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  1. strykerpsg

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Thank you for the update. Ironically, I should have looked at your signature for the review I was hoping to see. Have a great day.
  2. strykerpsg

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    LittleWhiteMouse, is your website no longer up? I cannot get shipcomrade.com to come up for about 4 days or more now. Love the reviews and game play footage. Please fix it!!!! :)
  3. WG, perhaps a better technique for next round of testing and advertising, is put out your requests and end dates for applying and being accepted. I, like many others, have downloaded the TST in hopes of getting selected. Instead, you post,requesting people wait for the next round and all this does is set up false expectations for many and wasting HDD space for something not likely to occur. Just help manage expectations a bit rather than stoking hope, RNG and random luck. Personally, uninstalling my TST. Just a waste of HDD space. Better to just await the release.
  4. strykerpsg

    Friesland vs Udaloi

    LOL, Iron_Salvo921, it's ok. It went over mine too........ I love the Freisland and use her to hunt DD's and melt airwings almost exclusively. The only DDs that are challenging are the Udaloi, Harugumo and Kitakaze gun boats. But, they hydro and smoke work well in unison. I am by no means a unicum player, but Friesland is a beast of a boat. Torps arguably would be nice, even if not historically accurate except for a one off, but hey, how many paper designs do we already have that never got built....lol.
  5. So, I misunderstood the part where it says I am already participating and installed the client, assuming I use my regular screen name and password. However, having read through the forums, apparently there will be a separate email sent out, with a new screen name and password. I am ready to delete the test account because it's occupying space on my HDD because I misread I am already a participant, when in fact, I have only registered but not been invited yet. How often do the invites get sent out? I look forward to trying out this new version with some obvious anticipation.
  6. strykerpsg

    Georgia - the Supergirl of ships

    She's not overpowered! She has a speed boost to make up for the lack of guns. She also is built as a close in brawler, not long range sniping. Really not a bad ship. If you dislike GA, wait till you encounter an Ohio....lol. It's all you describe and more guns, just no speed boost.
  7. strykerpsg

    Colbert Haters?

    I am guessing wallet warrior will be the most popular by far. I have the smolensk for the HE spamming commentators.
  8. strykerpsg

    Colbert Haters?

    Kudos on your Colbert my friend. Just got my Ohio and initially was going to get the Colbert, but after seeing the reviews on the Ohio, well, reset number five. I suspect I will hear similar remarks about mine as well.
  9. strykerpsg

    How's The Ohio? Well, Here's my 2 Cents

    Just got mine too. Great write up OP! Very close to my similar feelings about her the first time out. Though I have yet to run in a random match, I did run her in Co-op just to get the super container and give her a try. Nice brawler indeed. To other's on the fence about RB, I would say do so if you have several captains in the 15 point realm. Spec them up the line of regrinding to 19 point captains. Also, if able, start your grind with a nice FXP pool already. Makes the inevitable grind back up, well, less painful.
  10. strykerpsg

    Ohio? what is this?

    Finally got the Ohio, without spending $400 to get it, though did have to spend about $100 to convert Free XP in running 5 line resets since RB was released, plus used about 1.5 million existing FXP. Though the grind was a bit on the long side, using the 4th birthday with 200% XP for first wins, helped A LOT! Thought I would grab the Colbert initially, but when I saw the CC reviews of the Ohio and had literally just picked up a Smolensk, the Ohio choice was a no brainer. Paper ship or not, she is indeed everything better than a Montana. Her turrets have quite a nice traverse rate and her reload is quite a bit better than the Montana. Her AA is solid too, and a fairly nimble rudder shift for a ship her size. Whereas the Georgia was a close in brawler, this one did well up close and at distance, with pretty good gun dispersion. I know there's many that grumble about the research branch, but having had 1.5 million FXP available, I would literally grind tiers 2-5 and then grind about 1/4-1/2 the experience on the remaining tiers. I cannot stress that if you are not playing during the birthday event, you're missing out on lots of potential additional experience. I personally ran through in Co-op because the fights are far shorter in duration and the AI is ridiculously stupid, for the most part. Also gambled with the birthday crates, bought $99 worth and got quite a treasure trove there too, including the Ark Royal, 36000 in coal and enough monetary/xp signals to last a lifetime. I know many other's may not be as lucky, but as with anything else, it's a gamble. Thanks WG! I am glad NTC didn't materialize into it's original concept, but RB is much simpler and allowed me to leverage more captains closer to 19 point specs, than I had run to that point.
  11. strykerpsg

    Smolensk too strong

    Wow! Just got her last night and played 2 games. I can understand some of the grief expressed above, but she is indeed very fragile when hit. However, saying that, she(he because it Russian) can lay down a very effective suppressing base of fire. I totally obliterated a Harugumo and Gearing in about 30 seconds, taking minimal damage from them, however, their Des Moines was eyeballing me from afar and took me down in 2 salvoes because I failed to maintain proper situational awareness. Is he a great ship? Oh yeah! It is a Flint on steroids, but suffers from the same fate of the Flint, lightly armored. Gonna take her out again tonight because it is fun indeed to be the daka-daka machine at tier 10.
  12. IJN Amagi, not looking forward to the Izumo Russian Sovyetsky Soyuz. Not a bad ship, but BB grinds are about an additional 75k or Free XP HMS Emerald, fun little ship with a bit of a large silhouette. RB reset #4. Kreigsmarine T22, finally recouping some stealth and awaiting the hydro. Marine National Mogador, awaiting the arrival of Kleber. RB reset #5. HMS Implaccable. I just cannot get into CVs like I thought, so this final grind to tier 10 may take some time.
  13. strykerpsg

    Reset #2 Underway

    CaptMuddXX, Kudos on your progress and trying to explain yourself to those that want to twist your motivations to fit their agendas. Continue doing what you like, how you like doing it and feel free to post as needed. Some will understand, some will not and just post to anger or poke fun, well, because it's a public forum. I too have reset and reground 3 lines, using some free XP for the last few tiers, usually grinding at least a third to half, then using free XP for the balance. It can be a bit frustrating, and it is enjoyable reading other's experiences along the way too. I have reset my IJN DD lines, both of them, mostly to spec out a 19 point captain in each. That task is now accomplished. I also reset my US DD line and still short about 3 points for a true 19 point DD captain for that line. Currently working the British CL Line and the Kreigsmarine DD line. All, with the intent to spec a 19 point captain, but also enjoyed all of those lines along the way. Currently sitting at tiers 5 for both respectfully and I am hoping WG's birthday event next week will reward some nice SC's with FXP in my account for the tier 10's researched and in port. Good luck and just enjoy the game, regardless of the naysayers perspectives.
  14. strykerpsg

    Anniversary Event

    Ahhh, thank you for the clarification, though having the ability to earn more RB points would be great too, not having to regrind an additional line for the remaining 7000 points.
  15. strykerpsg

    Anniversary Event

    So, are you saying that if we already reset a branch or branches, we get to play the previous researched ships per line and get the benefit of additional RB points? If so, fantastic news!