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  1. People crack me up....does anyone see anything remotely "balanced" between these three ships? Ding ding ding your a winner ....they are NOT balanced...get the [edited] over it and play the ship type you choose to play with this in mind...life aint fair deal with it. Not to say WG has done incredibly done stuff still....you can't play a DD like a BB and vise versa. Well you can try but gl with that. Personally I enjoy the challenges between them...this makes for interesting game play.
  2. Q. What is best in WoW? A. To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women.
  3. A Lot in this thread....I see the poster is not in a clan...being in a clan and having mates who will div with you, clan battle with you etc... alleviates a lot of the stress you mention in your post. I am on my second clan and it is home. First clan in first clan battle had a kid who kicked me out of the clan battle for two rounds because I turned to port instead of starboard or some [edited] like that so I was done with that clan...too much micro mgmt...and I'm too old...49. Group I am with now is an older group mostly and we gel well. Point I'm trying to make is I became miserable playing randoms with random people. You will "rarely" find a good group that gels in a total random match it just will not happen which led to my frustrations and sought out a clan. This is a social issue you are addressing not a game issue. I speak with many many "older" people and we see a common thread. Kids today are socially inept. Too much texting and games etc etc that the kids of today do not know how to interact with other humans. There is a huge disconnect that I dont think is realized by the youth of today...but I digress. There are many ways to skin a cat...if it can be agreed upon with communication between teammates. No communication...you're doomed you may as well do your own thing. I like a lot of Patton quotes I use as my guide to playing because frankly there is alot of inaction as you say in your post. A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week. and When in doubt attack!
  4. It is a chess game...you need to keep removing opponents pieces from the game to win or timer runs out with points determining factor. A good chess player will assess the game board and if the situation arises I will always trade a Queen for a Queen...many people resign a chess match if they lose their Queen. Last Ram me in Monty about half health brawling a full health Yamato in the middle of the map....situation was looking grim taking fire from all sides made a turn star then back to port full steam ahead...the Yamato complimented me on a move he did not expect taking him with me. Queen for Queen.
  5. How about on ships that train for manual secondaries be able to use both sides of the ships battery's at the same time focused on different enemies on either side like when they have no training at all? That would be a nice gimmick!
  6. Personal Rating

    I find the metrics used in obtaining a players "Personal Rating" to be lacking. I would like to see other peoples opinions on perhaps some additional metrics that should be factored into that assumption and what you all may think they should be. This is from the WoW Stats and Numbers site. I do not know if all of them use the same metrics. The fact that planes destroyed is not a factor is absurd, if whoever is killing them it certainly is factor in winning the match and some people do have manual AA to say it is click and forget is incorrect, in my opinion the same could be said for auto target or firing any battery it is pretty much best guess. Alot of captain skills can go to AA yet it is not rewarded or recognized? That is wrong.The order of importance could also be debated as is capturing the flags or mission goals achieved factored in as well as "Time under Fire in hazard/hott zones."? I know that tonnage sent to the bottom and damage dealt should be a main factor but think other factors are being missed. I think CV's may take exception to the "Click and Forget" notion when it comes to strafing and evading. Opinions, Ideas, Suggestions Welcome... Personal Rating - About The Personal Rating is measure of skill in World of Warships. It measures performance in every warship and compares it to certain expected values. Differences between actual and expected values are used to calculate final Personal Rating value. Basic assumptions: values in the range of 0 - 3000, colors and values similar to the well-known World of Tanks WN8, WoWS is more tactical game than WoT so win rate should influence Personal Rating, number of destroyed planes should be ignored - in WoWS AA is automated so no skill is needed to destroy planes. Even with CVs killing planes is very easy (click and forget) elements in order of importance: damage dealt, warship kills, win rate,
  7. Clearing Up Steel

    When my wife asked me...were middle class right? I laughed and said no honey, but were "Upper Class Poor" we laughed so hard. We peasants do have fun.
  8. Looking for relaxed casual clan

    Is it ? Timmmeh as in South Park? lol...check us out dood...
  9. Old Farts Apply within - - - > Heck Old Dood is our Komandant.
  10. Looking for ACTIVE clan

    Give us a look sir...I think we all qualify as halfway decent lol but we like to have fun and keep the "game" in perspective. We like active is the keyword for us not necessarily your win ratio.
  11. That's not what is salty in your mouth from me....you been eating too many of these.