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  1. Read his response again: "This bug has been fixed in update 0.8.2 and at the moment the mechanics work correctly (all bombs fall at the same speed) and do not require additional changes.  " They are claiming there is no other bug that this was the reason for the change. A clear lie. Sure let me give you the Yamato that you partially paid money for for a week and later make up a bug that none reported and change the ap velocity by 40%. Sure you can find a way to make it work and this change does not make the UK bombs unworkable but it was a stealth nerf and that is the point of this.
  2. I am sure to some like you this is not enough to make them leave, and i am glad you can keep enjoying the game. For me this is a breach of trust here that has nothing to do with the nerf being okay or being happy like some that it happened to CVs. I am not going to spend the energy i spent on this every time i suspect WG stealth nerfed something and that is why this is unfix-able for me. All i want now is that everyone that stays knows the next time someone makes an accusation the burden of disproving it will be on WG and perhaps they will not get dismissed as easily with tin foil hat memes.
  3. Nonsense like this is what they expect that this gets swept under the rug. I will not let it happen, watch the videos i compiled, on none of them the drops of the first wave drop slower like in the one they put out. This has nothing to do with the nerf in bomb speed i compiled evidence for, is a deflection. I spent years playing this game and if WG is gonna ruin that time i spent with this game i will make sure this issue does not get buried.
  4. So you are officially stealth nerfing. You put the carries for early realease with option to buy the t8 with containers and later nerfed it. You then get caught and come up with this side bug that explains nothing. The bombs are dropping slower on all the clips i compiled, they are not then dropping a late first wave like in your clip. This explains NOTHING. I will ask then, is this this wg final answer on this? . If it is then im out and i will make sure the community knows this precedent was set on all the other forums and will try to get it out through Jingles the only CC that will probably speak out on this for the rest of you. What a [edited] way to leave this game.
  5. Indiox

    Yamato Gun Dispersion

    That was my initial though too but it happens to me only when i fast target. Haven't seen anyone get that bug on a target locked for a long time.
  6. Indiox

    Yamato Gun Dispersion

    Holy [edited], that first one is strange enough but the second one was very poor dispersion too. Unfortunately checking dispersion changes is stupid amounts of works. I will ask my clan mates if they noticed anything.
  7. Indiox

    Space assault mode

    Damn 11 kills well done
  8. Indiox

    Space assault mode

    Did not even know that achievement was a thing, i am gonna go hunt it down with a DD. I have master the art of being a Guardian of the Galaxy though. Gotten that one quite a few times. Also we are doing our own achievement to see who can get the most damage. We are up to 422k.
  9. Indiox

    Space assault mode

    Funny you said that because this was the reaction most of my clan mates and me had. I really hope they end up adding this mode to the general game, because is on of the few were you can have fast and fun action at closer ranges. We been playing it all day saw some o7s and edgecase there too so i am glad we are not the only ones that liked it.
  10. I like that expanded idea more now. The problem with this is that i do not see how this would not lead to the class receiving a buffed alpha or loosing popularity. Unfortunately that's not something we can afford considering the reactions the player base has to CVs right now. That said i see a good long term change for the class in your idea if we can get WG to implement some form of counter-play that makes the CVs feel a true part of the game. In the old system cvs made you feel like a King with a bunch of pawns to protect or sacrifice in order to win. In the new system CVs are more like a Rook, still being the most powerful and versatile piece down to the tools it gets given. Ideally i do not think any change in power level for them is going to change the perception people have of them. There are post complaining about 3 t4 CVs in game, arguably the worst ships in that tier. Lets hope the reddit version of this post reaches sub octavian and we get a response from the devs.
  11. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/patch-08201/ This might be worded poorly or i am reading it wrong but does this also include fixing the RN bomb drop speed?
  12. I agree with some of your points there regarding planes with limited range. Navyfield had that too, and you could choose to ignore the warning and drop anyway in a suicide mission of sorts in order to get the drop in. That model gave the CV a lot of strategic though regarding when and how to expend his limited planes. That said i dont think implementing this would meaningfully change much as far as the interaction goes but i would not be opposed to this being tested in some form. I seem to remeber though WG already having tested aircraft fuel at some point and discarding the idea. Regarding torp bombers unfortunately they need the immunity when they are dropping because you cant do much dodging the flack when on attack altitude since they maneuver at significant penalty.
  13. You may not play many cvs so i will tell you that long aiming times and clunky planes are not fun to play. If they did this then they would need a massive increase in alpha (pre rework days) to justify the effort. Also keep in mind i could adapt to this much like me and others adapted and enjoyed RTS but do you think most CVs would ?. Of course they wouldn't and the pop would plummet and we will be back were we started pre rework.
  14. See you are wrong here. You do not despise cvs nor do the others you despise wows implementation of cvs. The reason i can claim this is because i am old and i played the original navyfield which could have 3 or 4 cvs in the game and people had no problem with them there. See in that game CVs were jsut another form of attack that you could actively counter by firing at the planes like you could any other ship. I think a ton of people fail to see that this is the core of they're frustration and that it can be easily fix. Not only that i will tell you just so you can search it because it may sound unbelievable but there were people whose job in the battle was only to shoot planes down. They had some normal ammo but they were 90% AA (Emden for all of whose old like me). Now i am not trying to sit here and tell you what you feel or want, what i am trying to tell you and what others here now is that the solution is in giving the player agency in the defense against CV attacks. If you really hate the current CVs try to come up like many of us with ideas that WG can work on and maybe by some miracle actually implement. If you cant or dont want to do that then complaining or leaving is the only other path neither of which seems to have a huge chance of success as things sit.
  15. Indiox

    Space assault mode

    Not the responses i was expecting. Maybe i am a fringe case on this one. I found single aggression and div aggression gets massive benefits in this mode and i found no problems carrying while having tons of fun. the only game i lost was when 3 team mates died defending 3 mins in . Which is why i found defending harder since expecting your team mates not to die is way too much defending. To all those having trouble be very aggressive on attack and specially aggressive when defending after the first push since they will re spawn at different times which can be exploited. When defending know when is worth dying too. On one of the games i was holding south and my div mate north and we both died holding those gens so we coud win 10 seconds later on time. All games were fun though and we had a blast. Even solo i had tons of fun, so good luck out there