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  1. If the Ocean is to salty for you you could always just go play a COOP tier 6 mission - they are there you just need to click the little white box thingy under the Dynamo mission thingy.
  2. For every good 1-2 games I usually get 6-7 games with deliberate trolls (camp far lower left to try to hoard planes and S boats - for the entire 2-3 minutes the troll is alive) who remove as many stars early on as they possibly can. These aren't n00bs as the troll has an obvious idea where the enemy is coming from but out and out trolls who try to fail the mission.
  3. After completing the collection the pieces return 12k or 15k credits. Aside from the signal flags, I am not sure there is much use to run the op beyond the nice pool of XP one gets out of a nicely flagged ship...
  4. I wish I could down vote - I'd click it just to discourage such garbage titles.
  5. This, I usually run Anthony, Gallant, Cyclone and move the 19pt captain between Anthony and Gallant. Usually by the time I am done with Cyclone, Anthony is ready to go again. From my play of the scenarios and double duty with the 19point captain I had about 110k elite XP racked up. But... I do agree with your assessment - the Gallant feels like a British Cyclone with different guns than the Anthony. The Gallants seem to feel a lot different than the Anthony - maybe faster round speed with more arc?
  6. All but 1 op thus far this weekend. But within 3-4 minutes I can tell when there are deliberate trolls on the team that are trying to ruin the experience for the rest of the team.
  7. The Krispy is a hoot in OPs - OPs are friendly to the high pen fire starter build captain and even more so with a spammy ship like the Krispy.
  8. 5 for 1 for dupes vs 3 for 1 dupes from the Bismark campaign feels a bit painful.
  9. Also a mission to resupply aircraft to Malta would be fun.
  10. 1) "I can solo the world, Mom!" Charge due east, and have a first crack at the bombers and s-boats coming from that direction... not only do you get pasted by the bombers, it strips down the chance at a 4 star max for the mission since one DD can't solo the bomber squads. 2) "Rush the S-Boats" Charge headlong into all the S-boats waves... sure the S-boats ignore you for the most part, but their real purpose is to break up the player flotilla thus spreading the AA thin. 3) "This is a race, right?" Load up with troops, charge due north and leave your team in the dust ... faster way to get sunk and put the team one ship down. 4) "I am a leaf in the wind." Drive into the mine field and try to navigate ... fastest way to get sunk and leave any troops you might have loaded up to drown. Have any other "amazing ways" potatoes find ways to defeat from the jaws of victory in Dynamo?
  11. You play it like a baby BB.
  12. There are no missions - just play operation dynamo...
  13. Aaaannnd... no big surprises from the sales. Same as Bismark sale. Yes, the purchase containers are the "large" ones.
  14. How can you lose money in a Random? I thought they gave you 100k credits and 2000xp just for showing up... The earnest only way to lose money at lower tiers is to do not do anything at all the whole game and not get shot by the other team.
  15. Once again, there are Gallant missions... so there is that...