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  1. Rep and Alsace are meant to be played at full speed most of the time. They are powerful flankers if assisted by a small battle group, with a main gun reload under 20 secs. One must make that work for you and continuously be firing off the main gun....so SPEED and Attack!...it can always make a pretty quick escape if necessary....Rep 12.1km secondary's are nice to. :) Repub is a Predator.
  2. C_D

    How Our Clan Handles the Treasury

    Interesting topic ...having little to disperse this has not been a problem for us...but what has came up was the question of how "We - 187", as players, how can we "ADD" to our own clan treasury? I do believe War-gaming is missing out in that "We" , as organized clans, could in fact help in the recruitment and or retention of players by adding to the whole player experience. Granted there are many players who greedily think about why would "I" want to help those who have not contributed? This is not the style or way our group is and I know not how most probably clans are not so selfish. We, 187, actively want to recruit, retain and reward our clan-mates for staying with us and it would be nice to perhaps be able to offer an incentive or "Reward" to potential new players or faithful ones to the game or to a clan. Giving this option to the clans themselves may actually aid in growing the player base and or aid in retention giving the clans control over they're own resources and being able to actually ADD to them. CD steps off the soapbox...
  3. Buyer Beware...No Sniveling!
  4. C_D

    What is the median W/R?

    Well for starters if you personally call someone a spud you are merely projecting your own feelings of inadequacy which by even you feeling the need to even post a thread about it shows you have issues....get a life and have some fun dood its a pew pew video game. That will be 5 cents.
  5. C_D

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    A fool and his money are soon parted...or never gamble with more than you can afford to lose..pick one....Remember young Jedi's this is a game for entertainment purposes with No Guarantees that every single server could close shop tomorrow.
  6. Are you an old man or an old woman I forget?
  7. C_D

    I think it is time

    Good Grief Charlie Brown No Sniveling!
  8. Not just the elite seeing where the door is. Your assessment of the current state of the game is accurate...too bad the game devs have not allowed the modders access to the game. Especially where new maps and battle modes are concerned. Modders usually can squeeze a little more out of a game....or a standalone game with missions etc etc etc....perhaps it is indeed close to check out time.
  9. C_D

    Yamato build: Good, bad, or meh?

    To me personally you are on the right path but there really is only two patha to build these ships out well and that is for passive or aggressive play. Concealment to me on a BB is worthless if you plan on attacking anyone. Why try to even think of hiding in the most powerful BB ever built. Pick a path and go with it whole heartedly. Either your goung to snipe or your going to be what the Yamato was meant to be and that is the tip of the spear. Granted if you happen to find yourself alone you will beed to adjust your tactics. I am specialized secondaries on all my BBs along with RDF in place of concealment. Dont forget to master your spotter plane in your BBs.
  10. C_D

    An early assessment of Clan Battles

    Clan battles at the onset is always interesting to me in that the competition is tough at first. I kind of feel bad that the so called elite clans end up facing of against the same teams...how utterly boring. At least as a potato clan you meet alot of different teams of varying skill levels. Variety is the spice of life...bring on the clowns...or klebers.
  11. Unicum???Potato??? How about drop the labels and play the piexel bote game like a normal human being...its a game dood hopefully not what you are earning a living at...other than that seems like clickbait.
  12. HE spam is a problem for a BB that is stationary....it takes quite a long time to get ANY BB moving and a stationary BB is a PRIME TIME, mouth watering invitation, to any HE spammer around...once encountered you have to be moving full speed either twords that threat or away from it but NOT stationary. If you choose to advance which is what I choose to do most times by approaching whatever island they are spamming OVER so you get in so close the shells can not hit you...In my opinion staying too stationary is a death sentence...also a side note most BB drivers fail to realize how powerful that spotter plane is...last night I almost one shotted a CV moving... I did Dev strike him and knocked him out of the game...I will get one some day and I am sure of it I will be in Yamato when it does happen.
  13. I have two as well...is kinda cool now that I finally have it looks really cool.
  14. C_D

    Snitching on the Flats

    He would blend right in...prison.
  15. No---ur thinking is correct 12 is better than 8...not to mention better at brawling than Repub...as was pointed out in order to use the rear set of guns on Repub you will show your slip...also Repub is not the best at pushing in on anything. Montana...don't leave home without one. and when hope is lost...There is Montana!