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  1. Server Issues

    Go Wg'ing, Go Wg'ing
  2. Server Issues

    It seems some are still online. My clanmates some of them are still on, I guess i waws the unlucky one :O. Ty WG for the fast response. Hope to play again quick and soon.
  3. Server Issues

    Server Crashed 5:13 pm PST. Was just about to start a clan war lol. WG'ing, fix!!!
  4. Almost died doing this lol. Dam.
  5. BB vs front bow Cruisers

    I want to thank you guys for all the replies. Most of the cruisers i play against have 32'' bows, so pretty much tier 10's. RNG is not my friend alot of times. But agian, ty all for the replies. Time for more lol'pens or lol'bounces
  6. BB vs front bow Cruisers

    What do you do when you have a cruiser just bow on to you and your shells can't pen the front? Just run away?
  7. Woah what movie is that from? looks awesome
  8. News Flash to you BB players

    I'm a BB player, and yes i agree that BB's should be near the front. But the actual boat leading should be one DD to scout, just one. I always push with my BB's, but i hate it when u push, cruisers turn ALL the way to the left or right and don't come back in when the coast is clear. They just sail right around the corner of the map or to far away from the BB. We push, cruisers sail far apart. Cruisers go in first and die, complains BB aren't in the front leading. Its a flip flop situation.
  9. Iowa

    I use my Iowa to hunt DD's, that's how confident I am in her
  10. finally gots lol

    If the video is true, CV's will be totally revamped (w/e this is). Hopefully it will be more fun and better than what they will be nerf to
  11. Worst 7 kill player loss ever.

    The pain. I feel ya bud.
  12. Do i just suck or this unreal?

    Atleast softballs don't float into space before coming down doing barely any damage.
  13. Do i just suck or this unreal?

    The one thing that bugs me is that the 406 mm that the iowa used is supposed to have near strength as a 456 mm like the yamato, just not as heavy. But i guess due to mechanic issues, this won't happen and probably not even correct.
  14. Do i just suck or this unreal?

    You sir have calm me down. I was pulling my hair out when Des Moines reflected my iowa's shells twice on all three. I'll just wait for the armor pen update w/e that is. Good day sir.