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  1. THIS...is wisdom. It is Mentally Retarded that CV's can not actively engage each other better. The old way where fighters [edited] other air units trying to attack made flying a CV lopsided sometimes when a skilled cv capin would destroy an enemy cv and your morale lol. Totally agree with all of this! They will need a tweak or two after subs are introduced but I like the diversity available in the choices. Great opinion dood!
  2. No Sniveling...jk...They are needed to give the CV's something else to hunt for balance. I love em cv all cvs dds bbs subs....all targets. THANK YOU WARGAMING you hit a home run with the subs GJ!
  3. You have to be a part of at least a small attack group, a DD and a Cruiser when possible or one of either. I realize finding that kind of cooperation is hard but it is a good ship to flank with...It's 12.5km range on secondary's in ranked good for high reload of HE on Petro's or DDs...it is a DD/Cruiser hunter....it is fast and hits cruisers and DDs with brutal efficiency. Having to get in close is the trade off....In OCEAN map good luck Ocean is always a crap shoot. P.S. Don't go where 4 ships can focus you.
  4. Recently while in ranked battle I had to spank quite a few so called "Elites" in battle and was not able to respond because my potty mouth in game more often than not gets me a chat ban.... So to all who whined like the lil...#W$%^...well you know what you are.....suk it baby! and see you in the so called "Gold" league sukkas! It's so easy a caveman could do it...187!
  5. C_D

    Why no rpf for bb’s?

    I used it on every BB...I will miss it but am managing. Kill em quicker :) no time to [edited] around.
  6. What a great article and great pictures they are worth a thousand words...thank you well done.
  7. I just want to say to the Dev's with this one you guys hit a home run! This was the most fun I have had in short competition in forever. I was sad to see it go so quickly but in the Alsace it was like driving the Rolls Royce of the Sea. Please continue the 3 v 3 format and feel free to use any of the video below in any promotions of the Alsace. Thank You Again! Alsace Ascension...
  8. Rep and Alsace are meant to be played at full speed most of the time. They are powerful flankers if assisted by a small battle group, with a main gun reload under 20 secs. One must make that work for you and continuously be firing off the main gun....so SPEED and Attack!...it can always make a pretty quick escape if necessary....Rep 12.1km secondary's are nice to. :) Repub is a Predator.
  9. C_D

    How Our Clan Handles the Treasury

    Interesting topic ...having little to disperse this has not been a problem for us...but what has came up was the question of how "We - 187", as players, how can we "ADD" to our own clan treasury? I do believe War-gaming is missing out in that "We" , as organized clans, could in fact help in the recruitment and or retention of players by adding to the whole player experience. Granted there are many players who greedily think about why would "I" want to help those who have not contributed? This is not the style or way our group is and I know not how most probably clans are not so selfish. We, 187, actively want to recruit, retain and reward our clan-mates for staying with us and it would be nice to perhaps be able to offer an incentive or "Reward" to potential new players or faithful ones to the game or to a clan. Giving this option to the clans themselves may actually aid in growing the player base and or aid in retention giving the clans control over they're own resources and being able to actually ADD to them. CD steps off the soapbox...
  10. C_D

    What is the median W/R?

    Well for starters if you personally call someone a spud you are merely projecting your own feelings of inadequacy which by even you feeling the need to even post a thread about it shows you have issues....get a life and have some fun dood its a pew pew video game. That will be 5 cents.
  11. C_D

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    A fool and his money are soon parted...or never gamble with more than you can afford to lose..pick one....Remember young Jedi's this is a game for entertainment purposes with No Guarantees that every single server could close shop tomorrow.
  12. Are you an old man or an old woman I forget?
  13. C_D

    I think it is time

    Good Grief Charlie Brown No Sniveling!