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  1. HoldMyBeer___

    Question of the Week Submissions

    Thanks for the recent podcasts you guys! It makes my commute to work a breeze on the days when a new podcast drops. I think many people who play wows are drawn to the game because of the historical intrigue it offers that you can't really find in other games. These ships that we drive around were quite the sight to behold, the pride and joy of entire nations, and great battles with lasting historical consequences happened in these ships. The fact that the Bismarck is still one of the most played ships in the game really emphasizes this point. I have 3 questions related to this topic of wows gameplay. 1: Any ideas on how to add something into the game to feed this secret inner history nerd we all have buried somewhere? 2: With the changes made to the torpedo flood time a little while ago, is a return of the Kitakame feasibly on the horizon? Watching videos of this ship on youtube was what originally got me into wows back in 2015, so from a nostalgia and history of this game perspective I would be super stoked for this ship to sail the pixel seas again. 3: Given that so many of the great naval battles from history were conducted on the high seas, Ocean map holds a special place in my heart if for nothing else than the historical nostalgia. I propose that WG bring Ocean map back at a higher frequency in map rotation and add a mechanic on where bot planes will fly over the map and periodically drop symmetrical smoke screens for ships, giving some ships that typically rely on island cover a substitute for the islands. What are your guys thoughts on this change and do you have any other suggestions for improving this map?
  2. And sometimes you're the eagle
  4. HoldMyBeer___

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    Clan battles are coming in less than 30 days! We have 3 open spots still so message us before this yolo train leaves the station without you!
  5. HoldMyBeer___

    Question of the Week Submissions

    Not sure if the same person can ask a question again but here goes. With the inclusion of a dd like the Friesland in the game, there seems to be an effort by WG to provide a way to defend dds from cvs and perhaps let them venture into caps where they have not (safely) been able to go lately. Is this a step in the right direction in terms of smoothing out the current meta and giving dds a helping hand? Is an entire line of "support" dds warranted in the game? Going further down this rabbit hole, with submarines on the the docket for inclusion in the near future, could you see subs perhaps taking away some of the capping and spotting load that dds are struggling to carry right now? I imagine that cvs wouldn't be able to affect them while they are submerged. Thanks again for the podcast!
  6. HoldMyBeer___

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    Sees next cb season is t8 DECK SWABBING ON IRIAN INTENSIFIES
  7. HoldMyBeer___

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    I am kinda serious about this
  8. HoldMyBeer___

    R-F1 is recruiting

    And poutine. Lots and lots of poutine. Best of luck to you guys in your recruiting!
  9. HoldMyBeer___

    VFW Recruiting, Benefits and Veterans

    I take slight offense to this. Best of luck to you guys in your recruiting!
  10. HoldMyBeer___

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    Ranked got me like...
  11. HoldMyBeer___

    Tired of looking for a clan

    If you are looking for a fun place to div up and have fun you are always welcome to hang out with us. We have good group on starting around 7pm est and we have some late owls who keep things going until 2 or 3. We primarily have above average players in our fold. We also can talk if you are interested in joining our clan proper as well. I'm pretty proud of our group and I have a lot of fun diving up with them. Link to our discord is here, and ask for beer if you hop in. https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR Best of luck to you in your search at any rate!
  12. HoldMyBeer___

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    Thanks @skillztowin 07