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  1. Sooo.. whos' gonna make the list... hum.... We should know soon guys, don't hold your breath, hopefully soon we can send out those that were chosen! Won't be this week though.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nardyman8501


      Wait you did the same as me 0.o

    3. Lennon82


      so i can breath again till at least Monday

    4. American_Admiralty


      Lennon82, this was reported on in Nov...that was the first alpha wave, not the third.

  2. Currently doing internal testing on WoWS - things are advancing!!!

    1. SpitZzeRr
    2. stealth250


      Can't wait. Please show some more screenshots

  3. Gaea, please respond to my PM

  4. Oh Gaea... Are you still here? Or do we need to Ari after you again?

  5. Last week in our old office... moving to the new one next week! We're growing!

    1. sgtpepper500


      HUZZAH! Pics or it didn't happen(pics of new office :D?)

    2. Appollosnos


      Good for you guys. i hope yoou like the new one

    3. Carrier_Enterprise
  6. Welcome back to Life! Good results on the pumpkin contest....

  7. we're waiting on the results of the pumpkin carving contest

  8. Gaea are you the manager of the whole World of WarShips Forum?

    1. Gaea


      I'm the manager of EVERYTHING!

      And no, I'm not exactly, I'm just active here cause you guys are awesome. But is there anything you wanted? I can usually help you guys out if you need something.

  9. Hey Gaea a couple days ago you said you were sending out the info for the idea of using premium ships and making some donations to ships in need in real life can you give any info about that

  10. Back from PAX! Had a great time.. except for the time I got really sick :(

    1. Wake_Island


      I'm glad your felling better.

  11. Hey guys! I'll be at PAX Prime this weekend! Any of you going to be there?

  12. Are you guys allowed to change your avatar from the WG symbol?

    1. Gaea


      We prefer to all have the same avatar. Why may I ask?

    2. Appollosnos


      I was just wondering about it

  13. Awww you're my friend.... :)

    1. Jewel_Thief


      haha, of course!

    2. tanked2375


      lolz nice peoplt gotta love 'em


    3. josioshane00


      lol ya thay do