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  1. strykerpsg

    Research Bureau Reset, when?

    Rgr. Thanks for the tip. I will keep checking.
  2. strykerpsg

    Research Bureau Reset, when?

    Thanks. I saw that too, but was hoping for a more accurate update number or date, just so I can keep saving FXP to grind through quicker.
  3. Looking for the next 2x on the RB reset, working for the Paolo Emilio. Any ideas of the next reset date?
  4. strykerpsg

    Hayate or Smalland?

    It is offered on the "Exterior" tab for 8000 doubloons. Sorta heavy in cost but looked fantastic, so I swapped. I had an excessive amount of doubloons from some birthday mega crates, so was not a big deal for me.
  5. strykerpsg

    Hayate or Smalland?

    Thanks so much for all the feedback. I initially picked up Smaland but had some buyers remorse for not getting the Hayate first, as I have always liked the IJN DD playstyle. Long story short, I now have both, including the beautiful camouflage mentioned by Admiral_Thrawn_1, thank you for the recommendation. And, before I get beat up too badly about not having a life, that's a true statement currently while I am working away from home last 5 months training Soldiers on the new DVHA1 Stryker fighting vehicle, so lots of free time, lol.
  6. strykerpsg

    Hayate or Smalland?

    Finally established 2 million and counting FXP. While not necessarily in a hurry to just throw it on any particular ship, I do think the Hayate and Smalland are pretty unique in their own right. Which have you chose or would choose and why please? I am indeed curious to see the outcome. Thanks in advance. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hayate or https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Småland
  7. strykerpsg

    Research Bureau Perma Camo question

    Many thanks for the reply. I am wanting to earn some unique upgrades, the Colbert or both.
  8. First, a double post, my apologies. I think since my post in the other post is such a dated post, it went un-noticed. So, here goes.... I have done the reset enough times before to get my Ohio, but now have some permanent camo's for quite a few of the lines. What happens to the perma camo when you reset? I am not interested in buying again if for some reason it does not stay in my account. Thanks in advance.
  9. strykerpsg

    Question about the Research Bureau

    I have done this once, but now have some permanent camo's for quite a few of the lines. What happens to the perma camo when you reset? I am not interested in buying again if for some reason it does not stay in my account.
  10. strykerpsg

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Thank you for the update. Ironically, I should have looked at your signature for the review I was hoping to see. Have a great day.
  11. strykerpsg

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    LittleWhiteMouse, is your website no longer up? I cannot get shipcomrade.com to come up for about 4 days or more now. Love the reviews and game play footage. Please fix it!!!! :)
  12. strykerpsg

    Friesland vs Udaloi

    LOL, Iron_Salvo921, it's ok. It went over mine too........ I love the Freisland and use her to hunt DD's and melt airwings almost exclusively. The only DDs that are challenging are the Udaloi, Harugumo and Kitakaze gun boats. But, they hydro and smoke work well in unison. I am by no means a unicum player, but Friesland is a beast of a boat. Torps arguably would be nice, even if not historically accurate except for a one off, but hey, how many paper designs do we already have that never got built....lol.
  13. strykerpsg

    Georgia - the Supergirl of ships

    She's not overpowered! She has a speed boost to make up for the lack of guns. She also is built as a close in brawler, not long range sniping. Really not a bad ship. If you dislike GA, wait till you encounter an Ohio....lol. It's all you describe and more guns, just no speed boost.
  14. strykerpsg

    Colbert Haters?

    I am guessing wallet warrior will be the most popular by far. I have the smolensk for the HE spamming commentators.
  15. strykerpsg

    Colbert Haters?

    Kudos on your Colbert my friend. Just got my Ohio and initially was going to get the Colbert, but after seeing the reviews on the Ohio, well, reset number five. I suspect I will hear similar remarks about mine as well.