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  1. Helbent


    Did you read any of the responses? Or just trolling? The missions always end early morning PST the day they announce. If they say “won’t be available after Jan 25th”, they mean after 3 am Jan 25th.... which is exactly what they said in the actual announcement.
  2. Helbent

    CV's in Clan Battles

    Agreed they can shake things up further to make it work, but they never seemed interested in trying that to make current CVs work. TBH if it requires a complete overhaul of how CBs work in order to allow CV participation I wouldn’t call that a success. At the same time, I wouldn’t call it a failure just because they can’t make it work in the CB format. Seeing a healthy CV population where having the worse CV on your team isn’t an instant loss should be the real measuring stick.
  3. Helbent

    CV's in Clan Battles

    The problem with trying to bring CVs into clan battles is the ship count. You bring a CV in, and there are only 6 surface ships to cover the whole map. If a CV is “balanced” against AA in randoms, then it will roll surface ships in CB since they will be forced to spread out more and can’t overlap AA. Or everyone just moves around in scared huddles to protect against the CV, I suppose that works too.
  4. The only thing WG did was make it impossible to get detonated at 100% HP. You can still eat 3 cits and die, or eat a cit and THEN get detonated.
  5. Helbent

    Clan Battles cheating

    So... if this is such a rampant issue you shouldn’t have any trouble naming a clan that is doing this right? Plenty of people have already posted proof the top clans aren’t doing it, so show us who is...
  6. You keep saying that, and yet these 4 ships ALREADY HAVE a different fire duration than every other cruiser in the game. They are already different, and despite how MM treats them they are in a class of their own and should be balanced accordingly...
  7. Both sites only show players that have been looked up. That’s how the WG API works so they don’t really have a way to do anything else. So I would guess that if you had true server numbers things would generally trend lower as most players probably aren’t looking themselves up to check their stats.
  8. That argument could be made for every tech tree ship in the game... how do people not see that?
  9. Helbent

    A Couple of Thoughts on Clan Battles

    This is wrong. A and B are identical, and you can progress your steel missions in either one. Whichever team has the higher rating determines your clans rank, but otherwise there is no difference in running A or B
  10. Helbent

    Random Battle Anomalies

    So what you’re saying is that in order to do this “analysis” to find these super secret bots, you had to exhibit the same suicidal behavior that you say is a telltale sign that they are bots? And you did this repeatedly for 100 games? And don’t think there’s a chance anyone else might just play the same way you did? Also, WoWs China server is run by a third party, WG is not involved in the daily operations of the server. Edit: also how the hell are you working in China and don’t know why the NA server is banned? Seriously?
  11. Helbent

    Premium BB Nerf Inbound, watch out!

    These are on the PTS for 7.11... I wouldn’t be so confident they aren’t coming to live. check LWMs post if you want to see details of what it actually means to gameplay
  12. Helbent

    Citadel HIT??

    No. The citadel ribbon is the “hit” ribbon. If you get a full pen that isn’t a cit, you get the pen ribbon.
  13. Compassghost had the right answer for you. I’ve seen it a lot in my Wooster because I’m so close to islands, but the same thing happens. Shells hit the island, but no impact is registered and my client shows them continuing. But they never do any damage when they “hit” the enemy. It’s frustrating, but it’s a client render glitch, not an issue with the TK system.
  14. Helbent

    No MM monitor around?

    For the record, XVM was never an accurate indicator either. It was just easier to use since it was a mod you could overlay right into the game UI so it saw a wider user base that included a lot less, um... discerning users.
  15. Helbent

    No MM monitor around?

    It’s still around. Not sure if it is still part of Aslain’s though. You can download it directly for sure though.