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  1. Nikarus


    Holding the right mouse button, allows you to look around with the camera, without moving your guns. Additionally, if you are tracking an enemy ship and have been shooting at it (say with a gunboat destroyer, high ROF) the guns will continue to track (although not adjusting for range/turns very well) and you may continue firing at a target while looking around (perhaps to maneuver around torps, avoid running aground, spot a sub, or turn on your AA sector on the other side). I regularly do this on BBs, to pre-aim guns You can use your Damage Control Party (typically "R") to negate any pings on you, and protect yourself from incoming pings for several seconds. (until your DCP runs out). Often this leads the sub to wasting a volley of torps that just travel off in some odd direction.
  2. Nikarus

    Install download issues

    Same error for me. Also last night for several hours whenever I tried to access WOWS's NA region website, it was automatically redirecting me to the RU region version... which it's download button wasn't working either.
  3. Nikarus

    Radar has ruined dd play

    Eeh you can still do a good bit of area denial with torps in everything but Russians. And you can still firehose a bit with guns if you find a spot to hide just behind an island. There's also still spotting people from the edge of radar range. Falls apart with the strats people can do when they realize that the enemy has 0 radar vs their team's disproportionate advantage in it.
  4. Nikarus

    Radar has ruined dd play

    See this works, and 1-2 radar ships per team are fine like this. But throw in a match where there's 4-6 on 1 team and 0 on the other and see how much you can actually accomplish.