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  1. Khaba V DM in Ranked lol

    Definitely a Khab. I was driving it.
  2. Khaba V DM in Ranked lol

    Was very nearly for naught, though. Your friendly DM and you were double-struck a little later by another Khab. Still, can’t argue success. Your side did win the game, albeit mainly because multiple team mates on the other side couldn’t do basic maths and decided that since they had two caps to one, they would overtake on points, despite being more than double the distance to 1000pts. So they ran away instead of killing the last CA on your side. Would have been an epic comeback.
  3. New Host = No More Dasha???

    I guess you don't think I'm pretty... I'm going to go sulk now...
  4. Well, I do appear in the video... But it's a good excuse to go back and watch the actual NL video. This is just a 'behind the scenes' sort of thing.
  5. Language & Spokesmen / Spokeswomen

    We did bring her over to the New York City event last year, as I recall. Not sure how communicative she was. Probably about the same as when I went to events in Moscow and Oarai. We're still chewing over the question of the flying zoomy things. I did film some stuff, but for some reason it only came out in Russian.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    That was a bit of a surprise, we weren't divisioning or anything. Fortunately, if one WGA hack is good, having two on your side came to the inevitable result...
  7. For the record, we had been tasked to come up with a list of names which would have met with the US Navy's standards of naming at the time. Nicholas was one of a reasonable number Warhawk came up with which met the standards, and which also was not in use at the time the ship was being considered (I.e. Commissioning about 1925, as I recall). It was the decision of St Pete to pick Nicholas as a tip of the hat to myself.
  8. The one caveat to that is that if the opposition times it correctly, they can force the strafe-escape while you are telling your second squad to strafe. In such a case, you'll have committed your own fighters to strafe you own guys as -they- are unresponsive instead.
  9. Let's Battle Tour/Corpus Christi, TX

    We're talking with Texas about something we can do in conjunction with them. Just not happening this month.
  10. Stop the Insults

  11. Bay Area, CA Meetup!!

    Sorry, mate, I'll be in Ireland. That said, the lads on Hornet do a good NYE Shindig as well.
  12. Not beyond possibility, as we've had a pub session in Richmond, and I've had Norfolk types drive up to Alexandria for another one. Maybe next time I'm in the Archives I'll allocate an evening to swing down.
  13. Where is the PERTH??????

    I do when I encounter them, though i must thank Larry Bond for pointing it out to me in the first place. I think our content people here in Wargaming's NA office have gotten fed up of me hammering them.
  14. Where is the PERTH??????

    Grammar fail. One should not use the definite article in front of a ship name, as it's a proper noun. See: http://www.navy.mil/tools/view_styleguide_all.asp "Do not use "the" in front of a ship's name: "USS San Jose," not "the USS San Jose.""