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  1. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    KM CVs win WW2, and sink WoWS

    All of their armament is effective at both Dot and Alpha. German CVs suffer from terrible plane HP and the rocket planes can't overmatch even DD plating (8-10 dds at least) Japanese dive bombers and torp bombers are better than the German ones besides the torp flooding chance and the dive bombers are more accurate for IJN. Then there is the British CVs which are basiclly American cvs but worse in every way since they can't pen most bbs and mainly rely on dot damage.
  2. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    KM CVs win WW2, and sink WoWS

    The American CVs are still literally the best in the game.
  3. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Are KRIEGSMARINE CVs real?

    American CVs are still the best in the game. Also it isn't like there are not other paper ships in game. (Montana, Izumo, Shikishima, Nicholas, most Russian BBs and high tier cruisers, GK and Hindenburg) how come this is the line that broke your ships keel?
  4. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Ideal cruiser targets for rocket planes tier 10?

    AP rockets only are on German CVs, and yes you do not want to aim for the deck or to hard of an angle.
  5. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Ideal cruiser targets for rocket planes tier 10?

    My bad its 30mm but there is where you can find it
  6. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Ideal cruiser targets for rocket planes tier 10?

    I'll screen shot it for you when I get home from work
  7. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Ideal cruiser targets for rocket planes tier 10?

    Mouse over the rocket planes in the ship stats screen, it should show your Pen, u can do the same for HE shells on ships main batt and sec
  8. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Ideal cruiser targets for rocket planes tier 10?

    Check the pen of your rockets vs the deck armor of ships. Haks has 33mm of pen I believe therefore it is effective vs all ships with 32mm plating or less
  9. Same reason the US licence builds the M240B and the L/44 for the Abrams. Someone else haves it why spend money developing something that already does what u want.
  10. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    IJN BBs Accuracy and how to deal with it?

    Dispersion is the maximum deviation of the shells Sigma is the grouping of the shells, higher sigma equals tighter groupings
  11. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    IJN BBs Accuracy and how to deal with it?

    After over 1000 battles in my Yamato I can def say that the ship is worth it. Japanese battleships DO have higher accuracy at long range. Yamato is better than montys past 16km (or 18km can remember) but the difference below that is irrelevant though you can get some wonky salvos sometimes. Kremlin follows a different dispersion curve and is the second most accurate tier 10 BB, first being thunderer. Most other BBs follow the usn curve and Japanese follow their own. Japanese battleships though (at least Yamato I know for sure) have far better sigma than other BBs. This means better shell grouping. Some of your misses my however stem from the slow shell velocity compared to other lines (Monty and thunderer are comparable to Yamatos velocity) however they retain their shell speed better. They are very middle road bbs for about everything, they excel in the long range because they have the highest ranges and some of the best accuracy at those ranges. Not to mention the Yamato class at tier 10 (And Musashi at tier 9) can overmatch 32mm plating. Which means you can bow pen every bb in the game (some easier than others) and she has the best sigma at tier 10 (maybe thunderer is better however I'm not sure) at 2.1 just keep practicing and you'll do fine. I suggest you go with a full tank build on them, since their secondaries are sub-par and next to the Russian and German BBs they are the third most resistant to HE shells (owing to Yamatos 57 and 50 mm deck) though they are not close range fiends like the previous two. Pick and choose your shots carefully and you will be greatly rewarded. (However yamato can just about fire at anything and not care). Also if you already have yamato just don't fire HE ever, it truly isn't worth it. Also I suggest https://wowsft.com/ for any sort of arty charts or stat checks
  12. Someone wanna link the vid where (Yuro I believe) took like 40k damage in his Zao from a AI fort in like less than 2 mins
  13. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    How to gunboat destroyer? (IJN)

    https://youtu.be/E6kpoVZLtyI Basically any DD u come across you can out gun, you need IFHE, and in my opinion BFT and AFT. What you should be doing in trying to get on the flank that the enemy will push then just stuff it by focusing cruisers and BBs.
  14. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    So WG

    When you gonna make Kleber take AP full pens?
  15. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Tired of being perpetual victim for world of warships

    I've had the same captain on my Yamato since open beta, (with a couple respecs for free thrown in there). As to what you said it seems you need to learn plating theasholds. For example, 203mm guns can HE pen 32mm of armor, which means you can pen bow and stern of tier 8 and up battleships. However some bbs like German and Russian, are much more resilient to HE spam because of heavier plating. I haven't had the chance to check your stats yet but it sounds like you're a cruiser player. HE pen is a massive part of your style of play, it also helps to know that you should never be close to battleships, learn to abuse your detection ranges and or islands. You have the ability to pick and choose your fights (minus perma-spotting by a DD). As for hitting dds that just comes with practice, id suggest looking at some same tier and higher dds to learn their max speeds so you can better guess how much to lead by.