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  1. Venezia is one of the easiest boats at tier 10 to consistently put shells on a target. Easy isn't the right word, but it just feels natural to aim, shoot, and hit what you're aiming at. The shell arcs aren't brutally high, the velocity is good, and the grouping is spectacular. Just keep shooting. Because they're so accurate, ac The long reload can be mitigated a bit with skills, so just keep shooting. She can dance well enough that it's an effective kiting boat (with the caveat that its range isn't great). Also, don't forget to use those sea mines. They're slow but hard to spot and people tend to forget about their range. Everyone sees a Yoshino and assumes they've torped from the back of the map, disregarding their teammates in the process. Not too many people count on Venezia torps doing anything and they have been discounting them (so far). I'm bad, so my stats aren't good enough to justify listening to any advice I give. But I do have my highest cruiser damage to date in Venezia, and I've had the boat for less than a week. So I'm less bad in Venezia, or it just plays better to my strengths and hides my weaknesses more.
  2. SouthboundPachyderm

    New damage record for me - in a Friesland.

    Shima flooded him out about 15 seconds later
  3. SouthboundPachyderm

    New damage record for me - in a Friesland.

    I admit I'm not a great player. But damn... And for the record, my base xp was 40pts higher than the winning team's top ship. :) Friesland has quickly become my favorite ship to play.
  4. I've been wanting both the Musashi and Yamato camos since I first saw them, but I missed the first HSF stuff by about a week.
  5. SouthboundPachyderm

    What coal ships to buy?

    I would put my coal in Smolensk first if you're at all interested in it, because of the 3 you're talking about it is likely the one to be pulled from the armory first. The Georgia is available for real $ and will likely be out for a while, and Thundererer is brand new so it should be around for a solid length of time. Smolensk is probably on borrowed time right now before the BIAS police get it removed. I like my Smolensk and my Georgia, although Georgia doesn't feel as comfortable to me as Massachusetts does for some reason. Everything I've read about Thunderer (and my clanmate loves his to death) tells me it's a great ship. I'm 90k away from getting it myself.
  6. SouthboundPachyderm

    Everybody loves Raimondo....NOT

    If you want it to feel superior, play a round in Genova, then go back to Monte. You'll be ecstatic at how well she performs!
  7. SouthboundPachyderm

    declining frame rates

    I haven't seen any changes just due to the game. Recently I've found more rate reduction when I have twitch streaming or other activity in the background. Make sure something graphic-intensive isn't open on another tab somewhere?
  8. SouthboundPachyderm

    Too Much Smoke in the Higher Tier games??

    Yeah, you spelled RADAR wrong...
  9. Out of the ones you don't have, I'd look at Thunderer. I'm sure there would be more of them (it is a good boat) but for the fact that everyone is burning their coal to get Smolensk before it disappears once WG realizes what a mistake they made.
  10. Wargaming must round up all decimals in this case. 687 earned xp x.05 = 34.35 fxp. So 35 fxp. plus 400% bonus (35 x 4.00) = 140. 140+35= 175, which is what you got. When running FXP modifiers, it also pays to load up on regular XP modifiers, as the base number in the calculation is 5% of the total xp earned.
  11. SouthboundPachyderm

    Friesland the fire breathing machine

    What's your current captain build for the Friesland? I'm struggling a bit and wondering if you have Demo or IFHE.
  12. SouthboundPachyderm

    Exeter vs Furry Taco

    You're not the only one. I did not enjoy my time in the taco. I do like the Exeter - although I haven't played it since they changed AA again. I think it may be a decent premium trainer for the RN heavy cruiser line coming up.
  13. SouthboundPachyderm

    Nice Super Container

    I ended up with a bunch of fairly useful signals, some coal, and a Z39 out of my last batch of supercontainers.
  14. Turret hits most likely? I think turrets have their own health pool (so you can damage/disable individual turrets), but are not part of the ship HP pool and thus it's not reported as damage. That's my guess anyway.
  15. SouthboundPachyderm

    should I start working up the Russian BB line?

    Either play to Sinop and stop or grind thru to 10 (keeping Sinop on the way). Kremlin is a fun boat but can be very challenging to play. Sinop is a beast at tier 7. Plus, it's one of the prettier battleships out, especially on tier.