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  1. The amusing thing is that the VA uses ID.me to verify service on their website, so it’s about as good an endorsement as you’ll find. For those who have just created an ID.me account, check out https://shop.id.me/military Between them, Veteans Advantage and Sheer.id, I have quite literally saved thousands of dollars. As regards other countries, I suspect Canada will be the next easiest to implement, as there is the CFOne system of centralized verification. Other nations get more difficult, as we aren’t aware of such for, for example, Brazil. However, this is a new concept for us here at WG, and as far as we know, this is a new concept for video games as a whole.
  2. Go to your “account management” page on the website. (Not forum profile, account management). There will be a “verify with I’d.me” on the right hand side.