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  1. StoptheViolins

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    /me looks at the recent clan battle tournament /me looks at the recent clan battle testing stream So like 75% of the ships used in both were Russian... yup no bias... top clans and devs using mostly Russian ships... nothing to see nothing to see...
  2. StoptheViolins

    Re-grind is not fun

    You get like 2000 points less for the CV line because it takes less HP. WG doesn't take into account that "the next ship" is more motivational when it is 330K xp away. I haven't seen much support for the new RP ships and most folks are saying the coal ships are better so I'll just reset one line a quarter and grind it. Probably the same line. Like the UK line since I can punish bots easier with the UK line.
  3. StoptheViolins

    How about a new Port to go along with a new movie

    Dunkirk sucked. Midway was ok, but could have been better. I'd be happy to see some events tied to the recent rediscovery of the Kaga and Akagi.
  4. StoptheViolins

    Pink abuse?

    I must be playing with nice players - I could have incidentally hit my team on 2 occasions (learnt me to be more cautious) and both times the players opted not to eat them - thanks for doing that for me.
  5. StoptheViolins

    Warning about the anniversary coupon

    Keep in mind the coupon shows an icon next to the price of items you have a coupon for in the premium shop.
  6. StoptheViolins

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Lesta 2019 is the plaque on the ship base.
  7. StoptheViolins

    Ark Royal out in NA Store now

    I got it in a drop. If it wasn't for the other cool stuff I got from the boxes I'd suggest everyone else just buy it.
  8. StoptheViolins

    Well, I'll be dipped ... they do exist.

    I can't get a Mitsu - I bought it way back when.
  9. StoptheViolins

    Random B-day presents?

    I got something for playing WoWS for 4 years. The bonus codes, missions, etc. WG really did this event nice.
  10. StoptheViolins

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    Does the xp conversion include comnander xp? I have about 2 million...
  11. StoptheViolins

    Cost of Ohio!

    You get x2 per season per first reset. So if you just do one season reset at 20k per reset it'll take 12 months to get (3 months per season at 20k ea).
  12. StoptheViolins

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Ref new port - it'd be nice to be able to rotate a full 360. Right now all the light is on the wrong side of the ship (default view is the dark side) and when rotated the camera hits a wall and slides up to more of a top down view.
  13. StoptheViolins

    Friesland or not?

    Planes aren't a good way to weigh the effectiveness of a plane. I think the Arkansas Beta can shoot down 73 planes ATM.
  14. StoptheViolins

    Patches in Armory

    I was disappointed to see I have only 2 left to collect. I thought there'd be more.
  15. StoptheViolins

    why is detonation a mechanic

    Why is search a mechanic?