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  1. WG responded to my ticket and said I had to uninstall and reinstall WGC. I just did so and MOO is now in there. For nay having the same issue, this may solve your problem, too. Darmock
  2. Opened a ticket yesterday and replied to it today - still not in my GC. Loved MOO and blame it for my failure of several college classes. Looking forward to giving it (and/or some slight variant of what I remember) some love again! Darmock
  3. Weird. Not there. I'll give it some time. Thanks though.
  4. Completed the first mission and got the rewards in game. Went to Game Center and don't see it in my list. Logged out of WoWs to see if that was the catalyst but still not in game center. Is there a delay or another step beyond clicking the participate button on the site that I need to do? Thanks, Darmock.