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  1. As stated from the title, been stuck after pre-downloading the 0.9.8 update for couple hours & still stuck. I still have the previous game version in my external drive as backup, but I'm not sure if I should switch to it unless there's a fix to this current problem.
  2. Blank minded today

    1. Guardianleopard


      Okay, sorry about the unreasonable request, I gave myself a reality check and now (after my computer crashed) I don't have sketch up (which is blocked) which means I must turn to you for the Meigetsu class Battleships, pm if you wish to reply in yes or no...

      One again I apologize for the unreasonable request

  3. Bored..Mind flying all over the place..& broken somewhere

  4. Making a refit of my Johnson-class USN DD

  5. currently designing a British cruiser in Google Sketchup