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  1. HoldMyBeer___

    Hold My Beer

  2. HoldMyBeer___

    Clash of the Classes – Season 4

    They are asking why we would create a tourney that has camos as a reward if I am reading that correctly. I answered that to the best of my knowledge.
  3. HoldMyBeer___

    Clash of the Classes – Season 4

    Because the tournament is really fun. Past participants on average rate this tournament 4.3 out of 5 stars. Also worth considering that the camos are a small part of the overall prize picture. We have $600 in dubloons as well as tier 4 boost and premium ship containers up for grabs.
  4. HoldMyBeer___

    Clash of the Classes – Season 4

    Its for hype. The promo video is simply a fun way of advertising the tournament and is not a ruleset. Ruleset can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-zk0ZN6g0HAcAGfuhf00T4botwC6B0C4gL1bEvU9uhw/edit?usp=sharing and all info can be found on the discord or the website.
  5. HoldMyBeer___

    Clash of the Classes – Season 4

    Link on the portal announcement was actually sending people to the season 3 ruleset. We are working on getting that fixed atm. The website and discord will have all current information regarding the tournament.
  6. I may have a potential landing spot for your crew if interested. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk more. 

    At any rate, best of luck in your search! 

    1. The_Hutt


      Where would that be?


    2. HoldMyBeer___


      YOLO community. We are a community that has been around since season 2 of clan battles and have been growing and improving our clan experience ever since. 

  7. HoldMyBeer___

    Clash of Classes #3: Register to Play!

    Last chance to sign up! If you do not have a team of 4 yet, you can check out the "looking for a team" channel on the tournament discord (Link below) and either get drafted by a team or round out your roster that way! https://discord.gg/ClashoftheClasses
  8. HoldMyBeer___

    Clash of Classes #3: Register to Play!

    I'm Beer and I approve this message
  9. everything, naturally.
  10. It is battleships only this season, but we rotate available ship types between seasons. The name might be a little confusing in that regard but we think it was better than our previous name "Saturnalia" which meant nothing to most people.
  11. I'm beer and I approve this message
  12. HoldMyBeer___

    Beware! Addictive substances ahoy!

    Update. My name was given back to me. Yay!
  13. HoldMyBeer___

    Important message for the community

    This is a step in the right direction. Now given me my name back and get the Habbakuk in game and we will be good to go.
  14. HoldMyBeer___

    Beware! Addictive substances ahoy!

