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  1. 5 SC for me as well. 1st - 25 Wyvern flags. 2 nd- 1000 gold. 3 rd- 25 Ouroboros flags. 4 th- USS California. 5 th- 15,000 coal. Color me satisfied.
  2. hacmapky

    22 supercontainers and not one ship

    5 SC for me, and now the owner of the California.
  3. hacmapky

    German Carrier Camo Missions.

    And then there's me. A very minor dabbler with CV's in CBT and found them too much like work since I didn't have 3 hands to keep up with the controls etc. So who gets a carrier in early access? Yup. Wish there was a way to pass it off to one of your guys that are lacking.
  4. As for myself-Directive 1 is done and on my 4th token "spin" -> Surrey. My sneak preview of the next bundle that I will get day after tomorrow with my other 10 token daily login -> Devonshire.
  5. It's waiting for me as bundle # lucky 13.
  6. hacmapky

    Something amazing happened to me yesterday...

    I had something amazing happen as well--but not like you. 3 AM, before heading to work, the 2nd daily container for more resources= Super Container with 25 draconic flags. Hooray! Off to work. Get home, first daily crate for more resources= another Super Container with 25 draconic flags. Color me satisfied since most likely my next SC will be next year sometime.
  7. Graf Spee. Could have been worse.
  8. I get to thinking "potato" when my team can't even leave spawn areas at battle start without damaging each other.
  9. Yes it will be random, but what would be the top 3 ships to "wish for" as you open your container?
  10. Just finishing Minsk. Beyond what I might glean from the Wiki, what "real life" features/benefits are there for each line going forward. Yes, my stats are bad, but I want to know which line will appeal to me based on the feedback since I will still grind along in my own special way.
  11. hacmapky

    Izmail quest(

    No Joke. Just grind like a fiend like I did when I redeemed my tokens a couple days ago for 14 crates and got my mission out of the last crate. Don't look a gift ship in the mouth, so to speak.
  12. I was about to ask for "help" in figuring out where my Dunkerque and 10 pt captain came from after I opened 2 containers just a moment ago thinking it was the New Year's container for the PEF Royal Treasury mission AND a daily container. Now I know. Merry Christmas to me.
  13. Just finished the first PEF directive. The 500 Steel was nice, but it will be forever before I ever gather enough for anything of consequence. However, the Perth and 10 point captain from the secret Santa container was a nice surprise. It may not play to rave reviews, but a free ship is a free ship. Just to add, the Secret Santa crate from the 2nd daily chain mission this Christmas Day presented me with the Dunkerque and a 10 point captain. Lightning strikes twice within a week. This potato got more than he deserved.
  14. hacmapky

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    For MY 5 Mega Crate outlay, I got the Roma, 90 Draconic signals and 2000 dubs. Not disappointed.
  15. Myself, I've clicked everywhere on the port screen and can't seem to conjure up the 2 free crates.