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  1. SeaRaptor is right. Book early or you'll be looking in mississippi lol.
  2. After taking my son to Alabama the 12th, he demanded to go to this one as well. I'll be there homie.
  3. bigb0ngz


    This was all just part of his master plan to get closer to LK and a certain clan. Kappa
  4. bigb0ngz

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    They will look for any excuse as to why they didn't do well. Aside from reflecting on their own play and choices.
  5. I think the entire saving a star system should be eliminated. The Xp should be like clan battles, winning team all earn the same amount, losing team all earn the same amount. This will eliminate people playing for themselves, and will work on playing for the win. Also I think there should be 2 pools of players based on random battle win rates. The cut off should be about 55% win rate in randoms. This will make the games more enjoyable for the sub 55% win rates, and the higher win rates by not having such a disparity between skill levels.
  6. bigb0ngz

    Apology to Sky_Law

    I'm in his clan, and I would have done the same thing. Only I would have just laughed at him. RIP
  7. bigb0ngz

    The Stalingrad

    Well to end zath's argument. The ship is available for steel now, not just cb flags for typhoon wins. You can acquire the ship from ranked. Ranked will offer you 3500 steel for just reaching rank 5. Something most people should easily be able to obtain. Therefore the most skilled will not be the only ones owning the ship in the long run. His complaints are highly unwarranted if he could simply add. The majority of people who own it at this very moment are going to be the higher skilled players because they earned all their steel, and intentionally saved it just for this update. By the beginning of next year even you will see far more of them. Wargaming has plenty of ships for purchase for money. This ship was never marketed as such. They are merely sticking generally to their word. They have already made a major concession to make it more accessible by making it steel and not just cb flags. So there problem solved. If they made it for purchase in the store, they would lose participation in game. They know that is what will kill their game. Players losing interest and not playing is not what they want. So this is something to keep players engaged, and it works. They should continue to do so and likely will.
  8. bigb0ngz

    Clan Battles Match Making

    Yea, I think the A/b system should go. The bigger clans will have to send people back to their sub clans, instead of just grinding out the rewards in the b teams. This will at least make the pool larger for the other clans to get wins.
  9. bigb0ngz

    Clan Battles Match Making

    I personally think the alpha/bravo system has made this season far more competitive. The volume of hurricane teams is always going to be thin, because there's not a high percentage of quality players to go around. Most have consolidated to a few teams, and those teams are showing it. The problem with the system is how easily interchangeable those players are to a/b squads. Most high end clans are running alpha players with bravo squads to try and flag others out. This makes it much harder for the teams who are struggling even with their alpha squads. If players were set to either a or b, and not able to go between the 2, the system could work better for more. The players who don't care, earned their rewards already. Now they are just trying to grind out wins for others on lower ratings making the pool impossibly difficult for the rest.