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  1. Aaron_S_Merrill


    Run Range Mod, Steering Gear Mod, and use Last Stand. She still works nicely as a long range HE spamming kiter.
  2. Aaron_S_Merrill

    What's with the BBs firing HE

    I've noticed this a lot lately myself. It seems to be mostly newer/poor players that do this. Why? I'm guessing that they don't understand concepts such as angling and overmatch. They probably get frustrated with not doing any damage or low damage due to overpens. So they stick with HE because at least they can do consistent damage.
  3. Aaron_S_Merrill

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    So I guess I'm cheating when I use my torpedo indicator to determine a ship's speed? I'm cheating when I use my spotter plane to shoot ships in smoke? There's thousands of players that don't do either one, either from choice or ignorance. The whole crux of your argument is choice. It's fine if you choose not to use any of the freely available and *legal* mods; it's also fine if I or other players choose to use them.
  4. Aaron_S_Merrill

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    People need an explanation because you're making up your own definition of cheating.
  5. Aaron_S_Merrill

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    It's not a cheat when it's allowed under the rules and everybody has access to it.
  6. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Personal Rating

    Beat me to the question dadgummit! In my experience looking at player's solo stats, there's a direct correlation between WR and PR. I don't think I've ever seen anybody with an above average PR and a below average WR.
  7. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Average Game Damage

    You've got to love his *DISCLAIMER* though, that's hilarious!
  8. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Average Game Damage

    Yep, you haven't changed. This doesn't prove anything, besides the fact that you still excel at moving the goalposts........
  9. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Average Game Damage

    Haven't changed have you? You simply can't comprehend something if you haven't experienced it yourself. Yes, I've sunk ships of +2 tiers all by my lonesome. I've also done it in under 10min. Just because you haven't done it and/or aren't capable of doing it doesn't mean it can't be done.
  10. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Average Game Damage

    That's funny because I've sunk quite a few Tier 9 BBs playing Helena, Schors, Lazo, et al. Just because *you* can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done. I'll bet you that every unicum player will agree with my contention that it's the player, not the ship.
  11. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Average Game Damage

    To me a good game is a win. Doesn't matter if I do 10k damage or 200k damage. I try to do whatever is necessary to help the team win; if we do then that's a success..
  12. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Average Game Damage

    You mean "Some *players* can't do their HP in DMG... Especially in +2 tier situations...".. It's not the ship, it's the player
  13. Not my experience at all. It's fairly rare I even see Unicum players say anything at all in in-game chat and even rarer that I see them have any kind of attitude or be rude with people. The vast majority of the time it's the mediocre to poor players that are doing a ton of smack talk and treating people like crap; the players that think they're WAY better than what they actually are. Unicum's don't need to say anything, their high level of play speaks for itself.
  14. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Why tracking your stats will make you crazy

    It was the opposite for me. Once I started checking my stats greatly it's what motivated me to improve as a player and seeing my stats improving motivated me to improve even more.
  15. I didn't fail to see your list. Whatever the reasons, it doesn't change the fact that on a regular basis there are ships that don't have camo, which puts them at a disadvantage. Why don't we just get rid of camos and flags altogether, level the playing field?