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  1. Lt_Chrispy

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Lt_Chrispy on NA As for my favorite Premium of 2019? It's definitely the Alaska, as I love the cruiser maneuverability and the Baby-Battleship Guns! My favorite premium I acquired this year though is one that is hated by many a lolibote...much hated....
  2. Lt_Chrispy

    Some Holiday Cheer! Maybe?

    Yay! This is much better! Thanks for contributing everyone!
  3. So with all the negativity floating about due to recent events I noticed a distinct lack of holiday cheer, and whether or not you care enough to get involved I figured it might be nice to have a thread to say some niceties! Feel free to join in with anything, from jokes to wishes! So I want to wish everyone playing the game a Happy Holidays, may you enjoy it with those you care about and not be detonated 2 minutes into a match!
  4. So I got a ludicrous amount of doubloons from my hunt for the Missouri once again, and was able to get the 3 premium boosters for it. I am interested in knowing how many more boosters (of the "free" section) I would need to complete this vessel. Thanks in advanced, Chrispy
  5. Lt_Chrispy

    Tired of battleships

    While we're at it could we just remove water too? It's too wet, and I have a fear of drowning.
  6. Lt_Chrispy

    You favorite anime

    Iron Blooded Orphans is fantastic! Also it doesn't have Kira or Setsuna....I really dislike Setsuna....
  7. You see you guys are missing out on the ultimate fun of owning the respective Tier 10, and selecting the rental with your 19 point captain for the proper ship! Bait those over confident players by hiding C4 inside of the "pork chop" and catch people out! Ahahahaha!!! Or just play the real ship and do the same thing with the bonus economics from the camos....and concealment...and style...what was I going on about again?
  8. Lt_Chrispy


    I have every Premium CV and Tech Tree CV at this point, just getting my HMS Audacious 2 nights ago (Aside from the Lexington, all of them were gathered POST re-work) and I will say my personal favorites are the Kaga and the Haky. The Kaga, contrary to other peoples opinions, is a fantastic starting point for new CV players (at least new to the rework)! She has a quad-drop torp wing which gives you wiggle room to learn how to do drops on not just lumbering BB's but also different types of cruisers, and even DD's! The Rocket Planes are incredibly frail, like just pitifully, i've seen wet tissue take more abuse than them, but you're not using them to get damage. You use them for 3 main reasons, spotting, execution of weakened targets, and fighter delivery services. Use them to finish off low health DD's and lightly armored cruisers, aiming for the nose of the DD and the side of the Cruiser, and use their only redeeming feature for the other two uses. They are insanely fast, not Graf Zepplin fast, but wholly hell they are fast. Use them to quickly drop fighters on an ally under pressure from the enemy CV, or use them to light up targets that are just too dicey to close on (Like a Mino in a Tier X game). Don't worry about them dying, they are not that important (at least with my play style.) The Dive Bombers on the Kaga are bizarre for the IJN as they are HE unlike the tech tree's AP load out, this can be a massive boon if people don't know that (don't count on it). Like the torps you get 4 per strike, and get a lot of breathing room. Just like things on fire, finish off the lolibotes with them, and be a general nuisance. The Kaga's torps are it's best tool. Everything you do should be built around these. Got those flooding flags? Toss em on! Extra Strike time or torp time? Obvious. Torp acceleration on the Captain? Why would I need range if I'm dropping them off the deck? The Kaga has the ability to launch a wing of torp bombers, drop 12 torps, and then relaunch another wing while the first one is on the way home and still have extras. This gives you a lot of wiggle room to not be "deplaned" and keep your main damage dealers in play. Contrary to how it may feel sometimes, or how you hear it, Carriers can get de-planed. Sometimes you fly over an island into a Worcester, sometimes it's poor judgement calls, and sometimes you just go full derp. It can, and does happen. (The British CV's and Saipan are very vulnerable to this if you try to go deep after high value targets as they have tiny reserves.) The Kaga does not have this problem, and to a degree neither does the Enterprise. I am not the best CV player ever, but I do have a 78% Win Rate in my Kaga and a 95k Damage Average. I like her and highly recommend her! (Sorry for the long post but Kaga has a special place in my port, and the Fox Mines of 3-4 may have made me go a tad mad.....Never got Akagi....)
  9. Lt_Chrispy

    Favourite Low Tier Ships

    Arkansas Beta! Because it's always fun to roll bluff checks in chat when an enemy CV is in the game, and tell them it's AA is reaaaaally scary! Plus 6 upgrades on a T4? Sure why not :P
  10. So as the title says, though semi-misleadingly, I am wondering on the communities opinion on whether or not the Fire Control System is worth grabbing for someone rushing down the line! This is not to say I dislike the ship, seeing as she is quite enjoyable to play actually, and the play style is a nice breath of fresh air from my typical BB play, and USN cruisers.I just intend on getting to the Minotaur ASAP as that is my friends preferred tier of play. I also do not intend on going in with no idea on how to play the line. Thanks for the input! Lt_Chrispy