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  1. You have my number of PvP battles in your COOP stats, but have my PvP win rate in your PvP stats. Of course my PvP stats are marred by me bailing out on a match because I realized WG opted to shove me into a PvP match when I clicked on "Battle" from a non-main screen menu. What a jerk move by the WoWS app. You might want to play a little more COOP for practice, FYI. I rarely can hop in even a COOP battle and get my gun handling right for a different ship. So before you strap on the premium gear, get the gun handling down.
  2. No, since the skill wasn't changed except for 139mm's or lower which receive a -1% fire chance vs the -3% hit for anything larger than 139.
  3. They need to add duds, etc, make them work like BB shells. Not all torpedoes go straight (cough cough USS Tang) So how about some deviance? Right now, if the aim is as good as a BB's then the torpedoes will take out a BB in one salvo, tier for tier.
  4. I guess WG figured they couldn't sell a T8 New Orleans variant like the San Francisco?
  5. And up...
  6. It's new for me.
  7. Dunno sometimes previously they ran patching to like 9:20, which is odd they didn't do it this time?
  8. Not time yet. Now it should be, though.
  9. 1) Remove the historical inaccurate and silly mechanic of strafe 2) ??? 3) Profit.
  10. I think it was Gneny. All I remember is the last time I played the AI liked to spawn a 20 torpedo wide field of torpedoes. This time when I played there were Myokos with their dreadful torpedo spread.
  11. Be happy the Black isn't more prolific. It's tearing things up. #2 on the warships today sites in wins and damage (maybe).
  12. Iszumo still spaws as do T7 cruisers, but gone are the supporting Amagis and other T7-8 support ships for the Iszumo.
  13. But you didn't accidentally sold it. You deliberately sold it.
  14. It's only boring when the team doesn't lemming out and get wiped by the bots on wave 2.