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  1. Not just loudly, but slowly also, as if loud and slow equals a different language.

    Finally get with the times...

    This sums it all up folks. He claims his own ignorance and believes the US cruiser line is balanced.
  3. First off, this fixed nothing. The WOT MM is only looking at tier, for the bottom tier tanks. I was in matches where one side had all heavies and the other all mediums. This would be like ships having BBs on one side and CL on the other. They could all be the same tier, but the fire power and hit point pool of the BB/heavy tanks, is so much larger the smaller ships/tanks just have no chance. The real answer is to balance the ships so that when a T5 - T8 lands in a +2 match, they can actually go fight with a realistic chance to do some damage and help the team. Nothing like having to use gimmicks, like lobbing rounds over an island and praying for a fire to get some damage. I stood in the open and poured 102 rounds into a broad side BB that was 2 tiers up from me, set no fires, switched to AP did a total of 1800 damage and in the end he eventually got tired of me shooting him. In one volley he deleted me, running away at a steep angle. That is why bottom tier ships do anything but engage the enemy, we just feel we can be of no value except as damage farm for the enemy team. WG is not going to "FIX" this attitude unless they address power creep, balance ships, and do something to prevent the 70% + bottom tier matches for some tiers. People come here and complain because they feel the game is being unfair. And in some ways I agree. WG knowingly screwed T5, has admitted as much and are doing nothing to fix the issue. They want my money, my trust that they will build and improve on a fair game, they need to start right there with the T5 MM.

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    You may well be right. I am going to play my T5 cruiser no matter what is going on. Restricting missions into groups T6-T10 and T8-T10, means I got no credit for playing the ships I love. All players do not desire to play T10 all the time no mater how much WG wants us to. Couple this with the fact new players at low tiers feel left out because they can't participate or even have a shot at earning mission rewards. I was here at one point, back when T2s could see T4s and you saw a fair number of good players farming low tiers for easy stat padding. So I will stick by my desire to see missions opened up to most tiers, so all players have a chance to participate. Maybe it means T3 through T10 can earn rewards, but something needs to be done. It takes way to long to grind a T6 ship with 10 point captain from T1. Not withstanding, a player may be playing multiple ship lines, DDs, CAs and BBs, in multiple tech trees. Excluding players from participating is NEVER a good thing.

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    The video has some good points, and I think the OP's title says what is important. The goings on in WOT should be carefully looked at by WG and not repeated in WOWS. Yes they are different games, but if WG starts to repeat the same mistakes, the player base will react the same way; people are people after all. You screw with the low tier game and you fail to keep new players You make premium ships OP and premium content becomes necessary to win, the game is essentially no longer F2P, if you want to do well that is. Imbalance in MM, perceived or real, is what drove the 3/5/7 MM changes in WOT. WOWS has it's own imbalance in MM, how long did it take WG to respond to the T8 complaints about MM? Why did the segregation for low tiers happen and screw up MM for T5? WG could seriously focus on fixing these issues, but they wait to long to respond and lose players over it. There are a lot of lessons WOWS could learn form WOT. I for one am about done. I am tired of chasing containers that have nothing in them, just because WG gives it away, does not make it useful or valuable. Missions that force high tier game play, let us play the ships we enjoy while working to complete missions. What does it really mater if I want to run a Tier 3, 4, 5, 6 ship? I should be able to work toward mission completion no mater what ship I run.

    Transaction error

    OK all, My issue was resolved moths ago. In changed the pat6ch from my clan patch to any other patch and the problem went away. It came back when I first mounted the alaina (sp?) symbol, but once it was removed the problem stopped. Now I can run any patch or symbol I want with no issues. Please try changing your patch and/or symbol, exit and reload game and see if the problem persists.

