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  1. DeMatt

    Unable to return commanders to their ships

    Interface is maybe not quite completely obvious, but: From the Port screen, click where it says "Commander Unavailable". (It'll swap to "Assign Commander" when you mouse over it.) The panel now shows a "Recruit" button. Ignore it unless you want to recruit a new commander. Looking down from there, you'll see a tab labeled "From Reserve"; this is showing you any commanders you may have in your Reserve. Grayed-out commanders are of the wrong nation. Beside that first tab, there's a second tab labeled "From Other Ships". Click it. You can now see all the commanders currently in your ships. Find the commander you want to transfer over, click on him, and confirm the transfer. Alternatively: In the Port screen, select the ship the commander is currently on; in your case, that would be the Massachusetts. Right-click on the commander; this shows a context menu starting with "Go to Personal File". The context menu has the option "Assign to", with a little pointer triangle beside it. Mouse over that option. The context menu will expand with ship classes. Mouse over the "Battleship" option. Now you'll have a list of your (American) battleships, including Iowa. Click on "Iowa". Accept the confirmation prompt, and you're done.
  2. I'm not sure how, exactly, WG came up with the specific penetration figures for aircraft HE ammunition; however, you can look up the exact number here: Mount the desired aircraft on your carrier. Open the "Aircraft" tab in the ship parameters panel on the right. Hover your mouse over the desired aircraft and wait for the detailed stats to appear.
  3. DeMatt

    Public Test - 0.9.5 -Bugs Report

    Description In the "Test Arc" mission campaign, clearing extraneous missions causes the post-battle results screen to display the parent directive as if it was completed again. How To Reproduce Clear sufficient missions of the "Resolute and Rapid" directive to complete said directive, leaving the remaining missions incomplete. This will result in 6 missions completed and 4 incomplete. Play another battle(s), completing one of the remaining "Resolute and Rapid" missions. Observe the post-battle results screen. Result The "Resolute and Rapid" directive is listed in the post-battle results screen as being completed. Hovering over its icon shows its rewards; this is confusing because they are not awarded a second time.
  4. DeMatt

    Public Test - 0.9.5 -Bugs Report

    Description After ending a battle while viewing the overhead map, the mouse pointer in Port was stuck as the "arrowhead plus waypoint" pointer used on said map, instead of the normal "arrowhead" pointer. How To Reproduce Start a battle. I was in my Ryujo in a Co-Op battle; I suspect neither the ship type nor the battle type are relevant, given that all ships use the overhead map in the same fashion. Before the battle ends, press the M key to switch to the overhead map and set an autopilot course. Allow the battle to end while you are adjusting a waypoint in the course. View the mouse pointer in the post-battle results screen, and in the Port. Result The mouse pointer is set to the "arrowhead plus waypoint" pointer by the overhead map, and not set back to the normal "arrowhead" on switching to the post-battle results screen. This effect persists throughout the Port screen and into subsequent battles (use the Control key to show the mouse pointer). The effect is cleared if the overhead map is viewed and exited during a subsequent battle (press M twice).
  5. DeMatt

    Public Test - 0.9.5 -Bugs Report

    In the Dockyard, there's untranslated text in the hover box for the Free Experience reward at phase 7:
  6. The PTS patch notes specifically say that Odin will not be available.
  7. DeMatt

    Okt. Rev buy or coal?

    Played Gangut? Liked Gangut? Then you'll like GangutOktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. See LWM's review here. The question is, what else d'you think you might spend your coal (and coupon) on? Special upgrades are a constant source of coal spendage, or you might want to save the coal & coupon for something more expensive.
  8. DeMatt

