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  1. ...Huh. Looking at my Vauquelin's French Navy camo, there seems to have been quite a bit more modified than just "losing" the Guepard's camo. Off the top of my head: Main gun mounts are no longer decorated Bow figurehead missing
  2. Priority AA has two effects: an instantaneous burst of damage, plus a bonus to the continuous AA on the chosen side (and an equivalent penalty on the other side). In the case of the Huang He, the burst damage is 3.5% and the continuous bonus peaks at +50%. "Massive AA Fire" changes this. It doubles the burst damage, at the cost of not applying ANY continuous bonus. As such, it's counterproductive on any ship that has respectable AA. So, if you have "Massive AA Fire", then you won't see any red numbers. The moment you activate the priority AA, there'll be a big white number, then it'll promptly go back to normal.
  3. DeMatt

    5 new free weeb boats.

    Before I forget again: Kongou: EL, EM, BFT, AFT Kirishima: PM, AR, BFT, AFT Haruna: PM, EM, BoS, FP Hiei: PM, EM, BoS, Massive AA Fire And I'm probably going to round them out with: Kongou: CE, DE, AR Kirishima: Manual Secondaries, DE, High Alert Haruna: CE, High Alert, Jack of All Trades, PT Hiei: CE, BFT, AR I might swap Hiei's Massive AA Fire for AFT, given how disappointing it's been.
  4. DeMatt

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    Here's a replay where Assault Transport #3 decided to bypass its port and go to H9, shooting at the enemies as they passed the island there. I was dead at the time, so I switched my camera to follow it when I realized it was off-course. 20200206_230419_PJSC707-Ashigara_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  5. DeMatt

    5 new free weeb boats.

    It's mostly in the captains, but since you do get a new captain with each ship... Kongou: MAM1, DCS1, ASM1 Kirishima: MAM1, DCS1, SBM1 (I should probably swap MAM1 for AAM1) Haruna: MAM1, DCS1, ASM1 (Don't recall ever being detonated without Mag1, so MAM1 works) Hiei: MAM1, DCS1, AAGM1 (Another place where I should try AAM1 instead of MAM1) I'm too lazy to swap captains around, so Kongou's at 14 points and the other three at 11.
  6. DeMatt

    5 new free weeb boats.

    The captains provide different voiceovers - Kongou's the "I am the Dark Mistress, obey me" sort, Kirishima's energetic, Haruna's quiet, and I've forgotten what Hiei's like. Maybe play a few games with each so you can decide which (if any) you like listening to. The ships are all identical - Kongou == Hiei == Kirishima == Haruna == tech-tree Kongo with maxed modules. You may want to keep them all, just so you can build them differently. For example, I have Kongou with a generic build, Kirishima with a secondary build, and Haruna with a survivability build. It's a minor annoyance that the model is specifically Hiei, when the anime was able to distinguish between them, but it's understandable from a "cost versus benefit" perspective. Of course, if you absolutely detested your time in the tech-tree Kongo, you can go ahead and sell them all and use the port slots for something you do enjoy. But I for one like the fastest, longest-ranged tier 5 battleship.
  7. DeMatt

    ARk Royal VS indomitable

    Ark Royal can be played in (most) Operations. Indomitable cannot. Ark Royal has deep aircraft reserves and fast regeneration, making losses bearable. Indomitable does not. Ark Royal has all three types of aircraft - rockets, torpedoes, and level bombers. Indomitable does not. So, yeah. If you can only afford one, buy Ark Royal. If you can afford both, buy Ark Royal and leave Indomitable until you've discovered you're a massive British CV level-bomber ace. Of the other premium CVs, Kaga is probably the best noob-trainer, with her large aircraft reserves. Graf Zeppelin and Saipan can work, in the right hands, but their smaller reserves make their skill floor higher.
  8. DeMatt

    Armed paddle steamer in London port

    It's pretty obviously the Medway Queen model, aside from the doubled funnel. The bridge is the same, there's the decorative gappy-bits on the paddle wheel housing, and the N48 marking is the same on both. I think the single-funnel steamer on the other side of the river is the Canterbury model, for another Dynamo reprise. I think the yellow-topped ships to the player-ship's port-aft (thus to the Medway Queen's bow) are the Goliath model - Parks made it home eventually . Some of the smaller and more distant ships might also be Dynamo veterans, but I can't tell from the standard camera viewpoint. I guess there was a copy-paste error when they assembled the port. Maybe the original deck doohickeys in that spot didn't copy over properly, and the modeler duplicated the funnel rather than leave the deck open.
  9. DeMatt

