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  1. StoptheViolins

    Server down?

    Back up for me, thanks.
  2. StoptheViolins

    Server down?

    No change.
  3. Yeah, it's the same with airborne rounds - if they hit where the enemy ship would have been had it not been destroyed then they would have been hits - very academic at that point. Less so than 15 torpedoes hitting a target but only the 3 that sank it counting to the game, but still academic.
  4. StoptheViolins

    Server down?

    I've been waiting... For my game to login.. To claim my daily reward.. I'm still waiting...
  5. I wasn't personally expecting a boost pack - I was expecting the Smal to hit the premium shop.
  6. Honey Bot doesn't give a hoot about friendlies between honey bot and its prey.
  7. StoptheViolins

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    Historically, most DD captains didn't Rickon when they saw planes coming.
  8. StoptheViolins

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    EU DDs are buss boys not waiters. They are only good at cleaning up after something else has eaten lunch.
  9. StoptheViolins

    these european DDs are trash tbh. they COULD have been good, but

    If you can play the French DDs and the Colbert then EU DDs shouldn't be an issue...
  10. StoptheViolins

    Leave ranked Q when CV shows

    Don't play DDs like Rickon and CVs in the queue won't be an issue.
  11. StoptheViolins

    The new port is GORGEOUS

    I'll be that person - some of the waterfalls don't seem to have a source....
  12. StoptheViolins

    Unsporting Conduct - Allied Aircraft Destroyed

    I can confirm - I got this same thing yesterday...
  13. StoptheViolins

    No Smaland reviews?

    Not even a smal review...
  14. StoptheViolins

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    Rando only missions... thanks for the exclusion.
  15. StoptheViolins

    Who will buy Smaland?

    If you didn't like the French DDs....