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  1. C_D

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    Honestly I don't really know what "IT" is but this is the first non-negative post I have come across about "it" so I read it....thank you OP for the input it is appreciated. +1
  2. For the love of God thank you...who posts a thread on a NA server without translating it good grief...I appreciate it. Sounds kind of thrown together haphazardly....I will wait to pass judgement until they hit the test server which I sure hope things are listened to if they are too cartoonish as has been pointed out then why even add them....if they flop on that server then please don't kill the game all together by just adding them to add them that is kind of silly. Not being able to actively hunt them and kill them but using the automatic way is kind of dumb it seems. We will see if this dog hunts I guess soon enough...WOOF!
  3. Dang Bro you ARE the worst player...jk dang dood don't be so hard on yourself. You, much like myself will have a very very long time before you will ever be able to pull your statistics up out from where they are for quite some time if ever....so quit worrying and have fun...about the only thing it looks like you can work on, like myself is to work on damage done in battles. This average you definitely can and should be able to raise. In your Montana you need to be setting a goal for yourself to deal out at least or more of the server average in damages then when you have a really good high scoring damage game it will help to start quickly bringing that number up. Which at least will show what you are doing now not from years past...that and trying to stay alive. but staying alive to just stay alive, is not enough you have to do something in the battle to help create a win for the team even if you die doing it. --->
  4. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    Are we not already on a compressed timetable in WoW somewhat???
  5. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    I did not realize myself that submarines games have been around for so long...myself first played Iron Wolves in 1996...very interesting evolution. Maybe we can glean things from our past. In this video look at Enigma Rising Tide...I remember hopping into the gunner seat to attack a plane coming in and easily switched back to the ship controls not sure why we could not have the same thing for our AA defense in WoW. I know a lot of these are simulations or real old arcade kind of games but I remember Iron Wolves had BB's cruisers/corvettes and DD's , Sub and heavy subs, all in about a 20 minute match....on dial up --->
  6. I use it on all my BB's...on Alsace yesterday I think in Ranked I scored 3 secondary kills in one game...very very useful in deterring DDs especially in Ranked for area Denial!
  7. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    Yea surfaced maybe ...maybe as fast as 28 or 26 knots....submerged maybe 15 - 20 knots max...submerged definitely needs to be slower than surfaced...I think we all agree on that..maybe??? Also instead of air I sure like the batteries concept perhaps a combination of both??? Yes I think the outrage and hurt feelings may be over exaggerated over subs being introduced, I sure do not see subs being anywhere near the toxic level that the CV's still seem to bring and yet I do not see them as such a big thing anymore...kind of gimpy to me they seem yet they can deliver more spotting and benefits than any sub ever will or could so not sure why the resistance it seems they will have a negligible effect in a match.
  8. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    Incorrect...if my choice is to sacrifice stealth for position then it is a choice...a tactical choice...perhaps I want you to see me to draw you away from another location or to draw you near to kill you....speed vs stealth choice. Running on the surface longer is going to get me into a better position to intercept an enemy while sacrificing my stealth...potentially. Good RPF question...
  9. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    Please refrain from the blanket statements good grief man...you do NOT speak for "EVERYONE"...sorry you don't. You "seem" literally unhinged... If they were submerged the ENTIRE match I think people are overestimating the impact it/they will have. Which if they were/are allowed to do that is going to have be a tactical decision for the captain. If the sub never surfaces the entire game revealing its position the time and effect of that will be felt or not felt. Sacrificing running on the surface will let the entire enemy team know the approximate area that the sub is operating in and can just steer clear...so some dynamics I hope the test server can iron out.
  10. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    1. Yep...needs to be at least 10 minutes dive time. 2. BBs being faster than a submerged sub can in effect sit on top of a submerged sub if they have it detected which should force it eventually to the surface unless game times runs out...which the BB should most of the time come out "ontop" and sink the sub with it's hull.
  11. Your assuming everyone takes concealment...I do not take it on any of my BB's why? That line of thinking shows maybe you are too conservative with your BB's...maybe I am to over aggressive...but my thinking is a Battleship is for battle. I am going to be shooting...alot, so you will see me unless your blind at either 18km or 14. If you plan on playing like a DD then concealment maybe for you but sometime look at the difference in what taking that actually gives you...not much really..so why take it on a BB? You shouldn't ..imo...it is wasted points. For a BB take RDF...it is always on and is the ONLY skill that as a BB will allow you to be solo if needs must be and you can still evade DD's as they try and flank you eve3n corner and kill them with this skill...no matter how much concealment you have on a BB you aren't going to hide from a DD stalking you maybe take something that can help you kill it instead.
  12. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    The more I think about it the more I have to say I am against forcing a submarine to have to surface. In a 20 minute game maybe making it have to surface once after 10 minutes perhaps to recharge which would give it another 10 minute air supply. IDK forcing it to have to surface to soon or too often will no longer make it a submarine...imo. So as a ten minute mark begins to approach it will factor into a sub skippers mind I better find a place to recharge for what ...60 seconds then I can submerge and continue on...forcing it to the surface to soon or too often will make it no longer a submarine but what a higgins boat? The timing is everything.... if I am engaged in a battle and am forced to surface in the middle of it that will make things very very interesting...if I am forced to surface to often then people will not even play them like a submarine at all and you may as well not even place them in the game if that is the case. I think a 10 minute window is about right....so I can run on the surface at the start....as ships begin to be spotted is about at the 2 minutes into the battle mark...I dive I have ten minutes of air....if I resurface before that then the 60 second recharge timer begins and after that I can again submerge or if i went under "early" then my air does not charge fully...etc etc but relative to how long I stayed surfaced...a rolling re-charge so to speak while surfaced.
  13. C_D

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    Guess that what the test server may reveal if it is really a valid concern or not....however the other side to that coin is..to surface and take your chances on the surface dodging shells...could be fun....probably a lot better than a BB trying to kill the last CV huh...had to throw that in. Someone in another thread asked what benefit do they, Submarines, bring to the table. 1. I think they can actually bring more dimensions to a stagnating game for one. 2. Another challenge 3. A "Fifth Element"...chicken 4. Variety 5. A way to put those smug surface dwellers in their place. 6. Who doesn't like new things??? 7. Wargaming can be happy selling new botes hence keep the game alive a bit longer. 8. My friends over at subsim.com may begin to migrate growing the player base....Neal be good to sea ya in the game some. 9. This is just a magical wonderful place to call home for the Silent Service crowd. 10. Since all we have to go off of is the Halloween event as far as seeing them in the game, from that alone I see a lot of potential ....good or bad we will have to wait and see....although anything they do I don't think it will be game breaking.