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  1. Come join us as we seek out to rule the seas through competitive matches with some of the best in the game! Here is a close ranked match from the rank 5-2 group. Seconds count!
  2. Join us and you we will tell you how to get heat seeking torps on the hindy.
  3. Who doesn't love a good YOLO charge now and then? Come join us for some YOLO fun!
  4. Here is an intense comeback win from the other day. Come check us out and join our merry band of captains!
  5. YOLO will sync drop a few divs on some nights of the week. Here is me dodging some torps from my clanmate fawcettmeister. Join us to get in on this YOLO fun!
  6. HoldMyBeer_

    The Rank 5 Club [R5] Is Assembling!

    Good luck to you in your recruitment!
  7. Here's some fun times from a clan scrimmage the other day. Check us out in order to join in!
  8. Here's a satisfying Ranked encounter that one of our own had the other day. We always have several of our guys rank out every season and we have good a exchange of tips and advice on ranked on our discord server for those who want it.
  9. Come check out YOLO for some clan battles and fun times! Heres a YOLO rush by one of our own that happened recently.
  10. HoldMyBeer_

    Clan shopping, here's what I'm looking for

    YOLO is recruiting. We require everyone play at least once every two weeks when clan battles are in season, and thats it. If that sounds like something you are interested in, feel free to join our discord and we can talk https://discord.gg/QvX6gUP. Good luck in your searching!
  11. Here's a fun ending I had in the Seattle the other day.
  12. HoldMyBeer_

    Looking for another clan

    Ill send you a message in game
  13. HoldMyBeer_

    Looking for a clan

    Ill send you a pm ingame