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  1. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    AA Bug on Ostergotland!!!!

    Not a bug an allied plane flew through your flak bursts
  2. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    How to gunboat destroyer? (IJN)

    https://youtu.be/E6kpoVZLtyI Basically any DD u come across you can out gun, you need IFHE, and in my opinion BFT and AFT. What you should be doing in trying to get on the flank that the enemy will push then just stuff it by focusing cruisers and BBs.
  3. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    So WG

    When you gonna make Kleber take AP full pens?
  4. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Tired of being perpetual victim for world of warships

    I've had the same captain on my Yamato since open beta, (with a couple respecs for free thrown in there). As to what you said it seems you need to learn plating theasholds. For example, 203mm guns can HE pen 32mm of armor, which means you can pen bow and stern of tier 8 and up battleships. However some bbs like German and Russian, are much more resilient to HE spam because of heavier plating. I haven't had the chance to check your stats yet but it sounds like you're a cruiser player. HE pen is a massive part of your style of play, it also helps to know that you should never be close to battleships, learn to abuse your detection ranges and or islands. You have the ability to pick and choose your fights (minus perma-spotting by a DD). As for hitting dds that just comes with practice, id suggest looking at some same tier and higher dds to learn their max speeds so you can better guess how much to lead by.
  5. So I've been playing this game since alpha, and since then I've seen many ships come through to testing or teased, or even making into the game to be removed. One thing I want to know is the official status of these ships because some of them are highly sought after or wanted, others are just cool ships. Here's a list I have so far: Shinano: Last seen Early Alpha Tone: Last seen ???? Kitakami: Last seen end of Beta Siegfried: Last seen 2019?? Yashima/Shikishima: Last seen Jan 14th 2020 Slava: Last seen 2019???? Not to mention the odd tier CVs and long ago hints at second USN, IJN, RN BB lines, these are all I can think of right now. What else can you guys remember being hinted to make it to the game but suddenly going MIA?
  6. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Battleship Help

    Know your opponate armor schemes along with your own, with this learn your overmatch theasholds. At that tier Mutsu can overmatch every ship at her tier and tier 7 (minus German bb bow armor sections). While dunkerque can't overmatch same tier BBs or even tier 5 bbs.
  7. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    ST, changes to test ships

    She gets Battlecruiser dispersion curve
  8. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Thunderer - aiming

    It's got the slowest AP rounds out of all tier 10 BBs. It is also the most accurate tier 10 BB. These two combined make it difficult to aim, but if you learn it well it will greatly reward you. I say it's accuracy is bad for aiming because there is so little room for error in aiming. You have to be spoton or you'll miss the entire salvo. Don't forget her HE is also very good, but suffers the for the same reasons as the AP.
  9. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Should I choose Jean Bart or Smolensk

    Smolensk if you want to be cancer. Jean Bart if you're honorable.
  10. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Give CV more Armament Choices

    Please no.
  11. Perfectly fine, they did the same with Musashi and something similar with Missouri.
  12. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Red Camo for Takao?

    I wish i could have the red camo
  13. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Hey solo players

    Sorry to point this out, but you spelled "recruiting" wrong
  14. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Quick Question to 90th Clans

    My assumption is that they will start with 91 and head from there with letters till they reach 92. Rinse and repeat until the entire wows player base is in a 90th sub-clan lol. XD
  15. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Why lock Yashima to steel of all things?

    I'm personally fine with Yashima's stats and steel cost right now. I got the steel and the want for the ship, even if she isn't the best. Personally I'd prefer this to some sort of gimmicky OP or niche ship. This one is simple and straight forward. It's a Yamato hull (which is fairly good) with a slightly worse reload, better aa, and less but bigger guns. It's an alt to the Yamato and in a good non-gimmick way. Will she be as competitive as Yamato? Prob Not, but I think she will be still be a fun ship.