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  1. Absolutely. Last night logged in, played 3 matches in the Des Moines to keep grinding the legendary mod, lost all three so just logged off. Didnt even want to play any of my other boats. Every time I look at anything less than a Tier X I wonder why I should even play them. Only thing keeping me going is grinding the Cleveland to get to the Seattle, and even then I am dreading it. The burn out is real and I am really trying to find another game right now to distract me.
  2. T8 -10. Raked again??????

    Really disappointed. Just burnt out on Tier X like everyone else. In clan battles think its fine but in ranked, blah. Just back to back same tiers sucks.
  3. This... As much as I have paid for premium ships, just bought Mass and Kidd to add to my fleet, I hate to see tech ships get nerfed. I love the Alsace in the heavy Tier X meta, its competitive and fun to play. More so than all the other Tier IX BBs and I played them all. If this is to manipulate the player base into paying for Free XP etc, this doesn't sit well with me. May just keep that wallet closed. Players that do not buy lots of ships deserve to have really good and competitive tech tree ships available at EVERY tier. This sounds like PTW to me!
  4. USS Laffey "The Ship That Would Not Die" She is anchored in Charleston harbor next the Yorktown. I did not know her history until we visited and toured her. Incredible and valiant history. She survived 4 bombs and 6 kamikaze crashes and dodged another two dozen aircraft and bombs off the shore of Okinawa in 1945. Its an insane story. Here is the link to her story
  5. Think the BBs are more for noobs, point your bow and shoot. DDs are difficult to play 'correctly' and cruisers are the true bastard children of WoWs, or were. Think DDs are taking that role now. I play all 3 classes so I don't have a "dog" in the fight, just want exciting, engaging game play not what Tier X battles have turned into.
  6. Honestly, high tier DD play is not as fun anymore so that has something to do with it. The rewards are just not there. Sure you can spot and try to torp from range but there are so many counters to DDs now, they are just meh. High tier gameplay in general is getting super stale. Super passive, island humping and sniping from range. If it wasn't for the latest missions not sure I would be playing as much lately.
  7. Says the captain with most games in the OP Gulio Cesare and Musashi. You only have 20 games in any Tier X ships. I am all for people having opinions but someone who is still relatively a "noob" to the entire game shouldn't be calling people out. Some Tier VIII do suffer when uptiered, but overall most can hold their own if they understand how Tier VIII-X is played. Its much different then the Leroy Jenkins play style of Tier V & VI. More games = more experience= more understanding of how to play and thrive in the upper tiers.
  8. 7 in Bismarck in the early days of its release. Have gotten 6 a couple of times but never past that. Just seemed all the ships lined up perfectly for the kill shots.
  9. R10 Wake Up Call

    Playing Tier X is a different ballgame. Way more passive play and as a DD driver you have to really plan on where to position. I am starting my Rank 10 forward journey tonight and as always, earlier in the season is always way more difficult. You are up against players with thousands of games played, hundreds plus in Tier X. Will be an interesting month for sure!
  10. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    Started at 23 and hit Rank 10 last night. Rode my Benson after trying a mix of others. Will be interested to see how it goes in Tier X later today with the heavy radar meta. Planning on playing alot of Z52 and Gearing, but that may change to Zao and Hindi if DD play is just too horid.
  11. I took a hiatus last ranked season due to a move overseas so started at Rank 23, now Rank 12. Benson is by far my best ship since I ranked out Tier VII with Simms. I do my best to smoke, spot and torp when appropriate. I do not fight for a star ever and always seem to do better. Benson 81% win rate M Kutuzov 60% win rate Alabama 50% win rate Atago 42%, Harekaze 33%, Z-23 33% Ranked is always tougher in the beginning. I am going to push to rank out again but will give it a couple of weeks before pushing hard.
  12. It's Time to Nerf Minotaur

    Play more Tier 10s OP before spouting off. There are way more OP boats in this game than the Minotaur. The Mino is such a high risk, high reward ship. If you get in the right place you can be pretty deadly, if you get caught you are dead. The thing has the flimsiest armor of any ship I have played. My Zao out performs the Mino 8 out of 10 games easily.
  13. I'm running Sims first. Since getting her in a santas box she has been outstanding (18 point cap in her). I have been grinding my Blys captain (15 point cap now) but in randoms its hit and miss. Some good games, and others just terrible. I love my Leningrad (18 point cap) so will give her a go as well. She cant knife fight as well as others, but she can harass the hell out of cruisers and bbs.
  14. Im just going to run Scharnhorst, Belfast, SIms over and over until Rank 1. I might throw in my Leningrad when bored or for a challenge. I haven't pushed past Rank 5 but will suffer this time through (I think). This season will be full of premiums no doubt, especially after the Christmas giveaways. Good luck all.
  15. That's sitting at T7, and to comparable cruisers at that level how many points do their captains have, maybe 10, enough for one 4-point skill. So cruisers you are facing with IFHE have that skill, and that skill only at that level. They lose out on CE, manual AA, or even RPF. They give up alot to do some extra damage, and lose out on some fire output etc. Its a trade off and dont think the world is ending for BBs. Battleships have been the kings for months and now that there is some balance, ya'll want to nerf cruisers back to the experience pinatas that they are without paying any price. The one thing this patch definately did is make captain builds extremely varied. Loved the gameplay yesterday and WG did a great job, though I think RPF is still lame, but oh well.