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  1. Baralis

    Video Card Upgrade

    I dont understand why so many people suggest a 1050TI when a RX 570 is not only generally cheaper but also performs 40%+ better on average. The 570 is the best frame per $ on the market currently. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti-vs-AMD-RX-570/3649vs3924
  2. +1 I also feel the prices are a bit to steep. I mean you can purchase an entire AAA game for the price on one T8 premium ship. I think cutting premium ship prices by 50% would be more reasonable.
  3. In my view Wargaming seems to have a poor record of good decision making when it comes to their titles. I started out with WoT and had over 25K battles there but over time the game became less and less fun for me. I eventually quit WoT and started playing WoWs. Like WoT I had a lot of fun in WoWs in the beginning but with the addition of things like smoke, radar, power creeping some of my favorite ships, and now the CV rework, it has become a game that Im losing interest in and it may end up shelved just as WoT has. WG seems to suffer the same problem that so many other games do. They are always "evolving" to keep things fresh and interesting in an attempt to draw in more players but what this will often do is fundamentally transform the original product that so many loved into something less enjoyable for those that enjoyed the initial product.
  4. Baralis

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    The Musashi can work very well if you maintain situational awareness, it suffers greatly if caught out of place. Out of 39 matches yesterday I only lost a star 4 times and all of those were cases of me being to aggressive and being caught in a bad situation.
  5. I purchased a three bedroom house but then the seller later determined that it was to much house for me and so against my wishes disassembled one of the bedrooms. How would most people take that scenario? I find it surprising and frankly disturbing that we have come to accept such behavior from game developers. In what other industry would we be willing to accept the seller change the product after we have made the purchase? Most wouldn't except it unless it was a clear gain for them. If they do start changing premiums after the fact then I for one will never buy another.
  6. I support this idea if they spawn in next to the enemy CVs.
  7. WG realized that it is a poor system and mentioned plans to eventually rework the system but it was a low priority. I agree that in its current state it almost a troll function. Potato out and your team will report you for poor play. Do well and a salty adversary will report you for poor play. Then we have the flip side where you can be complemented in the same scenarios. My advise, don't take it seriously.
  8. Baralis

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    I have gotten 2x 5K free xp so far.
  9. Baralis

    Two Supercontainers in a Row!

    I go months without a SC but when I do get one I almost always get a 2nd one the same day.