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  1. Stalingrad vs Kronshtadt

    "Auto bounce angles" is not a thing. It's called shell normalisation and means that shells with a high norm have a higher chance of penning at weird angles. So many people mad over not being able to get Stalingrad.
  2. How Does One Fight Against Cancer Divisions?

    I found that the best way is to get your team to help focus the aa ships
  3. Best of the Best - Air Defense

    Full AAspec Minotaur, planes just start dropping at 8.6km out or you can hold fire until they spot you and delete entire squadrons with ease. Otherwise full AAspec Grosi and Gearing are really good as well At tier 7 i prefer the Hood, no one nowadays expects a dfaa BB. At tier 8 the Kidd and Kutuzov are both Cwis material Tier 9 goes to my Iowa/Missouri with aaspec you get upwards of 500 dps on the bofors alone.
  4. DD teamkiller or stupid BB player?

    DDs fault, at that range in a bb I would be trying to brawl the enemy bb so a DD should only interfere after the two have passes. What I see depicted is a greedy DD player, you should know full well that if the bb turned away at that range the enemy bb would most likely one shot his broadside.
  5. Throwback Thursday - Premium Ships

    Scharnhorst and Hood: Scharnhorst is all around soild and Hood is a monster if played right. Otherwise Kaga is a joy to play with a huge hanger capacity. ARP Nachi: solid ship like all Myokous, she's just my favorite of the Myokous
  6. Fix Radar and hydro thru mountains , enough is enough

    No comrade, if radar see through island, stay behind island untill done.
  7. British aircraft carriers

    Inb4 Brit CVs have radar, same planes for all tiers, and single plane squads. Plus smoke.
  8. What is your Warships.today description?

    Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao Mostly plays battleships, especially high-tier and is excellent in them Deals a large amount of damage Rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Yamato
  9. Not a fan of the Alabama

    It's shell travel time is really bad, if you think your leading enough then you probablely not. Use your above average rudder shift and superb turning circle to your advantage. Also remember that you have amazing torp protection and aa as an advantage as well. You may have slow shells but this means they come in at good angles at closer ranges than most other BBs, this lets you put massive pen damage into the superstructures of bow on BBs.
  10. How bout stop making like 10 cry posts at a time
  11. clan battle season 3 poll 9v9 or 7v7

    No I think it's balanced as is, having 9 members is hard enough to juggle for CW right now lol.
  12. These could also be shells for Italian BBs
  13. I hope these are new shells for Brit BBs lol