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  1. riverslq

    A Plea to the Developers from a CV Enthusiast

    CVs are a cancer. CVs must be removed.
  2. riverslq

    CV Rework Feedback

    something tells me you primarily play cvs. good. the rest of us will go to warthunder. :p
  3. and torp planes still get through, over and over again. tier 10, yes,I know they're getting patched in a bit. that ain't gonna help. just remove the [edited]. there is no way to balance crap.
  4. riverslq

    I'm done in Random

    Remove CVs. Problem solved. i've only seen a few cv mains, so no big loss in terms of numbers. :p
  5. riverslq

    CV Rework Feedback

    Remove CVs. thats my feedback.
  6. hahhahha no not playing is also data for them. sorry.
  7. and? eula or not, there is being fair to your customer, and there there is being anal.
  8. how many times have we heard that from how many different game companies? and how many times have things actually changed? .....yeah.
  9. shh, don't ask when they'll fix their satellite scans, err, I mean radar, cuz it's so accurate to wwii. but ...detonations? oh nevermind, this is wargaming. they have no f'n clue.
  10. Something tells me athena here doesn't play dd's as her main. aka,knows it all, but really knows nothing. when have these forums become twitter? :p
  11. Fun and Engaging! There really isn't much else to say.
  12. hahahahahahahahahahahah.... sorry, it was my attempt at a joke. but seriously. :p
  13. riverslq

    MM at night*

    not with deepwater torpedoes. :p