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    (Video) Opening 24 Lunar New Year Containers

    Yea if I didn't decide to make the video, I would have stopped at the first bundle. I dont know if I was criminally unlucky or there is no reroll for a premium ship and you get shafted for having one.
  2. Wargaming has made premium Lunar New Year containers available in the Arsenal for doubloons. Seeing as I am sitting on a treasure trove of them I decided to buy the first two bundles. Lets see how I fare.
  3. Clan Battles is coming to an end and so it is time to end my hiatus and get back to bringing you guys more content. While this replay may be over a month old the premise of always fighting for Victory and making decisions to facilitate that fact will never become outdated. Hope you all enjoy!
  4. Watch the video to learn more. I will accept comments here as well for the YouTube Contest: Here is the format you should use to enter: Name: (In-Game name) Server: (Server you play on) Premium Ship 1 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 2 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 3 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 4 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less) Premium Ship 5 (Name of Ship): (Review in 15 words or less)
  5. Title of my stream on twitch that you can answer if you would be kind enough to watch and chat. Or... if you are not inclined to watch feel free to post your thoughts below.

    Clan Battles: The Point of Testing

    No one knows, most likely a mistake
  7. Why do we test things? Obviously to make sure that they work. We had a test Clan Battle period that was implemented before this season to see if the cross-server play idea could work. For those of you who dont know, that test went about as well as the Bay of Pigs. Most days it flat out didn't work due to "Technical Reasons" and eventually WG seemed to give up and would try again after the current season. Call me surprised when me and my clan members get on to see the cross-server thing is back and call me un-surprised to see it is once again not working. You test things to see if they are working, if they are not working test more to figure it out. WG had a month of failed tests and never figured it out. Now it is an issue in the actual season. My biggest issue is me and other Clan Members have to make sacrifices to play during these scheduled times including people rearranging their work schedules to accommodate. I am fine with WG testing things but when they dont work, dont let them screw up a CB season.

    Quick Content Update!

    Ill spend more time writing this then you will watching, lol. I have changed my stream time to Tuesdays at 8pm EST. That's the gist if you dont feel like watching the video! Watch me on Twitch at this link:

    Opening 12 Black Friday Containers

    I do remember buddy lol Honestly, its up to you whether you go for it or not. If I wasn't going to make the video I wasn't going to buy any of them and wait for Christmas but I was happy with my haul. Thanks for the sub btw! No problem, my man LERT!
  10. Noticing many of the CC videos on the subject didn't showcase the drop chance of the ships (as they already have them) I decided to drop some coin so you all can get a taste of what they might have inside. Judging from my usual luck, I didn't expect much.

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    Honestly, the USS Sullivans DD-537 a Fletcher class Destroyer. Fletcher was one of my favorite ships and is one of the main reasons I got as deep into this as I did. A premium clone of the current Fletcher would be something I would be interested in as it is still a very comfortable DD to play. Plus we need some Tier 9 DD premiums that aren't hidden behind a steel wall lol

    Stream + Giveaway from C0L0NEL_MUSTARD

    Feel free to comment what ships you would like to see played as well!