly honest she's a difficult ship to play for a relatively novice player as yourself. I'd suggest getting more experience, learning positioning, then maybe go back to her. I was pretty terrible with her when she was at Tier 7, but I play her fairly well since she moved down to Tier 6 as I've played well over a thousand games since she moved down a tier.
  11. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Containers - Are they Gambling? My thoughts...

    Yes it is. With the crates you ALWAYS get something, whether it's flags, camos, ships, etc. You can feed slots all day long and get nothing in return.
  12. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Pc chat

    I don't think you understand basic human psychology very well. Far more people respond to positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. Throwing "colorful" remarks my way is simply going to make me ignore you.
  13. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Pc chat

    You're either a troll or completely blind to your own blatant hypocrisy. Either way, it's hilarious.
  14. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Pc chat

    Your hypocrisy is showing, you might want to cover that up.
  15. RenamedUser_1001278837

    Pc chat

    So what should your punishment be, given that you have a win rate below 50%?