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  1. What the holly twins is going on here?

    How many coop battles?
  2. Not really 100% happy with how the Congratulatory camo is being handled by WG. I would thin it would stay at T8. However, since there are T7 scenarios now I can see the camo going with the NO being a benefit (not sure how much since I think free XP is based on total adjusted ship XP). It'd be nice to have the camo on both the NO and the Balt. I guess it is a time will tell type thing.
  3. Waterline 1.1 and the End of WASD Hacks?

    I have usually they all start with "a BB hit me for X% of my health and shouldn't be able to do that". My understanding its because the angle of the DD allows for the BB shell to fuse and detonate while still inside the DD (per Waterline) thus causing near max or near max single shell damage. Which in any real world makes sense. The gist of the thread seems that all BB shells should pass right through DDs for min damage per shell. The DD's seem to think that that is unfair. The DD player comes across sounding like since it takes two seconds to walk the width of a tunnel it should take two seconds to walk the length of the tunnel. Technically the DD has presented armor thick enough for the AP shell to fuse and enough ship length to give the shell time to detonate before leaving the interior of the ship. Since WG confirmed that the BB AP shell acts the same on all WoWS ships it's not a bug. Not unless WG has the fusing of AP shells messed up I find it hard to believe it is anything but DD players wanting to just not take any real damage. Next they'll holler about fused HE shells doing max damage. As for "switching ammo types" the case for using AP on bow tanking DDs is to pick the shell that maxes damage on a single shell hit which quite honestly hitting a DD with a BB is hard enough as it is. Given that the BB shell reload time is 30s some BBs just shoot what they have the first go and then set the reload to which ever shell is needed.
  4. Game freezes in port - latest update is very unstable

    I am getting 1 FPS in WoT and WoWS but all other games are fine. AMD 1800X 32GB RAM Nvidia 1080TI
  5. I finally took the time to watch Waterline 1.1 and found myself actually appalled by some of things that WG is changing. 1) Generalization: BB shells aren't supposed to hurt DDs. When the two fellows described the mechanics of the AP shell and stated that the salt spewing from DD players was actually being considered as a real issue I was like "what??" So the mechanics are working as designed but DD players and think getting hit for 1/3 health by a BB is bad. Right now I feel lucky if I hit a DD with any shell fired from my BB at a DD. DD's have the highest dispersion defensive bonus in game so when a BB lands a hit, the BB should be rewarded equally with how the BB shell is designed to damage. Whether it be min or max. I find the whole thing akin to BB players demanding torpedoes only do 10% damage if the DD is within 3km when the DD fires the torpedo because DDs deleting a BB at close range is unfair to BB players. If a BB lands a shot on a DD and the shell does 1/3 damage to the DD that's unfortunate but that's just the nature of the game. The DD gets plenty of defensive bonuses from large cammo values, lowest smoke firing penalties, and ships firing at them get a dispersion debuff. To compensate DDs have a small HP pool and require good tactics to play but have a huge alpha damage potential. DDs literally can delete BBs in one salvo. BBs used to be able to delete cruisers butt that got taken away. DDs don't need any more protectionism from WG. 2) Generalization: WASD hacks and good positioning shouldn't be rewarded. Two mods, one I never heard of are being considered for integration into the game itself vs being outlawed. One is called Traffic Light or something similar that allows players to see whether a ship is slowing down or speeding up. Uhm... slowing down and speeding up is a potent long range WASD hack and even a short range one for use against torpedo boats. The other mod they didn't name but I've heard of to oh so much salt is the mod that allows using the mini-map to aim long range shots. Now granted, most warships had plotting rooms and this mod kind of puts it in line with the plotting room but WoWS isn't really that detailed of a battleship simulator. To be honest I haven't even seen video of the mini-map aiming mod but based on the threads it pretty much benefits the US or any other ship that has huge shell arches the most simply because it allows players to target ships behind islands (that the shells can clear to target) that the regular aiming system won't allow. Normally ducking behind an island is good positioning since that keeps you out of target site of most ships. But not so anymore. Now strictly speaking the mini-map aiming tool once given to everyone might not be a game breaker for most, and it will definitely make US cruisers more viable (Atlanta's sending that fire rain over the mountain) so I am not sure whether it's really something to be overly concerned with... but any mods that allow ship prediction boons kind of dumbs down the game. I mean WoT from 2013 required aiming and sighting in targets but WoT 2017 just requires putting a sight on the target and spamming away - no need for siting in your guns. Gold ammo is now credit ammo - no need to aim for weak spots as gold ammo for some tanks make all the enemy tank a weak spot. Totally dumbed down game play. Adding prediction on ships to WoWS - exact same path. WoWS needs to keep some thinking in the game. 3) I don't think WG gets what is wrong with carriers. I might not either. The issue I have with carriers is that (in PvE) I at most get 4-5 sorties off before the match is over. Unless I am spot on, my team doesn't face hug reds, and DDs don't roll the map I don't get a lot of XP out of the battle. I am not hindered by the interface unless I am distracted by.... SQUIRREL! but I am hindered by a feeling that I can't contribute much to a match beyond killing the AI planes, spotting, and making the AI waste it's repair party. CVs feel pretty MEH right now. Not obscenely bad, just not middling engaging. Granted CVs are a fairly casual affair, stay in map mode, direct planes, repeat. No heart pounding action of a BB duel or a action suspense story being played out by a DD to be had in a CV. Just a lot of strategic thinking and planning for a handful of rewards - even for great CV play. As a realist I do realize that in a crack CV player's hand a CV can be the red teams nightmare, but so can a good other type of ship player. Even on ace games where I had good sinkings and equally good damage the CV payout was minuscule compared to what BB play pays. Not sure why - payout is still based on the same numbers - oh wait.. flags. Yup, I can run 4 more flags on every other ship type (usually all economic) thus making the rewards feel more significant so maybe adding 4 economic only flags to CVs would help "some".
  6. Toxic even in coop

