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  1. Two Supercontainers in a Row!

    I go months without a SC but when I do get one I almost always get a 2nd one the same day.
  2. I gave up for the day after having a few matches in which my ship would freeze for 2-3 second duration's.
  3. It doesn't help that a certain fairly popular WoWS youtube personality suggests new BB players use HE until they get a better feel for the game aka angles/armor/penetration, that some consistent damage is better than no damage salvos. I think this starts new players off with the wrong mindset and they chose to never learn appropriate shell usage.
  4. The Blys is still my goto DD and I still feel confident going into a knife fight against any other T6-T8 DD with her. The one area where I feel she could use a very slight bump, if any, would be to her concealment. When uptiered in particular her concealment is her biggest disadvantage imo.
  5. What is wrong with DD ?

    I've noticed a lot more DDs recently, particularly gunboat DDs, that avoid confrontation at all cost. They avoid caps, spotting, or engaging the enemy and will very often be found hanging out (and sometimes behind) the BBs. Its very frustrating.
  6. blue yamato! you are mine!!!!!

    Congratulations! I am still at 20/35 with 9 duplicates. I've been pretty unlucky recently with drops. My last 5-6 containers have not given me any portraits.
  7. Currency Unification

    I suspect only WG knows the true reason but I believe it is due to the sheer amount of gold many people have stockpiled in WoT as clan war rewards. If they were able to spent it in WoWs they would have little incentive to spent any $.
  8. I had a match yesterday where a DD had gotten behind us and was headed toward our CV. I notified our CV of the issue and told him that if he could send over a plane to spot the DD I would do my best to kill it. Our CV replied "No I need my fighters to escort my bombers". Two minutes later the DD sinks our CV and our CV goes into a rant about how much we all suck yadda yadda...for the next 5 minutes. /facepalm
  9. Rate the maps - Group 1

  10. Giulio Cesare

    She quickly joined my short list along with the Sharnhorst as the most enjoyable ships to play.
  11. ASIA: 08.01 21:00 UTC CIS: 09.01 02:00 UTC EU: 09.01 05:00 UTC NA: 09.01 10:00 UTC Scheduled fix times
  12. Got the Okhotnik

    I tend to play it more as a gun boat than a torpedo boat I've had good success sneaking up on broadside CLs and ambushing them with AP. You can really punish them with all those guns.
  13. My concern is how the Musashi with her HUGE health pool and T10 guns may disrupt the T7 matchmaking. T7 may become the new tier to club.
  14. system crash

    I've seen a few threads since the patch where people are suffering similar issues. I had not had any problems myself until I did my biannual OS reinstall on friday. Now with a fresh OS and WoWS install I crash to desktop when loading a match about 1 in 8 battles. Annoying but not the end of the world.
  15. 3 x $3 crates 1000 doubloons 15x Red Dragon Flags Okhotnik I'd say I got a great value for what I payed so I am quitting while I'm ahead.