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  1. Iron_Patriot3

    Friedrich der Große: Mehbote Review #4

    Meh... :)
  2. Iron_Patriot3

    profitable boats

    5-7 will be your best bet
  3. CV Insane Damage - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum The game in question for you
  4. Iron_Patriot3


    try this it help me on this ship its different than the rest of the line
  5. Iron_Patriot3

    Torpedo Basics

    np i under stand the complexities of added for cruises and destroyers but the big issue i think for players (newer players) is knowing the Torp distance, lol cause i hate when an american DD fires torps 8km out when they have at most a 4.5- 5.5km range but if u want the help i will b more than happy to add it for u
  6. Iron_Patriot3

    Torpedo Basics

    recommend that u add torpedo ranges of the ships just so that when they read your guide they think that as well, just an idea