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Before I say anything, I would like to make a disclaimer that the following content is entirely me and my thoughts, and my rendition of a story, which obviously is biased. Ill do my best to present facts as I see them, and I'll let y’all form your own opinions. So, here we go. Hi, my name is… actually, I don’t know what my name is anymore, aaaand, that's actually the entire premise of this post. How is this at all connected with the title of this post you might ask? Well, let me explain. To start out, I will need to tell a short story. I promise this is (somewhat) relevant. So here goes. I first started playing World of Warships back in the fall of 2015. I had a love of historical naval warfare, and literally googled “warship game” and found WOWS. I named my account after a dinosaur in the recently released Jurrassic world movie, “indominusrex”. I played on that account off and on for a bit and then put the wows (and gaming in general) on the shelf as grad school picked back up for me. After finally graduating from college the second time in 2017, I found myself with some extra time on my hands, so I got back into WOWS. I forgot the credentials to my old account, so I created a new account and named in using my last name at the time. By the fall of 2017, I had decided I could do better for a name, so on a stroke of 3 in the morning caffeine induced inspiration, I decided to rename myself in a way to synergize with the recently created clan that myself and 3 of my irl friends had created, YOLO. Thus, the name HoldMyBeer was christened. At that time, the actual name holdmybeer was taken, so I settled for holdmybeer with one underscore at the end. Over time, I managed to make more than one person lol at the start of battles with my unique and eccentric name and clan tag combo. For better or for worse, my clan, and with it myself as the leader of the clan, started to gain notoriety through our improved skill and presence in clan and random battles. For full transparency, let the record also show that I did make one name change around the spring of 2019, when I renamed myself “holdmybaguette” because I was incorrigibly addicted to playing ranked in my henri that season and I could not resist a good meme when I saw one. After that ranked season ended, I tried to rename back to holdmybeer with one underscore, and saw that that name had been taken, so I did the next best thing and took the closest name available, which was holdmybeer with three underscores (two underscores was taken at that time). Flash forward to june 2021. I had been living my WOWS existence out in peace. My community was growing, battleships were sorta meta again in high level clan battle play, and life was good. This level of tranquility I had going for me came crashing down in a strange twist of policy implementation, and has never returned since. On the 10th of June, 2021, I logged into my wows client, the same as I had been for some time now (yes I am an every day player of WOWS, I admit it). After I logged in, I was very surprised to see that my dubloon count was at zero, and last I checked, I have about 7500 dubloons on my account. Given that I had no knowledge of what had happened to my dubloons, I submitted a ticket asking for the dubloons to be returned. Here is our conversation. I am not sure if this matters much, but note the very russian name who responded to my case. Has anyone else on NA had a Russian customer rep respond to tickets like this? Now, I wish that was the end of the story. What happened next has still got me scratching my head, and is the main point of this whole build up story. On the 11th of June, I logged into my client, same as most every day for me. Instead of being greeted with my familiar HoldMyBeer___ at the top left of my port, I was instead greeted with a “renameduser” account name. I had no idea why I was renamed, and assumed that somehow I had been tagged as a mistake. Why rename me after 4 years with basically the same name? So, I sent in another ticket. After a few hours, I received a reply. Hmm. What the heck was this, I said to myself. The word beer was being chosen as breaking EULA after 4 years? Why did I not receive any notification telling me that I had broken a rule and been renamed? On a basic technical level, I have to concede that this interpretation is somewhat correct. Beer can be an addictive substance. But to be utterly technical, who is to say that I am not referencing a non alcoholic beer? I was confused and dumbfounded with this response, and drifted around for a few days as a renamed user, finally deciding to sarcastically rename myself as “holdmynonaddictivedrink”. After a suggestion from my clanmate, I decided to reach out to Hapa to see if he might be able to help on this topic. Ill post our conversation below. Text transcripts can be found here Convo transcripts TLDR: On the 12th of June I told Hapa I got renamed, and said I didnt understand the logic. Hapa said “no would agree with you. nothing wrong with that screen name”. Gave him a reminder on monday the 14, then again on the 15th and he said he passed the situation on to Kalvothe. (Tin foil hat time, maybe this is the real reason Hapa Fodder retired... ) I waited two weeks and messaged kalvothe asking for an update. I heard nothing, then asked Hapa the next day for an update and kalvothe finally got back with me. So. Here I am. Ive been polite. Ive been patient. I’ve rung all the bells I can think of to ring, and I don’t see any way of regaining my name back. I am left with the feeling of being singled out among everyone else with beer in their name for a really weird interpretation of that rule. I also really, really, love this logical flow in my conversation with Kalvothe when I was told "I spoke to our CS team about this, and technically it is against our EULA.", but then was asked later what rule in the EULA I was making reference to in my sarcastic rename. I know that to a certain level, I should just live and let live on this, but it is true that people have recognized me in game as holdmybeer for some time, and that changes how my community is able to market ourselves negatively. I know that I am sort of jumping on the “Lets get mad at WG” wagon with all that is going on with LWM and I know that my plight is not as big a deal for me as it has been for her and chobi, (RIP LWM) but hearing her story gave me the mental courage to disregard the potential reprimands I may receive from WG for posting this, and share my story anyway. I also hope that this will help people realize why I was renamed and stop asking me that so much in randoms. Anyways, thats it from me. I appreciate you guys reading. Peace and apologies to everyone named beer that I tagged who may or may not get renamed as a result of this post.
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    I would like to be a Pirate!