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  1. StoptheViolins

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Pommern is tanky with torpedos and hilarious secondaries. Sov Rossiya is super tanky with good guns.
  2. StoptheViolins

    Pommern Admiral Pack missing Iron Cross camo

    The Iron Cross skin for both is also in the combo pack for $199 US. But yeah, since you can earn it why pay "extra"?
  3. StoptheViolins

    Will ze Jean Bart ever be on sale again?

    During last Thursday's EU/English stream Crysantos said that the ship was removed from sale due to it being too popular.
  4. StoptheViolins

    German Navy Collection

    Across 2 days - Friday and Saturday - I had German enabled and got zero collection drops. Turned Bad Advice back on Sunday and got 3 (1 and 2) across 3 containers. Not unless they "turned it on Monday" I won't be enabling the drops.
  5. StoptheViolins

    You know what this game needs?

    Exactly. Not sure why the OP missed such an obvious necessity...
  6. StoptheViolins

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    Erm... no this does not work - I wasted two days of collecting XP containers, had zero drops. Apparently the new german collection only drops from german containers. I turned back on Bad Advice as my collection and have gotten 1-2 elements every day.
  7. StoptheViolins

    Pommern main guns

    You all are forgetting that they nerfed the doo doo out of the Pommern's guns - they have a 33s reload and the turrets are T5 quality turn speed at 36s/180.. So German dispersion, Russian reload, and T5 turn rates on the turrets. All the worst of worst worlds. Mix in a horrid rudder shift time and you have a floating secondary battery. The only reason I feel I do well in it is due to the secondaries are insane. I literally sink ships without seeing them. It's not uncommon to end a match with 150+ secondary hits.
  8. StoptheViolins

    Why CVs can't give you fighter cover all the time-

    Use fighters to push the enemy planes into dense AA areas of your team mates.. if you can find any.
  9. StoptheViolins

    Multiple CV Play - uh, not really

    It's akin to intentionally shoving DD's out of smoke or parking right behind them and drawing fire because you openly say how much you hate DDs.
  10. StoptheViolins

    German Carriers: Part 2

    The image shows "available August 14" in itty bitty print along the bottom left corner.
  11. StoptheViolins

    Richthofen is a joke

    But you neglect that the ship has the same bomber and torpedo planes as the Graf Z ergo they melt like butter under most AA fire. It's impossible to do more than 1-2 attack runs as your planes disappear too fast. Of course, that's assuming you don't get hit with the magic AA bug that damages all the planes at once in your flight so you might not even get that 1 attack run completed.
  12. StoptheViolins

    Pommern/Mainz/Z38 Compensation? (Answer: Doubloons)

    Do they actually drop if you have them? The last time there was any ships as an award containers came around folks who had all the ships got stiffed and WG says that was intentional because they changed how loot boxes worked.
  13. StoptheViolins

    Pommern or Georgia for Coal?

    Yeah.. Georgia is pretty solid. Based on the fun with the Odin and Agir I'd go with the Georgia.. the 305mm mix is not that much fun.
  14. StoptheViolins

    German Aircraft Carriers Review

    I plan my runs one and done... I get off an attack and hit F to launch the next wave of planes. I don't expect them to survive for another pass. Yeah, T6 seems to be the sweet spot for KM carriers.
  15. ~315 ships and it's not a "global" or "by type" universal type reconfiguration - I'm out.