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  1. i_KON

    Double secret probation IFHE ships?

    The Irian... ??
  2. server did not explode.. running a match now..
  3. just reset again.. about to head into a battle but.. .. everyone just got kicked from the division and... hummmm
  4. counted as a loss.. hum...
  5. Playing against another team and server seemed to crash
  6. i_KON

    Scared about Ranked Sprint S8

    Sleep... good time to just sleep "a bit"... be sure to check forums, WOWs News, any possible MOD updates if you use them... but.. sleep. Sleep for 2 days.
  7. i_KON

    Konig Albert is for sale

    Nope.. The Flag Supply Vault shop, 5 Yamamoto containers, Sims, Dunkerque, 3,000 Doubloons, Gascogne, and Emden.. No Konig Albert.. must be just for your region...
  8. i_KON

    How much free exp do you have?

  9. Because this game has a strong Russian following so... more Rubles
  10. i_KON

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    .. sorry but I have never heard anyone "investing" money into a game.. wait.... weren't they called "wallet warriors" at one time??
  11. i_KON

    Where is USS Alaska?

    So.... you're real excited to have saved up 1 mil free XP and got up this morning to spend it..... well... Soon™... maybe next update?
  12. i_KON

    Sorry for being trash

    Most likely went and reported you also... Screw them.. Don't entertain them by even responding... It's useless. These people are just not happy in their own lives or gameplay abilities. It's funny how everyone else will try to tell you how to play your ship.. as if playing their own ship is not enough. And yet.. they are most likely already dead for the battle..
  13. i_KON


    Anymore 1 uppers?
  14. i_KON

    No Clan Battles tonight?

    .. 50 minutes later... still... OH well... Do you have any idea how long it takes a bunch of old guys and 1 young guy to get on Discord and ready up?? With flags??