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  1. When your left on your own

    Yeah sorry should've mentioned that in the first post but it was late and I was tired.
  2. When your left on your own

    I was the only one on that side of the map for a long time holding vs 6 ships
  3. When your left on your own

    I normally play tier 10, but that gets dull after a while. Low tier shenanigans is way more fun sometimes.
  4. When your left on your own

    seal club as hard as possible :D warning the following images may be disturbing to low tier players.
  5. Change one thing to a tech tree ship

    If STS gets modeled I want Yamato's cit fixed
  6. Looking for a clan

    What's your stats look like?
  7. What is the best torp DD in the game at TIER 5?

    Minakaze/Fujin/Kamakaze/Kamakaze R
  8. Where is my wubwub horn WG?

    I would like to see my horn back as well
  9. Montana Over-buffed?

    yes it does, its got HALF or more of the number of battles, that will put a serious dent in actual stats
  10. Montana Over-buffed?

    UHHHHHHHh, there is a almost 20k diff in games from the monty and conq on NA, a 30k diff on EU ding dong that's pretty significant
  11. Montana Over-buffed?

    and you see no issue with that??? to get a better result you need the same sample size
  12. Montana Over-buffed?

    yes but you are comparing a large sample size to a small one
  13. Montana Over-buffed?

    no more like its necessary to take not only last 2 week stats, but also a set amount of battles that is the same for both ships, such as last 2 weeks, out of 5000k battles, then you can get a more accurate statistic. please don't patronize me.
  14. Montana Over-buffed?

    ok cool, nice but NC and Iowa doesnt have 409mm of side armor, which is what causes the real issue with the lowered cit. also your oh so fine numbers are MEGA-off set, since the monty is the most or second most played ship on the server than any other bar yamato
  15. Montana Over-buffed?

    im not crying or butt-hurt at all, i just want a thoughtful discussion about the Montana, i feel its been a bit over-buffed. i also stay as far away from reddit as possible