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  1. HoldMyBeer_

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    You know that that those targeting indicators are garbage in this mode.
  2. HoldMyBeer_

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    While we do make our living by expanding our domain in clan battles and sync drops in randoms, we do take breaks for clan... er... "bonding" during the offseason of clan battles.
  3. HoldMyBeer_

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    Come check out YOLO for some of this spicy kraken action! Spots are filling up so grab one while they last!
  4. HoldMyBeer_

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    Sorry for the poor quality vid but I wanted to show you what can happen when you give in to the YOLO side. We have a couple of slots open so check our discord out if interested in joining!
  5. HoldMyBeer_

    Looking for consistent clan battles

    Feel free to check us out at YOLO. Clan battles every night and an rsvp system to help you play as much as you want if you want that. Nicely upgraded port included maxed out steel port. Message me here on forums or on our discord here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR. Best of luck to you in your search.
  6. HoldMyBeer_

    We Have Decided To Come Clean...

    Only when we are thirsty
  7. Sharks have a week dedicated to us. Wargaming often questions us, just because they find us interesting. We save a star in every match, even randoms. Therapists open up to us. Our dds frequently joust in training room with deep water torps. Every time a clanmate falls in a match, a baby penguin gets its wings. The Two brothers map was created after Wargaming observed our play style. Our ships will often turn pink due to our stoic support of HE cancer awareness. Our charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it. When the cyclone appears in-game, it is because we are thinking about something sad. Among moths, YOLO memes are on the rise. Every one of our members has access to the Russian battleships. We are lovers, not fighters. But we are also fighters so don’t get any ideas. The phrase “Wall of skill” was originally coined by our opponents in clan battles. Enemy Harugumos run from our Shimakazes Every time we start a battle, dolphins appear. We are well prepared for the sub rework. One of our members taught RNGesus a statistics course in college. Every one of our shells start a fire. Even the AP ones. Once we sat down and had a chat, and the alternate American cruiser line appeared. We never half [edited]two things. We whole [edited]one thing. If one of our members were to give you directions in a random battle, you’d win the match and you’d get at least 3 kills. Our rum is never all gone All of our dds are very daring *Thunder* We are…the most interesting clan in WOWS. The rumors that you may have heard about us, they are all true. Our collective impact on this game was too great to stay a secret for long, so we have decided to come clean and reveal our true nature. After we were contacted by Wargaming right before the clan patch to promote the clan concept, we were very excited. You see, we were quite proud of this band of captains that had gathered together to celebrate what makes this game so enjoyable to many in the world. Our late-night shenanigans and love of rushing up the middle in two brothers have inspired us to share this vivacious lifestyle among the few of you who are bold enough to join our ranks. If you are seeking a clan that can give you a competitive clan battle environment, a well researched clan port (including a 10% steel bonus), plenty of activity with divisions and discord, off season fun events, and a clan that you can call home, you have come to the right place. If interested in joining please message HoldMyBeer_. You can message him here on the forums or on our discord page, which can be found here --> https://discord.gg/QvX6gUP . I encourage you to check out our discord in order to get an idea of all that we do here at YOLO. In order to earn the special HE cancer awareness badge, you must also have the Conqueror, Worcester, and Harugumo in port. Thank you for checking us out, and we wish you a most interesting day.
  8. HoldMyBeer_

    Seeking a Clan

    YOLO is recruiting. If rushing mid on two brothers every match, Playing clan battles on a competitive level, and generally having a good time sounds interesting to you, feel free to hit me up. Discord link here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR.
  9. HoldMyBeer_

    Group of Players Looking for a New Clan

    YOLO is recruiting. Feel free to check out our discord https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR and ask questions if interested. We only require our players to play in clan battles once every two weeks and give allowances for real life stuff! Best of luck to you guys in your search!
  10. HoldMyBeer_

    Looking For Active Clan

    If you are looking for a clan battle clan feel free to check us out at YOLO. We are very active in clan battles. Feel free to check out our discord here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR
  11. HoldMyBeer_

    I’m open for cb clan

    Hi Problematic! YOLO is a very clan battle oriented clan and we have a few openings left. Feel free to check us out if interested. https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR . I think we fit your description pretty well, even with some late night gamers here. Best of luck to you on your search
  12. HoldMyBeer_

    Not a high win rate but an active player 7 days a week

    Our clan TROLO is looking for active fun loving people. Feel free to message me if interested!
  13. Is your boat as boring as Roon from last ranked season? Does your ship look like wargaming’s reputation after Yueyang nerf? Do you need more Russian Bias in your port? Well no problem, YOLO is here to help! Here are a few tips on how to increase your slavness and let some of that Slavic RNG find its way into your gameplay. Every true Slav knows that the first step in the slavination process starts with a clean boat. Sponge, water, bathtub port, it is all you need. Combine with some of that Blin power, and BOOM! you have clean boat. Step 1. Sick paint job Once you have cleaned your blin machine, it is time to put on your sick paint job. But since you do not actually have money to pay for sick paint job, then you use modstation with camo alteration instead. You put on just enough paint to match the size of your Slavic heart. For advanced slav I suggest putting on Ovechkin flag as well. This way everyone knows you are a true slav, even when you are being focused by half the enemy team. Step 2. Dashcam Everybody knows that dashcam is the best source of entertainment. You put one up and you hope for the best. Then you upload to youtube, get famous, get rich, and get all the Slav girls. Very well done. We will be posting more tips on how to continue with the slavination process in the future. In the meantime, If you are looking for a clan that is very supportive of those seeking slavic enlightenment, please check out the YOLO/TROLO WOWS community! Yolo is our competitive clan that is highly focused on clan battles, and TROLO is our casual clan. We started as a way for a few friends in real life to hang out in boats, and have been growing ever since. Link to our discord here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR. Please message Holdmybeer on the forums or on the discord if interested in joining! YOLO statement of purpose: To maximize fun for all community members with a particular emphasis on presenting our best effort in clan battles, while at the same time prioritizing real life over wows time. Requirements for YOLO At least 1 t10 ship that fits in the current clan battle meta. 51% WR in all tier 10 play. 1200 PR as per WOWS Stats and numbers (Link and example for checking this out https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1001274163,HoldMyBeer_/) Must join Discord Must be active (check out discord for details on how we enforce this rule) TROLO statement of purpose: Be chill. Have fun. Play clan battles. Requirements for TROLO Must be somewhat active (Check with Astrolamb for details about this) Have an interest for playing in clan battles
  14. Yolos sister clan TROLO is looking for people like yourself who want to jump in and play as they can but also have a community to play with and have fun as well. Feel free to check out our discord server here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR or message me if interested! Good luck in your search!
  15. HoldMyBeer_

    LFC (1,921 PR/2,215 recent, seven tier X ships)

    YOLO is recruiting fun and div loving peeps. Ill send you a message now