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    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    Really the nA pop is higher than usual? Care to post your source? I see bots in random games several days a week, if the player base is expanding why so many bots?

    If CV's are so balanced

    Where does every one get this 1 CV per side idea. I get games with 2CVs per side all the time. Your whole argument is MOOT, the limit is not one CV per side it is 2.

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    CV aside, the claim was made that it takes 10 minutes to kill a large ship. Which may be true given certain sets of parameters, like CV and ship on opposite side of the map, only attacking with torp planes and not other types of planes etc. You can cherry pick ships and situations to prove any claim. The person who posted this also said go to a training room and prove it. Again setting up specific ships and scenarios in a training proves nothing compared to random battles. Generally however, the claim is JUST patently false.

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    So what your saying is your so bad with a CV that it take YOU 10 minutes to sink a ship with a CV in a training room. I hope you are never running the CV on my team in randoms. Good players do not need 10 minutes to sink a ship with a CV.

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    You said ship! in fact you said post 44 or not your point is not valid, it does not take 10 minutes to kill a big ship at low and mid tiers with CV and you know it.

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    10 minutes to sink a ship with CV? Obviously you have no clue.

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    Drawing fine lines does not put off the fact that CVs at low and mid tier can kill any ship they want. If 2 of them gang up on a ship it is over. They are too powerful. Saying the ship itself is not powerful because it has no guns is idiotic. Their planes are their weapons, just like a BB has main guns.

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    This is not true, had a 2 cv game at T4 yesterday and a 2 CV game at T5 just now. The problem is that if you have bad CVs on your team and good CVs on the red team, it is am automatic loss. At low and mid tier, 2 CVs can kill any ship in short order. This game today, the CVs teamed up against BB after BB and by about 6 minutes in they had killed three, then it was my turn. Multiple sets of planes dropping torps from different directions, followed by multiple sets of bombers, wave after wave. I got 20 planes, they got me dead and then killed the next guy; red Cvs, #1 and #3, our CVs, #8 and #11. CVs at low and mid tiers are way to powerful. Coupled with the defined lack of AA on ships makes it not fun. They are not worth playing and the only real option is to walk away and let the game take whatever course.

    Welp, I understand why people play CV, now.

    Running into DDs with AA on is irrelevant, except for the DDs with GOOD AA. When planes are looking for you, nothing you can do will keep you hidden long enough to stop the planes. Running AA or not running AA does not stop the faster planes from finding and shooting you. Cvs who go looking for and intend to destroy DDs at the start of a game usually succeed, and it isn't because of DD AA.
  10. Thats cool. It is a LOT of Data to take and I did not know if you had. being a bit of a data freak, I tend to think of lots of ways to analyze stuff.
  11. Is there a correlation between the ship type and red players, ship tier and red players etc. If the team with more red players had them in top tier ships, did that mean a loss more frequently as opposed to red players in bottom tier ships? Red players in BB vs cruisers vs DD vs CV? Your win/loss percent based on number of red players is interesting but ignores some potentially significant factors in wins vs losses. If the team with fewer red players had them in significant positions, i.e. top tier BBs, how did that affect the outcome?

    Your longest super container drought

    It wasn't free, you played all that time, your investment of time and effort makes it anything BUT FREE!

    Your longest super container drought

    Months, it has been months since I saw a SC. I don't even bother to count containers, they drop so infrequently. I may get one twice a year if lucky.

    Rocket Planes out of control

    Your TOO funny, Cvs are no where near balanced. Turn this way for IJN turn that way for US; turn, don't turn, and hope the CV player does not adjust or over compensates. None of it matters against a good CV player. You get creamed either way! It may take one more pass, but he gets one way or the other. CVs all too often affect the game outcome more than any other ship! That is NOT balanced!

    Submarines ... Still Unimpressed

    I have more than a dozen games in sub matches maybe 30. BB, DD, Cruiser and sub. If the enemy subs are alive and your DDs and cruisers are dead, it is an automatic loss. There is no counter, no ability to hunt or kill them. I would make a few recommendations: 1) Subs should only be able to shoot from periscope depth 2) Subs should only be able to spot and report ship location from periscope depth 3) All ammo should be able to damage them at periscope depth, if a AP round from a BB can hit the water and take half a cruisers life, it should be able to punch a hole in a sub the same way! 4) subs should have to surface to recharge, going 1/4 speed, is a piss poor mechanic and allows a sub to stay underwater the whole game. Subs are fragile, but also impossible to shoot unless you have ASW. They can stay at range, stay invisible, un-hitable and kill a BB at will.