    Armed paddle steamer in London port

    Looks like somebody made a bit of a mistake when they put her in, though - HMS Medway Queen only has one funnel, and the model in port has two: What makes this odd is that Medway Queen was modeled for Operation Dynamo, and when I looked up a Youtube video of that op, there she has her proper single funnel.
  10. ARP ships get fancy "anime" effects with their fires and torpedo explosions. They have since they were introduced to the game, many moons ago. The Dragon ships also get fancy torpedo explosions, but where the ARP torpedoes explode with a beehive "corrosive torpedo" blast effect, the Dragon torpedoes explode with a "fire and water" blast effect. Note that you aren't going to see either effect if your viewpoint isn't close enough to the explosion, just like the detail on enemy ships goes down the further away your viewpoint is.
  11. DeMatt

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Destroyers

    I've been wanting to see LWM's review of the Siroco, and how she thinks it compares against the Jaguar, pretty much since they came out...
  12. DeMatt

    Is the Shipbuilding Collection done?

    It's done. Completely. The crates have been removed from the Armory, so you're going to have to live with an incomplete collection. If you're absolutely desperate, and you have the 100 doubloons that the crates used to cost, you can try filing a support ticket and asking them nicely to "sell" you a Shipbuilding crate, explaining that you're a slovenly laggard that didn't read all the notices that they were going away with update 0.9.0. If they say "no", all you're out is time.
  13. On ships which have the Repair Party consumable, there's a bug with the HP bar/ship silhouette in the lower-left corner: After taking damage, but before ever triggering the Repair Party, the green "you are (not can, ARE) healing this" portion fills the entire missing-HP section. Triggering the Repair Party shrinks the green portion to the correct proportion. After the first Repair Party finishes, no grey "you can heal this" portion is present in the bar. Ever. I spent some time thinking about tactics: Subs very much want to stay near the limits of their weapon ranges. The torpedoes need distance to adjust their depth and heading, and distance keeps the sub from being detected. A sub with an enemy ship parked overhead, even if it's a BB that can't actually do anything to it, is a very unhappy sub indeed - unable to engage without rising to periscope depth, unable to outrun it in an attempt to disengage. Going bow-on to a sub means it struggles to ping your stern - the bow point "catches" the pings first. This means the sub's torps are merely homing, instead of keel-breaking. A ship or sub running away from homing torpedoes is at a disadvantage compared to one charging into the same torps - it's easier for the homing to account for heading changes in a stern chase than in a bow intercept. Teamwork, as usual, beats lone wolves. An isolated sub is asking to get run down and depth-charged into oblivion; a DD that charges into the open at a sub is prone to getting blasted by all his teammates. Homing torpedoes' horizontal (left-to-right) tracking seems pretty good. Their vertical (up-and-down) tracking, however, isn't. Subs should change depth to avoid torps. Some other random factoids: Trento's SAP does, in fact, work on subs - I was able to land a salvo with it for 1602 damage. A'course, then I switched to AP to see if it was caused by a direct hit (after-action report said "no"), and did nothing further to the guy. Bot BBs need to learn to fire HE at subs. Nothing more embarrassing than watching a bot BB churn up the water, firing salvo after salvo, and doing nothing besides raise splashes. I sincerely hope that AP-only cruisers like Leander continue to have their depth charges. Otherwise, they're down to hoping their secondaries can do the job.
  14. That's... not how it works: Press X to select the target, like selecting your target with a surface ship's guns. The target will show two lock-on boxes, one at the bow and the other at the stern. Press 1 to select your "ping" ability. Press 1 repeatedly to toggle between "wide and slow" versus "narrow and fast" pings. Aim the mouse at the target, adjusting as necessary to lead the target. Click the mouse to "fire" your ping. Wait for the ping wave to hit - or miss - one of the lock-on boxes. You do not click on the lock-on box. You need to hit it with the ping, as if the ping was a shot from your guns.
  15. DeMatt

    (Public Test Server) Working Or What?

    The server hit its 4:00 UTC shutdown time about eighty minutes ago, as of this posting. It'll be turned back on at 12:00 UTC, or about six and a half hours from now.