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  1. Hindenburg: Range or Reload?

    Range for competitive, reload for randoms. You can use range in randoms to, but it is less needed.
  2. Why have different caliber guns?

    I can gurrentee u that the 100mm guns can not stand up to the fire power any tier 10 cruiser can dish out. The 1/4 HE pen just makes them more comfortable vs DDs, cruisers with 25mm plating, and BB superstructures.
  3. Jean Bart - a little too strong

    But it has stealth and super heal to the advantage. French BBs have neither, only a marginally better top speed. And even with the superstructures other BBs saturation damage is a major concern, where as with French BBs this isn't an issue since they can take damage anywhere but the turrets and armored bridge are vulnerable
  4. Jean Bart - a little too strong

    No he spam doesn't work the same vs all bbs. French BBs take it the worst because of the 32mm plating that ALL tier 10 CAs can Penn without IFHE and the wooster can with it. Other tier 10 bbs have large immunity zones to certain cruisers due to the armor value of the plating on things such as the deck, upper belt, and other external plating.
  5. Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    The Kirov Class Battlecruisers
  6. Gneisen-ooooooooh.

    I don't get everyone's issue, I love the gneis, she plays a lot like how I'd invision the O Class Battlecruisers would play.
  7. Death pickle shenanigans

    Excuse the screen cap and damage miss count (174k instead of 179k)
  8. Death pickle shenanigans

    Wish I had my computer right now (on mobile). So I can post my 179k damage game. *WG plz gib back dubstep horn*
  9. clan battles extension for tonight?

    This is a major issue for my clan, we have a few members but are dedicated and have made it to the top league each season. But now we can not even run a match due to most of my team stuck in our previous match when the server crashed, they are therefore unable to join the new division. This is absolutely ruining our clan progress, not to mention that the last game we where in the struggle for Typhoon and now we don't even know if our hard fought win counts. If it counts as a loss this will mean we are back to storm league 1, which needless to say is total [edited].
  10. Clan battles? what happen to 8v8?

    I rather prefer the current set up, 8vs8 is just too much.
  11. Gneis may fire slow but she is very very fast, faster than scharn. She also boasts good secondaries and decent accuracy. She's really good at punishing same tier BBs and lower. She can also dunk cruisers when they least expect it. Bis/Tirp still play fine for me, I honesty don't feel any power creep. FDG is.....yeah I'll give u that it is meh, I just really love the way she looks.
  12. I like it because next to Montana it's the most tank tier 10 bb, And yes none sec builds feel a bit lackluster but using the 17inch guns gives you the heaviest broadside in the game and is loads of fun abusing it. Now yes the accuracy is bad but workable. It's still loads of fun for randoms but falls flat in competitive, mainly because it lacks long range accuracy.
  13. Gneis, is a fairly strong ship in my opinion. Bismarck is really good just like Tirpitz just hydro and no torps FDG is hit or miss it really isn't steller but is by no means bad GK is really fun in a meme build but isn't very competitive, still great for random games.
  14. Up until tier 7 the German bb line is just suffering
  15. Discord or Teamspeak? for a casual clan

    Discord hands down.