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  1. SouthboundPachyderm

    GPU Maxed Out in Port

    Known issue for a LONG time... the port is VERY graphics-intensive. Supposedly the designer's desk one is the least resource-intensive.
  2. SouthboundPachyderm

    RDF Needs To GO

    RDF(RPF) is a 4-point skill. That's 21% of your total captain skill points for it. It's a big sacrifice to make to have it and is absolutely necessary on some (but not all) DDs. What's next? Somlensk mains complaining that FP needs to go because they can only set 3 fires per ship now? If someone choses to have it and YOU choose NOT to have it, stop complaining about your own decision-making.
  3. SouthboundPachyderm

    Lenin tips

    Pretty much. NEVER show your sides if you can help it, as its citadel is above the waterline and easy to hit. It suffers from the Soviet accuracy traits so it's definitely not a sniper (although it never hurts to try, especially if you're already spotted). The rule of thumb is, if you can get your rear turret to fire (meaning it's not being blocked by the center superposition turret), you're at a bad angle and at risk of a citadel. That doesn't mean you never want to use it, but knowing where incoming fire is coming from and who's shooting at you will definitely keep you alive longer. Lenin also has the Soviet fast-reloading damage controls and heals, but just like heals, in Lenin you have a limited number of damage control parties. Your secondaries aren't worth saving, so NEVER put out a single fire. Ever. You only have at most 4 DCPs. Use them wisely. Fire prevention is a MUST if you have the skillpoints on a captain for it.
  4. You've had zero battles in Halland, and nearly none in any DD of any type. Pardon me for having only 4 battles in a boat I JUST GOT TWO DAYS AGO. You don't have enough experience in any boat that fights against carriers to even attempt to understand the other side of the equation, so "I question your credentials to value this discussion quality". All you have is a boat that can WTH annihilate any target you choose EXCEPT Halland and you can't even comprehend that a boat is an effective counter to your carrier. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1034557321,Merc_R_Us/ Good job at playing the Midway well. Learn to play other stuff too.
  5. SouthboundPachyderm

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    The question I have: Will we have to re-grind Donskoi to get the XP necessary to research Nevsky, or will the XP spent on Moskva be transferred back to Donskoi? I don't think I've really seen that clarified, only speculation.
  6. Whine much? OMG, something can actually finally counter my gameplay, so it must be overpowered. Give it a rest. Halland is sluggish and slow and has no smoke to hide in. It's ONLY defense against you is that it actually can shoot down your planes. If anything, if they do nerf it they should then strengthen cruiser AA across the board to actually make them useable as AA platforms again. When a DD can shoot down more of your planes than pretty much anything else in the game, maybe it's not the DD that's overpowered but the rest of the ships are underpowered?
  7. SouthboundPachyderm

    Jekyll and Hyde ships

    In this meta of running co-ops to complete directives as quickly as possible, the slow ships suffer horribly. 90% of the co-op games these days seem to last under 5 minutes due to the bots generally pushing straight forward, and the faster ships get to the engagement, kill stuff, and the match ends at zero points for the bots VERY quickly. Slow ships, especially short range lower tier BBs have no chance. Only on during times when the ally team is populated with bots or when the fast-movers REALLY screw up and die early do the slow ships have a chance to do real damage.
  8. I just dumped him on London for now. Not entirely sure which boat he'll end up on eventually, but London is a good trainer and fun to play.
  9. SouthboundPachyderm

    The Italian CA line: its not them, its you.

    I love Big V... the biggest downside is while you get fairly consistent damage with SAP, it's harder to get those game-saving DevStrikes late in the match. They're great if you're in the game the whole time because you can rack up monster numbers, but in a pinch pretty much anything else is better at making THAT play that saves the day.
  10. SouthboundPachyderm

    Most surprisingly good / disappointing ships?

    Surprisingly fun - the high-tier Italian Cruisers, especially Venezia. When the CCs and Supertesters were playing them we kept hearing how SAP sucked and the boats seemed pointless. While they may not have a ton of utility in competitive, they are sure HELLA fun to play in randoms. Throw double rudder shift mods on Venezia, load up Sansonetti, and rain down SAP and collect damages all while collecting the salt of the players who can't hit you because you're instantly on a track 180 degrees from where you were when they clicked the mouse button. Currently the British heavy cruiser is filled with disappointment with the exception of Devonshire (which is a beast). Despite what we were told about hard-hitting HE and survivability, they're almost all limp noodles with no range (and no gimmick Sansonetti type commander to help with it in the lower tiers). They're just not fun to play. At all. I'm hoping Goliath will be better, from what I've heard so far.... probably not.
  11. SouthboundPachyderm

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    If we have Moskva, will we get a Nevsky in port or will we have to grind out additional xp on Donskoi? Also... if you don't currently have them anymore, re-buy Kirov (for the premium) and Shchors (so you can start grinding additional XP NOW to buy Tallin immediately without having to burn FXP when it gets released.)
  12. SouthboundPachyderm

    WINNERS - The Perthfect Opportunity

    Grats to the Perthy People!
  13. SouthboundPachyderm

    With Kremlin a Game or Two Away, What Line Next?

    The Italian cruiser line presents a different challenge - they're not horribly useful from what I've heard in competitive play, but they're great fun in randoms. Amalfi is good, Brindisi is really good, and Venezia is great. You have to play them selfishly as they don't have a whole lot of team utility, but they can definitely contribute on the damage end of things. Shima and Gumo have both been power-crept, but are still both horribly fun to play, albeit totally differently. You can make a pretty strong argument on both lines that the tier 9 is on par with the 10, but you'll still be missing something if you don't complete the lines. I REALLY loved my tier 9 Lion, and Conq is awesome. You could almost skip the experience however if you just buy a Thunderer with coal. I honestly hate what they've done to Henri IV and I wouldn't force myself up the line right now.
  14. SouthboundPachyderm


    While Hawkins is a complete disappointment (there's literally nothing it brings to the table over Exeter if you have one, and even Emerald is more fun to play), Devonshire is everything an upgrade SHOULD be. HE is still inconsistent at this tier, as I'm seeing some matches where this thing just won't start a single fire, yet I get matches where 2-3 fires per salvo happens frequently. She's a bit tanky, turret traverse isn't bad, survivability is pretty good for Tier 6, and as long as you can kite and dodge incoming BB fire she holds her own very well. Don't EVER give her a broadside in your cruiser. Her AP is farm-worthy. This is my best game thus far with her, but I've had WAY more good games than bad games, and always at or near the top when it comes to the end.
  15. SouthboundPachyderm

    Think I'm over the British cruiser event already

    I've gotten both Chester and Devonshire from the boxes, Chester from free and Devonshire from paid. The downside is that the next box to pop AFTER Devonshire was Chester again in the premium box. I'm not going to burn 1k doubloons for 1.2m credits that I'd get in exchange.