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  1. Crucias

    ANZAC ALLIANCE recruiting

    Crucias cast's Necromancy at 7th level, consuming a diamond worth 1000 doubloons. We're still around and I thought I should bump this post back to the top before Achilles growls at me for not doing my part. Do you want to know more? Good! If you're in Australia and New Zealand (or any other country but happen to be a vampire playing during the Aus/NZ prime-time) and are also playing on the NA server, feel free to hit us up here or on our comms channels if you'd like to network with some other people that share your aversion to the sun. We've acquired a lot of new friends lately, and it's been great to have new people to sink - because there is no greater gaming spirit than doing something tactically stupid just so you can kill your clan mates.
  2. Crucias

    Any aussie clans out there?

    Good afternoon all, I am one of the officers of the ANZAC Alliance which plays on the NA Server. Our Teamspeak is not often the best point of first contact with the wider clan because of the various roles required to enter certain channels, a hangover from a more complicated time when we had a presence on a bunch of different games. We use a Discord channel for general community engagement and backup voice comms, though the Teamspeak remains our primary voice comms because the majority of our members voted to keep it that way last time we polled them. Fell free to join our Discord and start chatting with the wider community. In terms of the clan itself, we have a number of subclans, some of which have purposes (ANZAC = Clan Battles on SEA times, ANZ4C = Clan Battles on NA times), and some that are purely for people that just want to enjoy the game without the hassle of competitive stuff (SAC, NSZ and a few others). Our approach to Clan Battles could be described as semi-hardcore, in that we run training sessions and teams, but we're more about having a laugh and a beer while we gun down the more hardcore clans. During normal periods of the year we run 1 to 2 training nights a week which are focused on transferring skills from our more experienced players to the rest of the clan, and while they do have a Clan Battles theme they are not restricted to just people that want to play in Clan Battles. We also run the odd community event, some of the ones I remember fondly are Death Races, Scenario Farms, and Gold Tournaments (knock out team comps with premium ships up for grabs). https://discord.gg/754EVrq You're welcome to hang out with us, and if you like our community join us at your leisure; an officer (Gold or Red usernames on Discord) will be able to direct your application to the most appropriate sub-clan based on how you want to play the game. Either way, have fun sinking people ^^ Cru EDIT: Clarified which server we're on to help some people out
  3. Crucias

    Shoutout to ANZ4C!

    Well done guys :) Nail biting, hair loss inducing, close games are the best
  4. 23 games with 70% WR. 1 win in the Okhotnik and the rest in the Fuijin, all solo. Was a nice seal clubbing excursion and a got me playing an old favorite again ^^
  5. Crucias

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims

    Sadly my highest tier captains are my US BB (in my Montana) and Blys (highest overall thanks to ranked). I've been playing my US DD captain in multiple ships getting ready for next ranked incase I need a Benson; fortunately I have lots of US premium ships (Ark, Texas, Sims, Arizona) so I can really power grind his exp. I am considering swapping my DD and BB captains around because then I'll be able to get CE instantly. My US BBs can play well without high skill captains, so will probably be the better all round play. I've been using AFT to increase my range, but with the orbital howitzers it's only really useful for BBs and CVs at those ranges. Considering moving to Demolition for the extra fire chance - PRAISE MENOTH
  6. Crucias

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims

    Been meaning to reply to this thread since I bought the Sims a few weeks back. Every time I fire her guns I hear "Nuclear launch detected" in the old school Command and Conquer voiceover; coming from RU DDs and the Blys it feels like the damn shells go into orbit before coming down on target Oo
  7. Crucias

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    Huh this thread was interesting on multiple levels. They're releasing another ship that is a damp banana They've showed a pattern of releasing upgraded ships as premium ships (Anshan, Texas, Kreme) You can't have every ship released being amazing, so point #1 just balances out the great ships; however, uptiering ships as per #2 sets a dangerous precedent - if they had done this to Texas she would be nigh unplayable, not to mention the effect on the higher rank tiers *shudders*.
  8. I bought this ship (and Nikolai) and played them to hell this weekend. Warspite is a bit spethal compared to the other BBs in the game, however once you get used to her issues she starts to shine. She carried me through 9 ranked battles yesterday, with only 2 losses and each win was because of her. She just took an absolute pounding but stayed afloat and kept on firing.One thing that irked me was that I could not swap out the spotting plane for fighters, her natural AA is decent but I found myself not needing the spotter more often than not. Both are situational, but I would like the choice of loadout. She seems to be more prone to being set on fire, which is partially countered by her decreased recharge on the DCU, and her slow turret traverse (12s slower the the New Mex for context) is offset by her rapid turn rate. Her accuracy makes her well suited to eliminating DDs, or aiming for citadels on other ship classes. In one game I got into a dance of death with a New Mex (both lock max rudders and circle till one of you is left standing) and I seemed to be able to citadel better than he could. Also my secondaries (I module'd for them) were wrecking him, at that range they couldn't miss; they set him fully ablaze, he used the DCU to put them out, and within 15-20s he was fully ablaze again. Well worth my money