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  1. Steel_Calvary

    4th captain still for Iowa

    What should be my 4th captain training skill?? For Iowa I have the following 1. P Maintanance 2 Expert Marksman 3. Basic Suitability (Maybe not a wise choice) 4.??? I am think fire prevention or concealment expert. I am not think 2ndary. I heard 2ndary sucks on Iowa anyways.
  2. Regarding go Navy team rules. I been on the winning team and I get a team container the next day. So my questions is do you still get a container if you team loses the next day???
  3. ok aim at target, control left mouse will designate aa/2nd priority targeting. If you select it how do you cancel. Like cancel one you selected to select another one. Also do you have to be in the line of sight to designate aa/2nd priority target. I seem to have problem designating aa/2nd priority target when the target is behind a island. thanks
  4. Steel_Calvary

    Does/Has the Nelson go on sale??

    yes I see the Mushashi coupon but not one for Nelson. Thanks. Working on the Mushashi too. I guess I have to keep grinding for the Nelson.
  5. The current price for the Nelson is 375K free xp plus 1silver. I though I saw it for less at one point. So my questions is does the Nelson and Musashi. ever go on sale? Does does the Nelson go on sale when the other British BB go on sale?? Or has the Nelson always been 375K free xp??
  6. How would you build the Buffalo tier 9 CA. What 3rd skill would you select for the Buffalo?