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  1. Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything on this forum or my youtube channel that used to cover WoWS. Below is a link for a short video about me starting to make content again, however it won't be for wargaming titles. I explain my reasons for not promoting WG anymore in the video. This post mainly serves to thank all of you who enjoyed my Warships content in the past. Despite the reasons for me not making those videos anymore, the community surrounding this game has always been fantastic and I wanted to recognize that by saying that the one thing I have missed most since I stopped making content for this game, was the interactions I had with the community and the passion you all have. In that sense it is bittersweet for me and I will sorely miss all of you. Channel Update 5: A New Direction Thank you for your time, and farewell.
  2. This post serves as a response/update to my previous post (Link can be found in the links section below). Dispite the overwhelming evidence WG has sided with Dillonto. However, it is not the issue between me and him that I have the biggest issue with. It is the public response WG issued. (Link also down below.) In this response WG directly disregards the End User License Agreement, states polices that directly conflict with the EULA, and even state that they cannot enforce major sections of the EULA, and I will also point out how this statement dramatically affects the player base at large. It is a lot to comb through so lets get started. First issue with the statement regards this statement, “Account integrity is one of our biggest priorities while providing support to our customers. If a player has a problem and approaches us in a reasonable time, we do our best to make sure his account is not compromised. In these instances, it does not matter why it was compromised originally.” Account integrity should be important, however, according to the EULA it does matter how an account was compromised. Willing compromising your own account falls under the Account Sharing portion of the EULA Clause 5.2, and unwilling compromising of an account (otherwise known as Hacking) is covered under Clause 5.3. Wargaming in their own EULA differentiates how an account is compromised and thus has different procedures for dealing with each instance. Stating that it doesn’t matter how an account is compromised directly conflicts with the EULA. Now I understand that the Customer Service agent at the time understood that according to section 5.2.2 that WG “shall have no liability to you for any loss or damage arising from disclosure of your Account data to anyone, any unauthorized use of your Account, or any unauthorized access, use, alteration, modification and/or disclosure of your personal information.” that WG d,idn’t have any reason to transfer ownership of the Clan to Dillonto. When this agent did, they made the best decision they could based on the information they had at the time. However, by doing so WG unknowingly violated Clause 7.0.1 where WG states they do not get involved in Clan politics. With this statement WG is disregarding portions of their own EULA, going completely against it, as well as exposing a flaw in their system that once a decision is made with limited information that they will not consider changing their decision once more evidence is presented even if the EULA dictates that the decision should be changed. However, this is not the most egregious stance Wargaming took in issuing this statement. The biggest issue is this statement, “Unfortunately we cannot accurately judge personal relations between the players, and no disclosure of direct messages can help that.” If this is true, how can WG enforce the Player Behavior sections of the EULA? They are saying they lack the ABILITY to make judgement calls based on messages between players. This is especially disconcerting when you consider Clauses 12.1.3, 12.1.6, and 12.1.9 regarding harassment, bullying, hate speech, and generally just crapping on another player. In the exchanges between me and Dillonto he broke all three of these rules. Going as far to coach he friend’s on what to say to make him look good and me look bad. While personal attacks don’t affect me, that isn't true of the player base at large. In fact, since I went public about my issue with WG multiple people have sent me messages where Wargaming did not enforce their end of the EULA. The most heartbreaking story is where a player who joined the game to play CV was harrassed for almost 3 months by another player. This player chaned his name, left is clan, and had to eventually create a new account to get this guy to leave him alone. He had to do this because WG refused to intervene and enforce the EULA. Every time we log in as players we accept the terms of the EULA and agree to follow it. If Wargaming refuses to enforce the rules (and follow the rules themselves) then they might as well not exist. WG has clearly established that they don’t take the EULA seriously. I think this is the biggest issue facing us players right now. It effects everyone, not just my situation, but every player who plays this game is at risk. If you agree that Wargaming should enforce and adhere to the rules they expect us to follow let them know. Let your friends and Clanmates know. We have been desensitized to WG making poor decisions with the NTC, CV rework, etc. But this cannot stand. We as a community have to stand up to WG and let them know they cannot pick and choose when the EULA applies. It is not a tool for WG to sweep issues under the rug. They are rules that we live by, rules that keep us players safe, and rules that WG is obligated to follow and enforce. Links: Original Posts http://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/end-user-licence-agreement/

    So Wargaming DOES Get Involved in Clan Politics!

