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  1. Bought Monty's premium camo. What am I doing?

  2. Finally have the Montana. Time to watch the world burn.

  3. My first PC build is complete. Woo! Unfortunately my internet connection is still as slow as a T95 going uphill with a dead driver and damafged engine. :/

  4. I find these stats of the tier 10 BBs interesting. The NA server has more battles in these two ships than the other two servers: NA: 22,839M and 47,465Y, EU: 16,536M and 27,843Y, RU: 6,170M and 10,375Y. The EU server has the highest Montana average damage of the 3 servers: 80,782 damage, and the RU server has the highest average damage for the Yamato: 93,671. NA Montanas have the lowest w/r of 48% (50% on EU/RU). Yamato w/r tied at 54% on NA/EU/RU.

  5. There's been quite an uproar over the armor mechanics lately, but one interesting thing I've noticed is I can citadel some light cruisers with my HE shells at close range broadsides. This is something I've ever considered doing up until now. Further testing is required.

  6. The credit grind for the Iowa is real. At least for the Montana I won't need to spend extra credits on modules.

  7. Obtained all of the letters for the PAX Marblehead Forum Contest. Woo!