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  1. SouthboundPachyderm

    PTS 0.10.3 BUG REPORTS

    1. Description ZF-6 Dockyard - ZF-6 is naked after completing. Completing phase 22, the ZF-6 is christened to fanfare via short video (Note - all videos currently MISSING SOUNDS). Ship is launched and is shown in video wearing the War Paint reward camouflage. After exiting video, ship is shown in the dockyard not wearing any camouflage at all, not War Paint, not stock premium. 2. How to reproduce Complete the 22nd phase of construction and watch video. After video, ship displays without the camouflage it was just shown with in the video. Because the ship is disabled in PTS, it is not available in port to confirm which camouflage ship is wearing.
  2. SouthboundPachyderm

    PTS 0.10.3 BUG REPORTS

    Clan Menu First noticed when entering the Naval Battles screen from either the tab in the left side player menu or from the clan menu, mouse-clicking on the ESC X button in the upper right corner does nothing. Also non-functional on all of the other tabs (Naval Base, Clan Members, Clan Search, Requests, Clan Battles) This is repeatable, it does not exit you back to the port screen. Pressing esc on keyboard under any of the clan sub-menus works fine, but the button in the R/H upper corner does not work.
  3. SouthboundPachyderm

    Austin is Hilarious, and Perhaps Broken

    It seems to me that Austin is going to have a very high skill floor - the players who do well in it are going to be very good players overall. Experience in an Atlanta/Flint will probably transfer pretty well. It is a ship that is going to be very dependent on teammates for spotting and is definitely not going to help the "hiding behind an island" meta. That being said, I am kinda looking forward to it (8k away).
  4. SouthboundPachyderm

    More ships being suspended with update 0.10.5

    Nelson has been available FOREVER. They're just culling some of the older and/or overpowered ships to make room for more. If you've been on the Premium Shop lately and looked at the ships category, you can scroll down for a long time before you hit bottom. Time to mothball some stuff. Considering we're getting 10.2 tomorrow, you still have three months left to buy any of these. They'll also still be in the list for Santa crates.
  5. SouthboundPachyderm

    Kansas to Tech Tree

    0.9.11, so the next patch after tomorrow. All 3 will be available (Kansas/Minnesota/Vermont) to research in the tech tree.
  6. SouthboundPachyderm

    Help with aiming

    I am unable to watch the replay (no game installed on this computer) but a couple of basic tips that have helped me over time: 1) Switch to a dynamic crosshair. They take some getting used to, but they're set up for a baseline ship going 30kts (you have to make mental adjustments for faster DDs or slower BBs, but it's a good reference point). If you're aiming at a ship going 30kts, line the 30 hashmark up with the front turret and fire. Chances are most of your shells will land about where that hashmark was lined up on the ship. 2) Aim for the waterline or just above it (closer in). If you're aiming at a ship far away and aiming at superstructure, your shells will likely go long. 3) Try to anticipate how fast a ship is going by looking at how angled the smoke is coming out of the smokestack. It's pretty obvious if a ship is still, going slow, backwards, or full speed once you get used to it. 4) If you're unsure about your aim, take a ranging shot. Don't empty all your shells in one volley. One turret worth and watch them fly. if they look like they're good, fire the rest and then continue. If not, adjust aim and do it again.
  7. SouthboundPachyderm

    GPU Maxed Out in Port

    Known issue for a LONG time... the port is VERY graphics-intensive. Supposedly the designer's desk one is the least resource-intensive.
  8. SouthboundPachyderm

    RDF Needs To GO

    RDF(RPF) is a 4-point skill. That's 21% of your total captain skill points for it. It's a big sacrifice to make to have it and is absolutely necessary on some (but not all) DDs. What's next? Somlensk mains complaining that FP needs to go because they can only set 3 fires per ship now? If someone choses to have it and YOU choose NOT to have it, stop complaining about your own decision-making.
  9. SouthboundPachyderm

    Lenin tips

    Pretty much. NEVER show your sides if you can help it, as its citadel is above the waterline and easy to hit. It suffers from the Soviet accuracy traits so it's definitely not a sniper (although it never hurts to try, especially if you're already spotted). The rule of thumb is, if you can get your rear turret to fire (meaning it's not being blocked by the center superposition turret), you're at a bad angle and at risk of a citadel. That doesn't mean you never want to use it, but knowing where incoming fire is coming from and who's shooting at you will definitely keep you alive longer. Lenin also has the Soviet fast-reloading damage controls and heals, but just like heals, in Lenin you have a limited number of damage control parties. Your secondaries aren't worth saving, so NEVER put out a single fire. Ever. You only have at most 4 DCPs. Use them wisely. Fire prevention is a MUST if you have the skillpoints on a captain for it.
  10. You've had zero battles in Halland, and nearly none in any DD of any type. Pardon me for having only 4 battles in a boat I JUST GOT TWO DAYS AGO. You don't have enough experience in any boat that fights against carriers to even attempt to understand the other side of the equation, so "I question your credentials to value this discussion quality". All you have is a boat that can WTH annihilate any target you choose EXCEPT Halland and you can't even comprehend that a boat is an effective counter to your carrier. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1034557321,Merc_R_Us/ Good job at playing the Midway well. Learn to play other stuff too.
  11. SouthboundPachyderm

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    The question I have: Will we have to re-grind Donskoi to get the XP necessary to research Nevsky, or will the XP spent on Moskva be transferred back to Donskoi? I don't think I've really seen that clarified, only speculation.
  12. Whine much? OMG, something can actually finally counter my gameplay, so it must be overpowered. Give it a rest. Halland is sluggish and slow and has no smoke to hide in. It's ONLY defense against you is that it actually can shoot down your planes. If anything, if they do nerf it they should then strengthen cruiser AA across the board to actually make them useable as AA platforms again. When a DD can shoot down more of your planes than pretty much anything else in the game, maybe it's not the DD that's overpowered but the rest of the ships are underpowered?
  13. SouthboundPachyderm

    Jekyll and Hyde ships

    In this meta of running co-ops to complete directives as quickly as possible, the slow ships suffer horribly. 90% of the co-op games these days seem to last under 5 minutes due to the bots generally pushing straight forward, and the faster ships get to the engagement, kill stuff, and the match ends at zero points for the bots VERY quickly. Slow ships, especially short range lower tier BBs have no chance. Only on during times when the ally team is populated with bots or when the fast-movers REALLY screw up and die early do the slow ships have a chance to do real damage.
  14. I just dumped him on London for now. Not entirely sure which boat he'll end up on eventually, but London is a good trainer and fun to play.