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  1. "Why is so arcane the clan battling thing?" To be fair it almost seemed pig latin....either that or your pulling a Willy Wonka. Mumbler!
  2. Maybe we should just call the "Stalingrad" the Russian Ship...?
  3. C_D

    Looking for a clan

    Thank you for your service and you are always welcome at ONAVY we have a lot of retired and some active NAVY and we love to win and succeed yet are not overly anal about it like you said and we agree it is just a game for fun and entertainment. We just want to see ya online is our thing.
  4. C_D

    Day of Infamy

    A day I never forget as it is also my daughters birthday today and I am a native Arizonan. The deed itself is what I never forget, the cold bloodedness of the attack itself rather than continue to strive for peace this was the only course of action that Japan thought it could find. This is the kind of crap China and Russia seem to be willing to perhaps entertain themselves doing and seem to have demonstrated the willingness to. NEVER FORGET AMERICA!
  5. C_D

    Internet providers?

    I dont know what you are talking about Comcast owning all the fiber in America???....Cox Communications owns ALL of its own stock and controls, maintains, and owns its own network since 2004, and Cox Communications has been a wholly owned subsidiary ever since. Sounds like Comcast suks ballz but in the rankings Cox Communications is the worst so who knows about the politics.... I just understand how it all works and comes together.
  6. C_D

    Internet providers?

    I worked for Cox Communications for almost 20 yrs here in Arizona. They are the third largest in the US...all of the big 3 use a combination of coax cable and fiber optics...hence it is referred to as the "plant" as services split out into neighborhoods from the fiber optic nodes into the neighborhoods to homes using Coax. If you begin experiencing issues where none existed before it is relatively an easy task to start eliminating points of possible failure. The single biggest obstacle of this system is Noise....noise created by a home most of the time unknown to the person creating the issue yet one TV in a home poorly connected can create so much noise in a node that it can crash the node entirely or make the noise floor come up so high that nothing will work or work well. Many times the maint. people of a company will have to come to your neighborhood at 3am and track out the noise leg by leg until the source of the noise is found and fixed or isolated. There are numerous causes of noise but the point I am making is that you have to stay after a company and its workers to find these issues and correct them. Severe packet loss is a great way for them to start as many issues are found and corrected before people in a neighborhood even knew there was an issue as fiber optic nodes are closely monitored as they are also passing phone service and televisions services which wil reveal an issue before it is noticed on the internet in the form of TVs "tiling" and phone conversations being broken because of the packet loss. don't let you company off the hook if you know or suspect an issue just be prepared to look at your own home very closely to ensure you yourself are not inadvertently causing your own problems....which many many times is the case but there are alot of points of possible failure it just needs to be methodically troubleshot to find the culprit. You would not believe the shite that can cause problems on a node. There is no comparison to internet vs the cost coax is still the fastest and cheapest...Cox has experimented with running fiber optic all the way to a home but this was only testing as far as i know as the cost vs what a home really needs it is alot of overkill. Side note...August is a hot azz month here in AZ and heat and cold effects all the active devices in a node and wreaks havoc many times
  7. C_D

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Midway & Republique...both menacing.
  8. I'm sorry kids...dang brother you got a late start...get rid of them kids an tell the wifie it's bowling night again!
  9. I'm sorry but important for what? I do realize that "Winning" for many is what it is all about this is why there are aimbots and this and that bots...seal clubbing and copying off other peoples tests. I guess I do not speak to those people who are obsessed with performance or winning but to those who try to enjoy the game for what it really is ...just a game. A beautiful game where if you are fortunate enough to be in a clan of good people who just want to have fun then this is winning....I'm sorry kiddies but it really is not if you win or lose but how you play the game. Some not all of the so called "elite" are pretty confident in their stats as the measurement of their success....kudos to you and good job well done, you deserve it I am sure you have spent countless hours doing whatever you felt was necessary to feel successful in this game and attain those high marks. I know many have realized a long time ago that trying to attain some "Preset" unicum Purple goal will never be attainable nor should it be ones focus. Stat shamers shame on...I will or we lowly will see you on the field. Challenge yourself to be better at anything you do in life...this is just good advice but beware of things that tend to make you or others feel insignificant or not of as much value. We are ALL different and bring something unique to the table. Dickey Fox...take it away. THE SECRET TO SUCCESS Related Topic
  10. C_D

    Code within

    Thank you sir!