    Jack of All Trades

    And my post boils down to "I say no, and here's why".
  9. DeMatt

    Jack of All Trades

    Eh... I'd say there's better choices for 2-point skills. If on your first pass through the tree, Improved Engines lets your squadron fly faster, which means less time spent travelling and less time spent in AA. It's not a big difference, but it's constantly supporting an activity you're constantly doing. Depending on which CV we're talking about, I'd put Torpedo Acceleration above JOAT, too. If you're just trying to spend those last two captain skill points, I'd probably go for a pair of the 1-point skills (Air Supremacy, Direction Center for Fighter, Improved Engine Boost, Last Gasp) over JOAT. Depends on the CV, which 1-point skill I'd already taken, that sort of thing. I don't feel that CVs really need to use their consumables back-to-back the way a BB or a CA needs to. The time they spend flying from carrier to target is enough to get a consumable off cooldown without JOAT; the time they spend attacking a target isn't enough, even with JOAT, to use a consumable twice.
  10. Depth charges don't affect "surface" ships. Surface weapons don't affect "submerged" ships. Submarines get to choose whether they're "surface" or "submerged" by going above or below 6m depth, respectively. So a valid, if risky, method of evading depth charges is to surface. Of course, a skilled enemy will then savage the submarine with guns and (yes) torpedoes. Whether this will remain valid is part of what the testing is about.
  11. First thing I want to comment about is the removal of the "premium" Vasteras from the test accounts - WG didn't add the "tech-tree" Vasteras to the accounts to replace it, which meant grinding the EU DD line in order to get it back. Between the PTS research discounts, and the original allotment of free XP, it was possible to get Vasteras back without much trouble... unless you're me, insist on getting a (Co-op) win out of each ship to save on the free XP, and then get cockblocked by your current Most Hated Tech-Tree Ship, the Visby. I like that Vasteras's depth-charge pattern has been fixed to not have the giant delay. Thank you. The attached replay includes an incident which I feel was unfair. To summarize: I was trying to get a decent game out of the Fubuki, and had done reasonably well to start. At around 11:30 remaining, I was tempted into the center of the map by a pair of enemy submarines. The first, a U-69, went deep, broke spotting, and avoided most of my depth charges. He could still see me due to proxy-spotting, but I couldn't see him. The second, a Cachalot, also went deep and broke spotting. However, he remained within proxy-spotting distance and was able to relay my position to the last enemy destroyer, an Icarus. The Icarus was therefore able to engage me without himself spotting me. Initially this was from open water, so I was able to shoot back, but then his smokescreen came off cooldown. He smoked up and shot off the last third of my HP without me being able to do anything about it, using what I believe to be the spotting from the deep-submerged Cachalot. The question then becomes, what do I think would have been fair: I think a submarine being able to deep-dive and get unspotted, even by proxy-spotting, is acceptable. I think a submarine being able to see the attacking enemy destroyer during such conditions is also acceptable. I think a submarine being able to relay that visibility to his teammates is not. 20200425_035254_PJSD106-Fubuki_42_Neighbors_Sub.wowsreplay
  12. DeMatt

    What's Mikasa's class?

    I dunno... EN Wikipedia says Mikasa had Krupp Cemented armor, whereas Asahi/Hatsuse/Shikishima had Harvey armor. From what I understand, given that they had the same belt thickness, that gave Mikasa on the order of 15% more protection. Mikasa and Asahi also needed more horsepower out of their engines - 15000 HP versus 14500 HP - to make the same 18 knots speed. Shikishima and Hatsuse had three funnels, while Mikasa and Asahi had two. Were they similar? Yes. But I think they had enough differences to call them separate classes.
  13. DeMatt

    The Mysterious Case of the Flying Dutchman

    I think that's actually Svyatogor, a Russian icebreaker from 1916 that (after a rename, a long career and many refits) is now a museum ship in Saint Petersburg.
  14. DeMatt

    Escape ASW Zone?

    Destroyers have a special ability - when a sub pings within a certain range of them, they get a "bearing was taken on enemy submarine" notification, and a circular zone appears for them. If the destroyer sails into that zone before it disappears, a new zone centered on the enemy submarine appears. Repeat, and eventually the destroyer is guided to where it can depth-charge the submarine. So, the submarine's "escape ASW zone" notification is its warning to run away before the enemy destroyer can track them down.
  15. Vasteras's (Västerås?) depth-charge pattern is terrible. You get two explosions more-or-less immediately (the mortars), then the racks drop six more... but the racks take something like 40 seconds to explode. They don't start exploding until the depth-charge group you fired has reloaded, it takes that long.