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  1. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Uh ST applications closed already?

    I saw the application post and saw that the cut off will be this Friday the 22nd of November. However when I click on the link I get a message stating "No more responses are permitted for this survey." Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    What a hot minute looks like

    https://clips.twitch.tv/UnusualTenaciousTaroHotPokket My current best game in Harugumo and my first Yamamoto Kraken in it.
  3. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Arpeggio of blue steel

    Of course im holding hope they add the i400 class for subs, personally I can't see why not. (Submersible Takao when?)
  4. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Update Sound fixes.

    Everything is too quiet, the initial patch was much much better.
  5. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Why is everything so quiet now?

    No it really didn't, i have all of them to max, but my dd gun sounds sound muted. adjusting the sliders just makes everything quieter. Why would they try and combine the sliders. Its actually horrendous.
  6. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Why is everything so quiet now?

    Name says it all. Patch dropped and everything was epic, now on the same volume setting everything is super quiet. Turning up the volume doesn't really help, the sound just falls super flat and doesn't sound nearly as good anymore. The reverb is just gone on guns, I can't even hear my engine at all anymore.
  7. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    Clan wars map, it's way past time.

    I never want a global map like the way world of tanks did it. It shuts down any small clans/ok clans, it's extremely toxic because your fighting purely for a resource that is always sold in game and has a monetary value. Big clans or very good clans always take a bunch of land then make deals to not attack one another's land so they just sit on huge parts of the map, anytime a small clan makes a move on the map any good clan in the area attack it and force them out. No I'm not in favor of a wot global map copy. If it was done differently then it might be interesting, but I don't want it to be for gold as the a daily resource. If anything stronghold battles would be a better fit.
  8. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    When is the RCN going to get its respect from WowS

    No, no more copies
  9. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    First US Sub Commander (seriously)

    Seriously if it isn't Lawson "Red" Ramage I'm quiting
  10. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    French event is not fair for some players

  11. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    French event is not fair for some players

    It rewards players like myself that have played a long time while also rewards newer players, if you want the resources grind out more ships, plus as I know it the event rewards refresh daily so for someone like me with 100 ships I can get 100 rewards daily IF I play 100 battles which I won't do, most players may play 20-30 battles and I'm sure you can easily get 20-30 ships, I can't even play everyday so I might just try and pound it out on the weekends
  12. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    No one cruiser is better than the other, all the bbs are viable choices and the only DD that is considered bad is the YY. It is the most balanced tier currently
  13. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    Wut Tier 10 is the most balanced tier
  14. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    Exactly even if your not a amazing player you can still easily net 10k a match
  15. Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Takao

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    Then NTC shouldnt bother you if you care not for end tier, they also state that they may decrease the threshold for earned rewards which mean u may only have to grind to tier 8, and they may and most likely will add other tier ships as rewards.