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  1. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Are the Unicums Playing Midway Incorrectly?

    The OP stated that he wondered if Gaishu's strategy is correct. Given his incredibly high win rate, I would have to say it is. It could be a matter of semantics, but I felt that the OP was implying that Gaishu was playing somehow playing in a manner which was detrimental to his team. I could have easily misinterpreted the intent of the OP's post. If somebody is questioning WHY he plays CVs the way he does, as to his specific approach and mentality, that I can understand. But to even barely imply that he's playing incorrectly would be a bit silly. There's a lot of videos out there posted by unicum players, but very few of them are good at explaining what they're doing and why they're doing it. I know a lot of people don't like him, but Flamu does a pretty good job explaining what and why and it's improved my ability to read situations as they develop. I've become a much better playing primarily from watching his videos.
  2. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Are the Unicums Playing Midway Incorrectly?

    I find it amusing that anybody would question the play of a player that is running an 83% win rate over their last 400+ games and has a 71% win rate with over 12,000 games played total. I'd be more than happy to play on his team anytime.
  3. But you're not required to do so. You can earn plenty of credits by playing Randoms and Operations and use that to subsidize playing ranked. There is simply no requirement to spend money in order to earn steel.
  4. How are you required to spend money to earn steel? I earn steel without spending any money at all.
  5. I've watched Flamu play quite a few games in the Neustrashimy and not only is it not an "OP SUPER ship" if anything he may be a tad underpowered when compared to other DDs at her tier and above. Her only real outstanding feature is her Repair Party consumable. He hasn't been released in his final form yet but he looks pretty meh to me at this point.
  6. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    Actually, if you're talking about Flamu, he frequently admits when he potatoes/screws up/ does something stupid. Most people don't catch it because they're focusing on him berating all the taters or groaning about his RNG lol. Salty is his theme.
  7. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    Nope, from my perspective it's actually a lot more tame than it has been in a while.
  8. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Forget the Ceasar How about fixing the ROON

    You have ZERO games played in the Roon. So why are you complaining about her? I'm not a fan of the Roon, but it's more about me not playing her well than anything to do with the ship.
  9. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    I worded my response poorly. BB-65 and BB-66 were supposed to be the first two ships of the five ship Montana class. However, BB-65 and BB-66 were subsequently ordered as Iowa class battleships, with the names Illinois and Kentucky, and the five ship Montana class were redesignated BB-66 through BB-71 with the names you've given here.Thanks.
  10. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    No. The names were going to be used for Montana class battleships that were never built. Kentucky and Illinois were designed as and laid down as Iowa class battleships. They weren't "grafted down" from the Montana class or "converted into Iowa ships".
  11. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    No, USS Illinois and USS Kentucky were the last two ships of the Iowa class. They had almost the exact same specifications with only minor differences, they were not bigger and they had the same main armament.
  12. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    No, USS Illinois and USS Kentucky were the last two ships of the Iowa class. They had almost the exact same specifications with only minor differences, they were not bigger and they had the same main armament.
  13. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Best HEAVY CRUISER at Tier V - VII

    As far as heavy cruisers go, your options are limited from tiers V-VII. IJN by Tier - V- Furutaka,VI- Aoba, VII - Myoko USN - VI - Pensacola, VII - New Orleans KM - VII - York French - VII - Algerie Furutaka is very tanky at Tier V and although she only has six slow firing guns with the recent buff they are VERY accurate. I do well in here. Aoba is ok at her tier but she isn't as tanky as Furutaka, still only six guns, but they do reload a little faster. Myoko is very good, 10 guns faster reload, but very squishy. All of the ships give you long range hard hitting torps. Pensacola takes a high skill level to play well. She can be penned at almost any angle by pretty much anything, her reload is slow and her turrets have painfully slow turret traverse. She does have 10 guns with USN AP that does serious damage though. I don't recommend her unless you want a serious challenge. New Orleans has better turret traverse, slightly faster reloading guns, and while squishy isn't anywhere near as vulnerable as Pensacola. She's solid at Tier VII, nothing great or bad about her. York is solid at Tier VII, fairly tanky, has good guns. Great thing about her is the long range of her guns, which helps a lot especially when bottom tier. Algerie is similar to York, not as tanky, good guns with good range. I prefer her over York though, I like the speed boost, longer range torps which are useful from time to time, and the main battery reload booster. Comparing all the Tier VII offerings I'd give Algerie a slight edge over Myoko just because of her gun range. I love playing Furutaka at Tier V, her guns are pretty devastating and you can bounce a lot of AP rounds if you stay angled.
  14. I keep seeing so many people playing a CV in Operation Aegis and I don't understand why. They are nearly useless. I've seen exactly one CV player finish higher than last only once out of 12 games I've played with a CV. If you're interested in getting 5 stars, please don't play a CV, they just don't do enough to help the team.
  15. But it can't, and that's what you just can't see. You can't aim any better to penetrate armor of certain thickness. IFHE takes LESS skill to use since there's a larger area of the ship that you can do damage to. You don't have to have IFHE but then your damage is more dependent on fire damage (which is RNG dependent) than penetration damage (which isn't). I don't understand why you refuse to accept facts.