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  1. Not that I saw. I'm guessing it's to encourage people to get ships/commanders into CW setups and participate in the new mode
  2. Or you are unfortunate enough to not play in EST prime time. To me, that is the nail in the coffin for this whole thing. Forget the rest, why limit it even further with such a tight window to play in? It's all a matter of perception, and right now WG has done about everything they can to make this appear to cater to/favor some small minority of elite EST clans to farm the system
  3. The premium shop in game doesn't show any bundles, only the website has them which is the OPs issues. OP- just do the missions and you'll get the camo. If you really want a bundle you need to submit a support ticket.
  4. Most achievements only award flags once every 24 hours. So you can have 20 confederate achievements in a 24 hour period, but you still only get 10 flags for the first one, after that you get nothing. EDIT: also, everything except first blood awards 10 flags for each achievement.
  5. From what could tell, prem was always included, they just added in the daily doubles and XP flags
  6. Fixed that for you!
  7. Bottom left of the port is a little orange icon. Click that and it will open the contacts list. Then just click the "add player" button at the bottom and then search for the name, right click and add to contacts
  8. Are you possibly playing co-op instead of random (can't tell from your profile since you're posting from an alt) 3 citadels from a Kongo should have been fairly substantial damage unless you were hitting a tier 3, and I would have expected a higher base XP than that in PVP (again unless you were smacking around tier 3s) or your other hits were all bounces and didn't do any damage
  9. BBs can use either plane type at higher tiers. So if they choose to pass on the extended range they can get the fighter, but it doesn't give the other perks. I have no issues with letting them choose, and I am guessing most of the confusion comes from BBs running fighters instead of scouts. However, if scouts really are giving both bonuses that is in fact broken and needs to be fixed
  10. Where are you looking to determine none in reserve?
  11. Actually, if the dev postings in the EU forums are to be believed, grizz is correct. If a squadron leaves the AA bubble, they will reset their HP to the ratio of how many aircraft are still alive. So losing 1 aircraft out of a 4 plane squadron means squadron HP is reset to 3/4 of max. Individual planes do not have HP, the squad does. The damage is randomly assigned to aircraft within the squad as long as the squad is under attack, which is why sometimes aircraft die very fast (ie all the damage went to 1 aircraft) or not at all (damage spread across all the planes evenly). Also, AA does not stack, each ship engages individually and essentially has a separate DPS encounter with the squad. So while yes there is 2 sets of DPS inc to the squad, they don't add it all together and then spread it out, they take one ships dmg and assign it, then the next. So you end up with more distribution of the damage across the squad than you would if it got added together which means with how the other mechanics work, planes survive longer. Also, focusing a squad does in fact adjust the DPS value...
  12. Pickle discovered yesterday that the 19th point takes 9,999,999 XP.... We are assuming it's a bug but that is what the UI says right now
  13. I'm pretty sure all of the ship-specific stats take at least prem into acct. I've only played 1 game in my Arkansas Beta and my highest xp is also my average xp so it's either using prem for both, or for neither from what I can tell
  14. The reserve is across all nations AFAIK, however you can only see captains for the nation you are currently viewing. My guess is you have a bunch of IJN captains in reserve?
  15. Check the mission details carefully, some are a total count, some are in a single game. If you get a single game mission and don't complete it in that game it will wipe your "progress" which makes it appear as if nothing is counting or things aren't working correctly.