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  1. Azur Lane captains

    Shouldn't the Izi captain be tad on the larger size for easy detection?
  2. Well when it comes to loot boxes and premium ships WoWS does do it right - if you win a premium ship that you have the game spins up a ship you don't. I got 3 premiums I didn't have already. Two other nations clones and the Kidd. Not bad.
  3. Camo Sale!

    Yup, looks like non-premium gold cammo is the only thing on sale. Lament.
  4. Pink.

    Remember, COOP players, rub a pinkies and orangies for good luck at the start of the match! What a stupid way to go - instead of adjusting MM to put pinkies and orangies in a special PvP queue they are dumping them on COOP players. We gotta protest one way or another... WG isn't listening.
  5. Twitch Prime - Texas

    Yup you get the credit value of the ship if you have it, the port slot, the missions(for perm cammo), the cammo (temp), and a 0 stat flag.
  6. USS Arizona

    Nope, Alabama was in the shop... https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/5590/ GL on getting the Arizona. Worse comes to worse, maybe santa will be kind to you next year?
  7. They were supposed to sell the other Duke but didn't and didn't bother crossing it off the list. We are in a premium ship dry spell....
  8. Yeah, most carriers in PvE I top out at 60-70k damage but in PvE with the Zep I got 150k on a loss and 200k on a win... no op at all. Torps are nice against cruisers and are good for non BB attacks, and use AP bombs on BBs to take 75%+ of their health.
  9. USS Arizona

    I thought it was in shop... hmmm.
  10. Premium Shop Ships 2

    Ships not on the tree but in the store are a source of fresh cash. Tree ships - not so much.
  11. To Buy or Not to Buy?

    The Graf suffers from terrible sigma. The guns feel almost French but a tad worse. When the guns do hit it's with the same force as the Sharn. Torpedoes are excellent and have a sweet firing arc. Bottom line is the ship is more gimmicky than anything. Save up for when the Prinz returns to the tree.
  12. WG is still trying to Tone it down some.
  13. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    The skins add the same stats as the regular premium skin.
  14. I keep forgetting I have the Baltimore... vs the NO it is more comfy to play I think due to the flatter (somewhat) shell ark, more refined handing, and it just looks more like a real ship. I had to toss that in. I loved the NO and hope they do a premium off her.
  15. Game cheating in Co-Op mode

    You mean Tirpzies... Bots do seem to get better normalization than human counterparts, they do rush smoke, and they do seem right where players are.