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  1. i_KON

    Double secret probation IFHE ships?

    The Irian... ??
  2. i_KON

    [D33P6] Deep Six!

    Got a couple of players to the Clan now. Also, we had a long-time member pick up on his clan battle playtime. The problem is getting rid of those once active players who just don't play anymore. Do you show 25 players who are active or 43 when 23 of them don't even play anymore? I say cut em.. make room for those who want to play! Benefits of doing clan battles? Free XP is just tripled for playing in clan battles. Throw on some flags and you could see up to 10,000 free XP. Start building up steel for those resource ships that require steel. Learn how to work as a team and stop asking "What is the plan" when you head into Random battles.
  3. server did not explode.. running a match now..
  4. just reset again.. about to head into a battle but.. .. everyone just got kicked from the division and... hummmm
  5. counted as a loss.. hum...
  6. Playing against another team and server seemed to crash
  7. i_KON

    [D33P6] Deep Six!

    Clan Battles for Weds 11/20. Only 6 battles fought. BUT.. 6 good battles. Fielded 8 players and more available would have lead to more games.. needing Tier 10 capable players!! Microphone, headset.. discord is used for voice comms..
  8. i_KON

    [D33P6] Deep Six!

    I just assumed you didn't have one since most people say that they don't have one.. it doesn't work.. or.. they don't like to talk.. since you put "Well, I'm out.".. Well.. we are looking for players with Tier 10 ships who are wanting to participate in Clan Battles. We always seem to be lacking in just having that 1 more player most of the time. Then.. there are the times we are lacking 2/3 players because of other things in life. Then.. I Naval Battles typically go well but the last two have come down to some players just not completing their 10 attempts who could have possible gotten 2 more stars for our clan to win.
  9. i_KON

    [D33P6] Deep Six!

    [D33P6] Deep Six! Looking for new members to beef up the roster! Selective recruiting. Looking for someone who wants to do clan battles & Has a headset with a microphone. It is a must for discord channel (Voice Comms).
  10. i_KON

    Scared about Ranked Sprint S8

    Sleep... good time to just sleep "a bit"... be sure to check forums, WOWs News, any possible MOD updates if you use them... but.. sleep. Sleep for 2 days.
  11. " Toornament Page for full rules and details!" I think.. could be wrong on this.. BUT... I am going to for with $400 for "Things that are spelled wrong" PS.. I forgive you
  12. i_KON


    Let the complaining... BEGIN!
  13. i_KON

    Konig Albert is for sale

    Nope.. The Flag Supply Vault shop, 5 Yamamoto containers, Sims, Dunkerque, 3,000 Doubloons, Gascogne, and Emden.. No Konig Albert.. must be just for your region...