    WG Finally Ruined Tier 7

    Why? Are you for real? I play T5 I see T7 I play T7 I see T9 I play T8 or T9 all I see is T10. More than 70% of matches I am bottom tier, and because I main cruisers I am sometime the only bottom tier cruiser in the match, and I mean there is no comparable tier cruiser on the other side. It is not bad luck in MM, WG admitted as much when they protected T4 from T6 that T5 was getting the shaft. Now T7 is the same for the protection of T8. This is why i believe new players leave when they hit T5, they play protected tiers up to T5 then get the worst MM in the game. The crappy MM lasts right up to you reach T10 and players don't want to deal with it. Not new players anyways. This is not about getting easy matches where they are top tier all the time it is about balance. If I have a run of bottom tier Matches I should be able to get a run of top tier matches as well, but that can't happen with the MM the way it is balanced. The answer is more players and balancing the MM. It is my belief that WG is not doing enough to find and keep players, and they are too slow to respond to needed changes in MM. How many months have players been saying the MM for T8 is screwed, 12 months, 2 years, so WG screws T7 to help T8. It shows they have little to no awareness of how to fix the balance issues with MM.
  8. Lots of changes to ships. Some good improvements for the Japanese Line. Buffalo was slightly improved, but the Pensacola was totally ignored. last I checked it was significantly under performing in its tier by a fair margin. Please correct me if I am wrong, but with the slow reload and super slow turret traverse, it just has no ability to compete at T6. Nice adjustment for T8 and T9 ship MM, but yet again nothing for T5-T7. This is one of the worst ship brackets to play through and frankly it needs some serious love. Nothing like being bottom tier 70% or more of matches. I believe this is a turn off for new players, special bracket for T1/T2 ships, T3/T4 ships, but when you get to T5 you get stuck with T7s way to often. I commend WG for some of the positive changes, they have not gone far enough and need to continue the MM balancing all the way to T5. Happy sailing to all.

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Wolf D has openings. Just expanded the clan. Looking for you. Play the ship's you like, when you like as often as you like. No strings attached! No dialy container requirement. No need to interact with clan mates unless you want to. Enjoy the perks of clan benefits. Hope to see you soon.

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    1 in 20, ? what? I never saw that rate; hell it has been July 2 since I have seen a SC. I must have over 300 regular containers since then.

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Wow, what a load of trash. I have seen PVP in many other games, and the one thing they have in common is a skill based player ranking system, so that players of a really high rank(skill) do not play players of a really low rank(skill). They don't all go by win rate. They don't have long queue times. AND they are still out there, skill based MM did not kill the game. Secondly, your comment about all players ending up at 48-49% is just a flat out guess. Build a skill based MM, balanced so each team has the same number of good and bad players in the same tier ships, so that if one side has a unicum top tier BB, so does the other side, and if one side has a terrible CA so does the other side. Build that balanced MM and prove us wrong. Stop spouting garbage. Yes it is likely to cause some longer times in building MM, especially for the best and the worst players. Frankly, a better MM will help keep players, and the more players will help to prevent longer wait times. Instead of 100 ships in queue and 15 in your range, wouldn't it be nice is there were 1000 ships in queue and 150 ships in your range. Image that when you log in there were 100,000 players logged into game instead of 10,000. Frankly WG has no good reason to not try a skill based MM. Tanks has needed it for years and now the steam rolls are happening here just like they started in tanks. The same discussions are happening here just like in tanks about skill based MM and WG is spouting the same garage they did then.
  12. interesting question Lert. Being Honest, I believe that when the team starts to lemming and someone, calls for support at the other end of the map and is ignored, they have every right to blame the team. You can't win if you get flanked and are being shot from 2 different directions. It most often breads confusion and players end up swapping targets too much trying to shoot both ways. I have seen it more times than I care to count, one or 2 ships go to a flank and the rest of the team lemmings the other way and losses not only the 2 ships but fails to push their numerical superiority and gets trapped in a cross fire. So yeah, when it is called out in the first 30 seconds or so, and the team ignores the mini map to do their thing, those who called it out have every right to blame the team for failure to use good tactics.

    spotting needed

    I think you missed the whole point, The tool tip says "Help your team cause 100K damage upon your spotting" You help cause damage how? By shooting ships, with guns and torps, right? So you spot, you shoot, you damage, you are helping to cause damage upon your spotting. If the tool tip said "earn 100K spotting damage" - well now that would be a totally different meaning. It would mean you only get credit for damage done by team mates after you spot a ship. As you may know, MANY players have yet to see a mission for the T7 or T8 brit DDs. I am one of them. which means for the brit DD part I am stuck in an acasta or icarus.

    spotting needed

    Is it me or is the tool tip for this mission a bit misleading? "Help your team cause 100000 damage upon your spotting" Problem is my damage to ships I spot, which is helping the team, is not counting at all. The tool tip should reflect that your damage does not count. The British DD spotting mission is worded exactly the same. Every game I have been in has had at least one CV. I have very few spots and a whole lot of damage to the ships I spot is from me, not my team mates. Very difficult to complete. On an order of magnitude harder then other missions. You just have to be lucky, no skill of your own to spot can get your team mates to shoot the ships you spot. It would be much better if the "Help your team cause" meant your damage counted.
  15. must be frigging nice. at least one per month. I have not seen one drop since July 2 this year. All told maybe I seen 7.