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  1. No MM monitor around?

    For the record, XVM was never an accurate indicator either. It was just easier to use since it was a mod you could overlay right into the game UI so it saw a wider user base that included a lot less, um... discerning users.
  2. No MM monitor around?

    It’s still around. Not sure if it is still part of Aslain’s though. You can download it directly for sure though.
  3. Hey RNG, I am interested in joining you guys. I have been pretty much soloing randoms, but would like to get into more competitive game modes and more division play.
  4. Are people getting these rewards immediately after claiming them? I went through the site, did the "check", was told I could redeem, and was told I had claimed my reward successfully, but nothing showed up in my account in-game... Curious if there is some delay or if I need to submit a ticket.
  5. Seattle B Hull

    Has anyone tested this in game? Is it just a tooltip bug? It looks like a simple digit flip (14.3 vs 13.4) but I don't know how that gets past QA if it actually in game vs a tooltip issue...
  6. Free XP needed to unlock new tree?

    Why would you need to start over? You should have a tier 8 cleveland if you already ground the old line. You start there and only have to grind tier 9/10... This is how it has been for EVERY line split WG has done, they have never given you the whole line just for having the old line.
  7. Yes, every captain got retrained regardless of where they were located.
  8. San Francisco Naval yard

    That was basically the result of the discussion. The background doesn’t add up, but the buildings and facility were mostly spot on.
  9. San Francisco Naval yard

    I lost the thread, but there was a discussion a little while back with a fair amount of evidence that the premium port is actually mare island (or at a minimum modeled heavily after it but with different landscape surrounding it)
  10. Not sure about your island height example... but if the island blocks line of sight then it is a yes/no and unless a consumable is used, both ships will detect each other when they are 2 km apart regardless of ship type or normal detection distance. Vigilance can also change that value, but 2 km is the default and what most people will experience.
  11. Zoom While Free Looking 1.3

    Must be a setting or something, I can zoom with torps using shift just like with guns. Not as useful cuz of the camera angle though :/
  12. I have to wonder if anyone thought this through if that was the intent. I am happy you guys are doing things to try to incentivize people to come back to play. But this seems to have been very poorly implemented/executed. There are people who haven’t played in awhile logging in and getting nothing, but people who login regularly but don’t PVP are getting this... Beyond that, it’s the content of the package that irks me. 150k free XP and 2 tier 5/6 premiums? So all the people you bring back can jump straight into tier 5/6/7 even though they haven’t played in months and use ships they haven’t used before so we can further dilute the playing experience? Great, yet another way you can screw those of us playing regularly! Look, I won’t quit over this. I still love the game, but I had to grind hard (or spend money) to get the 150k FXP I had on my account. A FXP sale is something we all need/want, and have been asking for. But even though we were willing to spend money and just wanted to get more bang for our buck, you instead give away a pile of FXP to random players just for not playing (or at least that’s the theory, again not sure about the execution...) Now I’m not even sure I’ll spend money because this whole thing rubbed me the wrong way.
  13. No.... triangle with an exclamation is the new indicator for radar/hydro... not listed in any patch notes
  14. It’s not that WG gave stuff away to get people back, it’s that they gave ALOT away. And not just random stuff, but good stuff active players want/need. Maybe this all blows over, but a PR storm is brewing and I am having Murmansk/Alabama flashbacks and have a feeling WG may have again underestimated what the community reaction would be to this...
  15. I earned all of my OR red containers in CO-OP... that said, I hear what you’re saying, but that’s not going to make it go over better and the longer it takes WG to make an official announcement the worse the shitstorm will get...