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  1. StoptheViolins

    Battleship Ise Giveaway — Join us on Stream!

    Put you in a Nelson for a balmy 36s.
  2. StoptheViolins

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    I get the 2-7's even when the MM shows 20-30 ships within my range waiting for a match.
  3. StoptheViolins

    "Backline Useless"

    There are salty players in COOP - I got fussed at by my human team mate for "killing low health bots". Of course this was after I had already racked up 4 kills, 200k damage, and he had died after grounding next to an AI BB. 5 kills for me.
  4. StoptheViolins


    It's great at spotting, sitting off to the side and shelling the poop out of focus firing bots, and smoke is useful when you get spotted and shot at. I played one match in coop and it's an entirely situational boat. If you play back in a support role and don't get focused fired you can do ok in it. Doing well is entirely out of the question...
  5. StoptheViolins

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    If it involved base XP operations were always an alternative. If you do halfway decent you can get 1k base xp per run.
  6. StoptheViolins

    So, why Coop needs mirrored MM?

    2+7 matches are about keeping your bots alive longer than the enemy bots.
  7. StoptheViolins

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I cashed out on it - I really want that new German CV so the coal will really go a long way towards that on the remaining dockyard phases. I did complete weeks 1-4 first, though.
  8. StoptheViolins

    Any hope for CV exp in co-op?

    If you are going to grind CV Dockyard missions in coop - use the Kaga. Virtually unlimited torpedo planes. If you are going to go COOP hope you get the 2+7:9 bot bug or a potato team. I love it when I have a match in a CV that would net me 150k-200k damage in any ship but a CV.
  9. StoptheViolins

    lots of complains about thunderer, but what about Marceau

    WG nerf a DD? ... bwahahahah... did you read the dev blog about 10.4 DD buffs incoming?
  10. StoptheViolins

    Which Coal Ship

    You could always save your coal for the Black. It's been 6 months or more so one day it might return.
  11. StoptheViolins

    PSA: WOWS Twitch Stream Dates (German Tokens)

    You need to watch 4 hours of stream to get each token drop.
  12. StoptheViolins

    So nerfs to premium ships huh?

    X THUNDERER Main battery firing range reduced from 24.3 to 23 km. X STALINGRAD Action time of the consumable «Surveillance Radar» reduced from 30 to 25 s.
  13. StoptheViolins

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    If you like abuse, buy a Champaign.
  14. It's the accuracy or reload that gets me. Pick one or the other. It's hard to justify a long wait if your shots are all over the board.
  15. StoptheViolins

    Battleship AP worthless

    After the second volley I'd just switched to HE for max pen damage.