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  1. Aaron_S_Merrill

    adimiral pack london.$49.99

    Couldn't help myself. So many people complain about premium ships that they don't bother to research at all before they buy. I have no sympathy for them.
  2. Aaron_S_Merrill

    adimiral pack london.$49.99

    So WG hid the stats on the ship so I can't see how fast the reload for the guns and torpedoes are?? They hid the speed of the ship!?!?
  3. There's been a lot of talk lately about how so many games are lopsided and steamrolls. What I see just as often are teams that are winning fairly early, have cap control and a numbers advantage, and then they just give the game away. This was a game I played last night where my team absolutely should have lost, but myself and a couple of other teammates stayed alive, kept chipping away, and pulled out the win at the very end. Too many teams throw away their advantage by chasing damage and kills. I'm not claiming I played particularly great this game, but I feel I played pretty smart and took advantage of the fact that the other team, for whatever reason, never focused me very much. This allowed me, along with my way better than usual fire RNG, to rack up one of my best scoring games ever. 20200218_234623_PZSC508-Irian_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  4. Aaron_S_Merrill

    ban players who honk their horn too much

    Ban players that make too many inane posts in the forum.
  5. Aaron_S_Merrill

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    Uh, no, as in I need to kill this BB, but since he's bow on chasing me my SAP isn't doing much more than chip damage. Any number of scenarios where this doesn't have to do with me making mistake in positioning.
  6. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    It's not useless, especially if you have the point to spare. Just because you can't make use of it doesn't mean it isn't useful to others.
  7. I respectfully submit that you're not playing Baltimore, Helena, and Mahan right. They're all very good ships at their respective tier. Schors is pretty squishy but she certainly isn't weak at her tier, just kite and spam HE with her.
  8. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    I'm neither a coward nor a potato and I use it on most of my builds. It may not do anything for *you* but it does give me useful information.
  9. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Drake and Goliath: reload or range?

    I recommend reload on Drake because she has a spotter plane and her shorter gun range isn't that bad in relation to her concealment. I've only got 4-5 games in the Goliath and I'm starting to think I might try the range mod on her because she doesn't have a spotter plane. I think the reload on Goliath is just too long though.
  10. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Drake better then Goliath?

    I need to play both of them, particularly the Goliath, some more but at this point I think I actually like Drake better. I'd say the RN CAs as a whole tend to eat a lot of pens but I haven't found Drake to be any worse than Goliath. I prefer the Drake so far because of her better concealment and the fact she has a spotter plane and Goliath doesn't. If Goliath had a spotter plane that'd make a big difference.
  11. Aaron_S_Merrill

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    Yeah, and when they're bow on you have a much harder time hitting any unsaturated part of the superstructure. Ever had to kite away from a BB in an Italian cruiser? Near impossible to kill them before they kill you. I don't have that problem with cruisers that have HE.
  12. Aaron_S_Merrill

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    I'm a cruiser main as well but I'd have to disagree with you. Yes, SAP is great against DDs and broadside cruisers/battleships. However, as soon as they start angling, it becomes less and less effective. Then you have bow in ships that are almost impossible to do damage to because you only have SAP and AP, both of which are subject to angling. Sure, you can wreck the taters that don't angle, but that's true for any ship. Yes, the Tier 8-10 are pretty solid ships but the lack of consumables and long cool-down on their smoke is quite limiting. Tier for tier I'm more likely to take an RN CA over an Italian one; I can't really think of any tier right now where I'd take an Italian or RN CA over any other country's, although I really like the Drake.
  13. Aaron_S_Merrill

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    Hawkins is definitely not a ship to use to form an opinion on the entire line and I consider is mediocre on a good day myself. They're actually very solid ships and while there may be nothing particularly special about them there's nothing particularly bad about them either. Good HE, decent AP, really good repair party, and they maneuver better than I expected. Nice set of consumables, which the Italian line sorely lacks. All in all, the seem to be fairly well balanced, although they might could use a range or reload buff. Personally I think Drake is one of the better cruisers at Tier IX.
  14. Aaron_S_Merrill

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    Have you played the RN CAs?
  15. So what constitutes a quality player? Not only are the weekends pretty bad as far as the overall quality of gameplay, but the number of mediocre to bad players complaining about other players lack of ability is incredible. It's a matter of perspective.