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  1. HoldMyBeer___

    LFC for Clan Battles

    If you are open you at least listening in on voice comms, id like to talk more about you potentially joining YOLO. Feel free to message me if interested.
  2. HoldMyBeer___

    Lfc - active player wants to improve

    If interested, I may refer you to our sister clan N (naumancia). They are closer to your stat profile, and they are pretty fun loving and active in clan battles. I also invite you to hop in the YOLO discord and feel free to ask any questions/div with people in order to improve your gameplay that way. Link to YOLO discord is here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR Link to N discord is here https://discord.gg/9cQFG8. Say Beer sent ya and they should respond quickly. best of luck out there!
  3. HoldMyBeer___

    Looking For New Clan

    Hey Guardian, YOLO is recruiting. I am biased as the clan leader, but if you are looking for a place to have fun while also playing competitively, I would highly suggest us. We have a high focus on clan battles and have made typhoon twice and storm 3 times in the last 5 seasons, with our most competitive iteration right now having us look to make a strong typhoon push in the coming season. We have people on for divs frequently in the evenings, we have multiple channels for input into the course of clan policies, and we host for-fun events (today is the end of our latest event where give coal and dubs for records in categories like most damage and most spotting ribbons etc). I would love to div with you a few games and chat to see if our priorities would line up. Message me or any of our officers on here or on our discord, which can be found here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR. At any rate, I wish you the best in your search and on the high seas! Beer