    @LittleWhiteMouse I knew there may be repercussions of posting this on the forums. Just like the old leader of 78th knew there would be consequences of relinquishing control of his clans. The difference is I will accept the consequences of my actions. WG dropped the ball on this and all I want to do is make it right. I tried to do this quietly but that didn't work. Going public was the best course of action to help my clan and to bring awareness to other clans that can be screwed by this hypocritical policy.

    So Wargaming DOES Get Involved in Clan Politics!

    I appreciate the support from everyone, I really do, especially @LittleWhiteMouse, big fan btw. But we do need to upvote and share this info. If this has happened to us it has happened to others and will continue to happen unless it is fixed.

    So Wargaming DOES Get Involved in Clan Politics!

    I tried that, and it didn't work. So now to let the public know.
  6. This week Wargaming has proven that it will in fact meddle in Clan Politics and go as far to set a dangerous precedent that all Clans should be aware of. I will keep it as brief as I can: I am the leader of KnightWolf Armada [KWA] and a few months ago we began having members of 78th Main Fleet migrating to our Clan. They informed me that 78th struggled to get enough people on for clan battles and wanted to join a clan that consistently fielded two teams. The leader of 78th at the time decided to leave the game entirely and handed over command of all 78th clans to his second-in-command at the time. This new leader of 78th decided that he didn’t want to rebuild a dying clan and instead approached me with an offer: I would have control of 78th Main Fleet to be remade into KWB, a second clan for our casual members, and he would join KWA. He didn’t want to abandon and screw over the remaining casual members of 78th so I offered to help them restructure and once they were back into the swing of things we would be allies. Fast forward to this week, the week where we were going to begin the process of restructuring and moving members where they would have the best Clan to call home. Well, hit the brakes! The old leader of 78th returns, and instead of contacting me like his second-in-command told him to he goes to Wargaming and tells them a lie about his account being hacked. They remove my alternate account from the clan entirely and impose him as leader. When I was informed of this, I brought together all the documentation I had to show that WG had made a mistake. This includes: screenshots of the conversation where he openly said he was leaving the game for good and giving his second-in-command full authority to do what he thinks is best, and citing Wargaming’s rules that state if you leave a clan you started, you are forfeiting ownership of the Clan, as well as when you share account information you are putting yourself at risk, and additionally WG’s policy of not interfering with Clan Politics. With this evidence is should be clear that I should regain control of 78th Main Fleet as he knew what he was doing when he did it and then lied to strip control away from me and have it given to him. Wargaming apparently didn’t think so. Even going so far to cite the rules that they themselves are breaking with this decision as why they can’t do anything. This is absolutely ridiculous! We did nothing wrong and WG is punishing me and my clanmates by siding with a person who did break the rules! Going even further, this decision sets a dangerous precedent for all Clans. If a clan leader leaves a clan that he started, he then at any time can create a ticket and easily take control of that clan without the consent of the existing leader or the members of the clan. How many clans out there could this dramatically screw over? All because by doing this WG is directly getting involved in Clan Politics! As a Clan Leader I observe that it is my responsibility to maintain a community that encourages fun, competitive spirit, and an environment that makes their experience as enjoyable as it can be. My members do not serve me, I serve them. I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t do all I can to correct this injustice and make sure WG fixes this issue and doesn’t make this mistake again. Below is my correspondence with WG in an attempt to resolve the issue. For privacy reasons I have decided not to include the evidence of the guy willingly relinquishing control of 78th, however, it was sent to WG.

    (Video) Opening 24 Lunar New Year Containers

    Yea if I didn't decide to make the video, I would have stopped at the first bundle. I dont know if I was criminally unlucky or there is no reroll for a premium ship and you get shafted for having one.
  8. Wargaming has made premium Lunar New Year containers available in the Arsenal for doubloons. Seeing as I am sitting on a treasure trove of them I decided to buy the first two bundles. Lets see how I fare.
  9. Clan Battles is coming to an end and so it is time to end my hiatus and get back to bringing you guys more content. While this replay may be over a month old the premise of always fighting for Victory and making decisions to facilitate that fact will never become outdated. Hope you all enjoy!
  10. Watch the video to learn more. I will accept comments here as well for the YouTube Contest: Here is the format you should use to enter: Name: (In-Game name) Server: (Server you play on) Premium Ship 1 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 2 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 3 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 4 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 5 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less)
  11. Title of my stream on twitch that you can answer if you would be kind enough to watch and chat. Or... if you are not inclined to watch feel free to post your thoughts below.

    Clan Battles: The Point of Testing

    No one knows, most likely a mistake