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  1. I had this issue pop up at about the same time, as did my wife who is running a different computer (both gaming desktops). Not huge lag spikes, but annoying, maybe half a second to a second. Nothing seems to have changed with either of our setups? Yes, it's possible that we both had issues with a graphic card at the exact same time, but unlikely (different graphic cards.) Has anyone looked into connectivity issues?
  2. I'm trying to understand cruiser armor... both playing them and fighting against them -- specifically the "magic" armor some cruisers seem to have. For example, shooting the Kirov with BB AP gets citadels right and left. Shooting the Shchors with the same caliber ammo seems to get nothing but OP. Both about the same size, layout and armor. A more extreme example. Shooting the Konigsberg (seem to get cits) versus the Nurenberg (seem to get overpens). These two are basically the same ship. There are a few out there that make sense, like the Emile Bertin, which has DD grade non-armor. OK, that I get. But I see a lot of ships that seem to get overpens that I don't understand based on their armor and citadel layout (being similar to other ships which take cit damage from harsh language). Are there parameters that are not shown in the armor layout that you need to take into account?
  3. Gearhead68

    German CVs: Historic CV

    Thanks! It may have been something like the Westfalen mentioned by SgtBeltfed. I remember video footage of planes (something like a Fiesler Storch) taking off and landing, but it was a documentary from like 20 years ago.
  4. Gearhead68

    German CVs: Historic CV

    I'm hoping someone out there has a better memory than I do. I seem to recall a German CV that was actually completed, I remember a documentary about early CVs that included some video of it. It was basically a German version of the Langley: a converted cargo ship with the superstructure chopped off and a wooden flight deck installed. Was used to test and develop carrier operations to learn things like where elevators were best placed, how to stage aircraft and other such thing that would later be applied to a "real" carrier. Was never used in combat. Any of these prior statements to be taken with a grain of salt, as I can't seem to find anything about it online atm, but I do recall something about this in a documentary. Ideas??
  5. Gearhead68

    Mid tier secondaries

    Hey all, curious if there is additional information about secondaries anyplace. The game lists range, damage, ROF and he pen. What about accuracy? Or traverse? Or firing arcs? Do we assume its all the same, or is this listed anyplace. Looking for a decent mid tier secondary build for fun, based on some solid info. Thanks
  6. Gearhead68

    Update 0.8.7 - French Destroyers: Part Deux

    Was there a change to tier 4 cvs? I noticed tier 4 torpedo bombers now drop two torpedoes.
  7. Now that the meaning of the of "new feature" of the French destroyers "their hulls: their HP can be reduced to zero, just like the ships' ends" has sunk in, I have to say, this is about the single worst ship feature I've seen in WoWs. Forget if it's OP, or weak, or unfair or whatever. From a development perspective, it's taking the game in a completely wrong direction. Why? Until now features of ship have been based upon some feature based on reality (or a fantasy version of reality) and trying to model this in game. Deep water torpedoes? Sure, torps can run a different depths. Short duration smoke screens? Maybe pushing it a bit, but still, the duration of smoke is based on a real thing. This new feature does the exact opposite - it take an obscure game mechanic, and tries to warp it to create a new feature. There are half a dozen other ways they could have achieve the goal of making French DDs more durable (give them a heal? Play with armor thickness? Play with HP), and in my opinion they picked the absolute worst way of handling it, taking simple idea "French DDs should be more durable" and warping it into something needless complex. I play the game, knowing it's an arcade style game, and not a simulation, but shouldn't features then be some simplification of real things? Opinions on this?
  8. So, I gotta say, after playing the Russian BB line for a while, I appreciate both the game play, as well as the historical accuracy. Well done, WG! Not being a supertester, I can only guess what come next, but I have a few educated guesses: The Norwegian Heavy Cruiser Branch The Portuguese Destroyer Branch The Micronesian Carrier Branch What do you guys think? I personally think the Portuguese Destroyer Branch is most likely, but it's really just a gut feel. See you all on the water!
  9. Gearhead68

    Are mid and low tiers being neglected by WG?

    While I totally understand the push from Wargaming's perspective to get as many players as possible into the highest tier possible, I personally would really like to see more low tier content and more reasons to play at low tiers, for the pure sake that many of theses ships are technically and historically fascinating. It's unfortunate that for example the Vampire sits around in my port because, no missions work at tier 3, and because its hard to find a game without waiting forever (presumably nobody wants to play because no missions). How about something like the scenarios battles (which are currently only for tier 6-7) for lower tiers, but only unlockable after a certain number of battles, to prevent new player's experience from being soured by seal clubbers. As part of the scenario, you could set the repair costs to double the normal rate (or whatever the appropriate number would be, to make this more profitable for WG), but say have interesting rewards, much like the current scenario battles. Its a win-win.
  10. ... yeah, I know... but you can't beat a free port slot XD
  11. Hey! Wondering if we have any indication what are the chances to get one of the missions in one of those containers. It says "a chance." A 10% chance? A 1% chance? A .001% chance? Am trying to see if its worthwhile to get a few more (standard) soviet containers, since they are otherwise pretty ho-hum.
  12. Now (yeah, ok its probably been a while now, but I've just noticed) that you can buy special captains, I am wondering what ships they are good for. If you can't use the special skills for your ship, than the commander is no better than a normal commander. US (John Doe)... and for gods sakes give him a better name already! US BBs and CAs? British: CLs? BBs? German: BBs? DDs? Russian: Gunboat DDs? Opinions? Do some of them only have a single applicable special skill? For example if you use the British guy on a BB you can't use the smoke skill, but if you use him on the CL, the extra turret traverse isn't all that useful, since the turrets are usually already fast enough... Thx in advance
  13. Gearhead68

    Special Upgrades

    Ok, thanks for feedback. Not that the special upgrades are bad, its just, you are giving up a normal upgrade to get it. Extra engine boost is nice, but the trade off is a higher change to get your engine knocked out if used in DD. And using the damage control mod 1, means giving up the main armaments mod 1, so higher chance to get your weapons knocked out. But thanks for feedback.
  14. Gearhead68

    Special Upgrades

    Hello - I hit the jackpot a few times in a row, and picked up a few special upgrades. But looking at what you have to give up to install them, it would seem that they are only useful on certain ships. Any comments on the utility of: Damage Control Mod 1 (maybe only higher tier US BBs?) Engine Boost Mod 1 (French cruisers maybe?) Def AA fire Mod 1 (Seems completely useless due to lack of CVs in game, plus you would need to put in on a cruiser that has good AA, which enemy CVs would avoid anyway) Opinions??