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  1. strykerpsg

    Auction: Haida and Superships

    Interesting that people will bid on the superships, whose minimum bid is double what they will cost in the tech tree next week. All they need to do is wait a week. People really can't be that impatient, can they?
  2. strykerpsg

    Renown '44 is...

    Agreed about loving this one. Only played her twice thus far, but both rounds were very enjoyable, destruction wise.
  3. strykerpsg

    Projected RB, Steel and Coal ships

    Thanks for the links. All 3 look rather nice in my opinion. With the new years RB reset and 4x, will be an easy addition.
  4. strykerpsg

    Projected RB, Steel and Coal ships

    Great news indeed! I did pick up Tromp this last update. I think the Hector was the one I saw as a mini-minotaur. Will get that one for sure. Z-42, what's not to love about German DD's? :)
  5. I have a rather large pool of steel, RB and coal after the mega crates and the lengthy grind of dozens of ships, from tier 11 to tier 8. I have what I consider to be the best of each in the Armory shop and nothing left really grabs my attention. Without violating any NDA's, is it possible to mention the forthcoming ships in the categories above? I did see a rather nice tier 9 cruiser, British maybe, for RB or steel. Sort of a quasi minotaur, but smaller scale. Thanks in advance all and may all enjoy the coming holidays this coming week. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy new Year.
  6. Oooh, curiosity is piqued! I just picked up Druid but will likely get Hector too. Looks pretty nasty, gun and torp wise. Thanks for the update. Ran into you a few times in Co-op. Hope your grind is getting what you need.
  7. UPDATE It appears that the port notifications DO NOT show the steel earned when exchanging the certificates for the ships that have not participated in the event yet. I did exchange 7 more, 5 ships for steel and 2 ships for certificates. It showed correctly in my armory screen.
  8. strykerpsg

    Steel in Santa Crates

    Ahhhh, makes sense. That's why I keep even the Krispy Kreme's, though will never play her. Thanks for the update
  9. strykerpsg

    Steel in Santa Crates

    Interesting.....I didn't even see it listed in the events topic. My wallet will hate you....lol
  10. Any news on forthcoming RB ships? Debating on the Druid, already have Ohio, Colbert, Vampire II and Paolo Emilio. The rest don't do anything for me. Had been considering buying some unique upgrades but those are not up to date with the current tier 10 fleet.
  11. I just checked, only shows the 4 steel or the 75 won from Battle Pass. Interesting. Hoping someone from WG reviews my account. This is the one time of year to harvest steel if not playing clan wars, which I have not so far. This is the certificates I am using, not the ones' that come with the ship.
  12. Hmmm, ok, makes more sense. I also opted for the season pass upgrade, offering a bonus too. I will keep track of the steel and ensure I'm also getting the bonus you mentioned. Thank you for the quick reply.
  13. So, I am a bit confused, I am using the extra festive certificate that's given on some ships, that can be used to claim certificates off of other ships that have not had their first victories. So, I have been selecting the carriers i have for the free rewards, at tier 8, which should be 75 steel. However, I keep getting awarded only 4 steel. What is going on? Its supposed to be 75 steel. Reviewing my other certificates used on my CV's also show only 4 steel awarded. What am I missing on the rules or what is WG not giving me?
  14. strykerpsg

    60 Mega Crates.. Nice Haul!

    Nice haul indeed. Trying to decide buying some mega gifts too but wouod rather spend cash vs. doubloons. I can't remember if that was an option in years past.
  15. strykerpsg

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    I got her in the Mediterranean token purchase for the Dido. She is a great gunboat while using SAP broadside on a DD or light cruiser. Her HE leaves much to be desired in starting fires or having an IFHE skill. Her torps are strong but the extremely limited arc of about 10 degrees is just stupid. I believe the theory that originally she would have been equipped with sub guided torps, makes sense. But, now that those have been removed, 2 torps on a very non-reflexive mount, just a horrible design decision. I can work around the lack of speed boost and having less stealth, but can we open up her torpedo arcs and buff her HE, just a bit? I mean, she's an actual historically served warship. WG gives so much more OP powers to hypothetical paper ship designs, at least give this historic one a better representation in game.