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  1. Great video interview thank you so much for the effort Wargaming has put into this game and it's development and to the re-work effort. Customer service is a huge part of any business and I have to say your company has not disappointed me in fact it is the best I have EVER seen from any "Gaming" company...period. Please pass a kudos along to ALL your team and buy em all a beer and send the bill to me...CD of ONAVY. I look forward to playing the CV's in the upcoming test. Thank you again
  2. ONAVY Recruiting

    Give your opponents another reason to fear you when they see you fly the ONAVY flag.
  3. ROFL....Co-Op...Really? Haven't you figured out yet Co-Op offers ZERO challenge?...play a real player.
  4. Hello...McFly....tier 10 is where the tiers stop. So "Normal" players play these higher tiers because it what was the goal of many. The win rates are going to go lower and lower the more games played. Of course it's nice to go back and play all the tiers again from time to time and for some seal clubbing must be fun and give a some sense of accomplishment. Congratulations...on walking backwards. Tier 10 is tough it is supposed to be...stay up on the porch.
  5. In this case it appears to have caused the OP and looks like yourself to have a mental breakdown because a number is telling you that you suck. So you stay at tier 7 because you and others equate winning as your measure of fun? Fun beating up on newbies? Enjoy...to each his own. Improving is generally recognized as moving forward not sitting in one place. Staying in one place means your fear the challenge and the potential of losing....and lose what? A game? Good Luck!...and enjoy those Tier 7 matches maybe see you someday when you grow up with the big boys. Red is grey and yellow white But we decide which is right And which is an Illusion?
  6. It's where the big dogs play...stay up on the porch with the poodles then.
  7. Awesome post...my stats are a good example to look at. I chose a long time ago not to worry about the stats or win rate. You can see I like to play the higher tiers and could easily now go back and attempt to "Skew" the win rate by playing the lower tiers with 19 pt captains etc but why? I have fun ,my clan has fun, and the only match that matters is the one you are in. Have fun kill em all and let stats fall where they may. Look sometime at the so called "Unicum" players and most likely you will see thousands of matches at lower tiers..why...to skew the numbers then you look at their numbers when they get tier 8, 9 and 10...they are afraid to play them because of FEAR of losing....sad. Add to it the random CV match where no matter what a person does or does not do it is affected by this ship's mere presence. Some give up altogether at the start of a match...just yesterday in a tier 10 match the CV on our side decide to give up for whatever reason and sailed into the middle of a cap to be destroyed...jackoff...but whatever it's not the end of the world yet. But easy to see how a CV in a match can affect the WR.
  8. He's average then...leave the kid alone.
  9. Playing for "Fun"

    When I see the toxic poop advice I don't even respond. SILENCE is like throwing heaps of burning coal on a person's head if you don't acknowledge them. Playing a CV is a good experience in learning how to take the crap people dish out which is why most don't play them. Ignoring them and playing your own game the best you can is the best you can do. Control what you can and let the crap roll off the back like water on a duck.
  10. I for one as a BB main am here to say I am not a baby...I love all DD's equally, they make excellent targets for my secondaries and enjoy them when they try to get in close to snuggle. Here kitty kitty...
  11. American idealism and propaganda? wth are you talking about? It was good guys vs bad guys....Japan bombing Pearl Harbor = bad = result...getting they're Japanese asses kicked at Midway...no propaganda truth. Same for the English that thought they could squash new Mericans....reap it!
  12. You can send planes off in first person view...when you hit Z and you are in that view you can I think hold Shift or Ctrl and click on things...it is harder but you can do it. Or scroll in Map view zooms in in and out I believe. Not sure if I am answering your question sorry I am at work...don't tell.
  13. The mini map? You can't move the minimap I do not think nor do any kind of actions on it other than resizing it. + and - I think resize the mini map