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  1. Maitey

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    I'm stuck debating between Bourgogne or Somers.... or just hold to see what steep ships WG comes up with this year. I have Thunderer and love it, so not sure i need another suped up BB...and love my Gearing and Somers only throws out more torps and has blah guns, so not much of an upgrade. Not sure what to do..advice?
  2. Maitey

    Pleases leave your score on CV rework

    Overall, a 2 CVs are more fun themselves to play now, if you are not bottom tier. If you are uptiered right now, its a laugh. Your planes get shredded. I think in missions or against bots it would be a fun play mode. CVs are horrific to play against as any other ship. the blob meta dominates, CVs can ruin the experience for any one player, and it completely changed WoWs, and not for the betterment of the game.
  3. The person behind the keyboard lack of experience in that ship
  4. Great post! Exactly how I feel. The only Tier X I do not have is the Shima and Conq, and no way would I dare play them in ranked. I have the captains and coin, but as an experienced player jumping in a new boat in a competitive mode is asinine. I am pretty much done now with ranked and just shake my head at WoWs 2019...what happened!
  5. CV main complaining, that's rich. Many of us have been with WoWs from beta and have seen huge changes in the game, we have adapted and overcome massive changes to the meta. Most of us are upset because this change turned the entire game on its head, the meta is now to blob up, hope to survive due to 1 or 2 players dominating the map, dictating the match, and there is no counter play to change that. The changes since 8.0 have done nothing but alienated those of us that play all the other ship lines. The changes have been horrific, its been months and still not much has improved the gameplay or improved the meta.
  6. Maitey

    This is why CV's are hated

    Had a Midway border hump at the end of a match, destroy 3 ships trying to cap, all while we were trying to take it down. Was ridiculous. It was just one match, but to not to be able to take it down while it abused border mechanics just adds fuel to the blazing inferno IMO.
  7. I have all but quit and the few times I have logged in the meta is even more passive and boring as before. You get punished for trying to secure caps etc. Such a terrible change to the game and it all but ruined it for me. I miss my ships but there are many other games out there to play. All good things must come to an end I guess.
  8. Maitey

    Less than 1.5 minutes - 366HP

    I used to average 10-12 random battles a day. Now I have played maybe 12 random matches total since 8.0 dropped. Sorry to see the game going in this direction. No matter what tweeks they do with this CV rework, I think it boinked the game for good.
  9. Maitey

    Ranked Battles

    You kidding me...this is such a breath of fresh air. Love this ranked season. Its more dynamic...6 v 6 is perfect and a fun game mode. After a few thousand battles the change is very welcome!
  10. Maitey

    How the CV Rework Saved WoWS

    Zoup and others on last week's podcast begged Wargaming not to release the CV rework predicting this mess, and here we are. Now Zoup is saying this "saved" the game?? WTH lol....sure..a patch that has ruined the game for the vast majority of people that want to play a "ships" game, that is now a "planes" game. No idea on the 180..click bait indeed. What this patch did is made me install War Thunder and I will be playing that now. I have invested heavily in WoWs over the years, enjoyed my time, but now if this is the direction the game is going, especially with subs on the horizon...no thanks. I will find some new hobby/game.
  11. The gun bloom changes just added to the downfall of DDs this patch....so much thrown at us in one patch when the game was fun just two days ago!
  12. Will just lead to more camping, hiding, boring game play! Bad change WG!
  13. Bought 25 Santa's Big Gifts and 5 Mega got: Krispy Kreme (yea me) Mutsu Ashitaka Perth Nuevo de Julio Okhotnik Aigle I already own many premiums and just trying to keep up with my collection.
  14. I debated for a couple weeks and say it was a wise choice to get it for the coal. Its amazing. I do so much better in it than my Yammy. No idea why, but she does well and when you have Tier VII matches...oh man, its a blast..literally!
  15. I have Eternal Zero on DVD, got it from an overseas source. Incredible movie!!