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  1. Seal clubbing in lower tiers with 19pt captains does not a unicum player make...I don't care if you have purple starts with 70% win rates...when you look at the "Lack" of tier 9 and 10 battles it is pathetic. People with over 10,000 battles and less than 500 in a tier 10 ship says one thing...your a coward. You may be good at hiding and staying alive and being a very selfish player most likely. You know who you are. "Current" win rates and damage done is a good measure. I am not saying that all so called "Good Players" do this but it is obvious looking at the numbers when this is done. Yours and others arrogant attitude saying the person above with a 44% win rate is abysmal shows how elitist and stuck up you and yours "Think" you are. You yourself are a classic example. Less than 100 battles in a tier 10...good grief grow a pair already.
  2. Most people who are not enjoying losing as the OP mentioned are so because they are hyper sensitive to what losing is doing to his or her statistics. They could do what yourself and many others do which is seal club to pad the said stats and play low tier ships with 19pt captains. That sounds like fun huh? Maybe you can give the poster information on how exactly how to do that?
  3. From someone with over 11k games since 2017 maybe this is a career for you....hope you make good money at it....or maybe it is that you haven't lived long enough to learn it ain't about winning or losing. Get out of your parents basement, get a job, get a girlfriend, find the balance Daniel son. Believe it or not this is...Just a Game...try and enjoy it once in a while without worrying that you are winning or losing. #Just say no to stats...
  4. If anything it would need to be a CV mission only for attack and not sure how else you could make it a mission for any other type of ship since they were all stationary.
  5. PSA Salem

    Why mess with perfection? Daisy Mae
  6. Yep in clan battles we have a motto..."Kill stealing is acceptable"...there is no "I" in teamwork.
  7. The people here crack me up...are you having fun? So long as you are doing well in each game then who cares if you actually win the match. Screw anyone else or what they think or say in chat....have fun...it is a game not a career.
  8. Potatoes Spamming Report

    Dang...your a legend in your own mind.
  9. Well better get a cup buttercup...I will still play my Midway the way it is...I will continue to muck up peoples games and play it the way it was made. If enough players continue to play them then maybe they will get some attention. Squeek squeek...I will not intentionally sabotage a game but if it is so lopsided because of the game mechanics being goofy so be it. Enjoy!
  10. Goofy idea is a personal attack? Grow some skin little girl you made the troll bait post and look at all the fish you have caught now your crying foul? Doesn't work that way. Happy Friday!
  11. Sounds right... Date Engagement Torpedo hits Average launches to hits Percentage Average 16.76:1 6.71% 3 19-20 Feb 42 The Battle of Badung Strait 8:1 12.5% 4 27 Feb 42 The Battle of the Java Sea 54.67:1 1.8% 6 1 Mar 42 The Battle of Sunda Strait 7.4:1 13.5% 7 9 Aug 42 The Battle of Savo Island 7.6:1 13.1% 8 21 Aug 42 The Loss of USS Blue 4:1 25% 9 11-12 Oct 42 The Battle of Cape Esperence 2:0 0% 10 13 Nov 42 The First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal 8:1 12.5% 11 14-15 Nov 42 The Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal 25.5:1 3.9% 12 29-30 Nov 42 The Battle of Tassafaronga 7.8:1 12.7% 13 26 Mar 43 The Battle of the Komandorski Islands 42:0 0% 14 6 Jul 43 The Battle of Kula Gulf 12:1 8.3% 15 13 Jul 43 The Battle of Kolombangara 16:1 6.25% 16 6-7 Aug 43 The Battle of Vella Gulf 8:0 0% 17 18 Aug 43 The Battle of Horaniu 26:0 0% 18 6 Oct 43 The Battle of Vella Lavella 24:1 4.1% 19 2 Nov 43 The Battle of Empress Augusta Bay 44:1 2.2% 20 26 Nov 43 The Battle of Cape St. George 9:0 0% 21 7 Jun 44 The Battle off Biak 42:0 0% 22 24-25 Oct 44 The Battle of Surigao Strait 20:0 0% 23 25 Oct 44 The Battle off Samar 7:0 0% 26 26 Dec 44 The Battle of Ormoc Bay 4:1 25% http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-067.php
  12. Searching for a clan