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  1. The amusing thing is that the VA uses ID.me to verify service on their website, so it’s about as good an endorsement as you’ll find. For those who have just created an ID.me account, check out https://shop.id.me/military Between them, Veteans Advantage and Sheer.id, I have quite literally saved thousands of dollars. As regards other countries, I suspect Canada will be the next easiest to implement, as there is the CFOne system of centralized verification. Other nations get more difficult, as we aren’t aware of such for, for example, Brazil. However, this is a new concept for us here at WG, and as far as we know, this is a new concept for video games as a whole.
  2. Go to your “account management” page on the website. (Not forum profile, account management). There will be a “verify with I’d.me” on the right hand side.
  3. It focuses mainly on the actions of the Polish Navy as I recall (Filmed some time ago), the story basically stops when the surviving vessels broke for the UK, so doesn't involve the USSR much.
  4. Fortunately I'm not selling anything. What can I say. The Devs changed their mind on subs.
  5. What you say about the distances is only true for the forces which landed in the Mediterranean. Those which landed on the Atlantic coast of North Africa (Western Task Force) sailed straight from the US to the landing beaches. The North Africa landings provided an entirely new set of pain points for the US forces which the troops on Guadalcanal did not have to worry about, such as landing and feeding a supply line of heavy armored forces overland hundreds of kilometers for mechanized maneuver combat. Guadalcanal was mainly an infantry fight, with the longest logistical line basically being 100km. Supporting an Army opposed landing is fundamentally different to supporting a Marine one. There were of course lessons applied from Guadalcanal, but there were some very large answers and experiences that Guadalcanal simply could not provide. Your point of the number of 'opposed landings' is well taken.
  6. He's (Kizarvexis) right on both counts, you know.
  7. One of many inter-service (and/or self-depricating) digs. Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet / Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet My [edited] (Seriously? Think 'backside', but begins with A. Another word for 'donkey') Rides In Navy Equipment / Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential / Uncle Sam's Misguided Children Never Again Volunteer Yourself You get the idea...
  8. Are we allowed have two CV players in the company at the same time? *worries in job security*