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  1. Can I shut off badges?

    I am surprised that this isn't a feature since folks can turn off that cammo I paid $$$ to advertise my whale level... Another counter argument to the badge flash - you might have been killed by that guy who camps behind everyone in hopes of getting that last 1 point of health of a "red" for a kill steal. Yup... Bob the kill stealer got you, now look at his poopy badge he didn't really earn.
  2. Roma

    That's the vino tower - it provides vino to the crew at their posts. The british just hid their rum tower better, that's all.
  3. The existing high school fleet cammo offers -10% PS, +100% FXP, -3% Det, +4% Disp, and +50% XP while the new HSF cammo offers +50% CDR, -10% PS, -3% Det, +4% Disp, and +50% XP so the cammo isn't a copy pasta and offers another option as a commander trainer vs a FXP grinder. The provided stats are based on the HSF Harekaze which cost 4000 D in game. I'd say "thanks WG" but I don't know how the rest of the fleet.s cammo will be earned.
  4. Then you have a topic for the suggestions forum area ;).
  5. Yup, turn off ARP content and you'll see them as crusty looking IJN captains.
  6. I am looking forward to the bird cage bottom fleet. A sizable chunk of the french line is derived from random napkin doodles and reject Rorschach cards compounded with just as tangible weapon designs and layouts. But, on the plus side when I set one on fire I can yell, "French Fries!"
  7. Wait until OP sees the Anime stuff coming down the pipe.
  8. That's pretty much been my PvP experience in general - the die hards do like to bully and try to wag eBody parts at everyone in the form of exploited stats padding claiming relevance because they are the only one who know how to play. Sadly, I can't sling eBody part waggler tags on all PvP folks. Some are just quiet or nice or generally good players/people. It's the noisy female body part players who'd rather rage at their own team vs the enemy team that ruin PvP for some folks. Occasionally these female body parts "stoop" down to play COOP... like they play PvP or worse... like they think COOP is because they believed their own bull excrement... and die promptly as the first or last bot team sacrifice in a manner that obviously is their teams fault. Heaven forbid they accept their own incompetence for deflating their exaggerated digital man parts. On the topic of COOP's actual destruction - WG talks out of both ends. They are making COOP more challenging by mixing ships up, adding scenarios, but violating COOP users on a very personal level by excluding COOP from a vast majority of activities as of late. Worse, some of the activities they do include are done in a way of a major tease - like get 1k unmodified xp in a single battle to complete this mission. WG is not nice when they do such things but don't include scenarios where there are actually enough ships to accomplish this feat or increasing COOP team levels to PvP levels. I don't know if I am being rewarded or being clobbered emotionally half the time ergo I just randomly play WoWS now. Not much sense to keep playing in the 10-20 matches per sit down anymore. WG is just setting me up for a beat down.
  9. In regular it's closest ship or nearest DD with DD being target #1. AI will chase any DD enmass.
  10. I thought WG has said in the past the modules are random and the captains do not use captain skills other than ESP and Increased Shell Normalization and Citadel Mastery. Occasionally their torps feel like homing torps...
  11. Well why did WG put it in the patch notes. Thanks, WG. Do I get Captain Obvious as a reward?
  12. Only if you own it already. ;)
  13. Ocean

    Get out out of my dreams, and into my ship - get in the Crow's nest baby... I say hey yeah get into my ship. Ocean - most realistic map ever.
  14. worst gaming experience ever

    Why not just use rankings based on individual battle performance vs the current mixed bag of potatoes method now. If ranked supposed to be based on personal skills why allow shell bait to drag down good players?
  15. The cruiser size destroyer aka The Floating Citadel is heading to the tech tree with 0.7.0. As a long time Yubari owner all I can say is if you can play DDs and tolerate armor that can't bounce a check then you'll enjoy this T4 training cruiser.