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  1. Aaron_S_Merrill

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    You post some pretty inane statements, but this is pretty far out there even for you
  2. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Non-gamer understands

    Those are the players that the vast majority of us don't want to play with. I don't understand people that play a team game and don't care about their teammates.
  3. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Really disappointed in WOWs pay to win system

    The grind is the game. That's part of the learning process. You're disappointed in the so called pay to win system, but you have no problem with people spending money on premium ships??? You have an issue with those people that choose to spend money to convert ship xp to free xp??? The exchange rate doesn't hurt anybody, it's a choice, not a requirement. I don't spend much money on the game at all and I've never felt like I've been at any disadvantage. This is definitely not a pay to win game, buy all the premium ships you want, if you don't know how to play them it won't help you win any more.
  4. Aaron_S_Merrill

    A challenge to the community.

    Oh, I get what you're saying. But there are plenty of players that look up their stats on wows-numbers and it will clearly state "below average" or "bad" yet they'll ignore it.
  5. Aaron_S_Merrill

    A challenge to the community.

    Funny you mention backing into caps in a DD, I've gotten so much salt for doing that and I've long since given up trying to explain why I do it. You are definitely right about players looking at their own stats, seeing below average/bad numbers.....and yet they will claim to be good players in the face of all evidence against them. You can't give advice to players like that and there seems to be quite a few of them.
  6. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Kill stealing???

    Here's my perspective: I'm playing to win. I don't care about getting kills. "Kill stealing" doesn't exist to me. If anything, I'm begging teammates to kill ships because my team has lost too many games because players aren't killing low health ships when we have the chance and it comes back to haunt us. One of the keys to winning is sinking opfor ships. Kill them quick as you can. If directives/missions/challenges require me to get a certain number of kills, they'll come naturally within the course of me playing to win.
  7. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Random Battles vs Co-op battles

    If you want something that's easy and goes by quickly with nothing close to the credit/xp rewards of randoms then I guess co-op is for you. But if you're only winning 50% of your co-op games then something is horribly wrong. You should be winning at least 95% of your games.
  8. Aaron_S_Merrill

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    Going back to 08/08 of this year, you've played 557 solo games at a 53% WR with average/below average PR, survival rate, kills, damage, etc. Given your numbers besides WR it indicates your teammates are just as responsible for improving your WR as you are. Besides the above average numbers you have in the Mass (you're actually below the 50th percentile in damage and WR in her) you're making average/below average contributions to your teams over that time span. I therefore find it odd that you would criticize another player for a lack of experience, when a player such as yourself should have much better numbers given the great amount of experience you have. I think your noticeable, but minor, improvement in WR has deluded you into thinking you're a much better player than you actually are given the comments I've seen you make in this thread. Everybody has different standards. Personally I fell that if a player is really improving or is already a very good player they should be able to sustain near-unicum/unicum numbers over at least a 200 game stretch or so. That's just my subjective opinion though, everybody will have different standards.
  9. Aaron_S_Merrill

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    I guess everybody has different standards. Your posts seem to imply that you're a good player that's been improving at a rapid rate do to a certain playstyle.........yet when I look at your numbers your WR hasn't even increased by a full point since January of this year. So your claim of your WR having a "steady climb up" is a matter of perspective I suppose. I think maybe you should ease off the condescending tone as your numbers indicate that you're nothing more than an average solo player.
  10. Aaron_S_Merrill


    First off, forget about your service in the navy. Doesn't apply here. Learn the game. Learn the ships, the game mechanics. Most important thing to learn is positioning. Probably the most important thing actually. Do the best that you can while always seeking to improve and the wins will follow.
  11. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Way too many torpedoes

    BBs average more damage than DDs do. If you're a BB and you're taking multiple torp hits on a regular basis, you're not playing right. If getting torp hits was so easy, then why is the average hit rates with torpedoes about 1/4 of that with main guns?
  12. Aaron_S_Merrill


    You're stats aren't low because of the other players on your team. If you really think that you can't exert any control over your win rate, that it's entirely determined by the rest of your team, then you'll continue to put up poor stats and lose. Simple as that. It's easy to have a losing mentality.
  13. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Good stuff from a earlier post

    Then where is the data Mr. Troll?
  14. Aaron_S_Merrill


    If that's what you really think then you'll never get any better.
  15. Aaron_S_Merrill

    Exit Game

    You can't find any valid uses for stats because you don't care for them. Which is completely different than saying that there aren't myriad valid uses for them. If you cared about being a good, or at least above average player, you'd care about stats.