    My favorite toxic folks are the ones who die first doing something utterly stupid. I look at it as an easy blacklist and ignore plus points towards a chat ban.
  7. What is the doubloon price of the Texas?

    You don't pay for the Texas in doubloons, you pay the cattle price.
  8. Toxic even in coop

    I can see CV PvP captains being dumped on in COOP if they play CV like they do in PvP. PvP players - group everything together and send it to a target, then land everything. That is [edited] in coop. In COOP you should fly CAP with your fighters, which in the current COOP AI world means eventually just going after AI fighters (who suffer a disadvantage in DPS) and then any other target of opportunity. Once you get the AI fighters out of sync then you should do good cutting down everything the AI sends. But if you did that, then the salty sailors need to WASD a bit more.
  9. IF you do a search you'll find probably a half dozen threads on people having different takes why people don't complete killer whale.
  10. WoW Wikki

    I usually track down the LWM review or sleuth through the ship forums.
  11. I liked WT's tanks but took a break, came back to suppa snipa tanks that can kill a tank behind a row of 4 tanks. But WT doesn't have aim bots, right? Right? Yeah.. uh huh. And everything else felt really broke, too like the huge difference between starting new pilots and folks running 100% pilots. Early on it wasn't an issue since 100% was a ways off. Bottom line is despite the sad princesses in WoWP the game is more enjoyable than WT. WoT and WT are probably tied since I have equally good reasons not to like either. And of course WoWS has BBs but seems to feel like that one map in WoT that encouraged folks to camp so much you'd get it and expect a draw or to only win if you had the best spotting...
  12. New currencies in WOWS

    WoT added warbonds for completing missions. They aren't something you can casually farm to get in quantity. You really need to work to earn them. As I don't play clan wars and only about 3-5% do I think it's great that WG will give the rest of us a shot at some of the rewards. Same goes for ranked battles (aside from the percentage of players doing ranked being much higher of course). Not everyone has played ranked since day 1 so this will allow folks another venue to get access to the ranked ships.
  13. Premium Ship Review: Duca degli Abruzzi

    WG pulled a slick one - teased the ship is going for sale soon but gave us the BB slayer. Maybe they want 7.5 to buff up the gun stats some?
  14. I made sure all my scenario ships had camo and all my "keepers" had camo.
  15. Free code in Humble Bundle

    I believe you can't redeem the code if you redeemed one from Humble already for the same thing. Old timers just get the same flag which we would have gotten from the previous code.