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  1. Bought 25 Santa's Big Gifts and 5 Mega got: Krispy Kreme (yea me) Mutsu Ashitaka Perth Nuevo de Julio Okhotnik Aigle I already own many premiums and just trying to keep up with my collection.
  2. I debated for a couple weeks and say it was a wise choice to get it for the coal. Its amazing. I do so much better in it than my Yammy. No idea why, but she does well and when you have Tier VII matches...oh man, its a blast..literally!
  3. I have Eternal Zero on DVD, got it from an overseas source. Incredible movie!!
  4. Maitey

    Cossack worth it?

    Having a blast with her. Worth it for me. Have the Kidd as well, like them both, but this boat is awesome.
  5. Maitey

    Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Absolutely. Last night logged in, played 3 matches in the Des Moines to keep grinding the legendary mod, lost all three so just logged off. Didnt even want to play any of my other boats. Every time I look at anything less than a Tier X I wonder why I should even play them. Only thing keeping me going is grinding the Cleveland to get to the Seattle, and even then I am dreading it. The burn out is real and I am really trying to find another game right now to distract me.
  6. Maitey

    T8 -10. Raked again??????

    Really disappointed. Just burnt out on Tier X like everyone else. In clan battles think its fine but in ranked, blah. Just back to back same tiers sucks.
  7. This... As much as I have paid for premium ships, just bought Mass and Kidd to add to my fleet, I hate to see tech ships get nerfed. I love the Alsace in the heavy Tier X meta, its competitive and fun to play. More so than all the other Tier IX BBs and I played them all. If this is to manipulate the player base into paying for Free XP etc, this doesn't sit well with me. May just keep that wallet closed. Players that do not buy lots of ships deserve to have really good and competitive tech tree ships available at EVERY tier. This sounds like PTW to me!
  8. Maitey

    What is Your Favorite Ship From History?

    USS Laffey "The Ship That Would Not Die" She is anchored in Charleston harbor next the Yorktown. I did not know her history until we visited and toured her. Incredible and valiant history. She survived 4 bombs and 6 kamikaze crashes and dodged another two dozen aircraft and bombs off the shore of Okinawa in 1945. Its an insane story. Here is the link to her story
  9. Maitey

    Zerra: The END of DDs is Coming

    Think the BBs are more for noobs, point your bow and shoot. DDs are difficult to play 'correctly' and cruisers are the true bastard children of WoWs, or were. Think DDs are taking that role now. I play all 3 classes so I don't have a "dog" in the fight, just want exciting, engaging game play not what Tier X battles have turned into.
  10. Maitey

    Zerra: The END of DDs is Coming

    Honestly, high tier DD play is not as fun anymore so that has something to do with it. The rewards are just not there. Sure you can spot and try to torp from range but there are so many counters to DDs now, they are just meh. High tier gameplay in general is getting super stale. Super passive, island humping and sniping from range. If it wasn't for the latest missions not sure I would be playing as much lately.