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  1. StoptheViolins

    Italians are coming!

    We have that already, why not an HE only cruiser?
  2. StoptheViolins

    Italians are coming!

    The smoke on the cruisers cling -so to speak - to it at full speed.
  3. StoptheViolins

    New summer sales

    The lowest you can get is 7616 + 9600 + 9600 doubloons so 27116 doubloons - still a good deal. Even better if you don't have one of the listed premium ships. If you do have all the premium ships listed you'll get a random ship selected from the list and then comped for the full ship's doubloon value. The Alabama only comps at 7616 "If you already have this ship in your Port, you’ll receive 7,616 doubloons as compensation."
  4. StoptheViolins

    French Destroyers: The History

    All but one appears to have been actually built. This will feel odd...
  5. StoptheViolins

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    Seeing how the latest patch made exploit play the only play for CV captains, I don't believe such changes will be useful much less fair to CV captains. If WG is going to revert to making CV unicom friendly then at least restore the pre-rework alpha.
  6. I was looking forward to my old tree ships getting boons. Way to cave to the salt pirates.
  7. StoptheViolins

    NTC Seems Like a Good Idea But..

    WG isn't about balance. If it was ships would be balanced to their own class and not cross class like they keep trying to do. WG wants all classes to have the same stats which is absurd especially since in no way doing so reflects any naval reality. In a WG world NTC makes sense. Also you ground the whole crew at once in WoT unless you just flung gold around to keep moving one commander between tanks. That'd been pretty nutty.
  8. Start it at T5 as not to run off the new recruits. Trust me, WG can do much worse - check out the straight up pay to win "Specialist" configuration nonsense in WoWP. I'd love a good reason to play my lower tier ships again and NTC looks like a good idea to motivate me to play them. The question I have is will premiums get NTC like boons? Also wouldn't NTC better if WG added a crew slot to elite ships and it is the crew that grants NTC boons? We could train the crew on premiums, too. This will open up WoT level of customization - give the crew a skill tree.
  9. WG has swung back to cutting out coop players from all events atm.
  10. The concept is to give folks a reason to play lower tiers again.
  11. StoptheViolins

    So I got my stock Midway...

    Next: WG makes CV captains type a safe word before they can return to port.
  12. StoptheViolins

    Update - Ranked Sprint Fix & More

    Time to play nothing but CVs in game now. CV captains will have plenty of time to give out free advise on strategy, tell other players thanks for picking up the slack, and driving CV stats into the sewers.
  13. StoptheViolins

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    The only solution I can see to protest the CV "nerf hammer" that technically dropped on CV captains in 0.8.5 is to flood matches with ineffective CVs. This will show WG true stats (just not elitist who perfected the slingshot) and of course encourage other players to want an effective CV in game vs a points pinata.
  14. StoptheViolins

    Rouge Wave Crates are $5; Hill is $24.99

    Well $200 for the 16 torpedo DD and if you are lucky all the skins (stated price of 6000), bunch of other camo, credits, coal, and commander XP. There's not much else to get fuel. Earning the fuel looks to be a PITA due to all the boxes you need to check to get enough fuel. However, the more boxes you check, the more the price goes down. Vicious cycle, I know. I am dubious about getting dupe skins to actually get 6000 doubloons. I am guessing it is a "prize fall through" where after you get all the skins the only surprise mechanic left is the "other" drops.
  15. StoptheViolins

    USS Georgia is here!

    Georgia looks squishy from the sides.